What Makes Me Different n Happy – Intresting Story

Hi friends, thanks for asking me this question. As so many people are very eager to get this answer.
Since childhood, I was clear, clean, and open-minded. This is creating extra energy in my mind and increase confidence. And I think When any person is having more confidence, he is always different and happy in any situation.
Another thing is when we are away from material things we are getting more powers from the universe. For example in our home when our grandparents maybe have more amount in their account but they have distributed it in their sons and daughters still we are giving them more respect. And we have ideal fear [ respected] of them. We feel shy, shame to tell any unwanted thing in front of them. In some families, their sons didn’t drink, smoking in front of them. As in the last stage of life, people become free from all the material things, money, position, status, etc. They are only distributing pure love and thoughts to us. They need only pure love and pure thoughts as these 2 things give them more power.
As we know that if any grandparents have more money but he is not behaving lovingly to the family members then we know that so many granddaughters, sons are abusing them as in the old age power of money is not running. To understand it we have to experience life.
The same pattern running with the Saint, can we hate Gautam Budha as he didn’t have money?
Can we hate saint Tukaram, Dnyeshwar, Ramdas, these are so ancient people?
But, can we hate Anna Hajare as he didn’t have money? Can we hate the Amte family? But they are also always happy and their life is different. We never hate Mother Theressa. Even she was so simple.
When we are running with our principals then automatically we get happiness along with differentiation.
Before publishing my books I was so happy that I think that In the world no one is happy in comparison to me. Although I was facing a lot of difficult situations. I didn’t know what is mean by profession? What is the value of money in my life? Why did we have to save money? I was completely away from all these things. This means I didn’t earn money is not true. I didn’t save money is also not true. But, still, I was never living for the only money.
At that time also I was earning money but never left my daily happiness. Living light is my virtue since childhood. Of course, I was carrying some worries at that time but, still light.
In college life also I was famous as a most laughing student. I like the students who are laughing with pure hurts. And my all friends were also jolly and laughing friends. Open-minded and always free. We have completely lost all these things in the lockdown.
In college, we were friends easily creating jokes, not telling jokes from books or by watching any films or reading books, etc. But when we gather at one place we were laughing continuously. Where had been lost this laughing now? In today’s life I am looking to the teenagers they are behaving like olden that 50 years’ person and saying we have made progress.
I think that at a particular level maturity and understanding are okay but if it is more in small age we are killing the next generation.
I am always giving thanks to my parents that they have left us free. We think that, if we didn’t have money then we have problems in our life? It’s true but, still, I think that if we have money and we didn’t understand how to use it for my family, my society, my religion, my charity, myself then It creates more problems in our life.
The person who will understand how to use money at the proper time that person always remains happy in his life and also everyone’s life. And, when we create happiness for the other person we create happiness for us.
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How To Motivate In Corona Pandemic – COVID -20

How to live motivated in Corona  Pandemic 

       Dear  friends, now we all are in very difficult situation. Everyone is creating pressure, thinking for future, worrying about their kids, its natural for a while. How man is interesting ! As he is telling every time .Why did we worry ? God is there. Still he is worry and not keeping complete faith on God. Now tell me if you are fluctuating every time  then how did he will show you the way?

Here are some points to be motivated to live away from it.

Get Up Early In The Morning : There are a lot of motivational stories of great person who are getting up early in the morning. Once a time there is a business man   who had lost his complete business then he went to meet this person . He told him one great solution for him . Whatever may be happened in your past. Let us get up early in the morning. Really he started to getting up early in the morning and his all lost things came back in his life.

Learn To Remain In Less Thinking:  Every time if we are thinking about it. It will howy on you. So avoid to think on it. You keep these words with you take care of your health but, ‘’Don’t watch, Don’t talk,Don’t think . Engage yourself in any activity. Do prayer in the morning. Talk to God. Imagine that God is with you. He is always talking with you. Giving direction to you.

Do Pranayam, Yoga :  This is the welcome way to remove toxic and negative thoughts. If you want to keep your body and mind strong . Work with it compulsory.

Avoid selfness : Do this small experiment. Do something it may be short for the needy person.

Who didn’t have food to eat give food to them.Anyone who didn’t have clean place to live.

Help them to get good place. If they didn’t understand its importance give counseling to them to live better.

Donate Blood : If you are healthy, fit and strong then donate your blood. It will be useful to the people who need it now. Otherwise what you are doing it by keeping in your body.Can you make pickle of it? Or do you want any investment from it? If you will donate blood now it will create again in 21 days. Then why there is fear? Remove fear: Whatever may be happening we have to face it, then why did fear? Without fear man can climb highest mountain , going downside the earth at the bottom of the earth. Then why fear for small virus?


