Benefits Of Mathematics – Mathematics

Benefits of mathematics.

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1] Our mind becomes ready to concentrate anything anywhere

2]If we will solve any problem or calculation honestly we will get real happiness.

3]Mathematics increases our decision power, a power to adjust, a power of conclusion

4]It increases our confidence and logical thinking power.

5] In daily life mathematics help us to increase our braveness, courage, probability & energy.

6]It makes us prompt in any business, active in any work, reduce laziness, increases persistence power.

7]It gives positive feedback in our life.

8] It reduces our speed of thoughts so that we can easily concentrate on our work.

9] Concentration power divert our negative thoughts and we try to keep our attention on our goal.

10] There is a proverb in math that ”the person whose math is nice there life is also nice”

11] Math gives a lot of carriers as a professor, as a tuition teacher, as an accountant, in statics department, in an astrology department, in an astronaut com, in this way there are so many ways to get the job or to find the business.

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In our India since ancient times our sage loves mathematics.Some sages have invented some numbers as well as squares, cubes, etc.

So this subject has a good history to construct every country.  We know that if we get up early in the morning we need Mathematics. Means if we are making tea then we must have to know its mathematics how much sugar require? or how much tea and milk is required? If we didn’t learn these quantities clearly our tea may be become bitter or too much sweet.

So mathematics is a part of life then why did there is opposition?

CBSE  students if suppose any problem come across with you due to any reason then think that this is the good opportunity to go ahead in life .so that you could learn again Math with full of concentration may have become a good scientist of Maths or philosopher.  


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How To Give Comment – Blogging

Today ‘s world is running on desktop, laptop , android , etc. Everyone is engaged here, wants to earn money with full of power. No one is ready to invest 1 second anywhere. Because life = money is the equation in this period. Maybe CORONA is reaching near to us .We are listening a lot of news on it.Still we are running to earn money. Of course money needs to everyone.

Anyway we are working in blogging world. We need appreciation in this field . Everyone is proper at proper place still we need comment on our blog post.


While giving comment maybe you didn’t have time to read all article but that comment must have to come from inside not for a business but, it must have to carry love, compassion, inspiration, motivation, respect and care about bloggers work.

Yesterday I was working on the webtalk and I have reached a long page post of owner of that site . The owner who is giving us payment for our work. I saw there 350 shares and no any comment. I completely get astonished there about audience gratitude and running to earn money. Of

course we have more importance of time but the source from where we are getting there also we are dominating.I want to ask the runner can we are carrying all money with us where we have to go?. Everyone must have to understand everything we have to leave here ,only we are carrying good and bad?


1] It en courageous to write more.

2] It gives complete satisfaction and fulfillness to the blogger more than earning money.

3] It gives happiness. And on these things we are proceeding ahead.

4] It can improve writing skills.

5] It creates a nice relationship between audience and writer.

6] It can increase strong bonding between audience and writer.

7] It removes immediately negative thoughts of our mind.

8] Works as a good mentor to our subconscious mind.

9] Giving good engagement to the blog as well as to the brands.

10] Works as a good catalyst in the blogging.

11] It carries people’s love, happiness, respect, care . As these things are remaining in our mind fit more than money.

Suppose anyone has hated you for a while maybe he had given you more money but we carry its hatred with us at the end of life .

So while reading articles keep attentions to the emotions which has been involved in the article . I think giving comment artificially is insulting the writing of all blogger.

Sometimes maybe any article didn’t need comment as I mentioned above but for keeping respect of his work, his attitude, his devotion for us we must have to give comment there.

After all I didn’t want to depress you. But, we must have to keep in mind that death is in our door. How I would have to behave in my life? By carrying the original qualities of soul or leaving it, is the choice of everyone’s life.

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Real Benefits Of Mantra Healing – Health

Spiritual power of mantra healing -Health

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  My optimist power of Mantra healing.   Buy this book o run our business & to increase our writing profession passion .


Before twenty years my two years kid Sachin was suffered from Blood Cancer.

With a lot of efforts he was cured in one year. His treatment was taken in TATA HOSPITAL at

Bombay. Now he was totally normal & out of danger due to Reciting Mantra’s Benefits -Real story

Suddenly He Suffered  From Chicken pox.

Suddenly He Suffered  From Chicken pox.

After his treatment he was fresh for one year but suddenly he suffered from chicken pox.

