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Cucumber Chutney Recipe With Green Chilli

Good morning friends, have a 😋 day. Nowadays we are losing taste due to humid atmosphere. We didn’t want to eat, we are losing apeti. Getting bored by eating same food. So, I decided to make 🤔 chutney recipe .Let’s make something more 😋 and 😋 so that didn’t need to eat anything with it.

Let’s check how did I have made this chutney?

Author name : Pranita Deshpande, Cuisine : Indian, food type :chutney recipe, 🔑 word : Cucumber Chutney Recipe, Serve for:4

Time for it : preparing cook total 5 10, 15 min


Green chilli : 100gm

Gram nuts : 20gm

, Cucumber : 1 middle size,

salt: 1tbsp,


Hing : 1teas,

cumin seeds :1 tbsp,

oil: 1tbsp,

water: 2tbsp.

Method To Make It : (1) Take green chili, cucumber, gram nut ready. (2) Wash the cucumber and green chili with clean 💧. (3)Make it’s pieces and keep aside. (4) Keep the pan on the gas, Pour oil to it, add cucumber pieces and green chili pieces to it.(5) Stir fry it and spread 💧 on it. Now keep lid on it. Give it nice steam.(6) Add remaining ingredients to it and after cooling grind it in the mixture.

📝 : This chutney can be useful for 8 to 10 dishes.

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cucumber chutney wih green chilly/
Cucumber Chutney Recipe With Green ChilliIngredients for chutney/
cucumber chutney with green chilli/
Cucumber Chutney with green chili/

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Health Benefits Of Flax Seed – Beauty, Weight loss.

Do you know the word ‘’Alsi’’ in Hndi                                                                                                      

 ‘’Javas’’ in Marathi and Flax in English?

health benefits of flax seed /
http://Health benefits of flax seed/

This is the one type of oil seed which we  are using to make  chutney. In spirituality mostly it is used in the  ‘’Shravan Month to donate to the ‘’Shiva’’ God . It has so many benefits so that ‘’Shiva also like it .

Let us  we will see what are its benefits?

 This seed has  flat shape so I think its name is Flax seed  maybe they have replaced its name by 1 letter ‘t’. Anyway we  are making oil from it.

Now  we will see its detail  benefits.

1] weightloss. Skin, hair fall and to control diabetis it is very useful.

2] It can increases immmunity power.

3] Asthama, Artritis, cancer like these disease it can fight perfectly.

4] Increasing energy and reproductive power in the body.

5] Keeping  Cholostrol in control.

6] Bringing shinging on the skin.

7] Removes wrinkles on the skin.

8] Removes  extra cholestrol of body.

9]  Good for heart diseases.

10] Keeps digestion maintance.

Now let us check how did useful for different purposees?

This seed is very useful for hair. It can increases length of hair . As it contains Vitamin E in more proportion. It has antioxide property so it can work for the root of hair. It also contains Omega -3 Fatty acid  so it  can work for the roots of hair and increases the length of hair.

Ir is very beneficial for herat disease, these seeds fiberous are controlling naturally to increase  cholesterol.

Due to  controling cholestrol , it can keep  blood flow continuously.

How  did it can useful for the skin? It contains  antioxidant and phytochemicals  which can removes wrinkles of the skin.

It  can control diabetics  as  it  didn’t contain carbon. So that it can control sugar of the blood automatically. Which automatically control on the diabetes.

It reduces  weight . If we will use the Flax seed in the daily life it definitely controls weight. As it has fiberous, Omega3 fatty acid and antioxides  which can controls weight automatically.

How to use flax seed?

http://Flax seed from my home /

We can eat  it raw as it is but, if we will make chutney of it with garlic, salt , chilly powder it gives very delicious taste with Roti.

Another way to make its chutney is by baking it, adding Sea same, Badishape, dry coconut, black salt,  etc    We  can control gaseous, indigestion, acidity  etc.

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How To Make Kavat Chutney -Chutney Recipe [Marathi]

How  To Make Kavat Chutney ? –Chutney Recipe

   Chutney Recipe –  Delicious Recipe.

