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Cucumber Chutney Recipe With Green Chilli

Good morning friends, have a 😋 day. Nowadays we are losing taste due to humid atmosphere. We didn’t want to eat, we are losing apeti. Getting bored by eating same food. So, I decided to make 🤔 chutney recipe .Let’s make something more 😋 and 😋 so that didn’t need to eat anything with it.

Let’s check how did I have made this chutney?

Author name : Pranita Deshpande, Cuisine : Indian, food type :chutney recipe, 🔑 word : Cucumber Chutney Recipe, Serve for:4

Time for it : preparing cook total 5 10, 15 min


Green chilli : 100gm

Gram nuts : 20gm

, Cucumber : 1 middle size,

salt: 1tbsp,


Hing : 1teas,

cumin seeds :1 tbsp,

oil: 1tbsp,

water: 2tbsp.

Method To Make It : (1) Take green chili, cucumber, gram nut ready. (2) Wash the cucumber and green chili with clean 💧. (3)Make it’s pieces and keep aside. (4) Keep the pan on the gas, Pour oil to it, add cucumber pieces and green chili pieces to it.(5) Stir fry it and spread 💧 on it. Now keep lid on it. Give it nice steam.(6) Add remaining ingredients to it and after cooling grind it in the mixture.

📝 : This chutney can be useful for 8 to 10 dishes.

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cucumber chutney wih green chilly/
Cucumber Chutney Recipe With Green ChilliIngredients for chutney/
cucumber chutney with green chilli/
Cucumber Chutney with green chili/

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Advantage -Disadvantages Of Shabudana – Indira Ekadashi

Hi friends, good 🌃 morning and have a healthy Indira Ekadashi. Let,’s watch video on Shabudana a fasting food and share your feedback with me.

In every home Indian teen age guys like to eat Shabudana Khichadi. So they are enjoying to eat it. And they are not facing any problems with it. But, generally ,more than 50 age person have to avoid it.

Here are the reason which I have explained in the video. Watch it carefully and share your experience with me.

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SouthIndian Recipes-Appe-Uttapa-Video

We are many time in conflict that how to make so many food items in less time. Of them we need breakfast as early as possible. Here I have made 2 recipes at a time. Let’s watch video


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25 recipes of Mahalaxmi Navyidyam_ Festival Recipes

Watch the entire video.
Hi Friends, with the blessing of Mahalakshmi Mata we whole family celebrates this festival. For this festival, we need to prepare more than 56 Bhog’ in which we make a collection of 16 vegetables, collection of desserts, collection of rice, collection of Bhajiya recipes, Subji’s, curries, Buttermilk curry, etc.
Here I will make you a list of food items which I have made in one day.
1] Chutney’s: Coconut, peanut chutney
2] Metkut: Mixed with curd
3] Bhajiya: Mirchi Bhaje, Padval Bhajiya, Pudina, Nagveli Bhajiya, Coriander, Simple Bhajiya
4] Subzis: Bharad Subzi Of Mixed fruit vegetables, All nut subzi, Gram Dal Flour Subzi
5] 3 Types of rice: Keshar Rice with coconut and dry fruits, Curd rice, Chitrann, simple rice
6] Vade and Papad: Mixed dal flour papad and Vade
7] 5 types of Kheer: I have made some items on the spot to make these Kheer with dry fruits
8] Desserts: Basen Ladoo, Rava Ladoo, Anarasa, Gujiya, Chandrakala, Modak, etc
9] Curries: 2 Types of curries 1] Katachi Amti 2] Buttermilk curry.
10] Puran Poli, etc

I have made a complete detail video on it.You can watch it carefully. 
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Fried Modak Recipe _ Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Say Om Gan Ganpataye Namah and welcome to Ganesha to publish and marketing of recipes. Will see how did Ganesha helped me to make this recipe? Now he is here to share my Recipes.

Author’s name: Pranita Deshpande, Cuisine: India, food type: Fried Modak Recipe, keyword: Fried Modak Recipes _ Sweets, Serve for 4

Ingredients To Make It: Wheat Rava : 1 Bowl, ghee:50 gm , milk: 1/2 cup, Mixture of grated Coconut and Jaggary: 1 cup

Siddhivinayak Ganesha/
Modak before frying/

Method To Make:(1) Take wheat flour Rava in a dish . (2) Add 1 tbsp ghee and knead it with milk. (3) Make mixture of Jaggary and grated Coconut with caradamom powder (4) Grind it in the mixture jar. (5) Now make 21 doughs . Roll it slowly. (6) Add slowly 1/2 tbsp mixture of Jaggary and grated Coconut. Give it shape of Modak . Fry it in the ghee. (7)Keep it for Navyidyam.

