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Tasty Moong Dal Bhel – Breakfast Recipes

Do you know In our India some recipes are occasional. They can make at particular time and really they are bringing fantastic taste. We can’t imagine about their taste. As we know that eagerness is the main cause of happiness. This eagerness brings us enjoyment and real joy in our life. If we will make this dish on any time it never bring this much delicious taste as on that day. I think definitely some feelings mixing with that recipe and it brings automatically delicious taste.

Image may contain: food/Moong dal bhel/
http://Moong dal BHel/

This recipe become delicious has more reason for it .

Let us we will check here how did I have made it delicious.

Time to soak Moong Dal is 3 to 4 hrs

time to make recipe

prep cook total

5 min 15 20 min

Author’s name: Madhuri Digge

cuisine : Indian

food type : Breakfast recipes [ Bhel recipes]

Keyword : Moong Dal Bhel -Breakfast recipes

serve for 2

Image may contain: foodMoongdal bhel/
http://Moong dal bhel/


Moong dal: 100 gm

peanuts:20 gm

lemon juice: 1/2 tbsp

sugar for taste

salt:1 tab

coriander: 2 tbsp

cumin powder: 1 tbsp

turmeric powder: 1/2 tbsp

chat masala: 1tbsp

oil : 1 tbsp

mustard seeds:1 tbsp

pieces of green chilly: 1 tbsp

pinch of hing.

Image may contain: food/Moongdal bhel/
http://Moongdal bhel/

Method to make it . Wash Moong Dal clean.

Now keep the pan on the gas, Pour oil to it, add cumin seeds, pinch of hing, pieces of green chilly and mustard seeds. Wait to splutter it.

Now slowly add soaked Moong dal to it.Stir it well. Add sugar, salt, chat masala, lemon juice, etc .

Spread some water on it to get good steam.

Now serve it with lemon.

Image may contain: food/Moong dal bhel/
http://Moong dal bhel/
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INSTRUCTIONS : Before soaking dal , wash it by rubbing on hand . Otherwise it can create foul smell .

Benefits : This dal is easy to make . Bring delicious taste.Increases WBC. So if we will make it for the cancer patient. It is very beneficial to them.

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Indian vegetarian food

Banana Paratha Recipe- Paratha Recipes

We know that in India there are a lot of types of Paratha’s . Of them this Banana Paratha is a very new type Paratha. Some people like it , some are not as it gives some different smell while eating ,but, if we add some flavors in it while making it. It can give nice delicious taste . Let us check how did I have made it?


Image may contain: food and indoor/Bananaparatharecipe/


prep cook total

5 min 30 min 35 min

Author’s name: Madhuri Digge

cuisine: India

food type : Paratha recipes

Keyword: Banana Paratha recipe

serve for 3


Banana: 6

wheatflour: 1/2 kg

sugar powder: 250 gm

ghee: 2 tbsp

caradamom powder: 1 teas

water: 1 glass

cumin powder: 1 tbsp

salt : 1/2 teas

Image may contain: food and indoor/Bananaparatharecipe/
http://Banana Paratha recipe/

METHOD TO MAKE IT : Take the Banana’s and remove it’s peel.

: Make its small pieces or crush it with wire guaze.

: Add sugar powder to it and grind it in the mixture jar.

Make its perfect paste and pour it in the big Katori.

Now add wheat flour, salt, pure ghee, cumin powder and mix it with milk cream.

Now knead it soft by applying oil on it.

Make the small soft dough and roll smoothly.

Bake it and serve it with any chutney or milk .

