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Is There Need To Face Difficulties To The VIP Member- Lokmat article (newspaper)

Hi friends, good night, yesterday I was reading my loving newspaper and I saw a valuable column in it.I stacked there for a while. Getting nervous for a while. How much difficulty has to face to the valuable person who is doing a lot of valuable work for the universe. Without doing any type of corruption, honestly for the people with clean heart.

I think that doing good work for the universe is a big crime in this period. As we know that today, the people who are earning crores of money by doing corruption, by stopping somewhere good things. These persons are getting good value and respect.

Check an article here which have been published in our newspaper “Lokmat ” read it carefully and give me feedback on it.

Article from Lokmat /

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Brain Storm Award – Spiritual Question Answers

Questions and Answers

Brain Storm Award – Spiritual Questions

  Hi Friends, Good afternoon have a peaceful day

Thanks to my friend Manasa’s Blog/ Manasa Kulkarni has been nominated me for this award. She is awesome blogger of psychological and life skills. Her blogs are giving us a lot of new skills along with new innovative information. Please visit her blog here. 


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  • ABOUT MY BLOG:  I have started my blog to spread values and virtues in the world. My blog contains multiniche contents, which are recipes, health, mental health, spiritual articles, spiritual videos, food recipes videos, and also article on COVID. How to exit from the COVID?
  • This time my friend has been asked me very valuable spiritual questions. Let’s know here which questions are these?
  • Q : Which type of fasting is good? In which period?
  •      The fasting which can be done in the best intervals of life time is the perfect fasting for the spiritual as well as mental and physical benefits. Too much weak people, old age person and students up to 10 th class has to avoid fasting. Mothers and sisters who are in the menstruation period also don’t keep it. In the whole day out of 24 hours. 16 hours has to avoid to eat regular food. You can eat fruits or fasting food in the brake of 8 hours. For drinking take green tea, tea, coffee, fruit juice with less sugar. Avoid to drink fridge water. Keep fix time to eat so that it can control your weight. It can increase immunity also gives brightness on the face. Feel light. It can increase our patience along with tolerance power. We can easily become selfless. At last we get tremendous inner happiness.
  • Q: Why Did Corona Virus? Why did we are suffering anyone’s mistake?

                       We know that we have over crossed the limitations of life. We are running to overcrossing the nature. This must have to stop somewhere. We know that there are a lot of crakes to the ozone layer. If we have been decided to stop to the world’s people to stop running . It can’t stop only by saying. We know that United Kingdom’s Lara and some friends are shouting since so many days for it. But it couldn’t be happening. If  my neighborhood have bought  1 car I have to bring 2 cars this is the natural behavior of human beings. To stop it suddenly it is very hard. So, when nature want to make tremendous change in the environment, he is finding any way to control it. This is the one type to keep the best balance in the nature.

Q: Is there any reference in our mythological story about COVID? Can we get any medicine from the Mythological invention or with any spiritual way?

                    This is not the bacteria it is a virus a protein. It has no DNA. It contains RNA. With contact it can spread. It can enter in the lungs, blood and creates water in the body. So, patient can be suffered from Pneumonia and reduces oxygen. Patient have to keep on ventilator. We have only Camphor product which can make our home away from germs.

  • Q:Can we see the soul? What is the form of soul?
  • In the spiritual books they have referred that
  •  ‘’ Ekam Nityam Vimal Machalam, Sarvdhi Sakhi Bhutam
  •   Bhavatitham Trigunrahitam  Sadguru Tam Namami’’
  •  Means we say it as a point. But actually, it is an energy we have to experience his work and his presence with self-realization. If anyone understand his power and work, he can be facing any situation happily.
  • Q: Who is fearless person in this COVID situation?
  • I think who is living in the present tense is the fearless person. With my observation some people who are not thinking about it. Not taking any thought in their mind also have mental and physically strong are living free from all fear. They didn’t touching any virus. Maybe they are living in the complete COVID region.
  • Q: How to rescue from fear? Please explain
  • Avoid to take his name, avoid to see updates, discussion, chatting, reading, take care by wearing mask, keeping sanitizer with you. Live a life as a regular life. Avoid to go in the crowd places, touching, keep distance. Try to live always happy.
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    Congratulations! To all the nominees for this award. I love your blogs. Thanks for your best help.

