Spiritual Journey – A Way Of Life


Never mind any doubt about spiritual people’s journey . It is not always regular but changing with the atmosphere. But definitely it is running with inner voice. That journey didn’t know any goal but it gives us good eternal messages in the journey. So spirituality teaches us journey is important not destination.

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Why People Are Turning To Meaningful Life – Self Improvement

Why people want to live meaningful life?

man is living life for getting happiness to the soul. Happiness, purity, peace, honesty are the qualities of soul. Meaningful life carries these qualities in their life. The happiness which is getting from original qualities never get anywhere. It can be run in every moment of life but the person who didn’t know meaningful life couldn’t get easily understand it. The person who is running on soul quantities can catch happiness in any moment. He is always light. Means doesn’t feel any pressure, stress or any tension on his mind.

If any tension created in his life he/she can handle it easily and lightly. No worries of it. In his life never come unhappiness, still it will come he carry it easily thinking that it is the part of my life and he looks happiness in the unhappiness. Looking respect in the insult. Looking love in the hatreds, looking peace in the quarrel or fighting. He/she thinks that , I have to live life with it. So no question of any problem . He/she makes progress of his life in like this situation.

Since so many years we are reading or listening the news on the T V that the son of Kamvali has been passed ISS exam or Daughter of poor farmer became collector etc. Why did it happens? They have the perfect goal but still everyone need happiness in the present moment. They carry some original qualities of souls in daily life lightly and so they get the power to reach their goals. Also they are learning meaningful life in the journey of their success. So meaningful is important in everyone’s life.

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Why people are turning to meaningful life/

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Why Did We Didn’t Have To Bother Criticism- Self Improvement

What Attitude have to keep for criticism – Criticism

Hi friends criticism is very tough situation in everyone’s life. No one want to hear criticism from another person. For that we are preparing our best life. But, still we have

to face it? Why? Let us check here?

It’s very good question. There are so many types of people who are criticizing us .

1] The person who want improvement in us .

2] The person who are jealous to us .

3] The person who can’t do anything if he want to do so they are criticizing.

4] The people who didn’t have interest in any thing and have getting some my posts as a system rule also criticizing .But, don’t want to lose me.

5] Some people have the habit to critise in any case means if you will do good karma or vise varsa.

Now You are asking me how you are not bothering it?

If our soul knows perfectly how I am ? Which situation I have faced in life? Can any person will do this type of work in place of me? I know that I am the queen of my life,because when I am putting one line here behind that line has the suffering of 25 years. So that these words makes transformation of mind easily. Then automatically my self esteem becomes high. This self esteem gives me power to heal me. /how-to-overcome-jealousy-mental-health/

Now another thing is when any person is on high level he must have to go from all these things. Of them if any person is doing good work he has lots of enemies so there is no need of bothering it. We know that so many politicians, actors, actress, saints, God’s have to go through it then who we are? And if anyone has to reach his destination or goal must have to face all these things. /how-to-become-satisfied-person-in-lock-down-exit-covid/

But, any way I like criticizing person near to me. So that I could make improvement in my work.

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We know that our Saint Tukaram have told that ‘’Nindakache Ghar Asave Shejari’’ If no one is there to point us we will become ‘’HUKUMSHAHA’’ and we will think . I am the right person in the world. No one will challenge me. So always we must have to appreciate criticism , have to study well by which angle it is doing? We must have to say thanks to the person who is showing us our mistakes. Otherwise some people never shows it.

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How To Overcome Jealousy -Mental Health

If anyone is jealous of me?
Nowadays we are listening to this word everywhere & lots of people are suffering from it .
Many people hurt another people with this word. Let us we will try to counselling for their insecurity here. & learn how to overcome jealousy?
Let us see what is meant by jealousy? When a person creates some hateful or negative energy against successful people is known as jealousy. /lets-know-meaning-of-hope-self-improvement/

Generally, it can carry everyone, no one can control to create this term in their life.
When we feel lower than anyone then I create jealousy. It carries comparison, competition,ego, hatreds etc. So that nowadays there is a trend that just lower the other person we will become higher, we are losing our original track, accepting any challenging situation or wrong way. It creates stress, anger, greed, irritation etc. Due to it how I am feeling today? /how-can-overcome-worries-in-lock-down-exit-covid/
What is the quality of my thought? Is attachment is blocking me? How am I thinking about another people? Is the way to understand the feeling of jealousy? Is this thought gives me nice feeling?
Or can these thoughts improve my life? Then why did I am creating these types of thoughts?/our-destiny-in-lock-down-exit-covid/
Jealousy simply creates stress & we know that stress = pressure/ inner power.


