10 Healthy Benefits Of Turmeric – Health Benefits

Healthy benefits of turmeric – In Regular Use

How Turmeric Is Useful To us – Benefits

Reason Behind Using Turmeric In Rituals and Festivals.

We know that every food contains small amount of turmeric. In India there are a lot of rituals for using turmeric . When any lady came at home we are putting turmeric powder in the center of her eyebrows. I think behind running all these rituals must be a scientific reason. When there is a marriage ceremony we know that for the bridegroom we covered both’s body with turmeric paste . The reason behind it is in the marriage there are a lot of people around us and we have to work on so many rituals . So some time we didn’t get time to eat . Then our immunity automatically getting decrease and we can catch any infection easily . So to stop any skin infection from the other person we must have to be apply the paste of turmeric.

We know that so many God also putting a lot of turmeric on their face. In Maharashtra there is a big ritual for the GOD KHANDOBA . That when there is a big celebration of festival then they are spreading a lot of turmeric in the atmosphere the reason behind this ritual also to stop germs increasing in the atmosphere . Or no any one have to be suffered from any infection . It may be brain infection, digestive, joint pain, or etc .

Another reason is it is antiseptic, antibiotic, anti inflammatory, etc . So it prevents to enter so many germs in our body. As well as it brings one type of golden glue on the face of both husband and wife .

Let us we will discuss some important Benefits of turmeric

1] To bring the glitterness on the teeth . Prepare the paste of coconut oil and turmeric , apply it on the teeth . In one minute , your teeth will start to shine.

2] We have the common problem of dandruff for the hair . For this also it works better . Prepare the paste of coconut oil and turmeric and apply on the root of hair before bathing. Keep it for 20 minutes and wash the hair after 20 minutes. Dandruff problem will vanish easily.

3] When small baby of 6 th Months on wards is suffered from cough and cold then give her 1 spoon of milk by adding turmeric with boiling. It will remove cough and cold easily.

4] We know that if anyone has injury while playing or any where then we must have to be apply turmeric powder on the wound it can prevent blood flow and wound infection.

5] It is useful in the kitchen to make the food as it works as a good germ killer. So it can prevent germs to enter in the body.

6] It reduces the risk of cancer .

So many cancer patients have to be suffered for chemotherapy’s side effects . I think that, cancer patients are not affected more due to cancer but they are affected due to side effects of chemotherapy. It is very dangerous treatment for the all cancer patients but nowadays this herb medicines are using to cure the patient in place of chemotherapy.

7] It works as a good body pain medicine . If you have joint pain or arthritis then take the mixture of turmeric and ginger in the warm water . It will reduce body pain easily.

8] It keeps good harmonic balance in the body . So must have to use in every day life.

9] If you have dark circles or patches on the face , you can use paste of turmeric and milk cream on the face it will remove dark circles easily. Brings golden glue on the face.

10] Turmeric is able to supply good nutrient value for the body’s hormonal support.

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Best Detox Foods to clean your Body – Health- Mumbai Square

Best detox foods to clean your body/
http://Best detox food/

How to clean your body with these food – Health- Mumbai square

A guest post by
Zahid Khan

Following some food excess you feel heavy and tired? It may be time to do a little Detox treatment to help your body eliminate toxins. Discover 10 detox foods that will help you regain form and lightness! This is one fact that when people are out of home living in some other part of the world, they did ‘not take care of their bodies and use food blindly. Thus they need specific guidance. Mumbai Square in London United Kingdom, not offer healthy Indian food to people, but also at the same time help them to build and maintain a healthy body as well.

What is a detox food?

Detox foods are foods that will help our body “purge” toxins, waste accumulated in our emunctories organs, such as the liver (the center of detoxification), intestines, kidneys … The toxins are mainly from our diet (additives, saturated fat, sugars, alcohol, etc.), but are also related to other factors such as taking medication, smoking, contact with pesticides and other chemicals inhaled in a polluted environment, etc. .

Doing a detox cure based on detoxifying foods will help our body eliminate these toxins, and allow you to get back into shape. As part of a slimming program, consume regularly detox foods will also help you lose weight and find a flat stomach.