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Is there any reference in our mythological story about COVID? Can we get any medicine from the Mythological invention or with any spiritual way?
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Causes Of Stress – Stress Management

Stress Creates Emotions.

God has given me one gift since childhood that is to observe everything and everywhere carefully. So observation becomes my hobby.About emotions, I observed following things.

Social awareness, social situation, an effect of social awareness on our mind, one type of curiosity, attract to love are the basic things of life. which can creates stress.

Image result for images on causes of stress
causes ohttp://causes of stress-stress management/chhayaonline.comf stress

If we will get clean, pure love, satisfaction and good respect then we have good effects on our mind and vice versa. A lot of psychiatric opinions is that there is the fighting between emotions and talent.

So many times when our talent is not working then our emotions are playing important role in that situation. One scientist says that ‘’It is with the heart that one sees rightly what is essential is invisible to the eye.’’ –‘’Antonie De Saint’’

So many times when our talent is not working then our emotions are playing important role in that situation. One scientist says that ‘’It is with the heart that one sees rightly what is essential is invisible to the eye.’’ –‘’Antonie De Saint’’

For ex  Suppose an old person who has abundance money but cried for a while and he is in depress mood if we will give him a lot of Rupees is he will happy? But instead of it if we will talk with him lovingly by spreading our hand on his back, giving him emotional support, he would become fresh, his eyes will become bright, He will become happy instantly. The same thing happens with a small baby, so here we should have to understand emotions are the source of life and emotions gives us energy.

I think that, if we will run with natural love then 80 % stress problem will remove easily. To maintain it we must have to keep our relationship pure , clean and heart touching.

I want to express here that not only we have to take care of relation but we have to take care of every natural process. As these are also producing one type of huge good & bad emotions along with stress. like a flood is nature‘s worst emotion, earthquake, large raining or drought these are the emotions of nature which can increases our stress. and to take care of it didn’t have to run with the artificial life but we have to take care of it with pure intention. If we will not take care of it it will create an abundance of stress.

Image result for quotes on stress management

So many times to keep our relationship strong we must have to go in fights, quarrels some bad experiences etc but still if there is a flow of unconditional love and pure energy we can accept all these things easily but do not break relationship or binding with a relationship. As it has also past karmic account. If we have more tolerance power we can easily accept this stress and this stress can convert into positive energy with our knowledge.

Image result for images on causes of stress
Burden givehttp://causes of stress-stress management-chhayaonline.coms stress

Suppose for your life’s happiness if you have broken your relationship & changed your relationship, are you have confidence that I will be happy here forever or there is no any problem in this relationship .? Can you tell me is there any life who didn’t have a problem? Then why did there is an issue of any emotions? Means brake the relationship and make another one.

Image result for quotes on stress management

For ex  I read one article about Shridevi with her husband problem didn’t like to meet her husband due to his previous wife. Now, in this case, one thing is important she has to decide first before marriage all these things. In case she married with a married person means then she must have to accept all these things to keep a flow of real happiness otherwise it creates abundance stress. & she is destroying 2 families with self-life.

How many emotions are under pressure in like this relationship. If maybe she thinks that I am happy but what about his previous wife? Her negative energy will automatically come with her. As she is controlling which is not in control means emotions of his husband & emotions of his previous wife. How much danger relationship it is?

So think with our Indian culture go with devotion, everywhere there are problems we have to celebrate happiness in that situation. The situation never changes happiness. It gives relief for a while.

Our GOD teaches us that understand love & emotions in a difficult situation. & think that if God has given me this difficult situation means I must have to learn a lesson from it not run away from it.