If a pressure is more stress is more. If we will neglect inner power I cannot change the
situation, I cannot change my husband means I cannot control numerator then why not we  increase inner power./interesting-stories-2--self-improvement--exit-covid/
Forget the situation our focus is on the situation so that we didn’t know inner power…
So to remove jealousy we have to increase inner power.
Some offices, schools, homes are filled with jealousy. If any person is jealous of me
then I didn’t have any effect on my mind.I have to do sometimes my work with my good intention./versatile-blogger-award/


To become jealous is the mistake of him not my any mistake then why should I suffer from it.
I have to maintain my belief that another person’s insecurity is not my mistake. So I
should have to create compassion for him keeping confidence with me.

In this situation some time I become depressed but I have to maintain specialty and if a
jealous person is overpowered with me then his negativity will overpower me.So that my
mood is getting off and suddenly my creativity is getting stopped and then I say due to him my work is not completed.
Five Ways to Kick the Jealousy Habit |


Well, I have to keep me self-motivated so that my power remains as it is. Where there is
power there is a growth.
You can do your work continuously with learning new things. Learning never goes waste .
my positivism will overpower you. Then people will tell you after meeting him I feel very
nice. Now, this person becomes the leader and everyone is supporting him.

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What Is Spiritual Love – Spiritual Growth

Describe love

Spiritual Love One Discovery
1) Why did I choose love today?
2) Is love makes complete to a man?
3) Can my love is blind?
4) Is I am careful to implement my love everywhere?
5) How will I become love full soul?
What is meant by Spiritual love?.
Spiritual love means making close bonding to the super natural power & from this power, we have to face every situation to get the success. As well as have to spread that love everywhere.

How much we love to a supernatural soul that much we would get detached with so many  physical  attractive things. Sometimes we can get detach from the people also as we know in India so many saints have reach on the higher spiritual journey. They have been taken samadhi’s . Have been remain alone. For ex : Gautam Budha, Saint Dnyeshwar, etc

When we are remembering to the supernatural power. We will get a lot of energy & this
energy gives us power, the courage to face the situation.
This love reduces worries, gives an experience of peace means we can become peaceful soul.


http://The seven spiritual laws of success/

Every man’s first desire is to get the love & every person is eager to get the love from the
spiritual person.
The life without love is missing some hopes & sweetness, Love is the main support of each relationship. Love sees goodness & capacities in another soul. Love never sees any badness in any soul.
It does not inspire due to any emotions or any prize. It has the beneficial way.
Energy of this love makes every situation light & so that there is a say that “There is a power in love to make the stone soft & smooth”



Spiritual love gives perfection to the love &  brings success in any field. It brings
completeness where it was broken into pieces”?
Love is the spiritual power which makes everyone’s heart clean & clear & sends peace full vibrations everywhere.
It is the power of body, mind & wealth with selfless emotions & it produces happiness

Spiritual love gives any time energy to make fulfilled. “.
High spiritual love finishes worries, anger, greed, ego etc. It makes our life full of selfless
love. Good emotions of love bring out good vibrations from our inner heart feelings. Which have a power of truthfulness, purity? Spiritual love nourishes to us & makes us strong.
Spiritual love is the highest identity of purity. It cannot become impure, with any mixture or any artificial love. It makes consolidate bonding in relationship & it has power to make good health, wealth etc. It attracts good people it changes front peoples mind.

It is the love of ocean of God . It comes out up widely.

When spiritual love flows in our mind it emerges virtues automatically. Which gives us
smile, happiness, inner satisfaction etc.
When we experience real spiritual love our eyes spreads bright glimpse & our mind become fresh & it spreads fresh look on our face.

