Benefits of caradamom water- Health

Healthy benefits of caradamom water – Homemade 

How  to take benefits of cardamom water 


How to convert negative energy into positive ?

Transformation of energy _ Negative into positive Best way of converting energy _ Healing of relationships. Are you ready to transform yourself _ Relationship


Importance of Kartik Month- Memories

Yesterday we have celebrated ”TULSI VIVAH ” I called to so many ladies for” Haldi Kumkum” . We are talking about this festival and at last my 1 friend came late to my home and while talking to her suddenly I remembered my childhood days of KARTIK  Month .Do you know this Month gives us a lot of benefits along with some entertainment as well as heal us spiritually .But we must have to understand how to realize it?  

When I had been in 4th std  at that time my mother has started to make VRUT of Kartik Month. 

My elder sister ” Sindhu” getting ready to make POOJA OF lord Krishana . She keeps  square like short table, keeping LORD VISHNU’S PHOTO and sitting in front of it by taking all apparatus of worshiping.   Enlightening  so many lamps along side with it. Keeping middle size ”KRISHANA ” Idol on the table . I too also sitting near with her.

Now we have started a devotee song since getting up to the GOD a complete celebration of GOD worshiping. Of them getting up to GOD 2 songs , then  bathing him 1 song, Keeping Tilak on his forehead 1 song, wearing God beautiful clothes 1 song, now drawing Rangoli for him 1 song , for his every acting 1 song like garlanding him . Giving him Tulsi ,giving milk, butter, bhojan, Pan, Aarti , then Punishment song for us if we have done anything wrong with him . 

Some other ladies also singing another devotee songs still some songs I remember  now .Sometimes  I  am  also singing that song today . One day my senior elder sister was sitting to worship God and started to sing Aarati , then suddenly I have learnt one Ganesha’s new Aarti and I want too sing that Aarti on that day so I started to sing it and my sister had been stopped me to sing it. I started to cry loudly crawling on the ground , getting angry with my sister.Why did she not allow to sing an Aarti and how much I became unhappy you know till today also automatically tears comes in my eyes if I remember that scene .This is my GOD’S love since childhood.    

Importance Of Kartik Month-Spiritual  

Then we are collecting all milk, Curd , sugar in a container to make ”GOPALKALA ” 

At that time there was no any tap system for water so we must have to bring water from our river, it is almost 1 km away from our home, but still we all friends collect in one place taking POOJA THALI and went to the river .There was silence, blue color river water was flowing from south to west. Now we are making BOATS of paper, keeping JYOT to it and by enlightening, it, sending it in the river .We all our friends, making some new designs or ”SWASTIK ” from it .Looking very glorious and beautiful . We never forget that beauty and these days of my life getting tremendous happiness while doing Pooja and sending ”Diya’s in the river water. Then we are waiting there to see how much time our ‘Diva ” will burn ? Whose ”Diya”will burn more time?She is lover of God is our thinking at that time.

Then we are bringing water at home from that river. 

Singing a song at river also, looking very beautiful .Feeling calm and satisfied as we have already filled to much information about God before morning. 

Sometimes we went  to the temple after making Pooja
Image result for images of temple near river of Kartik Month

Importance Of Kartik Month – Memories 

Importance Of Kartik Month –  Spiritual 

How to become spiritual in Kartik Month? -pranita deshpande 

Be spiritual in Kartik Month

If I will remember these days I feel that by learning more education I have spoiled my natural life.

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The Sunshine Blogger Award


#sayyestotheworld-If i became star in the sky

Star is the topmost personality in the world so i am trying to become star in my profession.

#Sayyestotheworld-If ibecame starin the sky

Best imagination converted into practical solution. 
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Diwali -Food Market – Decoration Is Motivation you know

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Do you know we are not in a rich country but we have full of market. This Diwali market is the great inspiration, motivation surprising thing to the world . We know suppose Diwali has to come  2 month  but we are planning to buy the thing since 6 Month. Means that thing may be flat, any property or real estate, may be gold, silver , mobile, laptop , motor cycle, car or anything. We didn’t need to do any motivational class for it. All motivational classes are running on Indian culture but they have modified , studied on it and added some new things and  shown to us that this is the real motivation of life. But actually Indian festivals and rituals are the real law of attractions . If you will go to the Gold shop we feel tremendous happiness may be we can’t purchase that much things but feeling is rich .If you will go in the Sari shop , they are showing us richest sari’s in front of shop and we lost our mind in that, watching these materials .If you have liked anyone Sari too much then keeping it in the mind  , planning to buy that Sari, working for it  and one day you will simply went to the market to bring the Sari, really this is the self motivation.  DIWALI MARKET