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Interesting Story On Sansakara – Story

Emergence e of sansakar

I have been read one story about sanskaras. One famous author was there and he decided to adopt one child and to give him nice sanskaras and make him a big and great person. So he went on remand home with his wife and bought one kid for 6 months. The kid was so beautiful, cute, and attractive that everyone is turning to him. Now they have bought at home.

  • They are taking a lot of care for that child. Then after 3 years, they have given him admission in the best kinder garden for good Sansa Kar. Teaching him everyday nice songs, poems, shlokas, mantras, etc. Telling nice stories of Rama, Krishna, Arjuna, this way that child also giving them a nice response to their teaching for becoming talent clever student .

Everyone in their family enjoying every moment of life with happy thoughts. He is good in all subjects & he is getting nice marks. Now he is learning about taking care of his parents.

In this way, he had been coming to the 10th class. Now he becomes a mature student. He was studying regularly with full concentration. Everyone is inspiring him. Oh! He is a great boy talent & clever ‘’ Whole school had proud of him.

At last 10th exam over & result came & he becomes the topper of the school.

Now there was the discussion of college admission. His parents have collected some money for his admission. His parents want to go outside to meet his guest. So they went outside for 8 days leaving alone him at home.

child care -the emergence of sansakar.

One day has arisen he opened cupboard as a curiosity. His parents have kept his all documents of remand home & original information in one file. He opened the cupboard he got that file. He read carefully & he understood that he was the boy of another parent. Now he becomes a lot of angry & disturbing himself. He thought that this parent has cheated him & they had hidden him from his original parents. 

Now he was starting to hate this parent. He wants to take revenge on this parent but how? As within a fraction of a second, he lost his memory about this parent & start to revenge him. Now he was searching for something that how to get rid of this parent. Again he was searching in the cupboard & he got an ornament box of his mother & a lot of money. Then he took off it & ran away from that home. Now tell me what to do that parent with their sanskaras?

Why did I choose this topic to write? As I know today everyone is aware of sanskar, to get the good sanskar for their child they are giving them admissions in the big school. Involving them in a personal development class. Then also after the marriage that son becomes practical & starts to leave away from his parents.

child care -the emergence of sansakar.

Do you know there are 5 types of Sanskaras which are

1] Genetic & hereditary Which can carry past birth impressions as it is.

2] from parents

3] talk true.

4] From previous birth: when the child taking birth he brings a lot of samskaras from environments: Means due to my willpower I have sansakar to talk lie but my friends will power creates sansakar to and memory of premature birth.

My original sansakar which are peace, happiness, purity, truth, love, bliss & knowledge.

Now decide which sanskaras you want to keep?

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Thoughts by pranita deshpande
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How To Get Rid Of Addiction – Self Improvement

How To Get Rid Of Addiction?-

Nowadays everyone is familiar with addiction, addiction is the main hurdle of progress in everyone’s life.

Why did addiction come in my life?

When elder persons are addicted then younger one and smaller one learns from them that addiction is not a bad habit as my father is taking regularly. As he had created a good and real image for his father and from every point of view he thinks that my father is taking then it is good for me also.


 Experience and information and belief systems for example when yesterday I drank tea then it’s taste is better to me then I create a belief system tea is better to drink but if we want to rescue from tea. We have to change this belief system with knowledge and understanding of tea also harmful to our health.

Sometimes we think that we are doing it for getting happiness, and joy In a relationship as well as with a friend. I have been not getting happiness, and real joy So I start to addiction means when I get frustrate Then I turn to addiction.

Every time I want true love, trust, respect, and some qualities in a person. That makes me feel better. If not get these qualities I became discomfort able.

I am comfortable at a physical level but for a mental level, I feel uncomfortable.


I want to be complete inside and I am not comforted because I am not aware. I am not feeling well. My Uncomfortable feeling gives a vacuum. Uncompleted, but everyone wants experience harmony complete inside. Then search started the possession, achievement, coffee tea, movie, drink any kind of stimulates and that kind of stimulates trigger certain kind of feeling, Stimuli gives me a comfortable feeling outside. It is not inside it is temporary take out from dis comfortableness. and it distracts the mind for a moment from the emotional pain and unhappiness, but still, pain is there.

           When I am taking alcohol or watching T.V. drinking cigarettes etc. I have postponed my pain for some time. 

A concentration of my mind is merged and my mind is distracted anywhere you know that you are going in a bad direction still you are engaged in that but your pain is increasing so I want to remove that pain I want comfort feeling but when I realize how we feel without taking?

