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Save Puri Recipe -Crispy Recipy

via Save puri recipe -Crispy

Stuffed save puri recipe- Crunchy 

How to make save puri recipe- Crunchy. 

This is the best food to make at home . As so many kids are enjoying it . So many ladies are keeping save and stuff outside the Puri . But, I have inserted it inside the Puri. Let us check how did I have made this recipe? 

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande 

Cuisine : Indian 

food type : Save Puri Recipe 

Keyword : Save Puri recipe 

Serve for 3


Wheat flour : 250 gm 

salt : 1 tbsp 

chilly powder: 1 tbsp 

turmeric powder: 1/2 tbsp 

 cumin powder: 1 tbsp 

      Dhaniya powder: 1/2 tbsp 

                  Hing : 1 pinch 

 OIL TO FRY : 250 GM 

       save : 200 gm to stuff safe_image (1)save bhaji recipe

METHOD TO MAKE IT :  Take all above ingredients in one big thali. 

                                            : Add salt and above all ingredients to it. Mix it properly. 

                                             ; Now add water and knead it with some oil smooth. 

                                             : Make it smooth by taking oil in the hand . 

                                             : Create some small dough’s of it. Keep aside. 

                                             :  Now roll out it in these small Puri’s . 

                                           : Keep the pan on the gas .Pour oil to it. 

                                           :  Wait to heat the oil. Now slowly pour the Puri’s to it. 

                                           : Fry the Puri’s well and keep aside. 

                                            : Break the Puri’s and fill the save in it along with another ingredients. safe_image (1)save bhaji recipe





Indian vegetarian food

Pumpkin recipes- Puri’s

Mostly we are making delicious , tasty food item from pumpkin instead of sweets or desserts. It gives good taste & kids are eating it happily as eating sweets everytime getting bored to us.

Pumpkin Recipes- Delicious, Pumpkin recipes- Khaman, tasty, Pumkin recipes _ salty, crunchy, crispy,

Indian vegetarian food

Baked Peanut Recipe

via Baked Peanut Recipe

Indian vegetarian food

Baked Peanut Recipe – Crunchy Peanut Recipes

This is the time pass recipe. We know when we go to watch cinema we are purchasing, sweet corn, chips, or chocolates or baked peanuts or baked salty grams or baked salty mutter etc to make our time pass. These types of foods are so lucky that when we purchased it we didn’t see its taste & when we busy in watching cinema we didn’t understand that it is good baked or raw Or worst etc we are enjoying as it is while eating.

Another thing is that these type of food is giving real enjoyment when we are on the bank of a sea . or in a cricket stadium also. This food is giving very nice feeling while eating, crunchy, salty, tasty etc we never forget its taste. How full fill we may be eaten we want again it doesn’t give a feeling of fulfil ness of a stomach. But feeling interesting while eating.

Let us see how can we make it at home?

time for it

prep bake total

2          10      12 ,min

Baking of this food depends on you, how did you want to bake it means keeping gas flame slow or by keeping it fast. If you want to make it more crunchy & tasty then bake it slowly.

author : Chhaya kulkarni

cuisine : Indian

food type : Baked peanut recipe

keyword : Bakes peanut recipe, salty recipe, crunchy peanut recipe, crispy peanut recipe 

serve for   4

Ingredients for it   :

Raw Peanuts  :   1/4 kg

salt : As your convenience

chilly powder  1 tbsp

cumin powder 1 tbsp

ghee :   1tbsp


Take the dry good crunchy, slight sweet peanut.

: Keep the pan on the gas, wait to heat it.

:  Pour peanut into it. Start the gas

:  Shake it well. Keep the flame of gas fast

: After some time keep the flame slow.

: Pour 1 tabs ghee to it and fry it well on the slow gas.

: Add chilly powder, cumin powder, salt in it and bake it                                                                 continuously.

: Put off the gas.

: Serve it after cooling


Take the dry peanut

Bake it slowly on the gas

Pour some ghee to it and fry it well

Add chilly powder, salt,  cumin powder to it

Serve it after cooling.


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chhaya’s kitchen


chhaya’s kitchen



chhaya’s kitchen      


bakes peanut salty, crunchy recipe/
http://Baked peanut recipe/
baked peanut recipe /
http://baked peanut recipe/ 

Best way to overcome time . 

Baked peanut recipe

Crunchy peanut recipe



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