Dessert Of Pomegranate_ Rava Kheer

Dessert Of Pomegranate _ Rava Kheer

Yesterday we had celebrated end of Savan month. That is last Monday, we are making Navyidyam for Shiva. So we must have to make it instantly. Let’s see how I have made it instantly?

Time For It:

prep cook total :

5 5 10 minutes.

Author’s name: pranita deshpande,

Cuisine: Indian,

food type: Dessert,

Keyword: Dessert Of Pomegranate

serve for 1


Rava: 2 tbsp,

cream milk: 1 bowl,

powder of Cashew nut and almond: 1 tbsp,

cardamom powder: 1 teas,

sugar: 3 tbsp ,

Method To Make It: 1) Bake the Rava till red colour appears.

2) Boil the cream milk and add baked Rava to it.

3) Allow to cook it for 2 minutes.

4) Now add powder of Cashew nut and almond , cardamom powder to it.5) Add sugar and stir it well.

6) After cooling add pomegranate and shower of small amount of ghee.

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How to make chikoo Paratha – Dessert recipes.

Chikoo Paratha Recipe – Paratha Recipe.

Chikoo fruit everyone knows it well but I think so many are hating to it. Generally everyone wants juice fruits which contain more water. This Chikoo fruit when we open it , it shows dirty appearance . So some small kids are hating to eat it. That much smoothie , sweet fruits didn’t want to eat.

This fruit is cheating with us means sometimes we think that it is good and when we are eating it gives different taste. So a lot of people avoiding to eat it.
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But it is good for digestion as well as to increase blood volume. It is rich in calcium along with so many minerals. If anyone wants to increase height of their kids eat them everyday Chikoo . Definitely his bones became strong and increase his height. It is good for weight loss .

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This Chikoo, yesterday we have bought at my home noone is eating it . Then why we shall not to try to make it’s paratha/

How To Make Chikoo Paratha

Let us start to make Chikoo Paratha

Time for it

prep cook total

10 15 25 min

Author’s name : Asha Digge

food type Chikoo paratha

Cuisine Indian

keyword Chikoo paratha

serve for 3


Chikoo 4 normal size [sweets]

wheat flour 2 bowls

ghee 2 tabs

powder sugar 1/2 bowl

milk to knead it 1 glass

almonds 4 to 5 Paratha Recipes 

cashew nuts 6 to 7

cardamom powder 1 tbsp

oil 2 tbsp


Take the smooth ,nice and sweet Chikoos.

Wash it with clean water .

Remove it’s peel and seeds

Crush it with wire gauze , Ginger Paratha …

Now take the wheat flour, add pinch of salt to it .

Now add ghee, powder sugar and crushed Chikoos

Knead it with milk smooth. Make it’s small dough.

Roll it smoothly and make it’s paratha .
Ladoo Recipes

Bake it on the Tawa on both side.


chikoo's paratha /
http://Chikoo’s paratha/

Now we hope that you have understood as how to make a Chikoo Paratha. We will keep bringing more such yummy and unique recipers for you. Stay Tuned with If you have any query about the recipe feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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Kheer Recipe – Festival Dessert

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Best Maharashtra Noodle Dessert Recipe

This is the famous recipe for Maharashtra. It is making as a ‘’SHUBH’’ food in every celebration. Maybe you have made plenty of food but still, we have to make this food compulsory as a ‘’SHUBH’’ food. Sweets

Another thing is that when any daughter going first time to her husband’s home at that time there is a traditional method that give her food as a dessert and Gujiya as a ‘’SHUBH’’ food.

Also when husband also coming first time to his wife’s home at that time  they are feeding this food.Indian Veg Food

Every festival never completes without making these desserts .Aliv Ladoo Recipes _ Healthy Recipe

In my childhood, my mother is calling to neighbors ladies to make it in the summer vacation. There were about 10 ladies to make it. All were sitting around with big thali in front of them.

So many were singing songs, some devotee songs, chitchatting etc. We didn’t need to search any outside thing to get happiness.

Let us see how can make it?

Time for it  10 min

Prep cook total

5       5       10 min

Author’s name: Chhaya Kulkarni

Food type: desserts

Cuisine: Indian

Serve for 2


Homemade noodles: 1 bowl

Cream milk: 1 bowl

Cashew nuts   4 to  7 [chopped ]

Almonds: 4 to 5  [chopped ]

Cardamom :  4 to 5

PROCEDURE  FOR IT: Take 1 bowl homemade    noodles

: Bake it with ghee till red color  comes

: Keep all ingredients ready in a thali

: Keep 1 glass water to boil in a pot.

: Add noodles in water and cook it for 2 minutes.

Now add  all ingredients, cream milk, cardamom powder etc

Add sugar and stir slowly.

Desserts of noodle are ready to eat now.

Serve it with ghee.

Today we have ‘’Rangpanchami’’ means ‘’Dhulivandan’’

So for that, we are making this type of dessert.

  IMAGES FOR IT .    Referrals

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Kheer Recipe - Festival sweet/
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Wheat Grain Desserts Recipe -Sweet

Soaked  time  1 night

Time for it  prep   cook total

20        20       40 min

serve for 3

Author: Pranita

Cuisine: Indian

food type: Desserts


Wheat: 1& 1/2 bowl

Jaggary: 1/2 bowl

sugar: 1/2 bowl

coconut: 1/2

raisins: as your convenience

Khuskhus: 1/2 bowl

Cardamom: 5 to 6 flakes

Ghee: 2 tabs

PROCEDURE FOR IT: Take the clean wheat in a pot, see it has impurities

Keep to soak it for a  night or if you want to make it in the

evening keep for a day to soak.

Soaked  Wheat

In the morning remove water from it.

Just take one round of the mixture to remove its husk

Ground Wheat

Wash it with clean water *& keep aside


Keep 1/2 lit water to boil in the cooker

Add  1 tabs spoon into the cooker

After boiling add wheat in the cooker & keep the lid tight.

Make the flame of the gas low.

Meanwhile keep ready another ingredient



Take pieces of coconut, khuskhus & Cardamom in the mixture pot. Make its powder.


Now listen to cooker’s whistle, put off the gas                                                         Open the lid of cooker adds all ingredients into the                                                                                      cooker.


C                                                                                                                            Stir it well , your great wheat grain dessert is ready to serve.


Ingredient for it : wheat: 1& 1/2 bowl

coconut pieces: 1/2 bowl

Khuskhus: 1/2 bowl

sugar & jaggary: 1/2 bowl both

Cardamom: 4 to 5

Method :

Keep the wheat to cook in the cooker

Make preparation of ingredients

Grind the ingredients in the mixture

Add ingredients in the cooked desserts

Serve it with ghee.