Image may contain: food/Peeled banana for paratha/
http://peeled banana for paratha/
Image may contain: food and indoor/paste of banana with sugar/
http://paste of banana with sugar powder/
Image may contain: food and indoor/well prepared banana Paratha/
http://well prepared paratha/

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Indian vegetarian food


Hi, I am Nisha, the author and creator at Masalamojo. I am a digital marketer by profession and a food blogger and recipe creator by passion. I am big fan of simple and healthy flavors created with locally sourced food. The sight of fresh veggies and fruits delights me immensely. It creates different permutations and combinations in my brain. My mom is my inspiration and also my biggest critic. I love sharing passion and recipes with everyone on my food channel on Instagram – Masalamojo. You will find this page to be very colorful and full of my amateur creations, hope you love it.maharashtrian-hurada-recipes

Today, I am sharing one such super simple yet healthy and filling recipe with you. It features one of these raging superfoods today – Makhana or puffed Lotus Seeds or foxnuts. We Indians have always had Makhanas as a part of our diets. We consumed the maximum quantity during fasts since this is fruit based but it has now become a routine part of our lives because of its health benefits. It has high magnesium content and is really low of sodium/salt making it a very light and healthy snack.Sweet Corn Salad -Salad Recipe –

I have now replaced the regular bhel with this Makhana bhel for this reason. Trust me it just has everything thrown into one bowl to create this tasty snack. This will soon replace all your un-healthy and greasy teatime snacks. Hope you love it like me.For Foodies




  1. Makhana or Foxnuts – 1 cup
  2. Onion – 1, small
  3. Tomato – 1, medium
  4. Green chilli –  1
  5. Dried Cranberries – 3-4 tablespoons
  6. Pumpkin seeds – 2 teaspoons
  7. Flax seeds – 1 teaspoon
  8. Lemon juice – 1-2 tablespoons
  9. Coriander leaves – a few
  10. Chaat masala – 1 tablespoon
  11. Ghee – 1 tablespoon
  12. Salt –  to taste


  1. Non-stick pan
  2. Mixing bowl


  1. Take a non-stick pan and add some ghee to it. Once the ghee melts, add in the foxnuts/makhanas.
  2. Let them roast on a low flame and constantly stir them. Let them get crispy. This would take about 3-4 minutes.
  3. Take them off the heat and cool.
  4. Use the same pan and dry roast some pumpkin and flax seeds in it. Remember to close the lid, otherwise flax seeds will fly everywhere.
  5. In a mixing bowl, add finally diced onions, tomatoes, green chilli and coriander leaves.
  6. Toss in the dried cranberries and pumpkin and flax seeds.
  7. Add the roasted makhanas when you are ready to serve.
  8. Add the lemon juice, chat masala and salt to the bowl.
  9. Consume immediately otherwise the makhanas would get soggy.

Hope you enjoy this light and tasty snack. You can omit the onions, replace regular salt with fruit salt, and consume this during your fasts too.

Makahans Bhel/masalamojo/
Makhana bhel/
http://Makhana bhel /

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Indian vegetarian food

Rava Dhokla Recipes- Dhokla Recipes

Happy Sunday friends, we know that Sunday means working on a different energy. After working 6 days we need some rest or some enjoyment to live life. Another thing is that we have a lot of work in another days so we can’t be happy. Now we have decided to be more happy on Sunday so since in the morning we are working for it. Then this new work is starting from our new style of breakfast. As everyday some people are taking breakfast but in a different way.

So some breakfasts are so easy that they can make easily no need to give more time for it. Just take ingredients and make instant things.

So today I have decided to make Rava Dhokla which can make easily with another work .

Let us check how I have made it fast and delicious in less time along with making afternoon meal.

Time for it

prep cook total

30 min 20 50 min

Authors name: Chhaya Kulkarni

cuisine : India

food type : Dokala recipes.

keyword: Dhokla Recipes- Rava Dhokla

serve for 4

apparatus : cooker, tiffins


Rava : 250 gm

green chhole : 50 gm

paste of greenchilly: 2 tbsp

Yogurt: 1 small bowl

salt : 2 tbsp

sugar juice : 2 tbsp

FenuGreek seeds : 5 to 6

lemon juice: as your conveience

cumin powder: 1 tbsp

coriander: 2 or more tbsp/ as your convience

METHOD TO MAKE IT : Keep the Rava [wheat] for soaking 1 hour before making it.

