About me- Short story

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I am an author, writer blogger, food blogger. I have published  100  posts on my site , I have 10000 recommendation in UC MEDIA.COM . I can write excellent blog posts on any subject . All contents are original 100% devotion for article .Research writing, blog post writing . Please hire me. 

I was from middle class and poor family. Since childhood I was curious , passionate to take knowledge. I heard from my mother’s sister that my grandmother has been rejected me as a girl child & she always hates me. When I was crying she was throwing me outside the home. My father also hates me as I was continuously crying .


But when I entered in the school I  become  a famous clever girl. I like to sing a song, dancing, worshiping , reading etc . In this way I became topper in the class. Up to 4th class I had been with my parents .Then we didn’t have next education in that village so I must have to go to the another village . My elder brother and I went to the another village where my uncle and Aunty was living .I was with them for 3 years . My Aunty had mental disorder problem and she didn’t have her own child so she always hates us and not behaving correctly with us .Still I was with her for 3 years means up to 7 th class.

Then for 8th class education there was again no next class. They send me in big town that is in Latur . We have hiring 1 room for it and started to live there . That room have only 15 Rs rent per Month . I have to make food of 3 people on so  small  stove then I couldn’t make sufficient food for me so we didn’t get complete food to eat . Up to 12 th sci I didn’t get enough food to eat and so my height has been not increased.

My life is with full of difficulties and troubles. I have completed my B.Ed.in 1994 from one school  YCMOU,Nashik. I was first class in B.Ed.

After  B.Ed I was married and shifted to another  village. So I left my first job and I joined teacher job in another school at Ausa, district Latur. I was continuously running job after three years of job my elder son of two years was suffered from blood cancer so I must have to go Bombay for his treatment. I lived there one year with him. As treatment was so hard and after that also I must have to go Bombay 5 years for his maintains so and my husband got job (Government) so I decided to left my job.

Then in 1998 i started my tuition’s About me when I am running tuition I was learned about students behavior, students mind , students requirement (Psychological) etc.

I have been written and published small book that is “FUTURE OF STUDENT”. The book is of pocket size but I filled it with best knowledge so that it can develop every students life. That book it self inspired to wonder me in village so at least two years I get up  early in the morning keep my one and half year child in Montessori  and going to distribute that book. In so many school there I was giving small speech on that book and students inspired with that book .In this way I wondered in the small villages about [20 ] by walking, some times by any van .Sometimes getting good food to eat , sometimes not getting good food.

With this book again I was inspired to write another book ”BUDHIMAAN VIDHYARTHI KASE VAHVE? ” This book is running successfully in the market since 13 years .


After that I was started to work for distributing these books . Then I was joined to ”Brahmakumari class” With this knowledge I have written a new book ”QUOTATIONS & STORIES ” published by Partridge publishing com USA . 

Then I have published about 400 valuable posts without any knowledge. These posts have great value . 

Since 2003 to 2019 I am only giving thoughts  & knowledge to the people . 

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About me-short stories. chhayaonline.com

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  1. Hello from Brisbane Australia 🙂

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      1. Marilyn Raff says:

        Hello Dpranit,
        Thanks for liking several of my recipes. Your recipes look good too! If/when I try one I’ll let you know!

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        1. dpranita583 says:

          Very good , thanks for the good appreciation.


        2. dpranita583 says:

          Thanks for the nice response.


    1. dpranita583 says:

      Thanks for the nice appreciation.


  2. Marilyn Raff says:

    Good luck with all your endeavors! I’ll follow you on your blog!


  3. It is great.
    Thank you for following my articles well. Hoping you are happy there.
    For collaborating and sharing in different useful businesses together, you can have a look at all homepage of my website
    to see what the best is for you, then text me on my Email or Skype. My contacts are on my website.

    Best wishes

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    1. dpranita583 says:

      Okay, thanks, If you have any patient to council , I will definitely try to help him , please send me that patient .


  4. CA Bhawesh Jhabak says:

    thanks for writing on my website.

    looking for further such appearances. Thanks


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    1. dpranita583 says:

      ok, can u tell me which topic u want to write?


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