Green chilly peanut chutney recipe – Mirchamrut Recipe

How to make Mirchaamrut? – Green chilly chutney Marathi Recipe . How To Make Mirachaamrut? – Green Chilly [Marathi]

  Recipe to make green chilly chutney [Marathi] 

Green chilly peanut chutney – How to make

 Every time we are making chutney by grinding in the mixture but here  in Maharashtra if 

there is a celebration of any festival  and if we have made Puran Poli then we must have to make this Mirachaamrut. In my sister’s home there is a small spiritual program of ”BHAGAWAT KATHA” For it we have made it.  This Mirach Amrut  is a nice side dish with Puran Poli . This gives very nice taste as it’s method is totally different from common chutney. If we will make it any time for a regular meal or Bhojan it can’t give good taste .But in the festival if we will make it instantly it has nice and delicious taste . Let us we will see how to make it ?

http://Mirchaamrut recipe/


prep cook total 

15         10     25 min 

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande 

Cuisine   Indian

food type chutney

Keyword :green chilly peanut chutney, Green chilly chutney by cooking,

serve for many 


green chillies 1/2 kg

lemon juice or tamarind juice 1 cup

Jaggary 100 gm

Garam masala    2 tbsp

curry leaves 2 tbsp

cumin powder   2 tbsp

Skutt  2 bowls

Home made metkut  1/2 bowl

oil  1/2 bowl

mustard seeds  1 tbsp

Hing  1 pinch

coriander 2 tbsp [chopped]

water 1 glass.

salt As your convenience

turmeric powder 1 tbsp  

PROCEDURE   FOR IT :  Take green chilies in a big thali . Wash it with clean water . 

                      Make it’s small pieces  and keep a side .

                        : Make the lemon juice ready and keep aside.

                          : Now keep the pan on the gas , add oil to it . 

                    : Add Mustard seeds, cumin seeds  and wait to
splutter it 

                           : Now add curry leaves , hing to it and fry it well.

                         : Now add pieces of green chilly to it and fry it well .

                              :  Add Peanut powder, , home made Metkut, Garam Masala, salt,                                       
                            turmeric powder and  stir it well . Keep lid on it
for a while

                            Now slowly add lemon juice, Jaggary , coriander , turmeric   powder to  it.

                              : At the end slowly add 1 glass of water and keep it to heat for 10  minutes.

                              : After a while put off the gas and serve it in the NAIVYDAM.   

green chilly peanut chutney recipe cooking mirchamrut/

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Indian vegetarian food

spinach subji , moong dal chutney

via spinach subji , moong dal chutney

How to make tasty palak subji & Moong dal chutney? -Subji Recipe 

Subji Recipe _ Dinner recipe 

Chutney Recipe _[special] 

chutney Indian vegetarian food

Onion Fried Chutney- Chutney Recipes

   How to make onion fried chutney – Chutney Recipes. 

Do you know the summer season is famous for onion, everyone likes to eat onion it may be raw, cutting, or it may be in any subji or maybe its soup, Koshimbir etc

So many times we are getting bored by eating same vegetables we want regular change in vegetable .I have today so many vegetables but I think let us we shall try another way to eat subji means subji as a chutney or chutney as a subji .

Let us see how did I make Onion Fried Chutney /easy-Shahi-desserts-recipe-inst…/

time for it

prep cook total

10        10      20 min

author : chhhaya kulkarni

cuisine: Indian

food type: chutney

serve for 3


Onions  3 to 4 middle size.

chilly powder L 2 tabs

salt: 1 + 1/2  tab

oil: 2 tab

mustard seeds: 1 tab

PROCEDURE FOR IT: Take the onions, cut it into vertical pieces.…/how-to-make-basen-cake-delicious…#indiblogger#Basencake#delicious,

:  Wash it clean and keep aside to drain the water.

;  Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil to it.

: Add mustard seeds in it, wait to splutter.

:  Add cutting an onion to it and fry it well

: Add chilly powder and salt to it and stir it well.

: Your fried onion chutney is ready to serve.

: Serve it with chapati or roti.

: Don’t add another ingredient to it so that it can lose the taste of fried onion.

: It gives a very nice and delicious taste.

: It can give taste to stale chappati, roti, dhapate .

: When we are on a journey it can support as a good subji for chapati and dhapate.

