My Blogging Journey 2 – Blogging

My Blogging Journey 2

    Good morning friends I am happy as you are in my life. Thanks for your good appreciation.

      Let’s run our travel to the next destination.

  So, I think I have published my first post ‘’About God’’ on linked in. I got endorsement for that post.

Then I decided to publish a post on my son’s treatment and published the post ‘’ My optimist power of mantra healing’’ At that time I have a lot of fear about my grammar mistakes.

MY FIRST POST : I have published above post and suddenly how people have searched my email didn’t know and they are continuously sending me emails. I am reading everyone’s mail. To whom perfect path I have to take have more confusion as I think everyone is very kind, emotional and good person here. I was feeling that in the internet there is no any worst person. Everyone is good and so internet is running this system so quietly. Of course, I was continuously reading quotes on life and value education on all channels.

 MIRACLES OF THAT POST: If you will read that post you will understand what is life ? After publishing that article every day, I am getting above 200 thoughts on that blog post and since 2015 to 2018 that post had 6000 comments and 60,000 views /minute. I thought that I didn’t have to worry. All world will collect all money in my account and I will become richest person in the world so I was so calm and cool that everyone was getting astonished with me.

But, instead getting money to me everyone is running to me to earn money from my blog. I couldn’t understand anything from it. Really so many companies have been made crores of money from my blog. And I have to struggle here for money. I thought and dreamed that all media will come to me to take my interview, all social media will give me immediate money but no change in it. Still my aim is to publish my articles so I would have been completely cool. As I didn’t want to disturb myself in writing. No knowledge of internet.


   Everyone is giving me a comment and I was inspiring with it. I had been written all posts before coming to the internet so on each week I was publishing a new post which is completely new and attract people. Each article would have been getting 1500 shares at start. On the LinkedIn every article has getting me above 1000 views, on Facebook same, on twitter didn’t know how to see but have great celebrity followers along with great leaders also some great spiritual leaders have been followed it. So, my first account of twitter also has been hacked.

   I was running only in the social media no any blogging community known to me. What is google analytic didn’t know and it is getting very hard to understand that account, after 1 year I have asked 

To one LinkedIn connection member and he saw in the google account and told me you have only 7 visitors in the site. I thought that the views which are getting me in the social account that means traffic for my site and so I was very lucky.

Then I got google ad sense account after 7 to 8 Month but it is very hard to run it. In them I was working for Blog mint I am getting there twitter campaign, Facebook campaign etc., I have earned some amount from it.


From blogging I have a lot of sponsor post from Amitabha, I have written post on ‘’Pink’’ film then on ‘’Dhoni’  also I have written post on Riteish Deshmukh,  I have written article on Amir khan, and Micromax phone , some another technical sponsor articles , but so many have rejected as didn’t know how to use Grammarly as I have fear of learning.

After 2 years of blogging I got one community that is Indiblogger. To learn it also require almost 2 Months. Now I became perfect. I joined community and my site traffic has been getting to reduce so I left these communities as site has no traffic.

   After six month I turn to keep products of amazon on site. It was getting very hard to keep products on site to keep link correct. At first, I was keeping wrong link on my site and only starting to advertise the products in my social media site. In my area’s people have never known the world ‘’AMAZON’’ I have introduced them it and I am keeping products on my site products was selling and benefit is getting to AMAZON and I was asking to my customers they were telling me we have purchased a lot of products from your  site . When I was asking to the amazon, they were giving me 1000 s of reasons.  

Any way I think that, to become AMAZON’ rich in the world my contribution and hard works are more valuable. Amazon will agree or not didn’t know me but, I think that I have done good karma.


:  In my area so many are uneducated about my blog so they are telling what are you doing we didn’t understand?  So many are very talented they are reading, keeping them as like notes but sitting as like cat sitting at the corner. They have never given me any comment or any appreciation instead they are thinking that how she has been reached that level have tremendous jealousy. If I will be giving her comment, I will be feeling very low then why should I feel low?