It spread all over his body so that there was not exposed  single point of skin to give the injection.In the evening I went to doctor to take the treatment of chicken pox. Doctor saw the patient & he refused to admit him as there is not empty place to search the vain. ‘We can’t admit him’ Dr. told clearly.

There is misunderstanding in our culture that ‘’If hospital treatment stop means everything is stop. ‘So in my home everyone was thinking that,’now this patient can’t live. ‘So that my mother-in law invited to every guest to see last time the patient. My father, my sister, her husband, my father –in –law came in my home & sat aside. Everyone lost their will power .


n that situation I believe only on God. My faith  was telling me that nothing will happen to my kid. My sister just kept ‘’Ganesh’’ in water  & I reciting ‘’Ganesh Mantra’’ continuously.


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Someone told that ‘’bath the patient with hot water, ‘so I bathed him with hot water & trying to slept him. Instead of sleeping  he was started to talking loudly& suddenly he went in coma.

Related imageIn my home everyone has left hope. My husband was started to cry,& they thought that kid will die up to morning.


When  he was in coma .I was weeping loudly at least one hour. But At that  time my wisdom tells me that with anyone’s blessing my child will cure. So I started to take blessing of every ones & whispering with full of tears ‘’please give life to my son’’& continuously reciting ‘’Ganesh Mantra ‘keeping faith on mantra. 


My father accepted his treatment’s responsibility,& he was also reciting some mantra.He told to my sister that ‘’ boil 3 cup of water & make it 1 cup & after cooling  it ,drink  to  patient.

I added some glucose powder in it & continuously I was pouring it drop by drop in his mouth.   One hour left but kid doesn’t show any change. At last his stomach gets swallowed like a big pot. My sister got an angry & she told me ‘’don’t let water in his mouth.’’ At last I decided to do something so I went in kitchen & brought white onion .I broke up it & gave him smell of onion. When he had reach smell he became slowly conscious & again after some time he went in coma. I left some hope but still I reciting Ganesh Mantra with lot of tears.After some time I told to everyone give my son to hug me. but my mother in law refused to give me my son, at last my father thought that her last wish  & so he gave me my son to hug him

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At this moment I controlled myself, stopped to cry ,again not left hope, only I had rubbed his hands,  feet  with my hands.& rubbed  at the side of his  brows, hug  the child

tightly & told him  ‘’Say Maa’’ ‘’please say me ‘Maa’ again & again I repeated this word in his ear continuously after half an hour that he had open his eyes said ‘’ Maa’’

In  this situation my father’s belief system about God, selfless love, family support, my father’s wisdom save my son’s life.





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Benefits Of Optimist Person In Lock down – Exit -COVID -20
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Everyone’s life is full of problems and now there is full of competition to go ahead, how can I reach up to this destination? is the very common question for everyone and  in-spite of it there are a lot of hurdles. Then by solving a lot of problems and dashing with hurdles, we are getting tired. Sometimes we are losing our hopes also. How can I maintain all these questions?



Benefits Of Optimist Person

1]Optimist person spreads good thoughts in family and society

2]His presence makes every person feeling nice and getting good vibrations with realistic hopes.

3]These persons make unity and integrity in the society and it keeps away all types of discrimination.

4]These persons solves all problems in any difficult situation without any stress.

5]These persons change the front person with his pure love and good intention.  

6] They are always busy in doing good karma and they don’t take part in any argument or any type of false discussion.

7]Their steps are always remaining on the progress and they make progress of themselves with another one.

8] Their contact gives us good energy, enthusiasm, the power to adjust, increasing willing power, with spreading wishes everywhere.

9] Every time their mind is fresh, with tremendous energy, taking care of everyone, Playing a role of sun and making brightness in everyone’s life.

10] If you will get anywhere this type of person please contact me.

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10 Healthy Benefits Of Turmeric – Health Benefits

Healthy benefits of turmeric – In Regular Use

How Turmeric Is Useful To us – Benefits

Reason Behind Using Turmeric In Rituals and Festivals.

We know that every food contains small amount of turmeric. In India there are a lot of rituals for using turmeric . When any lady came at home we are putting turmeric powder in the center of her eyebrows. I think behind running all these rituals must be a scientific reason. When there is a marriage ceremony we know that for the bridegroom we covered both’s body with turmeric paste . The reason behind it is in the marriage there are a lot of people around us and we have to work on so many rituals . So some time we didn’t get time to eat . Then our immunity automatically getting decrease and we can catch any infection easily . So to stop any skin infection from the other person we must have to be apply the paste of turmeric.