The person who will understand front persons emotions he can make balance in every relationship.

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Sorry friends for getting a late content to you. As I have an accident to my back It increases back pain suddenly and I couldn’t do my writing work. Still I am trying to write content.

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How To Remove Cough Easily – Home Remedies-Health

How To Remove Cough From Body – Health

      Hi friends, Good morning have a healthy shiny day.

Nowadays we are engaged in humid atmosphere. It brings easily flu, cold and cough. Rain is continuously chasing to us. In them we have a fear of COVID. COVID means starting of cold and flu or common cold and cough. Now we are working to take some herbal tea, some juices, some herbal medicines, keeping distance and working on cleaning. Every time washing hands and clothes. Means we are playing with water in this atmosphere. This situation brings cold and flu to us and if we were not working immediately it will bring cough in our body.

  Let’s we will see effects of cough in our body?

If we have taken allopathy medicine to cure it immediately do you know how did they are working in body and how they can efforts to us?

We feel that tablet have vanished our cough but, instead vanishing cough, it completely getting dried and makes small particles of it. Which creates blockage in veins and makes tumor in the heart, brain, waist or anywhere in our body. If we will not work immediately on it, this dry cough creates T. B. Asthma, cancer, etc. To ban the cough and cold we are taking cough and cold tablets of osteopathy which brings a lot of problems in the future in our life. Also brings a lot of pains in our body. So never gives osteopathy medicines to the small kids or infants.

Let’s we will try YOGA and Ayurvedic treatment to remove cough and cold.

YOGA EXPERIMENT:  If you want to ban it then take breathing with your right nostril and keep inhaling and say ‘r’ in Marathi. Feel that fire energy in the form of Goddess is creating in my body. Hold breathing for 60 to 100 second. Then leave it with left nostril slowly. This experiment has to do in the morning and evening 3 to 5 times. Cough will remove easily.

Ayurvedic Treatment: In the morning take 1 lit water, in that add 10 – 12 gram saindhav salt. Drink that water while standing on the feet. Brings out omitting with the help of finger.

2]   Small kids and old aged person’s are suffering easily from cough . In 1 year at least 3 times kids are suffering from it. If they have continuously cough problem then give them Ayurvedic cough syrup for 1 to 2 days . It can remove easily cough. No need to give any allopathy medicine. Otherwise give them ‘’Tulsi tablet’’ in the morning and evening 1-1 tablet if it is small kid under 5 years and if he will be more than 12 years give them 2 – 2 tablets.

3] Next medicine for the cough is best home remedies that is take 10 gm garlic and 1-gram Tulsi seeds add these in the honey, it become best chutney. Now give it to the kids. They will eat happily. It will make heart strong and cough also will get vanish. There is a medicine in the Hari Om Store that is ‘’Tulsi trophy’’ it contains Tulsi seeds, ginger, peeper and pimpli, etc

MOST IMPORTANT AND EASY REMEDIES :   Boil 1 lit water and make it less up to 250 ml. Drink it to the kids after becoming sharp cool not complete cool. This is the most miracle medicine for anyone who has

So many types of suffering that is it maybe ‘’Vatta, cough, gas ‘’ No need of any other medicine if you are taking this medicine.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE COUGH : When we are coughing we bring cough in the mouth , never  swallow it as it is. It can damage our body. The person who has the problem of cough has to avoid Curd, buttermilk, cold water, cold juice, banana, Shabudana, Lassi, milk, sweets. Frying food, etc.

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How To Remove Easily – Home Remedies-Health/

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My Blogging Journey – Blogging # 1

Friends, good morning have a happy day. Just now I saw my traffic report and thrilled with it. How magic is happening in my life didn’t know. 

        Some time I working too much hard and getting very few results and vise versa. 

  My book has been published in March Month, at that time I have only a Facebook account but, I am not working on it. Then in March month, my book’s company told me to find all social media account. Still, I didn’t know how to find an account even how to sign up or sign in? What is the difference between signing up and sign in? 