Solution for addiction.

1)To be spiritual as spirituality find roots of any problem.

2)Spirituality means getting to know you.

3)A positive affirmation to create a positive feeling.

4)We could think negative and create a positive sentence cannot work.

5)God is looking to your, pure, peaceful truth vibration, He will not just look to your mistake. Wherever attention goes there energy flows. So keep awareness of your thought.

6)You could get success suddenly but we have to take a decision co firmly.

Family counseling.: Scolding, no conversation is not the solution, first, we have to give him faith then tell him” you could be free from this addiction.” It is easy to free only to continue it is hard but we will try.

When I create one positive thought on it, I have to work on it, as thought create action, so I have to keep attention on my thought


Powerful motivation: – Quit today if not, decide date- Imagine it, share it to everyone, celebrate it. When I have to quit it then ask questions to yourself if you can’t stop. Then postpone it and when I feel that I couldn’t live without a drink then don’t keep any cigarette or bottle of drink with you.

Do meditation every day; connect with God for every second by remembering in every situation.

Spirituality means awareness from childhood.

A Strong will power and a strong foundation cannot turn to a bad habit.

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Quotes On Albert Eisenstein- Quotes

Quotations & Stories: ThoughtsKindle Edition

by Pranita P Deshpande (Author)

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Beautiful thoughts in beautiful mind

   Give beautiful dreams in beautiful eyes

so enjoy these beautiful nights

n beautiful dreams.

In beautiful night in beautiful manners,

Education is not the learning of facts ,but the training of the mind to think, 

There are lots of people who mistake their imagination for their memory.

so hearty  ”GOOD NIGHT”


1]Follow your curiosity

2] Perseverance is priceless

3] Focus on the present

4]The imagination is powerful

5] Make mistakes.

6]Live in the moment.

7] Create values

8]Don’t be repetitive.

9]Knowledge comes from experience.

10]Learn the rules & then play better

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

Change doesn’t start with action, it starts with a vision.Artists are great at creating a vision.

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Benefits Of Potassium Alum – Skin Health

Benefits of Potassium Alum 

  We are using this product in everyday activity. It can use as a spiritual product, as a disinfectant, for the body as well as in the home. These are one types of small crystals which we are using to stop negative vibrations in the home. It has white. Looking transparent. In childhood, we think that it is the stone of sugar and eating it secretly. When understanding the taste, throwing it on the ground or playing pebbles with it.

It has so many benefits some of it we will see here. 

We know that this product is using to clean the water for so many years. Before inventions of the new products, we are using the power of it to clean dirty water. It can keep all dirt at the bottom of the water.

If we will add the powder of it in the bathing water it can remove the foul smell of sweat. Otherwise today also some people are keeping small crystal of it in the saving kit. They are applying this crystal on the beard before saving it. As if there will cutting with the knife, it can stop the flow of blood immediately.

It can use to stop the blood in the wound. 

Due to a lot of pollution and changes in lifestyle, our face takes a black appearance or having dark black spots on our faces. To make it clean if we will apply it on them before going to bed for 10 minutes. It can clean all dark spots and skin. But, this experiment must have to do at night. If you will use it in the day time and went outside it will damage your face. So avoid using it in the day time. Excess use of it will create other problems.

This is the information which I have got from my observation and experience. Before using it you can consult to the specialist.

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10 Points To Be Happy Easily In Lock down

  Today everyone is always aware to be happy. We know that we are getting happiness from so many closed things like relationship, love, acceptance, watching TV, shopping, traveling, working as a businessman or in any job, getting money in the job or business. These are the things we are giving us happiness easily in the open world. 

   Generally, we get happiness from the following types of topics. 

* Physical: Here we can add money, business, property, clothes, food, and medicine. 

*Social: Independence, peace, friends, chatting, visit the partner, family, etc 

*Emotional: Love, romance, living in relationship

*Spiritual: Peace, religion, prayer, cleaning of the mind 

*Physical: Eating, drinking, playing, sleeping, etc 

*Etc: hobby, working, watching, cinema, TV, etc 

   These are our daily needs which can we complete our budget. But, when we are using it in the more proportion then it can create a lot of problems in every type of life. It may be physical, social, emotional, spiritual, etc So everything should be in control.

 Let us learn here which are 10 things keeping us always happy. 

1] Pretend That You Are Honest Person: To become an honest person. You start to make a drama that I am a really honest person. Means whatever you may be, you are that person. This means if you are feeling that you are a happy person then no one could be stopping you to be happy. So it is the very easy tack that if you didn’t know how to be happy then you must have to pretend happily.