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White sauce pasta recipe- Kids Special

How to make pasta for kids?.

Yesterday we have a holiday of happy new year and kids are getting bored to eat regular food. Crying, shouting, making noise. Then I decided to give them fruits but still, they are crying and throwing all fruits everywhere. Now, I am getting angry with them. However, my sisters’ granddaughter is very talented she understood my expressions and run away near to cupboard and called me to show ”PASTA’ pockets in the cupboard.  Saying me, make this pasta for us.I  was in the confused state as I didn’t know how to make PASTA? Then I saw tips how to make PASTA ? on the pocket it is from ”NESTLE ”  and start to make it.

time for it   prep  cook  totally

min              5          5       10

Author’s name : Asha Digge

Cuisine    : India 

food type  :  Pasta 



Pasta pocket: small size

water: As your convenience

tomato sauce: 1 tbsp

pasta masala: 1 tbsp

salt: 1 tbsp

oil   1 tbsp

PROCEDURE FOR IT : Take pasta in the dish and keep aside.

IMG_20180101_172621 (1)
Nestle pasta

*Keep sufficient water in the pan to boil.

*Add oil, salt into the water.

* Wait to boil it, add pasta masala in it ,

*Stir it well. Add pasta in it, wait to cook it well

* Now serve it with coriander.


IMG_20180101_173146White sauce pasta recipe- Kids Special/
preparhttp://White sauce pasta recipe- Kids Special/chhayaonline.comed pasta

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Beet Root Paratha Recipes – Beet Root Recipes

Hi Friends, happy Friday. Let’s we will make today Beet Root Recipes.

Beet root is the vegetable which can make man in confusion. Some people think that it is fruit, and some are saying that it is vegetable. Some people didn’t know this fruit vegetable. Generally, I think this vegetable didn’t get regularly. If we want we must have to go in the market to bring it. Telling appearance of this vegetable to the kid is very hard. As it is getting in the black color in the market and while cutting it produces pink color.

We can make its so many types of recipes. As like halwa, Paratha’s, soup, salad, pickles, puri’s , etc .

Today I have decided to make Paratha along with salad.

Let’s check here how did I have made it?

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine: India

food type: Beet root recipes /Paratha

Keyword: Beet root recipes

serve for 4

Time for it

prep cook total

30 30 60 min


Wheat flour: 550 gm

Beeat root : 250 gm

salt : 2 tbsp

red chilly powder: 2 tbsp

Dhaniya Powder: 2 tbsp

cumin powder: 2 tbsp

Hing : 1/2 teas

Oil to bake it : 50 gm


Take the beet roots,wash it with clean water. Remove its peel and keep aside.

Cut it into small pieces and keep it to cook in the cooker.

Take 2 or 3 whistles and cool down it.Meanwhile take given amount of

wheat flour in a Thali.

Crush that pieces in to smooth part and add it to the wheat flour.

Now add all ingredients to it one by one. As like cumin powder,Dhaniya

powder, salt, chilly powder, hing, etc

Mix it well with some water. Knead it with some oil.

Make it smooth to make its small dough.

Make small dough’s and roll it slowly and smoothly to make it light and tasty.

Now bake it via 2 sides by applying oil on it.

Serve it with any pickle or chutney.


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Gram Dal Pulav Recipe _ Pulav Recipes

This is the new type of Pulav recipe. We can make it instantly by soaking gram dal in the water. After soaking we have to make it as like Rice Pulav.

This recipe is having high nutrient value with rich in protein. It can make body clean. Good for health. Getting all types of multivitamins along with proteins.

let’s us we shall make it .

Gram Dal PUlav Recipe /Pulav Recipe/chhayaonline.comNo photo description available.
http://Gram Dal Pulav Recipe – Pulav Recipe/

Time For It , soaking time 1 hour.

prep cook total

10 min 20 min 30 min

Author’s name : Pranita Deshpande

Cuisine : Indian

food type : Pulav Recipes

keyword : Gram Dal Pulav Recipe

serve for 4


Gram Dal: 250 gm

oil : 2 tbsp

mustard seeds: 1 tbsp

cumin seeds: 1 tbsp

cumin powder: 1 tbsp

lemon juice : 2 tbsp

sugar : 1 tbsp

turmeric powder: 1/2 tbsp

chilly powder: 1 tbsp

garam masala: 1/2 tbsp

peanuts: 10 gm

coriander: 2 tbsp

tomato for decorating : 1

No photo description available.
http://Gram Dal Pulav Recipe- Pulav Recipes/

METHOD TO MAKE : Soak the dal for one hour in the water.