Still, with the help of one digital marketing store, I have made a social media account. 

  Then at first, I didn’t know that social media has to use to write articles or to post anything. 

I feel suddenly that I entered in the third world and completely getting confused. 


      Then I have started sending friend requests and accepting them. At that time I aimed to make a lot of fans and followers. So couldn’t understand to whom I have to send a friend request? And why? In the speed of air, I have made 5000 friends. Now the friend limit has been finished. 

   Now I turned to publish a small post on Facebook, in them one FB friend Mahes Patil named person has published a rape post with an image on my timeline. Now get completely get disturbed here. Is social media is good or worst have a lot of confusion. Any way I must have to leave it now. Then what to do. Then I told this news to my sister’s daughter.As I didn’t know anything to whom Complain? Where to complain? How to block him etc. How to delete that post? Still, with the help of my sister’s daughter, I have deleted that post. She insisting me to delete the account. I too also want to delete that account but thought if we will delete it people will run to me as I have done something wrong. So I have kept that account as it is. Couldn’t be turned to Facebook up to 6 Months. 


  Then I turned to Linked in there I have too much confusion about how to publish a post? All that but everywhere I learned to connect the people. Here also I started to connect a lot of connections but not known how to publish a post. But with the self-study, I started to publish Quotes on the linked in.

Then I have written a short post on ‘’tension’’ I think it was only 1 paragraph that post was liked by A big personality Fadke and he had commented ‘’smart, cute, valuable’’ also I reached a lot of comments.Then I inspired with it and I think I have published my first blog post on linkedin. But didn’t know how to share it. 


  Now I understand I can write in English. Started to create a blog. It was created from one cyber café student, who has created it and told me to publish the post. 

   It was very hard for me to edit a blog, to write a post and publish on it but, anyway I will be free by writing and want to share my knowledge, experience to the public is my aim and started to publish the posts. 

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Advantage -Disadvantages Of Shabudana – Indira Ekadashi

Hi friends, good 🌃 morning and have a healthy Indira Ekadashi. Let,’s watch video on Shabudana a fasting food and share your feedback with me.

In every home Indian teen age guys like to eat Shabudana Khichadi. So they are enjoying to eat it. And they are not facing any problems with it. But, generally ,more than 50 age person have to avoid it.

Here are the reason which I have explained in the video. Watch it carefully and share your experience with me.

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How To Be Safe ,Secure With Durga Kavach – Watch Video

Live Stress-Free With This Durga Kavach
Hi friends, happy Friday Let’s watch here an important video in which how to keep our body-safe. Who is hidden in our everybody parts? How can that work to heal our body spiritually? How can we live stress-free, happy along with our family? Here family in my point of view all the universe.
This is known as Marathi ”DurgaKavach” means in our body Durga Maa is hidden in every part. In which part she is hidden and how to find her will understand you after learning and reciting this ”Kavach” means protection for body, mind, and soul.
Let’s watch this video completely and share your feedback in my comment section.
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http://How to live safe, secure with Durga Kavach- Video/


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School Band Fees Band Job Band – Unemployment

School Band Fees Band.- Twitter trend  

  Just now I came on twitter and saw the trend #School Band Fees Band. It’s good for parents who can’t pay the fees. But, nowadays I think 80% of schools are English schools. Who is taking more than 25,000 fees for the students? But 1 small school is running more than 100 servants. Today we have a big question of how to run these people their life? Only in education, there is plenty of business are running and thousands of workers are working in this private section. How they will serve? The most important thing is they are more educated so they can’t do any small work like in construction, in any factory or in the field. As they didn’t know this work. 

  These types of middle class who are working in the private field have to suffer a lot. No way to earn money. 


Maybe they are educated and turned to online jobs, but, online also there are so many fake jobs to run new jobs or businesses have to give more time along with hard work. Still, everyone would get success or not we can’t tell.