2] KEEP RELATIONSHIP STRONG: This is the most part of any person’s happiness. Otherwise, if you have everything and the relationship is so bitter then maybe you will decide to be happy. You never become happy. So you just have to learn to keep relationships strong with each and every person. In the relationship only love is the word that can make strong bonding. So if your love should be clean, clear then maybe how much bitterness is there it can convert in to sweet.


I think that the person who knows this sentence is the king of the world. The person who can face easily all problems of life is always happy. They think climbing on the mountain is an easy thing no worries.

This strength is known as the power to face. The person who has this power have the ability to understand where had been hidden the power of face. And at a difficult time, he definitely emerges his power. 

4] KEEP FAITH ON YOU AND OTHERS: I think faith and confidence in one vehicle. But, there are 2 types of faith 1 ] regular faith 2] Blind faith. You know perfectly both faith. So to do any work we must have faith in ourselves. If we will lose our faith everything can finish in our life. 

5] TAKE HAPPINESS IN EVERY MOMENT: Do you know so many people are working for fame, position, future, family, next-generation, country, etc Work is not bad but, what they do they are postponing their happiness. Living very seriously. Some people didn’t know to be happy we didn’t have to waste this second. So they are losing happiness of that second and waiting for next year’s happiness or the next day, the next generation’s happiness, etc. In this situation, they are losing their happiness in the present case and becoming hurt. Always in tension. 

 Ego is the most important reason which is keeping us away from our real happiness. Ego carries hatreds, jealousy,     

6] GOOD HABITS CREATES GOOD EMOTIONS: Understand your bad habits. Find the way to vanish it. How did you will become more positive to create good habits must have the main aim of your life. Write your both habits. Try to remove it with your speed. Read good books, collect good friends, turn your bad habits into good. What we are eating also creating habits. As food creates emotions and emotions and habits are running close to each other. 

7] CLEANLINESS, HEALTH, HAPPINESS: Cleaning of anything changes our mood. Even if you will clean your utensils in the kitchen it will give you happiness. Your face has one type of charming. You can check this experiment. Cleaning of anything gives us happiness along with positive vibrations. Removes, laziness, brings alertness and awareness in our life. These things always keeping you happy so your health becomes strong. 


    Acceptance is the power that can change the world. The person who knows the power of acceptance he can live life happy anywhere it may be the forest, temple, cottage, any Bangalow or anywhere. He can be happy anywhere. So learn to accept good things. To live life happy we must have to accept change, must have to learn compromise and control. 

9] RELAXATION AND EMPTY TIME: Relaxation is the best way of making mind cool. Anyway how much you have work you must have to relax. This relaxation giving you more time for the next work. 

10 ] FIND SATISFACTION WHERE YOU GET: This is the topmost solution for happiness. Search your satisfaction. Where you can satisfy? For this, you must have to understand who you are? How could you get easily satisfaction?    

1]Are you really happy ?

2]Did you have a habit to postpone the happiness?  

3] Have you experienced happiness in small things?

4] Do you feel heavy while searching happiness outside?

5] Write your feed back in the comment section.

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My Interesting Internet Experience – Blogging


Quotations & Stories: Thoughts by [Pranita P Deshpande]
My Interesting Internet Experience – Blogging

 Friends, I want to share with you my nice and interesting experience to let us enjoy.


My aim in life is to publish my books, So I wondered for it for 8 years. I have contacted all publishers in Maharashtra. In my city. I have tried for 5 years, no one is responding to me, then I was running tuitions at that time I was earning 15,000 per month, but I decided to publish my book ”IMPORTANCE OF PRAYER” My husband has done typing of a book in Marathi.


To publish it I went to one press and that book was published in one month. Then after 5 years, I bought a smartphone in NOV 2014, Before that, I didn’t know how to handle a computer? or even how to keep email id? How to log in to Facebook? 

My younger son told me in his childhood that don’t touch this ”Mozilla Firefox ” as it will create a fire so I have a lot of fear about the internet. 

http://my interesting internet experience/


In that month I got a state-level award. I didn’t know how to upload photos, my student uploaded it. He also uploaded some photos vertically, some photos straight, some horizontal, some inverse, etc, Then I was searching publishers for my English book ”QUOTATIONS & STORIES” Then easily searched publishers, got partridge publishing com. The USA company. Then I filled their form and waiting for 15 days.


One day her call came and starting to talk with me, I was busy in my work at home. I told her please call me in the evening, so when I was in class her call came to me in the evening. at least one hour she was talking with me, She is convincing me I was refusing her…. Then again she was calling me on every week, In this way, I have left my 2 months, then, at last, I decided to publish it with that publication.