Add lemon juice if Yogurt is not sour, otherwise add Yogurt , Fenugreek seeds, a paste of green chilly , cumin powder, etc .

Stir it well and add Bicarbonate soda, sugar, etc .

Now take the cooker tiffin , pour some oil in it. Spread oil in it.

Pour paste of Dhokla mix in the tiffin .

Now take the cooker add some water to it, Keep tiffin of batter in it. Remove whistle of lid. Keep lid tight to the cooker.

Keep the cooker for 15 minutes. Now remove the lid .

Keep [phodani] to pour on it. Spread some coriander on it.

Serve it with garlic chutney.

Image may contain: food Batter for Rava Dhokla/
http://Batter for Rava Dhokla/
Image may contain: food Dhokla in the cooker/
Image may contain: food well prepared dhokla in the cooker tiffin/
http://well prepared Dhokla in the tiffin/
Image may contain: food well served Dhokla /
http://well served Dhokla /

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Indian vegetarian food

Nescafe Classic Coffee (Imported) Instant Coffee (100 g) -Review

In childhood when my Aunty was making coffee I was hating to drink it, because I didn’t like it’s smell. Not getting taste to drink it but we have started to drink this since last year and getting habit to drink it regularly . This coffee is really very energetic. Giving complete fulfillness feeling after drinking it. Yesterday I have fasting and I told to my son to make coffee .He made so excellent coffee that ,I completely forgot I have caught fasting. I feel complete satisfaction.

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Indian vegetarian food

How to make carrot , tomato Koshimbir- Kids Recipe Marathi

In our India we are eating salads in a different way means by making ”Koshimbir ” of it. How much vegetables you want to add you can mix it. But, it must have delicious taste. It can be serve with roti, chapati or rice or you can eat it as it is. Small kids are eating it happiliy. They didn’t need anything with it. I think this recipe is special for kids. If you wil make this recipe infront of them then, they can make it themselves , there is no need to teach more for it. Benefit of this recipe is it didn’t need to burn the gas so that kids can make easily and eat any time.

time for it

prep cook total

10 0 10 min

Author’s name : Chhaya kulkarni

food type: Koshimbir

Keyword : Carrot and tomato Koshimbir – Marathi recipe

serve for 4


Carrot : 250 gm [small pieces]

tomato: 1[ well chopped]

Yogurt: 2 to 3 tbsp

salt : 1/2 tbsp

sugar: 1 tbsp

red chilly powder: 1/2 tbsp

cumin powder: 1 tbsp

salt: 1 tbsp

METHOD TO MAKE IT: Take the carrots , wash it carefully by rubbing with your hand. As it covers a lot of mud, dust, germs , etc.

: Make the small pieces of it and keep aside.

: Now keep ready all remaining ingredients as like salt, sugar, red chilly powder, salt, peanut powder, etc.

;Keep cream of Yogurt ready , how mush you want.

: Now take the container, add tomato pieces, add remaining ingredients one by one .

: Now add carrots and Yogurt as you wish. Stir it well. It gives complete delicious taste. Serve it with Roti, chapati, rice or you can eat it as it is.

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http://Ingredients to make Koshimbir/
http://Ingredients to make Koshimbir/
Imixing material in the Koshimbir/ mage may contain: food
http://mixing material in the Koshimbir/
Ihttp://well prepared Koshimbir/
http://well prepared Koshimbir/
Indian vegetarian food

Sweet Corn Salad -Salad Recipe -Breakfast recipe

In India main food items for the breakfast are Upma and Poha, but when people are working on internet people’s life style has been completely changed. Now people are very aware about food items, health, body, taste, thoughts. Everyone is enjoying global food items and they are feeling complete. From this we are exchanging our love, culture, food etc. Nothing wrong in it that if we will accept other countries culture which is suitable for us. If you don’t like anything from abroad countries omit it but, it is not wrong that we can accept

some good things from abroad. How To select Vegetables Related To Season – Health

Image may contain: food/sweet corn salad/
http://sweet corn salad- salad recipes/

With this thinking I decided to make sweet corn recipe. Last time also I have made but, today I have made it in a different way .


