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List Of Emotions -In Humanity Market – Exit Lock Down – COVID -20

It’s a  terrific list rather than another list .It is very easy to make a shopping list but very hard to make emotions list .if everyone is understanding the emotions of another person then there is no questions or problems in the world. So it’s very difficult job to write on this topic. Still, we shall try .


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Today we have everything but why did everyone is searching for happiness.Suppose we have traveled a long countries & came back happily .At that particular time we feel happy but after some days we feel something lost not getting what we want ? Feeling greedy , want more , again want more …& this wanting list never stop & we didn’t feel satisfaction. So  to feel fullfill or satisfy where we have lost our emotions list we will see here . 

http://list of emotions and feelings/


It is the term where it presents in everyone’s sensitive mind to implement values & virtues in the daily life is called humanity.
But unfortunately, nowadays it is lost in everyone’s mind then How can it connect or work for others mind?
In today’s situation, everyone is leading their life by making their mind selfish. As money has the greatest value in everyone’s life and so that man’s value became less. So many people are forgetting that to earn money, it requires a man. If the man is lost or mind is lost who will earn the money?
Someone think that money brings closer to people but it is not every time true.

  •  Humanity is the real source of energy in human’s life_ pranitadeshpande 

http://Therapist Aid/

Image result for where did humanity lost in people's mind?
list of emotions -pdkcm

Humanity is present only in village peoples mind as they have a clean heart and a clean mind and also they are poor. And so this world is going on only that people which have humanity. Otherwise, the world will sink in a minute.
In this world, if everyone decided to be professional and practical then how could world will work? As a professional and practical man didn’t care about emotions and values. All emotions and love will finish. And if love and emotions will finish. Meaning of life will also finish.
If anyone will die, there is someone to cry. So could, we can understand tragedy. If no one is there to cry how could we understand tragedy?.  that is the real time also to understand the value of happiness.
If we have heard something about greatest sorrow. Then only we could understand the value of our happiness.effects-of-ego-on-our-life-types-of-ego/

To understand humanity, life, emotions, and values of the man we could have to experience a lot of life.
Value of life ask to the patient who is suffering from Cancer or blood cancer? Ask to the patient who is suffering from AIDS or asks to the man who saved his life from a big accident.

Emotion Words List

Image result for where did humanity lost in people's mind?
list of emotions

To understand Humanity we should have the knowledge to read another person’s mind and who has knowledge he will only give love, real happiness to other person and these people keeps humanity in the social environment. So that  Who already lives with people. He gives only value to people, he keeps humanity. If any person couldn’t understand unhappiness of front person then what is the use of life?/experience-of-feeling-proud-feeling-good/
So, that it’s the humanity, losing from smaller, younger, elders mind with losing love, happiness and purity. It is turning from our prestige full life. And people are turning to see the outside world.
So, we will pray to god that we should keep a close relationship with everyone. Keeping original love, purity, truth, and live the humanity. Eternal in the world.   I

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How To Buy Online Product – Online Shopping


Customers / Readers,

Today lot of people ,readers know how to do on line shopping. But they didn’t aware about how to make on line shopping on any specific site? Why did products are kept on site? What is the benefit of them to the customer? How can they buy?

Today reason to write this post is that  so many friends have message me How to buy item ? Is there colors? Is there are lot of varieties? like this lot of question ..

To buy an item on any site is easy but confusing to so many people as lot of guidance is there . In which exactly what we have to pick up we don’t understand, so i will request to amazon & flip kart about it, that to keep guidance clear or in a particular way.As lot of customers are getting confuse to buy an item & they can’t buy it.

Another thing is that so many people have fear to use card ,they didn’t want to share their card information anywhere so they demand items with cash on delivery.and there is lot of misunderstanding to buy online products. To clear this misunderstanding  you should have to dare to buy first small product having less price. If you can buy yourself ,your fear will be vanish easily, & you would get great happiness that you have learnt to buy  any item with internet. It’s great achievement in your life.

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Effects Of Ego On Our Life – Types Of Ego

We know that ‘ego” is a word of 3 letters but it disturbs so many people’s life. In the world all wars, all fights are occurred due to an ego. Ego makes a man blind or mad. Egoist person thinks that I am only true and all world is nonsense. Like this thinking need to taste why did this thinking come into my mind? What type of ego am I carrying everywhere? How to deal with ego? Is it ego necessary for our life? Can we live our life without an ego, we will discuss here. Can we solve our ego problems here?

