How To Build Body In Winter Season- Health

Hi friends, my observation with winter season is that , generally so many people who are too much lazy and they are clever to keep fatigue with them has this season very bore. But the people who are active and want to build body then this season is the God created season. Only we have to take slight hard work for it.

Main important link of hard work starting is getting up early.I am always thankful to the companies who had created a lot of jobs , schools early in the morning. Otherwise a lot of people never get up early in the morning. Do you know getting up early is an interesting thing in our life. Some schools who has to get up early in the morning when holiday is there students are telling to their family members ,don’t get up early in the morning.

One important story to get up early in the morning My so many relatives are living in the Poona and when my elder son has been in the 5TH class, he has the information about Poona’s people that ” On every Sunday they are getting at 9 AM in the morning ” he asked me one day , ” Aai is Sunday have any ritual? No, why you are asking? then he told no, Poona’s people are getting up at 9 Am on every Sunday.

Anyway early getting up is the big question in front of every person.

Let us we will see which points builds our body in winter.

1] Getting early is the best option to make body as we can remove our ”VATA, PITTA, COUGH” Dosh easily.

2] Bathing early in the morning filling our mind with freshness , keeping flow of blood regular, creating appetite, losing boreness. Have you observed that after bathing we feel immediate appetite. baked-peanut-recipe

3] Drinking milk, eating breakfast early, encourages us to be healthy. Best Shopping Center –

4] Eating leafy vegetables, Regular food at proper time builds good body. There is not need to eat high nutritional food everyday. We can eat it 2 to 3 times in a week. Best business marketing center

5] In this season air is pure and clean so automatically we can digest what we have eat. We want to eat more times. How much we are eating is getting to easily digest us.

6] We must have to eat more milk products , high nutrient value food.

7] Whatever may be exercise you will do in this season it can create good energy in your body.

8] Must have to learn Yoga, exercise in this season.

9] So GOD has already kept less time day and more time night so that we can build our body with sound sleep by eating what you want.

10] In this season universe also filled with the lot of crops, vegetables, fruits, milk getting more to us.

11] Have you heard any person is getting bore in the day time and he want rest. We never get sleep in the day.

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Effects of salt on our body – Health

Effects of salt on our body – Health

  There is a say that your gratitude is the way to show humanity or love for the person whose salt we have eaten. How To select Vegetables Related To Season – Health

In India there are so many ways to keep fast. Generally, there are so many rituals which are telling us to not eat salt. Reason behind it is to keep gratitude towards our ancestators as well as we must have to avoid salt in our body. In general to eat low salt means we feel very heavy, we didn’t get any taste and so we can’t eat food complete. Instead if we will keep fast we can automatically control it. This is due to faith on God. We didn’t feel heavy, we can enjoy fasting happily.

We know that the person who keeps gratitude then we  say him in Marathi ‘’Khalya Mithala Jaglas’’ means  gratitude automatically keeps health better. How To Make Kavat Chutney -Chutney Recipe [Marathi]

So fasting is very good mentally as well physically for the health. It can make strong mentally and

Keeps away from so many health problems.  

#vegetarianALLUa to z seriesBAKEDBASEN

Let us discuss here which health problems Occurs Due To Salt.

1] We know that if we will eat more salt we will suffer from high BP. As well as some skin diseases, it can create pressure on the kidneys and kidney will get damage. BENEFITS 

2] More eating salt invites so many heart diseases, as it increases blood pressure, of them if we will not done any exercise it can reduce immunity of the body. health 

3] Salt contains sodium and this sodium effects on Kidney. We know that Kidney’s are right filters in our body. But this filter can be damage due to more eating salt and our filtration process will be disturbed. So that some impurities get easily mixed with blood and we have to face a lot of worst effects on our body.

4] Eating more salt also increases swallowing on the skin means face, hands, legs, etc

5] It can increases acidity in the stomach and due to it scratching, skin infections omitting, like this suffering get started.

6] Now we are listening to the doctor and avoiding eating salt. But eating too much less salt also causes so many problems.

Let us check which problems we have to face with eating less salt.

1] If we are eating too much little salt we are feeling very low. Our BP gets low, we feel a lot of weakness, energy less, didn’t want to talk, feel sleepy, eyes get scrimped.

2] Sometimes a lot of digestion problems start. We know that if we are suffering from cholera or dysentery or dehydration then Dr. Immediately gives us saline which contains salt. At home also as a first aid we are giving salt water to the patient.

3] Pain in teeth or bad breath of mouth also starts with low eating salt.

4] Our face totally shows pale appreance, we feel as like tired patient if we didn’t have any health problem.

5]  So to keep body and mind healthy  we must have to keep balance in the eating salt.

6]  Eating  too much less salt means increasing negativity in our mind , as  we know that hunger, cramps in the legs occurs increases negativity.  

7] It can creates in balancing in sugar level as well as in the thyroids.

Image result for Images on effects of salt on our of salt on our body-health.


effects on kidney due to salt/

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Best Detox Foods to clean your Body – Health- Mumbai Square

Best detox foods to clean your body/
http://Best detox food/

How to clean your body with these food – Health- Mumbai square

A guest post by
Zahid Khan

Following some food excess you feel heavy and tired? It may be time to do a little Detox treatment to help your body eliminate toxins. Discover 10 detox foods that will help you regain form and lightness! This is one fact that when people are out of home living in some other part of the world, they did ‘not take care of their bodies and use food blindly. Thus they need specific guidance. Mumbai Square in London United Kingdom, not offer healthy Indian food to people, but also at the same time help them to build and maintain a healthy body as well.

What is a detox food?

Detox foods are foods that will help our body “purge” toxins, waste accumulated in our emunctories organs, such as the liver (the center of detoxification), intestines, kidneys … The toxins are mainly from our diet (additives, saturated fat, sugars, alcohol, etc.), but are also related to other factors such as taking medication, smoking, contact with pesticides and other chemicals inhaled in a polluted environment, etc. .

Doing a detox cure based on detoxifying foods will help our body eliminate these toxins, and allow you to get back into shape. As part of a slimming program, consume regularly detox foods will also help you lose weight and find a flat stomach.

1. The lemon

It’s the # 1 detox food! Antiseptic, full of vitamin C and potassium, it boosts the immune system at the same time as it is diuretic and allows the elimination of fats and alcohol.

Tip:  Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink a glass of lemon juice diluted in lukewarm water. You will start your day on a good foundation!

2. The apple

food options for a 7-day detox diet. /
http://7 detox food /

The apple contains pectin, a soluble fiber that swells in the stomach and allows satiation at the same time as it absorbs fat. It is also rich in quercetin, a powerful antioxidant that prevents the risk of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

3. The artichoke

It is a key nutrient for liver detox, which it purifies, but also an excellent diuretic, good for the kidneys. In addition, the artichoke has appetite suppressants that help you lose weight!

4. The birch juice

Obtained from sap, birch juice was already known to shamans of Native Americans and Canada for its purifying and detoxifying virtues. He is the champion of all-out elimination. The birch juice cure after the end of the year holidays, then in the s

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