Faith means loves another side.To keep faith means to emerge clean love. Faith changes impossible in to possible.

Love is the great power & so it produces faith.
In faith there should not any weakness & doubts, If any person connect with God then his faith makes his intelligence becomes strong, perfect and it complete all selfless desires.

If we don’t want any name fame, prestige then also it gets automatically spread.

When anyone is praising us then we have to accept it lovingly & politely. When a person touches with any ego it makes person weak.
It is important to keep balance in love. This balance makes inside active & gives lot of
peace.  Bible,
Love creates unity in any family, in any organization , in any union these are the greatest
signs of love.Jesus,
In this world all big organizations are running due to clean love.
• Love (religious views)
Generally we are thinking that to get love from other persons means we are great.

But when we are giving anything without any expectation, then we get infinite fruits.

corporeal love from God but it is secret.

The spiritual loving person whose belief system is truth he always behaves nicely. Love
always looks specialty & strengthen’ in other people. To keep flow of love continuously we have to delete past, hurt &old image of the person. Now our mind became clean, clear now we can perceive the person with a new way of thinking & a new behavior. This is the purpose of our life, it can learn from spirituality.

What Is mean by spiritual love -spiritual growth/ Keyword and link

The love of clean hurt is unconditional ,it flows automatically & radiate positive energy.
To keep harmony in love, we have to keep attention on our thoughts, words & actions.
Love is the great power & so it produces faith.

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How To Know Toxins In Our Body – Health

How To Know Toxins In The Body?

Hi friends, we know that our body  is filled with the lot of toxins , unwanted materials, etc .

Which are these we will see here ?

WHAT ARE TOXINS : Toxins are the unwanted , waste material which can be created in our body in our metabolism action. These are created in the process of digestion, blood circulation,  excretion, assimilation, churning etc. Sweat, fart, omitting, bad breath, bad smell of body, germs on the body or hair, Dhekar in Marathi etc are the common toxins of the body. 


If we have eaten waste food that is stale food , raw food, dirty food, which is not digesting properly it can create toxins in the form of fart, omitting, acidity, etc.  It can convert food in to poison. We feel tired, depressed, do not want to do work etc. If we will eat any type of food in the more proportion as you like it , it also create toxins. It may be sour things that raw Mango , Amla, Tamarind, drinking more times tea , coffee, eating more tobaccos, drinking alcohol also  creates more toxins in the body.


depressed, do not want to do work etc. If we will any type of food in the more proportion as you like it , it also create toxins. It may be sour things that raw Mango , Amla, Tamarind, drinking more times tea , coffee, eating more tobacoes  , drinking alcohol also  creates more toxins in the body.

Craze Of Vegan Diet In Youth Generation

CHANGING TIME OF EATING :  This is the main cause of cancer disease or any disease  . As this habit disturb our liver functions and change all types of metabolism. Create more serum, acidity and this is the starting point of any serious disease. It produces a lot of toxins, so that we have urinary infections, skin infections ,etc .

In India there is a habit to eat ”Vidyache Pan” along with so many ingredients in it. As it will remove toxins which are creating in the body along with good digestion. 

Some fruit Juices removes toxins of the body for ex -Orange Juice . health, Mental health

Everyday it is not possible to eat that ”Vidyache Pan” but we can eat ”Badisoap” or cloves,

or cardamom  to remove the feeling of omitting or to make digestion good.

Increases Fungal Infections and Bad Breath :  When we have stored a lot of toxins in our body it can help to the germs to increase in the form of infections as like fungal  or bad breath. Feeling tired , sleepy, are the example of increasing toxins in the body.

SKIN :   Acne , rashness, inflammation are the examples of increasing toxins in the body. Eating more oily food increases these phenomenon.

COMMON HEADACHE :  There are thousands of reasons of increasing headache but of them common headache occurs due to increasing toxins .