There are 2 types of ego

1] Superior ego

2] Inferior ego

When I feel I am superior that creates a superior ego. In this situation I create aggression, loud, anger etc.

when insecurity, hurt, sensitivity, pain is inside me over a period of time then it creates inferior ego.

Ego means it is an attachment to a wrong image.

Everything is mine is also one type of ego. Ego means low self-esteem.

Anger, jealousy, criticism, hatreds, are the types of ego.

Now a day’s everywhere there is a discussion of an ego. Everyone is talking about ego. Everyone also knows, if we will reduce our ego we will become a nice man.

Ego is a weaknesse to an ego. Maybe a relation of parent-child. Husband-wife, father mother, sister brother, friends etc.

attitude of ego.

Related image
kcmpdwordpress.comhttp://types of ego/

Yesterday I heard one conversation it is that one lady is talking about anyone’s call to her friend  “ I called her yesterday she not calls me back then why should I call now?  She has to call now, every time I only call to her.’’    No matter she is my elder sister at least she should call one time in a weak.  Now I can’t call her maybe she shall keep a relationship with me or not, I don’t bother about it.

This type of conversation we are hearing everywhere but we know that like this conversation block our energy. Flowing of love, creativity, enthusiasm etc. & we are living away from each other lonely like animals.

How to Drop Your Ego With 5 Techniques

Everywhere there is a talking about carriers, salaries, positions, Things, etc. We are not talking to the original man but we are talking about his position, his carriers, bungalows etc. No matter bungalows, positions have importance but first to this man or his positions. When we have a good position, status, etc then we are in a flow state but if it is not there then what is my position? What is my self-respect?

Characteristics of Ego Strength

When a person enters to meet a chairman, first he meets the watchman, his talking behavior is different then he meets to reception list. He is talking to her in a different another way & when he meets with a manager he talks politely, and when he talks to chairman he talks politely and silently.

In these stages, we don’t think about mans original sansakar his loyalty, purity etc. We have to give respects to everyone’s position, but we can’t disrespect to watch man receptionist all are outside persons. So who made difference? And who is responsible for ego? and who created ego in that position?

So the person who is in the good position, he thinks that ”I am sitting in this chair so I must have to getting respect.” the persons who are in a lower position they are thinking that we are in this chair so they are not talking nicely with us.

So who made difference? and who is responsible for ego? and who created ego in that position?

  Ego is the source of negative energy it is created due to fear inside.            

Egoist people behave like poisons snake.

So many people spoil their relationships to protect their ego, so many are leaving their places many people are not talking to each other maybe they are living together. Ego destroys man’s willpower, it destroyer’s economic conditions, it destroys the social atmosphere. It creates a long distance between people and relationship. It works as a bad conductor in everyone’s mind. Due to ego people can die early. The person who carry ego definitely his life span is less.



1]  Are you carrying an ego? Do you understand it?

2] Have you observed any damage in your life due to an ego?

3] What do you think about an ego? Is it necessary for our lives to keep our values?

4]Have you imagined or observed your life without an ego?.

5] Which type of ego give you more harm in your life.?

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School Of Advertisement -In Social Media


An advertising is an art -In Media

Meaning of advertisement- In Social Media

Hi, friends, do you know the school of   Advertising art? When every man watching a T.V. or on a computer or in a cinema talkies. In the newspaper etc he did not care about all advertisement but I am opposite of it. I am always taking interest to watch an advertisement as it gives a lot of information to increase talent. Intelligence, observation power etc. So I like to watch an advertisement for the study of psychology, sociology etc & every ad gives some message to us.     

Yesterday I was watching one advertisement of birthday celebration in that they have shown a big kit of chocolate is giving to her sister as a gift. Its a simple gift but they have made this advertisement so emotional that , if there is any brother in front of TV may be mature or not but definitely he will think to give something gift for his sister it may be chocolate kit or anything . But, so many emotions are indulged in the advertise. These types of ads makes perfect impressions in the customers mind and definitely customer will get ready to buy  gift for his sisters, brothers, teachers, mothers , etc .