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

MARKET IS THE BIG MOTIVATION: If you are depressed and not have any interest in life go to the Indian market simply wonder here and there see the shop care fully, see the items which are hanging in front of shops it may be clothes, Sari’s , decorative things, crockery, vegetables, fruits, flowers, hawkers sitting on the road showing us a lot of things these things gives us happiness for a while or reduces our sadness,unhappiness and here our mind automatically gets encouraging and simply want to buy all things we forget all our depression , sadness everything and directly start to work. But today these places are taking to  the Malls  which is closed we can’t see , we can’t see anything openly and didn’t feel happiness till we reach in the mall and the person who didn’t have money never go to the mall and this increases depression.  

FOOD MARKET : Many times I went to wonder in the evening , at that time on the road there are the big vehicles of Vada pav, dryfruits are sitting openly on the road, some fruit sellers, some kitchen appliances seller .

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If we have so many problems in our mind but by looking to these sellers we get inspiration and if we are walking along the road definitely we ask price of that item and  if you have money you definitely purchase at least one thing on the road but maybe we have money or so many balance in our wallet  we can’t go simply in the shop not purchase any thing . Because we are wondering for another purpose may be are going to the hospital or temple or anywhere didn’t buy anything by taking entry in the shop but definitely we can buy bananas on the road.  These are the real rules of market but today we are running away these sellers from the road side .But to get the work to the every youth and to reduce unemployment this must have to run, keep some proper place for them but compulsory have to keep these things on the road .

When I went to my friend’s home I  saw her showcase I was asking them from where you brought it? then they were saying , people are sitting along the road and I saw feel good , so I purchased it. Can you go to the shop to purchase it? Maybe you have big shop and having a lot of things can people know that these things are available in this shop. So I think to run the country nicely and happily open market on the road must be there otherwise everyone will be in depression.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In villages there are  2 days for market .On that day a lot of people are sitting on the road to sell the products and so many are buying all these things happily.Going purposely on that day thinking that ”Today is market day and we have a lot of things cheap” I heard that here in Latur some where market has been stopped because road must be clean to run the vehicles. Means you are caring for vehicles but the person who is surviving  his life and his family, who has to be ran away .Is this rule is right for Human Rights? If you want market rules strict then make the rules of parking strictly .Keep away your all vehicles from the market place . There is a market and running vehicles with nonsense manner .Today I went in the market and  I saw there is no place to walk on the road to the people as market is full of  shopping things and people are running here and there in them there is a crowd of  vehicles . At this place must have to keep rules for the vehicles. But we are running our vehicles in the cow’s stable also.


The Book Of Life- Pranita Deshpande

via The Book Of Life- Pranita Deshpande

How to make life meaningful?- Pranita deshpande

Tips to make life meaningful _ Pranita deshpande

Meaningful life gives value to our life -Life.


Benefits Of Coconut -Spiritual

   Coconut Ladoo Recipe _ Easy Dessert

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Benefits of coconut

Generally, coconut name shows spiritual sign, when we  keep an image of this fruit in front of our eyes, it gives us an image of God’s, temples, worshiping, etc . In India no any worship is completed without it .No any rituals it maybe marriage, wedding, engagement, Vastupujan, Inauguration ,etc It can’t be complete without coconut . When there is Amayoshya or Poornima Indian must  break it  in front of God. We know that on Shani Amoyasha or Saturday Lacks of coconuts are breaking in front of Shani Devata.  via fast food specials today near me…

When any one has to be honored, we are giving him coconut along with the shawl . When any married lady came into our home, she has to give coconut in his Sari.Means this coconut is useful in the lot of rituals Festivals .I think this fruit is VVIP in the fruit species. But still India was not given King post to him what is the reason behind it? Why did this fruit or tree have more importance?