We know that so many God also putting a lot of turmeric on their face. In Maharashtra there is a big ritual for the GOD KHANDOBA . That when there is a big celebration of festival then they are spreading a lot of turmeric in the atmosphere the reason behind this ritual also to stop germs increasing in the atmosphere . Or no any one have to be suffered from any infection . It may be brain infection, digestive, joint pain, or etc .

Another reason is it is antiseptic, antibiotic, anti inflammatory, etc . So it prevents to enter so many germs in our body. As well as it brings one type of golden glue on the face of both husband and wife .

Let us we will discuss some important Benefits of turmeric

1] To bring the glitterness on the teeth . Prepare the paste of coconut oil and turmeric , apply it on the teeth . In one minute , your teeth will start to shine.

2] We have the common problem of dandruff for the hair . For this also it works better . Prepare the paste of coconut oil and turmeric and apply on the root of hair before bathing. Keep it for 20 minutes and wash the hair after 20 minutes. Dandruff problem will vanish easily.

3] When small baby of 6 th Months on wards is suffered from cough and cold then give her 1 spoon of milk by adding turmeric with boiling. It will remove cough and cold easily.

4] We know that if anyone has injury while playing or any where then we must have to be apply turmeric powder on the wound it can prevent blood flow and wound infection.

5] It is useful in the kitchen to make the food as it works as a good germ killer. So it can prevent germs to enter in the body.

6] It reduces the risk of cancer .

So many cancer patients have to be suffered for chemotherapy’s side effects . I think that, cancer patients are not affected more due to cancer but they are affected due to side effects of chemotherapy. It is very dangerous treatment for the all cancer patients but nowadays this herb medicines are using to cure the patient in place of chemotherapy.

7] It works as a good body pain medicine . If you have joint pain or arthritis then take the mixture of turmeric and ginger in the warm water . It will reduce body pain easily.

8] It keeps good harmonic balance in the body . So must have to use in every day life.

9] If you have dark circles or patches on the face , you can use paste of turmeric and milk cream on the face it will remove dark circles easily. Brings golden glue on the face.

10] Turmeric is able to supply good nutrient value for the body’s hormonal support.

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Health Benefits of Green Tea – Health

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Daily use of green tea – Better health

We know that if we will make any replacement for daily use it will disturb our life cycle. So to keep our health in maintain we must have to attend the qualities of drink which we are taking? How much we have to take it? Of what company it gives good benefits? If so quality is nice then there is no question to pay for it.  

Some of it we will see here.

Good for digestion : Drinking green tea after a heavy meal helps to broke the food & not feeling heavy. To feel light and get digestion properly this is the well known medicine for everyone. After eating chocolates, cakes, ice creams feel light.

WEIGHT LOSS : Most important thing of green tea is it works better for weight loss. But it has to take in the morning at 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM. Today weight loss become very common in every family . A lot of people are working on it as like doing exercise, working on diet , Yoga, This tea works on cholesterol , fats and helps to lose weight.
Southindian Food

IT WORKS ON METABOLISM : Today we didn’t have physical work , every time we have to sit in front of PC . it effects on our metabolism . Means we have to go in GYM or make exercise everyday . If not possible our metabolism stops to work so this is the best medicine for metabolism .

GIVES NICE GLOW TO THE SKIN : We have to give time to maintain our beauty or skin. If we will drink black tea it makes our clean black or some times it create patch on skin. So to create nice glove on the skin must have to drink this tea. Definitely creates golden glove on the face. BENEFITS

ABOUT IT’S SAFE USE. : Dr has certified it as a good medicine for all above qualities . 100 % safe no any side effects . Works better for every reason.

  I am  an author, writer blogger, food blogger. I have published  100  posts on my site , I have 10000 recommendation in UCMEDIA.COM . I can write excellent blog posts on any subject . All contents are original 100% devotion for article .Research writing, blog post writing on spiritual healing, psychology, life skills  and on so many subjects

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Detox Juice Recipe – Orange Juice

Health Benefit of orange Juice _ Quick Experience

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Today everyone has known all types of benefits .So many benefits we are reading everyday . Really I want to explain here that, I was hating to eat orange . Since childhood, I didn’t want to eat that fruit and it’s juice. Some times my family members insist have forced me to take it, but I feel it very sour and so I never drink it . But what happens in the last week I went to one marriage reception program .There I ate Pani puri , some new food items, some fried food etc and came at home , after 2 days I have started lose motion and Omitting, suddenly caught a lot of temperature, cold, arthritis etc . Now what can I do ? Went to family doctor taken treatment and came back nothing change .