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Onion fried chutney/
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Indian vegetarian food

Indian Tomato Chutney – Chutney Recipe

 Indian[Maharashtra] tomato chutney recipe in Hindi

time for chutney 

 prep  cook total

10      5       15 min

author’s name: Pranita deshpande 

Cuisine    : Indian 

food type : cooked chutney 

KEYWORD : Indian Tomato Chutney Recipe- Chutney Recipe 


Tomato  2

onion  2 middle size

curry leaves  4 to 5

garam masala  1 tbsp

chilly powder 1/2 tbsp

       salt   as your convenience

sugar * 1/2 tbsp

oil   2 tbsp

mustard seeds  1 tbsp

      cumin   1 tbsp

Skutt   1/2 small bowl

tomato chutney




tomato chutney

PROCEDURE  FOR CHUTNEY *  Cut the onion , tomato into small pieces keep aside.

Now collect all ingredients like oil, cumin’s, mustard seeds, chilly powder, garam masala etc.

tomato chutney with garam masala

Keep the pan on the gas pour oil on it,

wait to heat it now add cumin’s mustard seeds,

wait to splutter it well, add curry leaves fry it,

add onion saute it for short time then add pieces of tomato saute it well.

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Add all ingredients one by one lastly add Skutt.

Skutt must be sticky so that automatically oil should come from it.Stir it well .

Your chutney is ready to eat now.

Time for Biryani 

prep cook  total 

10       10      20 min


      Mahendra rice 1 bowl 

Tomato  2 big size

onion   1

curry leaves   4 to 5

salt   1 tbsp

chilly powder    1 tbsp

turmeric powder  1 teas spoon

peanut seeds    10 to 15

peanut     2 tbsp

oil   2 tbsp

cumin powder  1 tbsp

water  2 bowls

PROCEDURE  FOR IT    *    Soak the rice for 2 hours, drain it’s water and keep aside.  Chop the onion , tomato into a big size piece.

Take all ingredients ready for you.


Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil wait to heat it,

add cumin seed , mustard seeds wait to splutter it.

Now add curry leaves fry it well, add chopped onion ,saute it, add chopped tomatoes saute it well until juice of it will mix with all ingredients.

Now add groundnut, peanut etc and fry it for a while.Now add rice and stir it well  now put off the gas.

Keep small cooker on the gas add  2 bowls water in it wait to boil it. Add 1 teaspoon oil in it and now add all the material which is in the pan in the cooker. again stir it for 1 time and keep the lid of the cooker tightly.Keep the flame of the gas low.  After  10 minutes your tasty Biryani is ready.

tomato Biryani


Tamarind Chutney Recipe -Significance

India is more famous for thousands of types of food & every food has its meaning means where to eat? With which food we must have to eat? When did it should make? Why did this food is chosen for this time? Is this food is good for this season? What are the benefits of this food while eating in this season? etc So many questions behind any item mean every food has some significance & with that significance if we will make this food it will give the definitely good taste as well as the good result for the body also.

Time for it

prep   cook   total

20        10       30 min

author name  :  Chhaya kulkarni

food type  :       Chutney

serve for 2

cuisine     :  Indian

Ingredients for it   

Tamrind  :   25 gm [well ripened ]

Jaggary      :   25 gm

sugar          : 2 teaspoon

dates          :   5 to6 [ powder]

cumin powder :    1 tab

garam masala   :    1 tab

salt                  :     2 tab

chilly powder      :   1 teas

Hing                  :    1 pinch

ginger              :   1 teas [grated ]

water            ;     2 cups










PROCEDURE :    Take the tamarind, wash it with clean water. & keep soaking for 2                                                      hours

:  Take another ingredient means grate the jaggery & keep aside.

:  Make the powder or small pieces of dates & keep a side .

:  Take the chilly powder, garam masala, jaggery, sugar, cumin                                              powder in a dish .

: Now crush the tamarind in the water & throw the unwanted part                                              of it .

:  Make the right solution for chutney.

: Keep this solution for dim heat, add cumin powder, jaggery, sugar,

salt, garam masala, chilly powder, hing, ginger, salt to it.

:  Keep it to heat for short time.

:   Your well-prepared chutney is ready to cook.