1. The lemon

It’s the # 1 detox food! Antiseptic, full of vitamin C and potassium, it boosts the immune system at the same time as it is diuretic and allows the elimination of fats and alcohol.

Tip:  Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink a glass of lemon juice diluted in lukewarm water. You will start your day on a good foundation!

2. The apple

food options for a 7-day detox diet. /
http://7 detox food /

The apple contains pectin, a soluble fiber that swells in the stomach and allows satiation at the same time as it absorbs fat. It is also rich in quercetin, a powerful antioxidant that prevents the risk of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

3. The artichoke

It is a key nutrient for liver detox, which it purifies, but also an excellent diuretic, good for the kidneys. In addition, the artichoke has appetite suppressants that help you lose weight!

4. The birch juice

Obtained from sap, birch juice was already known to shamans of Native Americans and Canada for its purifying and detoxifying virtues. He is the champion of all-out elimination. The birch juice cure after the end of the year holidays, then in the s

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Craze Of Vegan Diet In Youth Generation – Veganism Changing The World

Why Vegan Diet Today? – Craze

 Craze of Vegan diet

super blogger challenge/

      Today this word is becoming famous in youth generation. I   think that today’s generation is running on self realization. They  believe on self realization  along with experience and real fact. Otherwise Whatever maybe  anyone tells. It may be a big spiritual Guru, or maybe great leader, maybe Mahatma Gandhi  they didn’t listen anyone.

This  craze is depending on not only trend, but the youth who carries some Sansakar from past generations, or  from their parents, family atmosphere or environment. Etc.

To adopt it, they  first  work on self  realization and  experience .If they have got anything from it then only they are adopting it .Otherwise may be how much you put ads in front of them everything is useless.

Let   us discuss here why did today Vegan diet ?

We know that at first in India  there are only 2 types of diet  1 vegetarian, 2  Non vegetarian . But nowadays today we are getting International food that is Pizza, Burger, cakes etc.

 Vegan is perfect vegetarian diet. Means in that there is no any non vegetarian food, but it can’t carry any type of animal food as like milk,  curd, butter, cheese, Channa,butter milk etc.  Of them, we can’t include, silk cloths or any animal skin thing that is leather purse or any showpiece from the animal’s body . BENEFITS

This system has been started from DONALD VATSON which is carried in the whole world now.  It is  also becoming famous .

Here one point to be noted that so many millennial youth carrying it as they are getting easily benefits of everything .Why to eat this diet and what to eat for better health? . In them if you are doing something different from common people, then this generation is ready to share this knowledge along with adopting it. health

vegan diet images/

Every youth generation need some new things . There  are a lot of new methods for diet . Some are remaining as it is and some are changing instantly.

 First  we will see that why did we are adopting this life style?

  Today we have a lot of knowledge. Knowledge gives us everything if we know that this food is creating poison in the body we didn’t touch to that food, if we have a plenty of benefits from any food, then we easily carry to adopt this food. But we must have to take care that today this is the trend in this food? Then  is being able to take that diet?  Yes, it is good to me? Is it will affect positively on my body? I have to check it first. Otherwise, definitely it will create poison in my body .  BUTTERMILK

Next   here I want to explain about trends , trends mean not my life .Before applying trend in my life I must have learned , is this trend is in my region ?, where I am living? Can it will be effected me positive or negative? Is it will give me good benefits?

Suppose  we  know that Indian people, whatever may be trend that, they are eating everyday Roti  and chapatti  along with tasty Subji. This diet is fit for them it is giving them positive feedback along with  good benefits. If they will start to eat only Pizza for the daily routine as a  craze it will definitely effect on their  digestive system . Giving tremendous change in their body along so many mental disorders. Didn’t  give   total satisfaction and fulfill feelings also As he has  the habit to eat everyday Roti and chapatti. It can’t leave easily and so, so many Indian youth generation is not living in the abroad continuously . As they didn’t get what they want.

 What Gives Us Change In Life Style?