So many teachers, workers, of private industries are just married and have to suffer them more. 

 The new employers who had been working in the big city are living with their parents. Due to fear of COVID. At first, they may be thought that we will stay here for 1 or 2 Months but now 6 Months are completing COVID is as it is in his place. Where maybe live that COVID but what about the private servants whose income has been stopped suddenly? How they will serve? How can they manage their families? All companies, businesses are running on educated students so they are the basic roots of every work.


Teachers, Advocates, some clerks who are working in the private section. Hotel employes, restaurant employes, theater, temple employees, Malls, some small businessmen will have to suffer more. 

The people who have passive income and getting a good salary have to not worry. They are in a relaxed position. No tensions, but, what about the people who didn’t have any source of income? 

These people have the position that ‘’Mother is not giving meal and father is not allowing to beg’’  

    Today everyone has to be alert that this is not the time to play any politics or to work only to get publicity. Everyone must have to work to get food, clothes, and their basic needs along with good health facilities to needy families. 


  Yesterday our honorable chief minister has been announced that we will provide good health to every family. This means they are providing tablets, sanitizers, kits, masks, etc. But, did they know how many people are not getting complete food in the middle-class family? We are making a survey of COVID seriously,, is there any patient is hidden with this disease.? Are we have been made any survey that is any family is there who didn’t get their basic needs complete? Nowadays there are plenty of families who are not getting complete food for their families. Especially it is happening in the middle-class family. Now tell me if they have been not getting complete food to eat can they eat only tablets or can they drink only sanitizers? 

  Today everything has to get more costly. So can common people will pay for it? 

  Since 2 months back there is a discussion on Sushant Singh suicide. Like this how many youths have been doing suicide due to lack of their jobs, their business, can any channel have been attending to them? Is any media is discussing it? Sushant Singh has everything still he had finished his life only with small reason. What about the youth who didn’t have anything?

 So I think that the Govt should have to attend that can every person is getting at least every day’s balanced diet. If he will get a balanced diet there is no need to spend more budget on health. Automatically health of people will cover. It can increase immunity. No need of keeping or providing medicines and tablets to the common people.

   Priority must have to give to get good food, clothes, and shelter.   

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Coconut Cakes (Vadi) Recipe

This recipe 👌 is famous in Marathi. We are making it by adding Jaggary along with pure ghee. It has a special method to make it perfect. If we will make it perfect , it can remain as it is atleast 15 days. It can increase haemoglobin along with calcium. It contains coconut oil so it is good for bone health. It keeps bone strong.

Let’s we should check how to make it ?

Time For It

: prep cook total.

30 min 60 min 90 min.

Author’s name: pranitadeshpande

Cuisine: Indian,

Food type: Coconut cake

Keyword: Coconut cake Recipe.

Serve for: many.

Ingredients To Make It :

Whole Coconut : 2 Jaggary:

1/2 kg ,

Ghee: 50 gm ,

Milk cream: 100 gm

Dry fruits : Cashew nut : As your convenience,

Almonds: As your convenience.

Method To Make It.:

Brake the coconut. Remove it’s outer part. Make it’s small pieces. Grind it in mixture jar. Now keep this a side in a container.

Now keep the big pan on the gas. Pour ghee 2 spoon to it.

Pour ground coconut in to the pan. Now stir fry it well still red colour appears to it.

Now add Jaggary, dry fruits pieces to it. Add milk cream and continue to stir.

If is getting to cook with sufficient ingredients then don’t add extra milk. Now allow it to cook till it become condensed.

Now take other thali ,spread some ghee in it. Pour hot well condensed coconut material to it. Immediately spred it with 🍰 paper or by wet hand. Keep it to cool till it become completely dry.

Make its smart biscuit like pieces. Serve it as it is.

You never have been 👌 tested this type of delicious recipe.

Coconut Vadi Marathi recipe /
Coconut Cakes/Vadi/

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