   We are doing Mahalaxmi Pujan  for that  there is  a say  that ‘’Kavat’’   fruit  is  favorite food of Laxmi . So we  definitely bringing it from market. We are bringing this fruit only for this celebration after that  here it is not getting in the market and I think no one knows  what to do with this fruit.  Salad Recipe _ Fresh

   This fruit is slight different from another fruit means it is neither sweet nor sour having  different taste . Means slight sour, slight alum taste. But if we will make chutney of it with my method you never have been forget taste of it.  Some ladies are making JAM of it . This is also giving new taste. As like pickle . ACHAR

Generally we are getting bored by eating same types of chutney’s . That is tomato, onion, green chilly, peanut, coconut, coriander, garlic, curry leaves etc but we didn’t make this chutney often.

We can eat it  with chapatti, Roti, bread, or we can make sauce of it by adding water to it. It gives complete taste. Means, delicious, yummy, tasty, etc . We want to eat it as it is means without Roti, chapatti , etc .

Let us check here how did I have made it?

Time for it prep cook total

                     15      10     25min

Author’s name : Pranita  deshpande

 Cuisine : Indian

Food type : Kavat  Chutney

Keyword : Kavat Chutney Recipe.

Serve for 4

I   want to clear this word serve for  as I have the habit that if any new item I have made want to share it .It may be less  to us but I am distributing it to the others. Then automatically my sharing become for more persons.May be I have made it for my family or serve for 4.

Just now sister in law came I told her do you like this chutney? She demanded it I gave it from that to them that is my mother in law and my sister in law. This question is not for this food item but for every food item. I didn’t want to eat any new food without sharing to anyone.  

Ok let it be we will see recipe and ingredients for it .

Ingredients for it

Kavat fruit : 1

Peanut[baked] : 100  gm

Jaggary : 50 gm

Red chilly powder :  3 tbsp

Salt :   2 tbasp

Cumin seeds : 2 tbsp

Oil  :  1 tbsp

 PROCEDURE FOR IT  :   1]First brake the fruit I to 2 parts .

                                           2]Now  remove inside all material in the dish with spoon.

                                            3]Clean the bowl of that fruit .

                                             4]Bake it with spoon of oil .

                                           5]Take the all ingredients ready in the another dish .

                                            6] That is  baked peanut, red Chilly powder, salt, cumin seed, Jaggary, etc                                             7]Add all  ingredients in the mixture jar .

                                           8 Add baked Kavat to it .

                                         9]Now grind it in the mixture jar . Serve it with Roti or chapati. We can also Frozen it for some days.

                                         10]Now check the taste  and serve it with Roti or chapatti.

Image may contain: food/ Kavat to make Kavat chutney-chutney recipe
Image may contain: food to make Kavat chutney- Chutney recipe
Image may contain: food how to make KavatChutney Recipe- Chutney Recipe
Image may contain: food Kavat chutney recipe to make Kavat chutney- chutney recipe

Method to make it :  Break the Kavat in to 2 parts

                                      Remove its inside part .

                                     Bake it with oil

                                    Add  ingredients to it .

                                  Grind it in the mixture.  

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Green Chilly Chutney Recipe – Blogging Journey – Chutney Recipe

Chutney Recipe _Green Chilly with Tomato

Posted by DPRANITA583 on AUGUST 4, 2018EDIT

Chutney Recipe _Green Chilly with tomato from r/food

This chutney can use for 10 to 15 dishes. As like along with Roti, chapati, idali, Dosa,dhapate, Appe, Uttapa, thalepit, Puri’s khamang Puri’s, etc 

IndiBlogger - The Indian Blogger Community

 #I am an indiblogger

Every day there is a big question for a food blogger, that what item we have to publish today? There is a huge competition.So many are making new items.But life is filled with full of problems and difficulties in them sometimes we didn’t have the grocery which food we want to make . Sometimes if there is a full grocery at home with full of vegetables and fruits but we have no time to see them. This controversy we have to face every time.I think so many bloggers are going in this difficulty. So many times we are deciding to publish this recipe but suddenly we must have to change this plan and that recipe remains as it is to publish.

We have to face internet problems, so many technical problems, maybe financial problems, family problems, health problems and then we have to run this blogging business.