So many people are busy in their own work so there is no time to look anywhere and now the population is more and there are Lakh of products in the market. How could customer remember these products? And every time in the market launching of so many new products occur then how could know the new product to the customer? / What are the prices of the product? Where are these available? What is the quality of a product? All these information never understand to the customer without advertisement and in daily life, he always forgetting so many things so to keep impression on his mind and he should not forget the product which is launch in the market then there is no any way except advertisement.     

It’s a fact that advertisement is one type of nice business. As advertisement gives a lot of benefits to Railway requirement, Bus stand, Autos so many vehicles newspapers, T.V. Radio, Computer, all channels, everywhere means from underground water to space, there is a benefit of advertisement. And  advertisement gives a lot of fame and money. Sometimes one type of product sponsors another type of product’s advertisement and in that automatically some special program’s advertisement gives a lot of benefit to the sponsors. For ex-Indian Idol [sponsored by horlicks].Nowadays if you want to sell your product in a  lot of proportion

Image result for HORLICKS AD IMAGE
HORLICKS/chttp://Horlics /

 The College Board

Then we should know the art of an advertisement. So many

advertisements, has decided who is the superstar in this world?
Forex Lux soap, we know that for this soap.  Every time they are      
choosing, the hero or heroine, who is in running competition.
So they are deciding the superstar of the world.

 If your advertisement is nice then some customers not thinking about the quality of the product. If quality may be or may not be nice he could buy easily that product.  Sometimes they have cheated from so many products also. Some medicines used for fatness or some lie astrologist giving charming advertisement to deceive the customer. But a customer should take care of like this advertisement as we will suffer from loss and mental abusiveness   It’s a fact we know that, every business is running on talent or intelligent but so many times in front of mind-intelligence also not working properly and to give inspiration for intelligent is the working of mind and so nowadays so many an advertisement is made for effect on our mind. For example, we know there is a product Dabber Chavanprash It is so nice product but to sell it there is MADHURI DIXIT. Why did MADHURI DIXIT? As she is the superstar in the film industries and that lady is known to everyone, so every person could easily buy this product By keeping faith on him.    



Creativity is the gift of a human beings mind.Imagination power and creativity creates advertisement.The person who has the skill to make advertisement is the winner of today’s market. Maybe his product is good or not. Sometimes advertise creates good emotions and sensitivity but sometimes via advertising, it has been losing these above 2 points also and it makes damage to the innocent people. So I think advertise must be real, clear, it can create a positive impact on the customers. Customers did not satisfied with the advertisement but he must be satisfied with that product when he has purchased a product.


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Stop To Buy Multivitamins Unnecessary In Lockdown – COVID -20


Nowadays, people are in tremendous pressure and fear with COVID virus. There are lots of information aviable on the internet, videos, news, etc . We have a fear that if Virus will attack us. So before treatment we must have to be prevent some things. That is ”prevention is better than cure”. So people are taking so many herbs, medicines, nutrient supplements, Vitamins etc.


There is a full of crowd in medicine shop to bring these tabs.The people who must need and the people who didn’t need are making the crowd in the shop.Only the people who are complete vegetarian need supplement of Vitamin B – 12, Folic acid, etc . Otherwise we will get all Vitamins in everyday fruits, vegetables. If you are already healthy, strong and you are taking good diet then there is no need of taking outside supplements.

Instead we must have to keep attention to your thoughts. As one negative thought can make you energy less within the fraction of second. Whatever you maybe eat.


We can get so many D Vitamin in the form of sunlight. If in the morning we will sit 5 or 10 minutes in the sunlight. We can get so many Vitamins, proteins in our regular diet.


We are watching TV and getting plenty of advertisements for the health supplements by showing reason of COVID . we didn’t think more and easily bringing outside multivitamins, proteins etc if not necessary. So don’t be attract to these advertise.

Instead we are drinking everyday lemon juice , mango juice, orange juice which can provide us C Vitamin in rich. Milk provides us all vitamins and proteins except Vitamin C.

If we donot getting regular these fruits , then don’t worry we are already filled with Vitamin C in our body if any day we will miss it nothing will happen.

We need everyday iron it can get in so many leafy vegetables, tomatoes etc.

Only the persons who need supplements are these

1] Pregnant women : Folic acid, Iron, Calcium

2] Persons who are eating Gutakha , Nicotine , etc need Folic acid

3] Vegetarian people : Need Vitamin B -12

4] Drinkers : Folic acid, Vitamin B – 6A, Thymin

5] Patients who suffered from diabetes, kidney and cancer ; They need supplements with the doctors advise.