Dahi Puri Chutney Recipe-Breakfast Recipe

Today I want to make this recipe  early in the morning but, I get up late and I made it  late . In the morning I want to drink tea but our milk has been finished . Since full of rain is there so milkman is also not coming and no one has been get up .Now  I decided to  go to my brother in law home , and my brother law has made first class tea for me. In every week I am keeping my all work aside and going to meet them. If I will meet them then I become fresh to work again . They are my good inspiration . Then in 10 minutes came back as I have to make food along with breakfast. There is very short time of them I have to read a lot of spiritual books, but now I have learned all these books so there is no need to find extra time to read them . While cooking I am reciting all stotra’s, Mantra, some spiritual books  without looking in any book. 

Now I have made Dahi Puri, Maharashtra Pithala, khaman chapati’s , Roti’s , green chilly thecha and  masala rice. For this I require 2 hours time .As I have injury to my left legs , I couldn’t move fast. to stand 2 hour and making these types of food means vast challenge to me .Still I am making it as I think that if we will teach sitting habit to our body , this habit will remain for long time and it can loose our power as well as muscle power . So to keep our muscle in moving condition we must have to work everyday. This can keep our muscles strong. 

Let it be see how did I have made Dahi Puri? 

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande 

cuisine : Maharashtra 

food type : Dahi Puri  recipe 

Keyword : Dahi Puri Recipe -Breakfast recipes. 

serve for 4 


For Khamang Puri

Wheat Rava: 1/2 kg

Basen           : 1/2 bowl

Bhajani: 1/2 bowl

Ajawine      : 2 tablespoon

a paste of garlic, green chilly, cumin: 2 tablespoon

Turmeric powder: 1  teaspoon

Salt: 2 tablespoon

Oil: 250  gm

Oil: 250  gm

Ingredients for Chutney

Dahi: 1 bowl

Garlic chutney: 2 tablespoon

SALT: 1  Teaspoon

PROCEDURE:      Take all ingredients in one thali. .

                              Mix it properly. Add slowly water, knead it  properly.

                               keep it to soak for half an hour. 

                          prepare its dough, roll it, make its   chapati.

                            Take one bowl having the border.

                      Keep it  vertically on the chapatti.

                 Remove puri one by  one aside.

Now keep the pan on the gas.

pour oil in it. Heat it and leave Puri one by one into the oil .

Fry it well in  the pan.

Recipe For chutney :  Take thick Dahi in a bowl

                                         : Pour chilly powder, salt, garlic paste to it .

:                                       Stir it well , it gives very nice taste,

Kneaded flour & dahi for breakfast recipes/
http://Dahi Puri recipe-breakfast recipe/
Rolling Puri for dahi puri /breakfast recipe/
http://Rolling chapati for Dahi
well prepared Dahi Puri -Breakfast
http://Dahi Puri breakfast recipes
Dahi puri  breakfast recipe
http://Dahi puri -breakfast recipes
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Best Mango Chutney- Chutney Recipe

  top post on indiblogger/
http://top post on indiblogger/

How to make mango chutney-Chutney Recipe. 

Chutney  Recipe  – Summer Special

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Hi friends, do you know it’s summer days and everyone wants to eat sour food .in them we like to eat raw mango or the food items which we can make from it ,This  above chutney is giving very nice taste with stale roti or if we will make it in a liquid form it can use to make roll of chapatti for the kids . They can eat it as a good mango sauce and gives them different good, organic taste.

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Let us see how can it make?

time for it

prep cook total

5          5   10 ,min

Author’s name : Pranita Deshpande

  Cuisine    : India 

  food type :  Chutney recipe 

Keyword  : Best mango chutney 


Raw mangoes   4 [small size ] chopped

chilly powder  2 tbsp

            salt  2 tbsp

     skutt     1/2 bowl

cumin     1 tbsp

jaggary      1 tbsp

PROCEDURE  FOR IT: Take the raw mangoes .remove its peel.

: Cut it into small pieces and keep aside Salad Recipe _ Fresh

:  Add  chilly powder, salt, cumin, Skutt, jaggery to it

: Grind it in the mixture  as a  super fine pasteACHAR  

: If you want to make a sauce of it add some water to it.

: Make liquid of it as like sauce and serve it to the kid in a roll                                                         of chapatti.




There are so many ways to make it. Some ladies are making it by adding onion , Some are making it by grating with slicer different type gives different taste. Maybe you go anywhere means in 4 star hotels or in resorts no one can bring particular taste . So taste is always taste . It is 100% original. No one can change it, make it in the same way but not bringing same taste.

Hello World!


