Health Benefits Of Chikoo Fruits- Surprising Benefits

Do you know magic of this fruit ? generally, this fruit is cheating to us. Means suppose we brought thinking that, it is well ripened then while eating we feel it sour or some foul odour giving to us. Sometimes we didn’t understand its real fact we think that hard Chikoo with yellow color is good and we bringing it but it didn’t give any taste. When we feel that no Chikoo is not good then while eating it gives very nice taste. Means this fruit is playing drama with us.

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http://image of chikoo fruit/
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About Its Appearance

I think so many kids are hating to eat it. As its appearance after opening it is some time chocolate color and some time almond color . It feels as like snail if we will see it in the chocolate color. So many people who known snail they definitely think that this is snail didn’t have to eat it. If we will keep it in our bag it can brake easily and you what result it is giving to us?

Health benefits of Chikoo fruit/
http://Health benefits of Chikoo fruit/

Maybe it shows a lot of drama to us but definitely it has plenty of benefits.

This tree is of middle height as like bush. Tree looks very beautiful, if Chikoos are there then it looks very beautiful.

Image result for image of chikoo tree/
http://Image of chikoo tree/

It can cultivate anywhere we can grow it in our home garden, in the temple garden or in the farm. I think it has no more limitati0ns of soil and wheather to grow it.

Let us we will discuss about its benefits .

1] It contains more amount of calcium and iron so it can keep our bones strong.

2] If you want to increase height of your kid and want to walk your kid fast then give him everyday this fruit , as a fruit or make some food item from it .

3] it is very good fruit for the old age person as it can easily digested, no need to bite, if old people or kids also have no teeth then also they can eat it easily. Also it is good to keep appetite as well as to increase blood volume.

4] It is very good fruit to increase eye vision as well as its nutritional part keeps away from so many infections.

5] If you have the problem of indigestion as well as gaseous then you must have to eat everyday Chinooks.

6] It can works on acidity as well as on some heart diseases.

7] If any person has suffered from flu or temperature then he must have to give this fruit to get the taste to his mouth.

9] To remove the problems of cough and breathing problems , flu, cold this fruit is working perfectly/ It can keep glow of skin too.

10] Instead of drinking milk shake of Chikoo we must have to eat Chikoos as it is. As it gives more vitamins and benefits to us.

11] Some times we feel irritations in the chest and in the stomach so to remove this problem this CHIKOO is very beneficial to us.

12] If we will eat it in the winter season then definitely it can remove all problems of abdomen pain along with increasing immunity.

13] This fruit gives good energy to everyone especially for the small kids and they can sleep peacefully. Weak persons must have to eat Chinooks daily.

14] We can make cookies, cakes, muffins from it to eat the kids as well as everyone who are hating to eat these fruits.

15] It can get easily in the market and it is cheap so that everyone can buy it easily.

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Chikoo Milk Shake ,Fasting [Vrut]Recipe, Navratri Special – Milk Shake Recipe.

Vrut Recipes [ Navratri Special] – Chikoo juice Recipe

How to make Chikoo Milk Shake? – Fasting Special easy way

   How to make Chikoo juice ? – Juice recipes Healthy Shrimp recipes

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   We know that India is fulfilled with festivals and celebrations. Festivals brings change in everyday life. The change means it maybe food taking habits, for wearing clothes, to meet the relatives or to make the get together. All these changes occur due to feeding habits, change in environment , etc. Of them in India keeping fasting is the best way of changing taking food, getting relaxation to our stomach. Generally, if we will decide to make fasting as it is ,without any spiritual reason or without any God’s rules it creates a lot of pressure on us. But if we will accept it as it is for God and this is my devotion for the God then we didn’t feel heavy or any type of pressure to us. We can run this fasting happily. And  also We  didn’t feel  hungry.

We are ready to do fasting but we didn’t live life without any intake. We know that if, we will take this much big risk, it will create a lot of health problems. So  we are taking juice, it may be fruit juice milk shake or mixed fruit juice.

So today I have a fasting of Vinayak Chaturthi , so I decided to make Chickoo milk shake.

Let us see how I made it ?

Time for it 10 min

Author’s name – Pranita deshpande


Food type- Chikoo milk shake

KEYWORD : Chikoo Milk Shake, fasting, Vrut Recipe, Navratri Special – Milk Shake Recipes

  Serve for 2

Ingredients for it

Chikoo 4

Cream milk 250 ml

Cashew nuts – 4 to5

Almonds 2

Caradamom powder 1teas

Chakka -2tbsp

Sugar 3 tbsp

PROCEDURE  FOR IT. : Take 4 ripened nice Chikoo.Remove its peel and keep aside.

                                     : Take Chakka, milk cream,cashew nuts, almonds, caradamom powder, sugar in the mixture jar.

    Cut the Chikoo in to slices and add in to the mixture jar .

  Make  the milk shake in the mixture.    

Now serve it


pouring chikoo milk shake in the glass.
well prepared Chikoo milk shake recipe/
http://chikoo milk shake recipe/
http://How to make Chikoo milk shake?/

How to make chikoo Paratha ? Dessert recipes.

Chikoo Paratha Recipe – Paratha Recipe.

Chikoo fruit everyone knows it well but I think so many are hating to it. Generally everyone wants juice fruits which contain more water. This Chikoo fruit when we open it , it shows dirty appearance . So some small kids are hating to eat it. That much smoothie , sweet fruits didn’t want to eat.

This fruit is cheating with us means sometimes we think that it is good and when we are eating it gives different taste. So a lot of people avoiding to eat it.

http://chikoo weightloss/

But it is good for digestion as well as to increase blood volume. It is rich in calcium along with so many minerals. If anyone wants to increase height of their kids eat them everyday Chikoo . Definitely his bones became strong and increase his height. It is good for weight loss .

http://well prepared chikoo paratha/

This Chikoo, yesterday we have bought at my home noone is eating it . Then why we shall not to try to make it’s paratha/

How To Make Chikoo Paratha

Let us start to make Chikoo Paratha

Time for it

prep cook total

10 15 25 min

Author’s name : Asha Digge

food type Chikoo paratha

Cuisine Indian

keyword Chikoo paratha

serve for 3


Chikoo 4 normal size [sweets]

wheat flour 2 bowls

ghee 2 tabs

powder sugar 1/2 bowl

milk to knead it 1 glass

almonds 4 to 5 Paratha Recipes 

cashew nuts 6 to 7

cardamom powder 1 tbsp

oil 2 tbsp

http://chiloo paratha recipe/


Take the smooth ,nice and sweet Chikoos.

Wash it with clean water .

Remove it’s peel and seeds

Crush it with wire gauze , Ginger Paratha …

Now take the wheat flour, add pinch of salt to it .

Now add ghee, powder sugar and crushed Chikoos

Knead it with milk smooth. Make it’s small dough.

Roll it smoothly and make it’s paratha .
Ladoo Recipes

Bake it on the Tawa on both side.

chikoo's paratha /
http://Chikoo’s paratha/

Now we hope that you have understood as how to make a Chikoo Paratha. We will keep bringing more such yummy and unique recipers for you. Stay Tuned with If you have any query about the recipe feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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