Along with these vitamins. We must have to pray everyday that ”I am the fearless soul. No any virus can attack on my body. I am always protected with God’s rays, so no any virus can touch to my body and mind.”

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Indian vegetarian food

How To Make Harbhara Subji _ Gram Leaves Subji _ Subji Recipe

You never have been getting this type of Subji. It can cultivated from gren gram leaves. It has sour taste. We are keeping it in the hot 🔥 Sun 🌅 to dry it. We are adding Coriander leaves and green Fenugreek leves to it. Keeping all these to dry.

After well drying making powder of it by crushing with hand. Then keeping it in the tiffin to use it for 3 Months. Some families are using it for more than 6 Months.

Now let’s us discuss how to make it?

Author’s name : Pranita Deshpande , Cuisine Indian , Food type: Subji Recipe. Keyword: Gram Subji Recipe.

Time to make it:

prep : cook :total.

5 10 15 minutes.

Ingredients for it:

Green Subji : 100 gm,

Basen flour: 50 gm,

Red chilly powder: 2 tbsp,

🥜 powder: 20 gm ,

Turmeric powder:1 teas,

paste of garlic: 2 tbsp,

salt, : 1 tbsp,

Oil : 2 tbsp,

mustard seeds: 1 tbsp,

water : 400 ml.

Method To Make It:

Keep pan on the gas.

Pour oil to it. Add mustard seeds 🤣 to it. Wait to splutter it.

Add garlic paste and pour water to it.

Now mix all remaining ingredients in the dish. Mix it properly.

Meanwhile water will get completely boil.

Now add slowly this Subji to it.

Don’t add it once but add slowly with stirring it continues.

Now it will cook immediately within 5 minutes.

Serve it with Roti or Chapati. It can give delicious taste.

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http://Harabhara Green leaves Subji Recipe/

Reasons Of Quarrel In Family – Family International Day

Family means father and mother I love you.But still, nowadays a lot of problems are creating to keep love in a family.So we are celebrating Family International day 

Today everyone is becoming practical , professional and everyone wants a lot of money, position, respect etc. In the family, if anyone is not earning money everyone is disrespecting him thinking that he is not a real working man/woman.If he/she may be doing a lot of effort for the family but it is useless. Everyone is disrespecting him than his self-esteem getting reduced and he thinks himself guilty, he became depressed, his interest gets lower, he didn’t want to do any work, his every habit gets changed. He didn’t mix with all groups.why-did-anger-is-your-choice-mental-health/ #Anger #choice#Mentalhealth

International Day of Families

In today’s life comarison making family    disturbed As today’s World engaged with all media. All media indulged in advertisements. This advertisement 

encourages to bring a lot of things at home, so if anyone brought

89,000 Rs. LG T V then front family,

side family, or our relatives gets disturbed with making

a comparison. OOPS, 1 they have this T V .why we can’t. Bringing? T V is not a bad thing but making

comparison with it and disturbing our family is

dangerous to everyone and for this I am trying to do

whatever I want means making corruption, lifting

parent, losing values, losing humanity etc,

  So I think that disturbance in the family creates

disturbance in society, disturbance of society

creates the disturbance of city and this disturbance of city creates disturbance in the whole country.

  1.  In today’s period, my observation is that every family is disturbed due to their old parents. If there are old parents in any family then there is a lot of generation gap. PARENTS THINK THAT, HOW WE LIVED IN SHORT MONEY?THEN WHY NOT YOU?”New generation thinks without money we can’t do anything.

    Old parents demand pure love, care, happiness,

truth, purity and originality new generation has no

time to keep all these things with them so this

thinking increases generation gap and it becomes difficult to handle family.

If there is a problem in parents means husband thinks that

i am right with my perception, wife tthinks that

I am right he is wrong so again there is

the quarrel.  In every family, the quarrel is due to an assumption of wrong and right.

Do you feel peace here? #peace

  Many times parent thinks I am right so i have

scolded on him and children think that they behave

me wrong so I am behaving like this.

   SO To avoid conflict in the family  keeps short distance and more love in a family.  


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Benefits Of Mathematics – Mathematics

Benefits of mathematics.