  Another   misunderstanding has spread for me purposely from my nearest people that I was making a lot of grammar mistakes I am completely agree it at start before knowing me how to use Grammar? But, after learning that tool I had made every post completely away from mistakes but some people are reading my post, keeping with them and spreading unhealthy messages about my writing. They have spread to get me lower position but, still I am facing difficulties to grow my blog. I think that no one is perfect in this world. Mistakes are parts of life. But, still I am taking so much care to avoid mistakes.

Again I think that criticism and mistakes are the ways to make improvement in life. I am here to appreciate it without any misunderstanding.

I have an invitations as a guest from my college and another city but, I have refused it as at that time I have oppose from my family and also I think that I will lose my writing focus.

Still no worries. In the ocean  if we will drop 1 drop of oil no any difference to the ocean.

Still no worries. In the ocean  if we will drop 1 drop of oil no any difference to the ocean.

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Ways To Improve Concentration – Self Improvement

The Power of Focus:

How to Hit Your Business, Personal and Financial Targets with Confidence ? Why did concentration is important in our life?

Concentration is needed to get success in our life and it is the main virtue of life to get success. The people who are keeping concentration in their work or study they are doing good jobs They all are in higher posts but the people who are did not have a concentration in their life are on lower posts.

To whom concentration is needed?.

We know that everyone needs concentration it may be animal also. .When lizard catching her pray she is watching and concentrate on that pray about half an hour and suddenly catch the pray. Our cat also when she is watching rat in the home she/he sat aside for half an hour watching the rat keeping continues concentration on it and when she will get the opportunity she jumps on it. For every business we need concentration. When carpenter cutting the woods he must have to concentrate if he will not concentrate properly what will happen? Similarly potter, painter, singer, Doctor everyone have to keep attention. So attention means concentration. When a mother cooks the food and if she forgot to put salt into the curry what will happen? Means to do best. We should have to keep concentration. Suppose you are talking to any person and if Your shirts button is open then your mind is giving you two types of messages. Which are one is about which subject you are talking and another one if you are feeling uncomfortable.

“I think the one lesson I have learned is that there is no substitute for paying attention [ Diane Sawyer]

Which things reduce our concentration.? 

1] When you are in multitasking means at one time you are tweeting on twitter, talking on the phone, and sending an email it can’t make you any work better.

2] It depends on your diet if you are eating food having more spice, tasting sour, having more oil in the food. It makes our mind lazy and we can’t concentrate on our work.

3] To increase concentration we require necessity. We know that ” Necessity is the mother of invention’’ For ex; suppose you went to see ‘’SAHARA DESERT’’ in summer vacation. You know that there is not getting water to drink. If you lost there after 2 days. What will you do? Are you concentrating on your mind to listen to songs? Or Are you play there video games? Then what will you do? If anyone tells him to concentrate to search your road. Can you concentrate to search the road without drinking water? then what will you drink there? As in the desert, there is not getting water easily. then you can drink your toilet. In this situation, you can’t keep any thoughts in his mind. He will concentrate only how to escape from this situation? Same as this if we are hungry, thirsty we can’t concentrate on our task.

“The only unchanging rules must conscientiously obey is that you must always faithfully and without deviation follow the instructions accompanying the exercises and always keep your mind wholly concentrated on the purpose of the exercises as you perform them.” — Joseph Pilates

Napoleon Hill said the following words about attention: “Controlled attention is the act of coordinating all the faculties of the mind and directing their combined power to a given end. It is an act, which can be achieved only by the strictest sort of self-discipline.

”POWER “Learn to fix your attention on a given subject, at will, for whatever length of time you choose. You will have learned the secret to power and plenty! This is concentration.”

“Keep your mind on the things you want and off the things you don’t want!” Keep Prioritize: If we will not prioritize any activity we are getting confused. We can’t make any decision, we get bored and we never get success in any business. We think that my destiny is like this then we are depending on God, on some people and we are giving some excuses every time we choose excuses. At least one work also we can’t do properly and neatly. In another way if we will give priority to our work and first manage all things with making plan systematically, visualizing it, keeping in memory then we will get automatically the opportunity to create good plans, we can concentrate to do this work and we get 100% success in it. In this way, if we look back at the end of the day we feel fresh about our productivity or on work. It is a great way to visualize see our progress throughout the day, Every morning so many people give their priorities to their works and The people who are not giving the priorities to their work properly fail in their business or at any work.

