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Dahi Metkut Recipe _ Remedie For Piles.

This is the best 😂 welcome ❤️ recipe for the pile patients. In the summer so many people are suffering from piles. So if we will make it in this way. It can remove a lot of health problems. As like digestion, constipation, or any heat problem. It can remove immediately. But, it must have to eat with Jowar Roti.

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Ingredients for it.

Metkut: 30 gm ,

Onion: chopped 1 ,

Dahi : as your convince,

Salt : 1tbsp,

Sugar: 1 tbsp,

Spices are already mixed in the Metkut.

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http://Dahi Metkut Recipe/

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piles remedies-DahiMetkut/
http://Dahi Metkut Recipe/
Indian vegetarian food

Breakfast Recipes -Dahi Poha

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Indian vegetarian food

Breakfast food – Traditional Upma

via Breakfast food – Traditional Upma

Breakfast Recipes _ Satwik Poha 

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Breakfast Recipes      :   Upma  

Traditional things of food items means getting valuable nutrients to us. We never forget its taste in our life. This type of Upma which I have made is my mother’s favorite dish. For this type of Upma she makes Rava at home . She grounds wheat at home on the stone pot in the dawn. While grinding she was singing a song for us. That is taking of my name , my brothers name , my sisters name, God’s name , etc. Expressing everyone’s virtues through the song . Feeling proud to me while listening this song. As she puts a lot of efforts in that . Grinds fine Rava for Upma. It is giving awesome taste.

She makes it on the ”Chula” without adding any ingredients to it. It gives very nice taste. We never forget that taste. As she makes it for us so lovingly and carefully that all emotions are automatically transfers in that UPMA and It becomes very tasty. Join this link to increase traffic of your site .

Let us see how has made it.

time for it

prep cook total

10 10 20 min

Author’s name : Chhabubai Kulkarni

Cuisine -Indian

food type -traditional upma

keyword- Breakfast Recipes- Traditional Upma

serve for 4


Rava- 1/2 kg [homemade]

Oil – 50 gm

mustard seeds-2 tbsp

cumin seeds-1 tbsp

peanuts-20 gm

gram nut 20 gm

chilly powder-1 tbsp

salt 1 tbsp

turmeric powder 1 teas

pinch of hing

water-1/2 lit

PROCEDURE – Bake the Rava khaman , as like red color appears to it.Keep it a side.

Now keep the pan on the gas , pour oil to it, add cumin powder, mustard seeds and wait to splutter it.

: Add peanut, gram nut and pinch of hing to it,saute it well. Add chilly powder and stir it well.

: Pour the water to it,now wait to boil it .

: Add sugar, salt, turmeric powder and stir it well .

; Now add slowly baked Rava to it and stir it well.

: Keep the lid on it to get steam to it. Now pour slight coriander to it.




Baking well adding sufficient water is the main skill of this recipe.

If water become more add some another baked Rava to it and if it is less pour hot water to it to make balance of recipe.

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Indian vegetarian food rice

Masala Rice -How to make?

time for it

prep cook total

5        5       10 min

author ;  chhaya kulkarni

cuisine  :   Indian

food type :  rice

Keywords :Masala rice, vegetablefried, rice, mint rice, sweet rice, coconut rice 

serve for 2

Dahi Rice Ingredients..:

Cooked Rice: 1/2 kgIMG_20171111_100005

Sugar:      1 tablespoon

Dahi:       200gm

Coriander:  1/2 bowl

Green Chilly: 7 to 8

Groundnut:   20gm

Homemade protein: 2 tablespoon


Take cooked rice in a pan,

It should be cool. Make it free by hand,

add homemade protein, sugar, salt & Dahi in it.

Mix it properly. Now keep the small pan on the gas,

add some oil, cumin, mustard seeds, green chilly & ground nut in it..

Fry it for some time. Serve it with coriander. It also gives a different                                  taste. & we can make it instantly.



prepared  dahi rice

Do you know why Dahi rice .There is a say in India that if any lady has more anger she must have to give this food as a  ”BHOG” to the GODDESS . THEN SHE WILL AUTOMATICALLY BECOME COOL .


Masala rice

Vegetable fried rice, 

Mint rice

Sweet rice, 

Coconut rice