Time for it

prep cook total

15 30 45 min

Note : If you have already boiled sweet corn then it require only 10 minutes to make.

Author’s name: Asha Digge

cuisine: Indian

food type : Sweet corn salad

Keyword: Sweet corn salad- Salad recipe


Image may contain: food,sweet corn salad recipe/
http://sweet corn salad /salad recipes/


Sweet corn : 100 gm

carrots: 2 small size

tomato: 1 middle size

cumin powder: 1 tbsp

salt: 1 tbsp

coriander: 2 tbsp

sugar: 1 tbsp

lemon juice: 1 tbsp

chat masala: 1/2 tbsp

green chilly pieces: 3 to 4

Image may contain: foodsalad recipes/
http://sweet corn salad-salad recipes/

METHOD TO MAKE IT : Keep the sweet corn for cooking in the small cooker. Keep it up to 3 whistles.

Meanwhile cut the carrots, coriander, green chilly and keep aside.

Now take the cooked corn in the container , add pieces of carrot, tomatoes, green chilly, to it . Date Cake Recipe – Happy Christmas Day

Add chat masala, chilly powder, cumin powder, salt , lemon juice, sugar and mix it well.

Serve it with coriander.

Image may contain: food, sweet corn salad recipe/
http://sweet corn salad/

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Indian vegetarian food

Til Gul Paratha With Fried Beans- Winter Special

This is the well known Paratha recipe in India , specially in Maharashtra. Generally, we are making Ladoo of Til Gul [Sea same with Jaggary] But sometimes kids wants its paratha.

Making this Paratha is very easy as it didn’t require any another ingredients to bring taste. This product itself has its own taste. If we will add some another ingredients to it. It can disturb its original taste. So making this Paratha is very easy in comparison to another paratha.

Let us learn here benefits of this Paratha

1] It keeps our body warm , provides extra energy to our body. So we must have to eat it in the winter season.

2] It is very good food for digestion. Easily digested and mix in the blood easily.

3] Increases blood volume , calcium , iron , Mangnize , etc.

4] Pregenant lady must have to eat this food everyday to keep body warm and to increase the blood volume.

5] It prevents so many diseases, infections and makes bones strong.

Let us make recipe


time for it

prep cook total

30 30 1 hour

author’s name: Asha Digge

cuisine: India



Serve for 4

Ingredients for it

Til : 250 gm

Gul :200 gm

wheat flour : 1/2 kg

oil : 20 gm

Til Gul Parataha with fried beans/
http://Til GUL PARATHA With fried beans /


First we have to make Saran Of Til Gul .

Bake the Sea Same or Til to become red.

Now grate the Jaggary and add it in the sea same

Grind it in the mixture and make its paste .

Now knead the wheat flour and make its dough

Add the ”Saran” In the dough of wheat flour by applying oil to it.

Now roll the dough slowly to make small Paratha.

Bake it with 2 sides.

Serve it with ghee.



fried bean recipe /

oil :2 tbsp ,green beans : 100 gm

salt: 1/2 tbsp

masala: 1/2 teas

lemon juice: 1/2 teas

fried bean recipe /
http://fried bean recipe /

RECIPE TO MAKE IT: First wash the beans with water.

: Keep it to bake on the Tawa, spread some oil on it.

: Spread salt, masala, lemon juice on it , stir it well.

: Serve it hot.

fried beans/
http://fried beans/

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Indian vegetarian food

Kothimbir Vadi Recipe -Marathi Recipe

This type of food is very famous in INDIA . Generally, these are making after marriage . In Maharashtra we say it is ”Mandav Thapani” means after marriage making this special dish as like Pithala and pouring it in the big Thali . Making it as Kothimbir Vadi .