Onion Chutney,Jowar Roti Recipe- Marathi recipe

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Do you know in our area village people’s best breakfast is this chutney with white Jowar Roti?  Generally, this chutney is famous in summer, as here cultivation of onion and raw mangoes are there .when we mix raw mango with onion it gives super taste. I  think if any man may be with full of stomach and if we will show him this chutney with roti and ask him can you eat this chutney? He will say yes, why not?


This chutney has delicious taste .any man could eat more bread with this chutney. and has a more satisfied feeling. In the village, some ladies are making this chutney in the stone pot in the morning and keeping in an earthen pot. If this will be dry then also it can give the best taste.



time for it

prep cook total

10      2       12 min

author’s name :  chhaya kulkarni

cuisine  Indian

food type    chutney


serve for 4


onion  big size 1 [chopped ]

raw mango 1 small size [chopped ]

chilly powder 1/4 bowl

salt 2 tbsp

Don’t add more ingredients in this chutney as it reduces original ingredients taste.

Indian Vegetarian Food


Take the big size onion, remove its upper part.

: Cut it into big pieces.

: Wash it with clean water and keep it to drain water.

:  Now take the small size raw mango, remove its peel

: Cut it into small pieces.

: Take chilly powder and salt in a small bowl

: First grind onion pieces  in the grinder or mixture

: Now add onion pieces to it and start the mixture slowly.

; Grind it slowly for a short time.: Your tasty chutney is ready to serve.


IMG_20180316_070311 /


IMG_20180316_071842 (1)/onion chutney

How  To Make Jowar Roti ?  

time for it

prep cook total

5         10        15min


Jowar flour  2 bowl

salt  as a taste [a pinch]

water   enough

PROCEDURE FOR IT :   Take the Jowar flour in a thali 

                                            : Keep tawa on the gas to heat it                                    

: Add sufficient water slowly in the flour .

: Knead it with one hand, if require water again add water to it slowly .

: Make its dough, while making Roti spread some flour in the thali.

: Keep the dough on the flour and spread it with both hands    uniform ally.

: Keep attention that it cannot be brake while making it .

: Now take this roti on two hands spread it on the tawa slowly   without touching to the tawa.

: Spread water on it like making the painting of roti.

: Wait to shake it and change its side to shake it .

: Again wait to shake it *  now remove tawa on the gas .

: Keep the roti by changing its side on the gas [means the side                                                     which is not shaken]

: It will automatically get swallowed like a balloon.


IMG_20180218_103832 / Flour of Jowar


IMG_20180312_072141/ Roti making


IMG_20180312_072232 /Baking the roti


IMG_20180312_072922/ well prepared roti


IMG_20180312_073014/ Roti in the tiffin
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How To Make Idli’s -Color Idali – A TO Z Series 2019

Let us make color idli

Time to make a batter  1 night

Time to make idlis

prep cook total

1/2 hr  1/2 hr    1 hr

Ingredients for it

prepared batter of idali  :   1 lit

tomatoes   : 2 [chopped ]

green chilly :  7 to 8

coriander  1/2 bowl chopped

baking soda   1 teas

Fenugreek seeds   7 to 8

salt   : as your convenience

chilly powder : 1 tbsp

turmeric powder 1/2 tbsp

cumin powder: 2 tbsp

sugar 7 to 8 granules

PROCEDURE TO MAKE COLOR IDLIS: First add some salt and  chilly powder, cumin powder in the tomato .grind it in the mixture to make a red paste.

Add idlli batter to it and keep aside.

Now make the paste of green chilly and coriander and add it to the Idli batter and keep aside.

Take idli batter in another tiffin add turmeric powder to it and keep aside.

Now take the idli patra and add batter one by one in each patra .

Keep it to the cook for 10 minutes and after cooling remove its lid.





IMG_20180221_150218 (1)








Green chilly    :    1bowl

coconut pieces   : 1/2 bowl

groundnut seeds  : 1/4 bowl

coriander   2 tbsp

sugar     1 teas

salt  as your convenience

Hing    1 pinch

dahi or butter milk   1/2 bowl

:  Take green chilies and coconut pieces in the mixture pot.

: Add cumin seeds, some groundnut, coriander, hing, sugar , salt etc

:  Grind it in the mixture.If you want liquid chutney add Dahi or butter                              milk while grinding so that it will become smooth chutney.

Serve it with idali