EATING OPPOSITE VEGETABLES : Sometimes we didn’t have the knowledge to eat which vegetable with what . If we will eat onion with milk it creates toxins. After drinking tea or coffee some people are eating fried food , or sour drinks, juices  also increase toxins in the body. Today we are reading thousands of articles. They are filled with full of knowledge but if we are using so many of it to remove your problems it will create a lot of toxins along with so many problems in daily life. 

  So be careful while using home remedies.

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How To Become Satisfied Person In Lock down – Exit COVID

Become fulfill person

Satisfaction is the mental attitude of life. It is the peaceful state of mind with happiness. It gets from inside not from outside.   

Satisfaction creates appreciation in every relationship with great emotions having nice intention. Satisfaction makes difference in greed & how much you need.It gives fulfill feeling .

With satisfaction, you are always living simple means using simple clothes, simple diet & entertainment with happy mood.

Your self-respect & your personal power keeps you away from any corruption, any tempted things. Satisfied man always thinks himself as a really powerful person of GOD. This person has satisfaction easily. You can avoid yourself with ownership. You can away from any fear.

Understand joy & satisfactiondadi-janki

If any time, unfortunately, anyone has taken out his ownership & position then also he is living comfortably.

Outside situation can change but you are always satisfied person so that you never disturb with any outside situation.

Values are always living inside the behavior of heart which is deciding what should we have to do? & how we have to do?

Peace, satisfaction & purity are the spiritual values which can keep aware of you for connecting infinite universe.

Nowadays we have made a lot of progress in science, a lot of development also increasing.Everywhere we are watching huge building alongside the road, nice railway station, nice railways, good air service, good roads, good vehicles etc but then also there are a lot of people poor. Someone has no clothes to wear, some are living on the footpath, so many have not got enough & balanced diet, not getting medicated service nicely etc. What is the reason behind it?

There is a proverb that nature can complete your needs, not your greed.

Nowadays due to so many improvements, we are away from compassion & real love. &   there is a lot of gap between relationships. There is one image in our mind that the home which is big in size have a lot of peace & happiness. But actually, it is not like that.

Satisfaction means it is the effect of spiritual knowledge in which we can identify our negative energy clearly.

Satisfaction can place a position in luck & laziness.

If we can identify our inner power & inner energy then we can satisfy forever. &  it gives us lot of blessing to us.

‘’ Satisfaction & incorporeal things create transparency so that it can give benefit to earth & heaven ‘’……Mahabharata…author…/pranita-deshpande-author-quotations-

When a person has taken out all desires outside & he can be live with self dependently then his intelligence automatically gets constant.

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Quotations & Stories: Thou

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Our Energy -Search Our Energy – Self Improvement

Which points reduces and  increases our life energy.

It’s very important thing in everyone’s life that now everyone is aware of their energies. Everyone wants to increase their life energy but no one is trying how to save energy where it is wasting? Let us we will discuss in this chapter how our energy increases & decreases.?Emotional Impressions: happiness, joy, satisfaction increases life energy. Our Energy -Search Our Energy -Self Improvement ,

2] Love , nice belief system, faith & gratitude increases life energy.

3] When we are nodding our head to tell yes or no it increases our life energy

So that when we are singing a song or bhajan or classical music we are nodding our head.  Our Energy -Search energy – Self Improvement .

4] Clapping, dancing smiling, raising upside hands, doing Namaskar, saying ‘’RAM RAM ‘’also increases Life energy.

)5]When we are watching sky by telling ‘’HEY GOD’ then also we are increasing our life energy.

6] When we are keeping hands upside by telling ‘’HEY GOD’’ then we are increasing our internal life energy.Dr. Diamond tells this action as ‘’Thymes Jesture’’When we have a lot of tensions, unhappiness if we will do this types of actions then we are increasing our life energy.

7] Doing meditation, Yoga, Pranayam also increases life energy.

8] Listening classical music, soul music increases life energy.

7]  Some words are giving a lot of energy when we are reading all these words, then we are giving thanks to GOD   then we will get a lot of benefits.

8] Our gratitude increases every power. The person who is always connected with GOD has the energy to increase another person healing power. If we are in contact with them then automatically our life energy is also getting increasing.

Now we will see which points reduce life energy

1] When we are looking depress man’s picture or photo automatically energy gets reducing.