We have at home also a small decorating ”Mandap” in which we are seating bride groom for worshiping Ganesha. After marriage we have to give him Naivdyam for each Wednesday. It is for 4 Wednesday. Then we are making above ”Kothimbir Vadi” and some sweet to Navaidyam.

Specialty of this item is that, it can make quickly and gives good taste . Everyone can eat it means small kid to old people. Good to digest, easy to bite, smooth, rich in protein with delicious taste. If we are getting good delicious taste with protein then is there need to eat out side proteins?

Let us check how to make it .

IKothimbir vadi recipe/
http://Kothimbir vadi Recipe/

Time for it

prep cook total

5 10 15 min

author’s name : Chhaya kulkarni

cuisine: Maharashtra

food type : Kothimbir vadi

keyword: Kothimbir vadi recipe- Marathi

serve for 4

Ingredients for it

Gram dal flour:250gm

Coriander: 100 gm [well chopped]

cumin powder: 2 tbsp


chilly powder: 1 tbsp

turmeric powder: 1 teas

salt: 1tbsp

lemon juice: 2 tbsp

oil: 2 tbsp

mustard seeds: 1 tbsp

water: 250 lit

Kothimbir vadi recipe -Marathi recipe /
http://Kothimbir vadi recipe-Marathi recipe /

Method to make it : Take all ingredients ready .

: Take basen flour in the pot , add red chilly powder, turmeric powder, hing, salt, cumin powder, lemon juice, etc .

: Now add water to it and stir it well.

: Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil to it, add mustard seeds and wait to splutter it.

: Now slowly pour this mixed material to it.

: Stir it well , Keep it on the medium gas to get small amount of steam.

: Now take another big thali, spread some oil in it and now pour cooked material to it.

: Make it uniform and spread coriander on it. Make its small cakes and serve it with poppy seeds.

Image may contain: plant and food
http://coriander for Kothimbir vadi/
IKothimbir vadi recipe /chhayaonline.commage may contain: food
Image may contain: food
http://Kothimbir vadi recipe/
IServed Kothimbit vadi/chhayaonline.commage may contain: food
http://served kothimbir vadi/

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Indian vegetarian food

Karela Pickle Recipe – Pickle Recipe

Karela Pickle- Medicine for diabetic patient

Karela is a vegetable that, generally so many common people are hating to eat it. Some people are getting irritate by listening its name. As it is very bitter in taste. Small children never eat it.Do you know if we will cut or wash its pieces it will give bitter smell to our finger. And by mistake if we will taken these fingers in the mouth it will completely disturb our day.

Still some people loves to eat it. As it has some medicinal properties. It kills easily bacteria in our stomach. As well as cleans our digestive organs. It works good for the diabetic patient. So many diabetic patients are drinking its juice every day to overcome the disease.But, be careful while using it otherwise it will create so many problems if we will take it in the high proportion.

Making of subji or pickle is the good art, if we will make it in a systematic way. It can bring good taste for the lunch ot dinner.

Let us learn to make here.

Author’s name: Asha Digge

Cuisine: indian

food type: Pickle’s recipe

Keyword: Karela Pick recipe

serve for 4


Karela [fresh]: 1[middle size]

cumin powder: 1tbsp

Mustard seed powder: 1 tbsp

salt: 2 tbsp

lemonjuice: 2 tbsp

hing:1 pinch

red chilly powder: 2 tbsp

sugar: 1 tbsp

METHOD TO MAKE IT ; Cut the Karela vertically, remove its complete seeds.

: Wash it with salt by scrubbing on it so that it can remove partially bitterness of it.

: Now add ingredients one by one, add lemon juice and mix it completely.

: Serve it with chapati, roti, or give it in the tiffin.

INSTRUCTION: Never add turmeric powder in the Karela pickle or subji , as Turmeric powder also give bitter taste, it increases bitterness in the food.

Never add spluttering oil to it, add it while serving in the thali. As it increases taste of it.

Karela Pickle Recipe - Pickle Recipe /
http://Karela Pickle Recipe – Pickle Recipe /
http://karela pickle recipe/
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