Making Money Is the Best Way for Concentration In today’s situation for everyone, there is the best subject to keep concentration & that is making money. If you will tell any man or any child that ‘’ In this work, you will get this much amount he will leave everything & concentrate on that work.

Exercise for Concentration. : 

Exercise 1: Fill a small glass full of water, and grasp it by the fingers; put the arm directly in front of you. Now fix the eyes on the glass and try to keep the arm so steady that no movement will be noticeable. Do this first for one moment and then increase it to five. Do the exercise with first one arm and then the other. The purpose of the above exercises is to gain control over the involuntary muscular movement, making your actions entirely voluntary.

Exercise 2: Concentration on the Inner Journey: Lie down straightly on the floor keeping hands parallel to the body. Watch your muscles with inner sight. Keep your attention on the heartbeat. Do not lose your attention anywhere. Now relax your muscles. Visualize that how the Heart of your body pumping the blood to every part of a body. After little regular practice, you can feel that blood is passing through your system.

Exercise 3: Controlling Desires You are sitting for study, and your neighbor watching a cricket match.and you are listening to this match clearly but the next day your neighbor is not giving your math paper…If you cannot control your desire to watch the T. V., you will never get success in the exam.

Exercise 4: Concentrating on Sleep When we can’t sleep automatically, you can do this experiment. Keep a clear glass of water on the table before sleeping. Sit on the chair in front of it. Watch this water continuously. Think that your nervous becoming calm. After sometime muscles become calm, your nervous system giving an order to every muscle to shut the eyes and sleep.

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Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Social Work- Social Work


Decide is it really social work?

Last year I went to my guest for holidays one couple is living near to them who are doing social work. This couple was retired since 2 years.I asked them which type of social work is you are doing. She replied I have opened my rehabilitation centerSurprising Things you didn’t know about social work/

Along with Vrudhashram. oh! very nice I became happy when I asked them, Can I visit your rehabilitation center? I want to give free counselling to their patient. As my brother was no more due to addiction so I am giving every year counselling for his memory for 2 to 3 days for an addicted patient.


Ok, you can come from next day and take a charge he replied. So I went there next day in the morning I saw to the right of that center there was a big another bungalow of this couple where his son and daughter in law is living. At the left side of the corner, there is a Vrudhashram. [A place where grand parents are living as like hostel] I first reached there asked them for their difficulties. They told we didn’t get good food to eat, we are not getting water to bath every day. Whatever food they are giving that food we are eating every day. If we will give complain then they are leaving us outside. I become serious is this is real social work? The goods which are coming from Govt. or from anywhere they are taking for their home. I saw there were weak old parents, someone

is getting medicine, someone not. If we will ask to their receptionist he will easily tell, ‘’They are unfortunate people what can we do for them?’’

Now I went to rehabilitation center I enter in their hall, I saw there lot of patients in small space near toilets with foul smell  and some patients are crying loudly, quarreling with each other. Someone is sleeping, someone is sitting at the side of a wall. I asked them for their fees, they replied 10,000 for 2 months & no any facilities are there.

But when I am reading a newspaper every time I am reading about that person. As he is a great person, his every programs news and photos were coming to a newspaper . This man’s identity is that he is the best social worker in that society. When I entered his home for some time and heard about him ‘’His own parents are kept in another Vrudhashram . I astonished and our society is calling him for the inauguration of a lot of buildings, shops, schools etc. As he is moving in a big car having pleasant personality earning a lot of money from a rehabilitation center.

So now tell me can you agree that, this social work is ideal social work? In this way in our country lots of social workers are earning a lot of money with the name of social work.

If you will find this type of social work in your area then you can also write on it.

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How To Increase Views On Pinterest- Blogging

Hi friends , good morning have a great Saturday.

We know that blogging is the business where we must have to connect all channels. If we will think that ,’no it is very hard channel couldn’t understand me to publish post and doing marketing it. Then we lose a lot of views there.