Then I studied all her agreements carefully and ready to agree. I have done my agreement with the help of my students, it was completed by Amrita Sarada ICSE student 10th class. Then I turned to online, my younger son, the elder son, is telling some small things, then I read some books at home about a computer.


When my book has been to publish I didn’t know I have to work on social media. I think they will publish & they will make marketing of it but they have told me to find your accounts on these channels & etc . Then I opened my account but not run these accounts. Sitting as it is thinking that



But only heard about Twitter, so for how to handle twitter I went in a cyber cafe, There is one student he told me like this you go, again I was in a lot of confusion what to do with this twitter.? I heard only VIP people are tweeting there, When I was looking to twitter account when follow board shows me I am clicking on them and I was getting a message on mobile that you are following with ….But I was thinking that oh! I was getting followers like Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, like this lot of big personalities are following me. As I didn’t know the difference between followers, following, follow. At least March month I didn’t know how to tweet? what to do with it? Why did I have to tweet? 

At first, I think only one tweet is sufficient for me. As I have my one book and some Brahma kumaris notebook. After finishing this book what can I do for a tweet? I am worried about what to tweet? Then I was sitting in front of the computer continuously and try to understand all the things and now I became the popular queen of the internet.

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Can We Control Nature – Humanity

It’s a very nice question. It is very bad for humanity, society, for people everyone. Have you seen ‘’Sairat’’ film? If you will observe the natural moment from that cinema for a moment we like to live that life and real life is that. But for status, position, and material happiness we vanish real happiness means pressuring our mind and bringing artificial happiness for the other people. This means we are killing our happiness. So that in today’s life people have no more enjoyment in life. if we have a lot of material things.
We know that traveling is very good for us giving happiness to us but, for that traveling, we are cutting forests, reaching like that point where no one is reaching then, when one man reached there. Then there is a queue to reach there as we have tons of money and we have polluted those places. In this way, we have polluted earth and now we are going to pollute other planets as well as the moon.
Now one person went on the mars, 2nd will collect money he will adopt anyway to go there and collect money to reach there as his goal is to reach there. So it will disturb society. And it can disturb humanity. Then that planet can fill full of rich people then these people will think ‘’YAAR MAZA NAHI AA RAHA JINDAGI MAIN’’ As there are no poor people to say them rich. Now tell me can they will be happy there?
Why did people are not believing that there is a supernatural power which can control all nature, planets, etc? His way of writing the destiny of people is different. If people are thinking that we are greater than nature then why did they have not inventing quickly vaccine of coronavirus?

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Mystery Blogger Award – dpranita583

Hi friends, hope you have enjoyed Sunday very well .

I would have to thanks to the daneelyunus for nominating me to the above award . Please visit his site here . To read his excellent posts. He is very good person as a blogger. Choosing excellent topics to write the articles. I like his articles on multi niche. He always inspires,motivates , gives confidence to the readers to be consistent. As readers are our welcome guests. We always respect readers attitude, pleasure, gratitude to reach us . Reading our posts. Always heartily thankful for their good appreciation.

This is 5 Th Mystery Blogger Award post.

Rules : Put the logo on our site .

Thanks the blogger who nominated you.

The creator of this award is Okoto Enigmaa. Thanks for creating this award.

Answer the questions asked .

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I like to write on multiniche. Especially by watching any things in the life of people.

I like to share my mysterious life experiences to my blogger friends.

Writing on life skills, present situation, mental health, health is my best choice.

Innovative writing, research on daily life’s some questions is my passion.

I think that, spiritual journey is the way to live a life happy .









1] How do you get time to run your passion from household chores ?

Very well question for me. So many are thinking that, I am behind in the business. But , I have written 3 , 4 books as living same journey. I think my self that to mange everything in the successful manner in the difficult situation. In the contrast surrounding is the main skill of life. I have managed all these things and reached here, to interact with international members. This is the top most good moments in my life. Now question remained of success. I am running here everyday and giving readers new

experience is best success for me. Now, I think that other success will also follow me automatically. As in my journey I have overcome d a lot of difficult situations to reach here.

2] Your Favorite Destination

Somnath temple and the surrounding area of it.

3] How did you will define your highest happiness state?

When I am writing new innovative article on any topic and publishing it. Getting good compliments on it is my best happiest thing.

4] Your favorite book.

Success Through Positive Mental Attitude.

5] What Anonymous you most

Toxic people.

At last thanks to the Daneelyunus for nominating me to this award.

Happy Blogging Journey

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