2]When we have the bad smell or we saw bad things like vomiting, stool or by listening abuse words also reduces life energy.

3]      Emotional Impressions: If I will create jealousy, hate, fear & doubts then my energy getting reduces.

4] When we are criticizing & shouting unnecessary then it will decrease our life energy as well as who is looking to us his energy also gets reducing.

5]If we have a lot of bad habits that are eating without bathing, keeping things anywhere, everywhere dirty atmosphere decreases life energy.

6] Making corruption, dishonesty, cheating also decreases life energy.

7] Watching porn, bad films also decreases life energy

8]  Sleeping more time in the afternoon, getting rise too much late in the morning decreases life energy.

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Are You Secure In – COVID -Lock down – Stay home

Pranita Deshpandeauthor,blogger, affiliate marketer.
More secure and more happy . If you are reading news paper then observe today’s rape cases, accidents, quarrels , etc .All these events have been stopped. Another thing is that before lock down there was a big and tough competition . This competition brings a lot of hatreds, jealousy, comparison, anger in the relationships and this was bringing so many health problems. As like blood pressure, sugar, hyperthyroid, etc and so people are more worried. May be they have so much money there was a competition of showing I am great than you . No one was there to say you are great. As they thought that, If I would be tell them great I would be feel lower and my confidence will decrease. With these thinking people were more worried.
Now we are away from all these things . Of them due to horrible situation criticism have been stopped suddenly. No one wants to critise to the front person. People have been turned their minds to the good situations. Atmosphere become cool. calm and stable. Air become clean . We have made complete change in our life style so no worries.
Now question is of #Coronavirus . But, if we will be careful and will follow the rules of CORONA there is no any question of security. Since lock down we are not in the crowd place then automatically we are feeling that now population has been decreased. Now new questions have been created that is losing jobs, loss in business will cover in 1 year . So no worries ,no any tension. Decide to be happy and always live happy./quotes-on-acceptance-power-to-face-in-lockdown-exit-covid/
More important question is of education . Education is the thing which can be learn ourselves. I think that now real qualities of people will develop as our education system was developing very fraud persons due to competition. But, now students also tension free from comparison and competition so they have more chances to develop themselves. If parents have been giving them good counseling. Also social media have catalyst role to develop good people. As in the social media we have the independence what to chose? So students can chose what they want eagerly and will make great progress.quotes-on-education-in-lock-down-quotes/
Maybe we think that students confidence will be getting reduce . It will happen but definitely their self esteem, self realization power will increase. As  today all people have been turned to work on spirituality. Everyone has a good understanding of spirituality . And  we know that spirituality can teach us how to overcome difficulty ? and how to be happy in any situation ? If the person is getting real happiness he can do anything.
With this we can develop India as wished by Swami Vivekananda.
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Are You Worried For Cyber Crime – In Lock down – COVID -19


We know that with COVID -19 /Krishana -20 . all  people are completely in the fear, worries, pressure , still there are some people who are taking benefits of it by creating cyber crime. Earning  crores of Rupees. They have lost their fear, emotions, humanity etc. They are searching a lot of new opportunities to make crime and earning a lot of money.


Due  to Corona people are searching medicines, masks, sanitize rs, hand wash ,protecting clothes, with these things some people are making fake websites and selling the products. Only making websites to sell these products , keeping products on these sites of high price and when customers are demanding any products they are getting stones , or not reaching any products on their sites. Already people are in troubles with COVID – 19 and they have to face this another trouble for their life.

Customers are thinking that , everywhere is shortage of these products, we are getting here very nice products , then why did we can’t demand it? So they are demanding it and getting them cheating with all these products.

These websites are developed with the support of famous medical companies. Who are preparing these things. Some officers have been told to the news agencies that we are searching like these sites . To caught them or to close them .So many sites have used COVID -19 word as a keyword to sell these products.

An international news inter poll have given strict notice . They have caught hundreds of crimes from so many countries.

Also started ‘’Operation Pangio’’ campaign with it.

This news is taken from our national news paper ‘’LOKMAT’’

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