Coming challenges of _ COVID 19

Hi friends, good evening , today I want to show you how our next 2 Months are dangerous to survive our life . Please listen this video and share it to everyone. To avoid trouble.

http://Blue host link /coming challenges of COVID /

Don’t run to complete your dreams. Wait for 2 month s . If we will save our life and health . We can complete our dreams any time. But, be careful while working.

Let’s watch all Brahma kumaris videos to avoid this trouble. To be safe and secure how God “Shiv Baba” will help us. Now we must have to forget all things which were working in the past . Only we must have to live in contact with God.

Let’s us listen this video carefully. Send to your friends.

Intention behind to share this video is to keep alert everyone for avoiding COVID.

Thanks 👌 for reading and watching video. For more posts on COVID follow me here . , pranita.

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