Really I am loving blogging as it is teaching a real life, how to face problems in a quiet way? How to live life happily in a difficult situation? Sometimes how to be happy by interacting with others.Getting tremendous happiness when we are getting a good compliment from another blogger. Really when I am thinking about this business. 100 % I realize that no one is fulfilled person in this world but blogger is 100 % fulfill person in the world. Blogger understands the meaning of life. What is the full f illness in the life? How to react with relatives? How to face problems of a profession? Also giving happiness on each step. Sometimes we maybe frustrate but through it are becoming the strong person.

Do you know in India if anyone has any problems in the life then our Saints or Guru says read this holy book your problem will finish? But, to the next generation, some people will tell start blogging business everything will be okay in life. It’s my observation for blogging business what is your observation? Share with me in a  comment section. 

You maybe tell this lady is mad.This is her food blog and telling the importance of blogging here. Today I want to make cookies some grocery is there some is not there now there is no time to bring immediately. Then I changed my food item and decide to make special chutney as my blog is special for chutney. 

Let it be we shall start Chutney Recipe

time for it

prep cook total

5          2        10 min

author’s name  Pranita Deshpande

Cuisine :  Indian

food type :   chutney

Keyword :  Chutney recipe , Green chilly chutney recipe, 

serve for  3


Green chilly  6 to 7

green tomato 4 of middle size

peanut  2 tbsp

coriander  2 tbsp

salt   1 tbsp

sugar  1 tbsp

hing    1 pinch

turmeric powder  1 teas

cumin’s   1 tbsp

    oil   2 tab

PROCEDURE  FOR IT :   Take the green chilly, tomatoes, peanut, coriander in a thali.

green chilly chutney with green tomatoes

:  Keep it in the pot to get steam, pour oil to it.

:  Add half cup hot water to it and give steam for 5 minutes.

:  Wait to cool, now take it in the mixture pot.

green chilly chutney with green tomatoes

:  Add remaining ingredients salt, cumin’s, garlic flakes, sugar, the pinch of hing, turmeric powder etc.

: Grind it in the mixture. Keep it in the bowl.

:  This chutney not gives us irritations, it can eat with Roti,   chapati, Idli Uttapa, etc

images for it  click on this link to know it.

green chilly chutney

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Tamarind Chutney Recipe- Chutney recipes.

How to make tamarind chutney ? – Delicious recipe.

chutney Indian vegetarian food

Green Chilly Thecha With Lemon – Green Chilly Achar[winter special ]

Tasty Green Chilly Achar -Achar Recipes.   This is the amazon link for you to purchase product to help us to run our business.

Hi friends, do you know this is the season of winter .We like to eat green chilly it may be whole green chilly or in the form of Thecha & so many types .

In my childhood my mother was making it in the form of whole green chilly .She was breaking green chilly like we are making operation of the stomach . Filling Saran to it. It gives very nice taste after some time . We are eating it as it is with Jowar Roti. Or if we will go in the field we are taking only Roti & 2 green chilly on it eating it in the green filed with green cucumber or carrot or peanut etc .It gives so tasty taste .We can’t explain here. How much Roti we are eating with it also can’t get understand to it.

My mother was making Achar of it & keeping it in the earthen pot .When we need it was keeping in the small bowl by pouring oil on it & serving it in the Bhojan .

My Mother in law also makes good Achar but is is of another type . I will make it one day .

Let us see how i made today Green Chilly Thecha?


Prep cook total

20 20 40 min

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine : Indian

food type . : Achar OR PICKLE


Ingredients for it

Green chilly : 1/2 kg

mustard dal : 250 gm

lemon juice & lemon : 2 tab 2 lemons

mutter : 1/2 bowl

hing : 1 teas

turmeric powder : 1 tab

cumin powder : 2 tabs

salt : 1/2 bowl

Fenugreek seeds powder : 1/2 teas

Oil for spluttering : 1/2 bowl

mustard seeds : 2 tab

PROCEDURE FOR IT  :   Take green chilly by removing  stalks of it . 

: Grind it in the mixture with salt .

: Now take it in the big bowl ,

: Add cumin powder, salt, turmeric powder, salt,

:Mustard seeds dal , Fenugreek seeds powder, Hing ,

Sugar to taste, lemon juice & pieces of lemon etc .

:Mix it properly & fill it in the jar.


green chilly thecha with lemon
http://Grinding it in the mixture /chhayaonline.com

Chutney Recipe – Green chilly chutney recipe

Chutney Recipe _  Importance of blogging 


Dosa Chutney – Green chilly chutney.