Change in life style is bringing a lot of creativity, but before using it, we must have to be compared real difference in food. Means instead of regular milk, almond milk is good . Paneer can be replace with TOFU, Honey can be replace with Mapal syrup, etc. The person who has plenty of money can be used this life style but what about the common man?  BENEFITS

Today  easily middle class people are bringing coconut oil, sea same oil  and ghee as a change in life style.

At last  I want to explain here that life become a business. Due to  marketing everything is reaching near to you . So be careful do you want to make your life [body] as like thing, or do you want to live as Like simple man/ As if you will adopt this life style you are losing so many your original quantity of man.  Because lifestyle never be permanent.    

Health Benefits of Green Tea – Health 

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How to find Crockpot Recipes With Crockpot Specialized Apps. _ Slow Cooker Recipes

How To Find New Crockpot Recipes With Crockpot Specialized Apps

As a kid, I was never a big fan of meals like cooked chicken, pork loin and similar food. Like most of the other kids, I’d always make a face of disgust anytime my mother would serve us similar food on the table. But as I grew up I learned to appreciate food coming from the slow cooker. And not just because they can be healthy, but they are actually pretty easy to make and usually don’t cost much.

So, about a couple of years ago, I bought my own crock pot and “stole” some of my mom’s recipes. As said, they are fairly easy but after I mastered them, I wanted to try something new. My mom’s food is extremely basic and I started to wonder if there are similar recipes with extra twists to make it a bit tastier and new.

I started digging for recipes and besides regular cookbooks I also discovered a handful of apps specialized only in crockpot recipes. I won’t say I was jumping with joy, but I was glad to know someone took their time to organize a bunch of recipes in one place. So, if you like the slow cooker as much as I do, here are some apps I found and liked.

Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes – Great for Beginners

As I mentioned, when I think of the slow cooker I think of juicy, healthy food full of meat and vegetables. So obviously, the name of this one caught my eye (which was probably their intention in the first place). I didn’t expect much as the app does what it’s supposed to do and that’s to provide recipes. But I was genuinely surprised by the variety. For example, I didn’t know there were desserts you could make in a slow cooker and this app has it. Also, you can easily find stews, chilies and basically everything spanning from appetizers to desserts. Who would’ve thought you can make all of that with a single pot. Finally, the app also provides a nice breakdown of calories, carbs, proteins and everything else for each recipe. So overall, you get a nice app with a handful of recipes and extra information for each one.

One thing I don’t like about this one is although you can search with categories, there’s isn’t a search option. Although you can save recipes, I’d often forget. So if I wanted to find an old recipe, I’d again have to go through the categories instead of simply typing the recipe’s name in the search bar. A minor issue, but I’d love if they could fix that. Hope they will in a future update.

Yummy Slow Cooker Recipes

Great Features With Occasional Hiccups I was confused at first as I thought this was an app coming from Yummly and that’s why I decided to try it out. As it turns out, it turns out it’s an unrelated app. Funny how a lack of one letter can make you download something. But nevertheless, I found this app to also be quite helpful. This app also comes with a bunch of different recipes and a category system. But, this one lets you play a bit more. For example, you can pick for how many people

you’re preparing the meal and the app will instantly give you info on the ingredient quantity. Also, if you need to shop, Yummy will also automatically generate a helpful shopping list so you don’t have to waste time writing everything down.

One thing I really don’t like is the app can often be a bit glitchy. Sometimes I’d get a message I need to connect although I am online and sometimes it takes hours for the app to provide a recipe so it becomes easier to simply google the recipe’s name. Also, ads can be a bit annoying, but if you can get over all of this, this app is a good place to find a new crockpot recipe.

Slow Cooker Recipes – Slow Cooking Offline

Finally, although I like this one I need to mention it’s Android-only. Also, I’d really like if the app developers were a bit more creative with the app names, don’t you? But, what’s great about this one is you can use it offline. That means zero ads and zero connection issues. This possibility alone made it my favorite as I can take my time and focus on cooking instead of swiping ads away. Also, if you use more than one device, you can sync everything fairly easily. When it comes to recipes, the app has a great collection, just like the previous two ranging from meat dishes to fish and vegetarian recipes as well.