Do you know there is a story behind this tree.? That is if anyone wants to complete any wishes he has to sit under that tree and say wishes to that tree. Your wishes will complete definitely .This is the magic of that tree and really this case happens as it has a scientific reason behind it.

Spirituality uses this type of tree as its every part of the body is in a useful state .No any point of this tree is not getting wasted when we use that coconut for every ritual and festivals it spreads some good vibrations towards us, same  that our body also gets useful as like coconut . When any lady gives coconut in the front lady’s  ‘’OOTI’’ meaning is that your life also must be useful for family or others like coconut . Coconut is useful to others same like your life must have to be useful for others means your life will automatically become valuable as well as meaningful.

When we are breaking a coconut it indicates that you are breaking your ego. Coconut’s outer side means hair like part spreads good vibrations In the surrounding. In so many homes ‘’KALASH ‘’ is kept near to God. As it keeps home cool by sending good vibration as well as absorbs negative vibrations.

Let us discuss how did some part of coconut is useful to us.

The Roots :The roots of this tree are useful to make dyes, toothbrush, floor brush,to make a toilet washing brush and it is useful in so many medicines .

Related image

Coconut leaves : The eaves of this tree are used to make roofs of house generally, near the places of sea or Oceans their houses are made by coconut leaf roofs and they are using their stems as a poll to their huts.

In Konkan  no one is making  any Subji without coconut .There ladies are cutting coconut in 2 minutes in two parts and its grated part is used in the subji .Subji it may be green subji  or curry .In any type of curry they are mixing 1 total grated coconut . We can make so many types of food items from it as like chutney, rice, cake, etc.For chutney special visit .  and

Coconut oil is  used to make chocolates, biscuits, and some sweets  .As well as  coconut oil is used in so many cosmetics, that is so many face wash, face creams , body lotions is made from coconut . Custard Apple Milk Shake

Coconut bowl like part can be used to make so many decorative items or it can be used to keep food for the birds hanging in the tree.

So if we will learn the  coconuts  every part carefully,  we will understand not nail like part also getting  waste so we say it is ‘’KALPVRUKASH’’ in Marathi .Means it can complete our all wishes. via Banana Milk shake _Banana

Image result for Benefits of coconut tree with images

Image result for Benefits of coconut tree with images

Image result for Benefits of coconut tree with images

Just  we  have to make a coconut recipe

Let us make coconut Ladoo for appetizers

via Banana Milk shake _Banana

Time for it

Prep cook total

5        5  10 min


Cuisine  Indian

Food type : Desserts, Ladoo

Serve for : 3


Grated coconut  – 2 bowls

Jaggary – 1 bowl [smooth] grated.

Cardamom  5 flakes

Poppy seeds   2 tbsp 

images for it  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PROCEDURE  FOR IT  : Take grated coconut, jaggary, Cardamom, poppy seeds in one thali .  VRUT RECIPES -NAVRATRI SPECIAL

Grind it in the mixture .

Make its’ Ladoo. 

Your well prepare Ladoo is ready to eat.

You can eat it at anytime

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Satvik Bhojan – Sidhart Hall -Singhgadroad Poona

Indian thali means a great achievement for the food lovers who likes ”Satvik Bhojan”  , it may be Maharashtra, Gujarati, Punjabi, Rajasthan etc. Generally, The person who is loving in the specific area is loving more for their native food. If he would be got a new style of food to eat then it will take time to love it. If it is tasty according to his perception then it feels tasty otherwise there is no difference in animals and human beings. As animals are eating anywhere to fill their stomach if that is our perception towards food then it is very difficult to keep food anywhere.  Electric Rice Cookers,

In the last week, I went to Poona to attend one celebration after celebration of the program I came across to the food in the dining hall and start to eat the food. I didn’t have eaten this type of tasty, clean and satvik food. Along with nice respect, love and care. Air Fryers

I saw they have kept a lot of items on the table I asked them the recipe for every food item.      are the items how they have made?

Kothimbir vadi









For contact


mobile no. : 9422026111

Satvik Bhojan - Sidhart Hall -Singhgadroad poona/
http://Satvik Bhojan – Sidhart Hall -Singhgadroad poona/

Eating Disorder- What Maintains food – Food Security

As the food, as the mind. As the mind, as the man.