As routine I like to eat apples and brought apples to eat .I ate apples instead of decreasing question it was increasing , taking tablets , medicines but no any change .

Then I thought, what to do by sitting? Let us go to sister’s home .So went to sister’s home .She saw my face asked what you are eating ? I told as it is, then she told ”You have taken everything wrong treatment of eating” You must have to drink orange juice it will reduce your problems in one day . She gave me one orange to eat .Now I ate that orange and feel better. Then I decided to take orange juice .

While taking orange juice I am feeling better as well as getting nice report of my body . As my body contains a lot of heat and there is no any way to find out heat out side.


Meanwhile due to heat my lips, nose had full of swelling . The mouth also filled with a lot of patches and pimples . My nose also filled with the lot of pimples and heat .I can’t breathe properly . I can’t eat easily, drink water also easily . But when I started to take juice of orange it automatically lowering the risk of all body organs . Automatically my all problems finished and feeling fresh, energetic.

Let us we we will discuss Health Benefits of orange in detail .

1] It improves immunity system

2] Rich in vitamin C so work on arthritis problem .

3] Keeps away teeth, gums pain .Feels the teeth and gums with energies.

4] Works on digestive, circulatory system , keeps the blood pressure constant .

5] High fibers lowers the cholesterol, controls the blood sugar level .

6] Makes body clean inside and giving fresh feeling.

7] Controls blood sugar level and lowers the cancer risk.

8] Alkalize the body , prevents skin damage , good eye health.

9] Works on constipation as I have mentioned in the upside story.

10] Keeps hair growth better, if you will wash hair with it’s peel’s powder .Hair becomes smooth, silky and strong.

Orange fruit is an interesting fruit ,I think everyone it didn’t like to eat it, by it’s appearance.

It is found in the Northeast part of India in more proportion . Southest Asia * Southeast china .


time for it

prep cook total

5 5 10 min

Author’s name : Pranita Deshpande

Cuisine Indian

food type Juice


serve for 1


Oranges 2

sugar 1 tbsp

cumin powder 1/2 tbsp

cardamom powder 1/2 tbsp

salt 1 pinch

PROCEDURE FOR IT   Take the fresh oranges . 

: Remove the peel of it and keep aside

: Remove the seeds of it clearly .

: Take out it from the mixture jar .

: Filter it , add sugar, pinch of salt, cumin powder, cardamom powder, etc .

: Stir it well, drink it and how did you feel please share with me .

oranges ofr juice

peel removed orange
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http://well prepared juice /

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Benefits of eating raw papaya- Health

How to use raw papaya for health?- Benefits 

Health benefits of raw papaya _  pranita deshp


Benefits of caradamom water- Health

Healthy benefits of caradamom water – Homemade 

How  to take benefits of cardamom water 


Benefits Of Asafoetida – Healthy Remedies


Benefits of Asafoetida

Every day we are using a lot of recipe’s ingredient. In that every delicious recipe contains Asafoetida. What is this?  What are the benefits of it.We will see here.

This plant is found in Iran and Afghanistan, it has long sturdy hollow stems and roots giving strong –smelling. It is usually used as an ingredient in medicine and remedies and as a seasoning in the south as Ian cuisine.

Generally, we are using it in all pickles. It gives the nice smell to the food as well as it has a lot of benefits.

1]So many times we are suffering from constipation then mix Asafoetida in a water and take it at night before sleeping.

In the morning you will feel light and your stomach will become clean easily.

3]  It can useful for the  loss of appetite then before eating mix it’s powder with ghee and eat it with butter , ginger.

4] When we are wondering in the garden barefoot  you have bred pin anywhere thorn,  or piece of glass  entered  in your skin.  Keep water of Asafoetida on it. That thing will come out easily.

5]If you have pain in your ears then pour a drop of Asafoetida in an ear slowly. It will remove pain easily.

6] We  have a cavity in our teeth then also it is useful. to remove  denture on the teeth  keep some Asafoetida powder on it. Denture teeth become clean.

7] We say that having  ‘’VASTUDOSHA’’ makes man lazy for that spread this water all over the home.

In a lot of digestive discomfort Mix and roast equal quantities of Asafoetida, carom seeds, black pepper, ginger powder and cumin seeds.

It is found in Dubai souqs –Cinnamon, pepper nutmeg, Asafetida, saffron, pepper, turmeric,

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Asafoetida Hing Plants
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Image result for images of hing