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how to deal with depression/

Let us discuss here how to overcome this?

ow the Summer season has been started and we have a big day. Of them, the hot sun means a lot of troubles. We feel low. In our childhood, if the summer season is coming then we are filling full of happiness. As we have full of guests at home, One big room has been also filled with Mangoes. When we entered the home spread of Mangoes filling us with full of happiness. We were going to the river to swim, sometimes going to the farm to bring raw Mangoes or anything from the farm. But never feel any type of depression.

At that time there was no discussion about carrier and any classes, future. We enjoying life without any fear thinking that we have a lot of guests

or everyone is with us then why there is fear? If any fear was there or any problem in anyone’s life so many village people or guests are running to solve everyone’s problem. Nowadays we have lost everything and indulged in the material things. So we feel very heavy at home or so many depression cases are happening now.


We think that depression is coming due to poverty or due to a lack of carrier. Maybe this answer. But, I think depression is coming from inside not from outside. Because outside we can find an easy solution and we get immediate relief. But, to work inside we have to go deep to overcome the problem.

Let us discuss here how to overcome this? 

1] Keeping faith and contacts with our close relatives or friends.

2] Working hard, happily and regularly with our daily work.

3] Mixing with community, in groups, creating new food types.

4] Calling to our dear friends, sisters, brothers, any relatives, etc.

5] Engaging in any art like painting, drawing, reading, writing, singing a song, listening to a song.

6] Keeping attention to your thoughts. Learn to live light in any situation.

7] I have realized one thing in this life, if you want to be happy and live a long life we must have to leave our ego. As ego creates a lot of problems in our life.

8] Every day must have to keep 1 hour for God to shake.

9] Do some good things for others, give help or interact with anyone’s problem, if possible try to solve their problem.

10] Think that his problem is my problem this thinking automatically increases your vision of becoming a great man. And if you will work for them without keeping any expectation then automatically you will receive a lot of satisfaction and long life blessing. Maybe these people never ask you.


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how to deal with depression/
http://How to deal with depression/

What is mental illness – Mental disorder

How to deal with mental illness -Mental Health

Mental Disorder

How to deal with mental disorder — Easy steps.

What is mental illness?

How To Overcome Mental Illness? — Mental Disorder

When any person’s behavior is not like as a common man then we say him he caught With mental illness. Of them some people are talking rudely, they are talking as front person Is saying one thing another one is saying another thing . Sometimes what he is telling or talking didn’t understand to front person means he is talking meaning less. It is a one type of common mental illness.

How to deal with mental illness-Mental Illness
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When any person working with issues or his daily activity is not like common man .Means getting up any time , eating anything , taking drink more in comparison to all people. Working as that I am only wise man in the world , always criticizing to the other people for any common behavior etc These types of people have definitely caught mental illness.

how to deal with mental illness- mental health/
http://How to deal with mental illness – Mental health/

Today this illness is spreading in all families as there was no one is there in the family if mother and father are on the job and when children came back from the school then he didn’t have to talk with him. He only sitting alone in the home , by watching cartoons or what he want or maybe playing a game . These games also harsh . When this situation runs continuously in his life then he caught easily mental illness. Means when he comes in the contact of more people he become shy or he feels that I am different from all those students and he behaves differently. Sometimes at home also he carries an anxiety, stress, pressure, worries etc and caught mental illness . If he would not came out with that situation early he would be suffered from serious mental disorder.


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Another common example of mental illness is today we are getting

Another common example of mental illness is today we are getting nice homes along with nice furnishing, clean and neatness everywhere. So to keep it tight and neat our whole family is working on it .But do you know this also creating in to a big problem issue .As there is no any work for the ladies who are working in the home.

The ladies who are at home are only Working in the cleanliness of the home .Means they have caught this question so seriously in the mind that, they have a fear in mind if, we will not kept our home clean it will make them as a guilty person and thinking them only on that ,it causes more mental illness problem.

Today in every part of the life there is a competition. If we will not run in competition then we carry a lot of tensions along with some burdens so to live in competitions we caught a lot of new different or bad way and we get indulged in it ,after some days it will get very hard to get out from it ,it also causes mental illness.

Sometimes if we didn’t have any problem also creates ‘’MENTAL ILLNESS’’

How to overcome it

1] Best solution to overcome mental illness is talk to the people who are around you.

Remove your ego to talk with them . Observe yourself how did you feel? light? Or heavy? Leaving ego is good for us not for another person. Suppose you have a well known position in your office and there is a get together in the office , if you will sit outside the mob for your position. How did you feel?

2] Keep relationship strong with everyone.

3] Today relationship is also becoming the cause to carry depression. If we have a good knowledge or having good behavior but front person is behaving like Donkey then it creates mental illness as we can’t convenience like this people and this become a great headache to us .If these persons are from our close relationships then we can’t avoid them as by keeping them away from us but we can keep good positive attitude with them and keeping less conversation with them. Still they are thinking that ‘’I am a king of this universe’’ Think for a while king to him and leave away from him.

3] Always join with motivate people, work with them .

4] Read motivational books, watch videos, work all the time .

5]Engage yourself in good activity , that is in writing, reading, singing, playing , sometimes watching a TV etc .

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6] Keep your mind open for all the things .Work in progress .

7] Go to temple or church do prayer everyday .

8] Always attach to the spiritual activity, work with spiritual people.

9] Always be punctual for your work .

10]Persistence, hard work and confidence keeps you away from all illness.

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