To make the energy we require food. Without food, we cannot lead our life. Nowadays there is a lot of information about food on the social media or in the newspaper in the T.V. Radio, etc. We know that to build a body strong. We need a balanced diet and we are learning about a balanced diet from the 5th std. But we are away from ‘EATING DISORDER” and what maintains our food?”



The balanced diet means the diet in which contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, salts, fats etc are in a fixed proportion. If there is a deficiency of any constituent in our food, we are suffering from many diseases. lack of vitamin B causes beriberi, irritations etc. absence of vitamin C causes scurvy in the mouth. an absence of vitamin D causes rickets, an absence of A vitamin causes night blindness etc. If we are not getting the excess amount of salt to our body our body losses control then hypertension, sugar etc. These problems occur in our body. All these about our balanced diet habit.

vrut upma

Now we have to know what effects on mind when we are taking food every day? How should we make food? What is the psychological method to prepared food? How can we eat food? Where we have to eat? What type of food is healthy for my mind and body? Which are good habits’ of the food to make our mind calm, clean and clear?

One Green Planet

. If there is a nice balanced diet in your Thalia and when you are eating, someone comes in your home and he is quarreling with you, can you eat comfortably? Means while eating, to digest food properly we have to keep our mind calm and silent, that food makes blood and mind. Our mind also made from tiny particles of food.

Related image

Related image

When any man brings their food from corrupted money or from stolen money or with dishonest work, maybe he had cheated too so many poor for his food or maybe he played politics with family members like a brother, sister etc. If that type of food will eat their children and wife their mind become selfish, lazy, dishonest and all above bad habits will enter, who eat that type of food, and his willing power gets reduced. So that in ancient time’s so many Gurus, Rushi’s, didn’t it anywhere, anyone’s hand food.

Our Food Maintains Values &Virtues.

To keep values, morals, virtues, principles in our life we have to eat food. Who earned with honesty, there is no corruption, no cheating etc

 Now we will see which food effects on our mind?. 

There are so many ways to cook the food in them Which are effective we will see. When our mother makes food for us, thinking that my children should eat comfortable and properly and there health and mind should nice. It creates love, happiness, peace in the family. 

    1. The food which is made in hotels, thinking that we have to earn a lot of money maybe it will sufficient for the customer or not, that type of food creates the thought that” life is only for making money.”
    2. When we keep cooking lady in our home she has to earn money for her family thinking that my family can’t get rich food to eat it. So she creates that vibration and these vibrations effects on our food, and when we eat like this food it effects on our mind and we can’t get satisfied with this food.
    3. The food which is made in a temple or in any spiritual organization. Do we compare all food with temple Prasad? which food will we get tastier? Obviously Prasad. As Prasad is made by considering that “this is Bhagwan’s Prasad” taking the name of god every time it becomes tastier. Gods, vibrations are entering in this Prasad. 
    5. Now, what should we do when we are eating food.

      How to Maintain a Balanced Diet  

 Recite Gods name before to eat so that it will create good thoughts about our food Say Govinda.
  1. Keep mind silence, So that we can eat comfortably
  2. Stop irritations or making an argument. which cannot convert our food into poison
  3.  Eat silently and slowly so that it can digest properly and it can make blood and mind.
  4. Don’t eat in front of T.V. As in the T.V. if any picture is running on the screen. i.e. dis argument, quarrel makes bad effects on our food and thoughts.
  5. Don’t wonder while eating food as germs will enter in the food

    Food – 

  6. Don’t eat onion and garlic as when we are cutting onion it produces tears in our eyes and also it produces irritations in our mouth, then thinks how much irritations will produce in our thoughts? That effects on our mind. Our thoughts vibrations changes and it creates negative energy and bad smell.

About non-vegetarian food

Every where there is a discussion for non veg. Non- veg is harm full for our mind and for digestion. As when you cutting living animal that animal create lot of fear in his mind and that vibration effects on that food, if we will eat that type of food we will become violent, cruel, we loose emotions. So that there is a proverb in Marathi. 

Vadani kaval gheta nam ghya shrihari che.” Sahaj havan hote nam gheta pukache, Jivin Kari jivitava anna hay purna Brahma, Udar bhar Na nohe janije yadnya karma . Jai, Jai Raghuveer Samarth.

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