Image result for quotes on maths

1] Our mind becomes ready to concentrate anything anywhere

2]If we will solve any problem or calculation honestly we will get real happiness.

3]Mathematics increases our decision power, a power to adjust, a power of conclusion

4]It increases our confidence and logical thinking power.

5] In daily life mathematics help us to increase our braveness, courage, probability & energy.

6]It makes us prompt in any business, active in any work, reduce laziness, increases persistence power.

7]It gives positive feedback in our life.

8] It reduces our speed of thoughts so that we can easily concentrate on our work.

9] Concentration power divert our negative thoughts and we try to keep our attention on our goal.

10] There is a proverb in math that ”the person whose math is nice there life is also nice”

11] Math gives a lot of carriers as a professor, as a tuition teacher, as an accountant, in statics department, in an astrology department, in an astronaut com, in this way there are so many ways to get the job or to find the business.

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In our India since ancient times our sage loves mathematics.Some sages have invented some numbers as well as squares, cubes, etc.

So this subject has a good history to construct every country.  We know that if we get up early in the morning we need Mathematics. Means if we are making tea then we must have to know its mathematics how much sugar require? or how much tea and milk is required? If we didn’t learn these quantities clearly our tea may be become bitter or too much sweet.

So mathematics is a part of life then why did there is opposition?

CBSE  students if suppose any problem come across with you due to any reason then think that this is the good opportunity to go ahead in life .so that you could learn again Math with full of concentration may have become a good scientist of Maths or philosopher.  


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Back To School – School Life


Today’s   education increasing  depression. As  this education giving thinking to the student that ‘’I WANT JOB’’ except it no one is ready to think about life, about his family members, about relatives, about country etc. This thinking increasing selfishness in the life and its disturbing life. As today everyone is thinking that ‘’What can effect with us if any person will come as a PM in our country ?. I  didn’t have time to attend all these things.

Mine linked in connection member  ED. VISHWANATH [ a philosopher] author of Hindu. He discusses every day on Geeta as well as lots of issues of life.

One day he wrote some quotes on negative thinking  and  told avoid negative people and  he explained how negative people are dangerous to our life. It’s true for a while.  but instead of writing Agree with him I have written oppose of him and started to explaining about negativity.

If you are positive then there is no question of front person negative.  In them, if you are creating some questions on front person negativity then what is the use of your positivism?

Today every where there is a discussion on negative people. Avoid negative people. Generally, in everyone’s home, all  old people are negative.. Can we leave them anywhere? Or when child born he didn’t carry positivity with him.We   have  to accept his all behavior may be positive or negative means

Some babies carry lots of negativity from previous birth so we have to keep them in the incubator or treat here, this is negativity. But can we leave them as a negative behavior? We have to accept everything as this is my child or baby.

SWAMI   VIVEKANANDA says  for today’s education ‘’ When we  send any  child in the school  or daycare  or primary  school    we   are giving 1st  lesson to them  your father is bad , then 2 nd lesson    your grand father is  very mad . Then  he automatically learn from the education system that  teacher  is half mad  as  teacher teaches  them keep  respect  with  parents  and grand parents.

Last lesson we  are giving them   our  religious holy  books are wrong  means  when he learnt all  this system at  a time  he is the statue of  depression. As where did  he will keep  faith?.He  became   totally uncultured person  and  in this way we  are disrespecting  to the religion.   There  has  been completed 60 years for ruling BRITISH  then also we have not changed our education system.

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Only religion gives us happiness, satisfaction  and peace but we  didn’t understand it.

Main needs of people are food,  clothes, shelter that must have to get everyone for the regular satisfaction.

Today’s man is on the moon but  we  didn’t have any realization of mind so we are feeling unhappiness.religious_ed_1782655_std

Goverments  all  institution never keeps  completely  satisfied to the man.

If   we  want  to be peaceful we must have  to learn religious and historical education.Why did attacks on our country? We know that total country has been  in slavery.  Due to absence of religious teaching there   are attacks on our country.In that lots of motivated people died. Lots of holly books burnt, lots of temple and educated schools vanished. There  was everywhere  destruction and religious education system has been lost.

Now is the time to learn religious education and past history of life to find the solution for COVID .

Today we are going in very difficult situation I think our saint will find solution on it.


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