Green chilly peanut chutney recipe – Mirchamrut Recipe

How to make Mirchaamrut? – Green chilly chutney Marathi Recipe . How To Make Mirachaamrut? – Green Chilly [Marathi]

  Recipe to make green chilly chutney [Marathi] 

Green chilly peanut chutney – How to make

 Every time we are making chutney by grinding in the mixture but here  in Maharashtra if 

there is a celebration of any festival  and if we have made Puran Poli then we must have to make this Mirachaamrut. In my sister’s home there is a small spiritual program of ”BHAGAWAT KATHA” For it we have made it.  This Mirach Amrut  is a nice side dish with Puran Poli . This gives very nice taste as it’s method is totally different from common chutney. If we will make it any time for a regular meal or Bhojan it can’t give good taste .But in the festival if we will make it instantly it has nice and delicious taste . Let us we will see how to make it ?

http://Mirchaamrut recipe/


prep cook total 

15         10     25 min 

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande 

Cuisine   Indian

food type chutney

Keyword :green chilly peanut chutney, Green chilly chutney by cooking,

serve for many 


green chillies 1/2 kg

lemon juice or tamarind juice 1 cup

Jaggary 100 gm

Garam masala    2 tbsp

curry leaves 2 tbsp

cumin powder   2 tbsp

Skutt  2 bowls

Home made metkut  1/2 bowl

oil  1/2 bowl

mustard seeds  1 tbsp

Hing  1 pinch

coriander 2 tbsp [chopped]

water 1 glass.

salt As your convenience

turmeric powder 1 tbsp  

PROCEDURE   FOR IT :  Take green chilies in a big thali . Wash it with clean water . 

                      Make it’s small pieces  and keep a side .

                        : Make the lemon juice ready and keep aside.

                          : Now keep the pan on the gas , add oil to it . 

                    : Add Mustard seeds, cumin seeds  and wait to
splutter it 

                           : Now add curry leaves , hing to it and fry it well.

                         : Now add pieces of green chilly to it and fry it well .

                              :  Add Peanut powder, , home made Metkut, Garam Masala, salt,                                       
                            turmeric powder and  stir it well . Keep lid on it
for a while

                            Now slowly add lemon juice, Jaggary , coriander , turmeric   powder to  it.

                              : At the end slowly add 1 glass of water and keep it to heat for 10  minutes.

                              : After a while put off the gas and serve it in the NAIVYDAM.   

green chilly peanut chutney recipe cooking mirchamrut/

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Coconut Chutney With Garlic Flakes- Winter Special[Memories of [2018]

Coconut chutney with garlic flakes- Winter Special

Best mango chutney

onion chutney, 

green tomato chutney with green chilly 


Hello friends , you know that my blog is famous for chutney special. Generally I have covered all types of chutney in this blogs . Here is my little bit memory of 2018 .As I have started this blog in Feb 2018 & now trying to run on track please vote me, give comments to my blog and enjoy chutney’s in your regular life.

Do you know in my recipes also have an excellent story .Panjree recipe have Janamashtami story, Apple Halwa have importance of Sankashti Chaturthi, Festival Recipe have Nagpanchami story, Diwali Market has importance of street market etc .

Last year my Best Mango Chutney become popular , as I think it have been made by my Bhanji .

Most important story of my blog is Green chilly chutney as it is telling importance of blogging. What is blogging? What gives us ? What it teaches us? How to interact with all blogging members . How to keep relationship with everyone ? Can you get satisfaction and happiness from it etc What is the purpose to start it?


I have tried to given you more information in so many posts .In the form of stories .Some food items also in research . Some instant food items also given good idea to the international Chefs .They are in contact with me .

I think you better known I have a another site of 250 valuable posts but unfortunately that contents has been stolen .Still I have found another site that is or for my favorite readers and for them in every week I am publishing new post . Please keep watch on them in the automatic . I didn’t have taken domain for it . I will take it in the next month then it will work better.

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http://onion chutney recipe/

Along with I have written some pickles recipes, instant pickles recipes, peanut chutney, Flax seed chutney , so many sweet items, instant desserts . So many types of Khaman Paratha’s etc . Please visit my blog to see all recipes.

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