In the starting of blogging every blogger is only attending to the main channel that is facebook, twitter, Linkedin, me we or google plus. About pinterest we think that it is not important. It was my assumption while starting blogging. I didn’t know about today’s blogger but for the new coming I am explaining here.

This year I known that ,Pinterest is the most important channel to increase the fast views without wasting time. Along with it we can sell so many products on the pinterest.

Let us check here what to do increase views here.

1] First you create the simple account on the pinterest

2] Now start to upload your images.

3] Divide your images in the best category and make boards as like breakfast recipes, Bhojan recipes, sweets , etc If it is for another business make boards on the basis of your business categories. check my board here.

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4] Now go the right side of pinterest and click on the settings.

5] Now create your business account . In the setting there is an option to claim your accounts and site .

6] Click on that claim button to claim your accounts.

7] You will get code from it. Take that code and keep it in your website html. Save settings.

8] In the business account create pin upload image or videos . At the right side there is a place to write information about your pin.

9] Write topic on the first line . Write description of your pin. At the last line you have to put link of your blog post. So that customer can easily reach to your site. Now publish the pin and add it to your proper board.

10] At the down side there is the comment option. Write detail comment of your post.


1] After publishing post in the business account , there is a small option at the right side that is ”add photo” Click on that you will get a middle size frame . Add photo to it. Now upside there is red color line to upload your photo. After uploading photo it will reach to the end of frame .

2] Now take the coursel down side from right way. There is rectangle put your posts url in that . And click on the share on face book button.

3] At last there is ”done” button in the red color .Click on it and share it on facebook. They are showing us your post has been viral on the pinterest successfully.

4] In this way you have to upload everyday 4 to 5 images or pins on your pinterest account. http://Blue host link / How to increase view on the pinterest/

5] Read this post carefully and let us know me if you have any doubts.

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How To Give Comment – Blogging

Today ‘s world is running on desktop, laptop , android , etc. Everyone is engaged here, wants to earn money with full of power. No one is ready to invest 1 second anywhere. Because life = money is the equation in this period. Maybe CORONA is reaching near to us .We are listening a lot of news on it.Still we are running to earn money. Of course money needs to everyone.

Anyway we are working in blogging world. We need appreciation in this field . Everyone is proper at proper place still we need comment on our blog post.


While giving comment maybe you didn’t have time to read all article but that comment must have to come from inside not for a business but, it must have to carry love, compassion, inspiration, motivation, respect and care about bloggers work.

Yesterday I was working on the webtalk and I have reached a long page post of owner of that site . The owner who is giving us payment for our work. I saw there 350 shares and no any comment. I completely get astonished there about audience gratitude and running to earn money. Of

course we have more importance of time but the source from where we are getting there also we are dominating.I want to ask the runner can we are carrying all money with us where we have to go?. Everyone must have to understand everything we have to leave here ,only we are carrying good and bad?


1] It en courageous to write more.

2] It gives complete satisfaction and fulfillness to the blogger more than earning money.

3] It gives happiness. And on these things we are proceeding ahead.

4] It can improve writing skills.

5] It creates a nice relationship between audience and writer.

6] It can increase strong bonding between audience and writer.

7] It removes immediately negative thoughts of our mind.

8] Works as a good mentor to our subconscious mind.

9] Giving good engagement to the blog as well as to the brands.

10] Works as a good catalyst in the blogging.

11] It carries people’s love, happiness, respect, care . As these things are remaining in our mind fit more than money.

Suppose anyone has hated you for a while maybe he had given you more money but we carry its hatred with us at the end of life .

So while reading articles keep attentions to the emotions which has been involved in the article . I think giving comment artificially is insulting the writing of all blogger.

Sometimes maybe any article didn’t need comment as I mentioned above but for keeping respect of his work, his attitude, his devotion for us we must have to give comment there.

After all I didn’t want to depress you. But, we must have to keep in mind that death is in our door. How I would have to behave in my life? By carrying the original qualities of soul or leaving it, is the choice of everyone’s life.

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The Sunshine Blogger Award