: Remove it from the water and keep it to cook in the cooker.

: Take 1 or 2 whistles and keep it in the bowl after cooking .

: Now keep all ingredients ready to make it .

: Keep pan on the gas. Pour oil to it. Add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, and wait to splutter it.

Add curry leaves, pinch of hing, peanut and fry it slowly.

Now add slowly cooked gram Dal to it, add remaining ingredients one by one. Let’s see how to add it.

Stir it well. And keep it for 2 minutes to get the steam.

Serve it with any fruit or tomato, cucumber , etc .

No photo description available.
http://Gram Dal Pulav Recipe -Pulav Recipes

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Banana Recipes -Koshimbir

Today we have Angarika Chaturthi. We are celebrating it with full of devotion. As Ganesha is the main God of worshipping Chaturthi and we know that everyone is loving Ganesha. He is God of talent and Wisdom. He gives us plenty of knowledge, wisdom, talent, and everything. If we will give him full of devotion he is giving us plenty of us.

So today we have fast, which means we are not eating anything avoiding salt. We know that salt is the main important content of the food. Without salt, our all metabolic activities can stop. This salt is making a tremendous change in our life and body also. If we will eat more it causes more problems like B. P., overreactions, or skin disease, etc. If we will eat it less then also it makes the B.P. problem or level of sodium gets reduce which causes problems in our body and life.

Another thing is that we know that when we eat anyone’s food we must have to be polite. Otherwise, we are telling ‘ in Marathi ” Aag Mazya Hatch Mith Khalis, Thods Mithala Jag” means the person who has eaten the salt of another person he must have to keep gratitude for that person.

Why did I am telling it do you know as I didn’t eat today salt for a day up to dinner. Direct we are taking salt in the dinner in the evening for today.

I think the reason to keep fast without salt is maybe gratitude. Means God is telling us that keep gratitude for your elders, ancestors along with God .Give them good respect in life. Remember their efforts and hard work for us. Keep respect for him with this fast. If we will decide that is there a need of keeping fast to remember ancestors or elders? We can indeed remember them without fasting also. But we can’t realize their efforts without suffering from our bodies. Suffering is a good way to realize many things in our life. so that our HINDU Religion has kept lots of rituals, festivals, and some rules for life.

To lead life meaningful and with our good purpose and satisfaction, we must have to adopt all these things in our life. 

Let us start how to make ”Banana recipe – Koshimbir

Time for it

prep cook total

10 10 20min

author name: Chhaya Kulkarni

cuisine: Indian

food type: Koshimbir

serve for 2


DAHI : 1/2 cup [thick ]

sugar: 2 tab

salt: As your convenience

pomegranates: 2tabs

Manchurian masala: 1 tab

coriander: 1 tab well chopped

cumin powder: 1tab

tomato : 1 [chopped ]

cucumber : 1/2 [chopped ]

PROCEDURE: Cut the vegetables tomato and into small pieces and keep aside.

: Remove the peel of bananas and cut it into spices and keep aside.

: chop the coriander and take ready pomegranate seeds in the bowl.

: Now keep ready another ingredient to add it like hing, Manchurian masala, cumin powder, etc.

: Now add slices of bananas in the pot. Add all ingredients one by one last thick Dahi and stir it well.

: Keep the small pan on the gas, pour some oil to it add cumin, mustard seeds to it. Wait to splutter and add a pinch of hing to it.

: Now pour this spluttering oil into the koshimbir.

: Now serve it with chapati or roti.



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Banana Recipes -Koshimbir/

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Nagpanchami Navyadyam – Bhojan Recipe

We are celebrating Nagpanchami as a rainy festival. It is the festival where people are worshiping a snake. If a snake is not available they are creating a snake of mud and worshiping in the temple. At home, ancient ladies are drawing images of snakes on the wall. In my childhood, my mother was drawing /1/2 wall snake along with snakes family. Means female snake, their kids, with turmeric and drawing small dots of white lime water around it. Making eyes of coal or black oil.
She keeps that snake 1 year and we were watching it carefully.
At that time there was a rule that on this day we didn’t have to cut anything, don’t keep hair free as hair will go in the mouth of the snake. Do not make Puran Poli on TAWA. Never fry anything etc.
So my mother was making Puran Gujiya by steaming. It has to eat with pure ghee, gives good taste.
I too also today made the same Gujiya along with Puran Poli, Dal Rice, Chitrann, Mirchamrut, potato sabzi, etc.
For recipe and ingredients check my other posts.

Recipe  for Navyadyam /chhayaonline.comImage may contain: table and indoor
http://Nagpanchami Navyadyam recipe /

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