As I said, for iOS users out there, you won’t be able to get this one. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t tell you how many servings like the second one, which is a shame. Still, it does what it should do and that’s to provide you with new crockpot recipe ideas.


So there you go. Each one of the three apps comes with a great number of recipes and the difference are minor. But if you prefer a specific feature like the search button, extra recipe info or offline usage, I hope my reviews will make choosing easier for you. Finally, as a final tip, I did find a top 10 list of additional crockpot apps in case you want to check out.

Top 10 Crockpot Recipe Apps

Just in case if you don’t like the 3 I found so you can have a bit more options. I wish you all the best with your cooking and if you find a particular recipe you love, I’d love if you could share it with me. I’m still on the hunt for new dishes I can prepare and surprise friends with. Thanks for reading and good luck.


How to remove exam tension – pdkcm

Remove exam tension here -pdkcm


Health Benefits of Green Tea – Health

top post on indiblogger/

Daily use of green tea – Better health

Green tea this word become very popular in this period . Today new generation is becoming the fan of it . It has plenty of benefits .

We know that if we will make any replacement for daily use it will disturb our life cycle. So to keep our health in maintain we must have to attend the qualities of drink which we are taking? How much we have to take it? Of what company it gives good benefits? If so quality is nice then there is no question to pay for it.  

Some of it we will see here.

Good for digestion : Drinking green tea after a heavy meal helps to broke the food & not feeling heavy. To feel light and get digestion properly this is the well known medicine for everyone. After eating chocolates, cakes, ice creams feel light.

WEIGHT LOSS : Most important thing of green tea is it works better for weight loss. But it has to take in the morning at 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM. Today weight loss become very common in every family . A lot of people are working on it as like doing exercise, working on diet , Yoga, This tea works on cholesterol , fats and helps to lose weight.
Southindian Food

IT WORKS ON METABOLISM : Today we didn’t have physical work , every time we have to sit in front of PC . it effects on our metabolism . Means we have to go in GYM or make exercise everyday . If not possible our metabolism stops to work so this is the best medicine for metabolism .

GIVES NICE GLOW TO THE SKIN : We have to give time to maintain our beauty or skin. If we will drink black tea it makes our clean black or some times it create patch on skin. So to create nice glove on the skin must have to drink this tea. Definitely creates golden glove on the face. BENEFITS

ABOUT IT’S SAFE USE. : Dr has certified it as a good medicine for all above qualities . 100 % safe no any side effects . Works better for every reason.

  I am  an author, writer blogger, food blogger. I have published  100  posts on my site , I have 10000 recommendation in UCMEDIA.COM . I can write excellent blog posts on any subject . All contents are original 100% devotion for article .Research writing, blog post writing on spiritual healing, psychology, life skills  and on so many subjects

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Image result for Images on benefits of green tea benefits of green tea
Related image benefits of green tea.

10 Points To Know Comparison- Charging Of Brain/Mind.

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Review on skill infinity blog guidance- Specialty of blogging

Y esterday Rahul Gupata has sent me mail special for writing the review . He has created a good guidance for the today’s bloggers.

In that he has mentioned what is blogging ? How did today it become very hard to run the blogging?. You know there are 75,000 million bloggers in the world. Of them we are getting 0.0001 sec to read the blog of another blogger. I think this is very unhealthy competition & it doesn’t give any type of good results.

If you want to get better results from the blogging then we must have to be read it with full concentration, not only read but keep it fix in the mind , digest it properly then run to work. Otherwise blogging has 0 value. If everyone is running to earn money [Of course money matters ] but we are losing something . For the valuable things we must have to find compulsory time.

If we will learn to love blogging not for earn money but I want some nourishment things for my mind from the blogging then automatically you will fit everywhere. No worries anywhere .Of course it is hard way but it is the perfect way to reach the goal.

I think has shown very nice plan for the blogging. He has taken all aspects of blogging and shown clear way to the blogger. How to run your blogging business successfully ? What plans we must have to do for it? How to increase followers . engagements in the social media etc.

He has made 62 pages of book and given good guidance for every blogger. If you will download his creative book for the blogging you will be definitely achieve success in the blogging.

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Story Of Seven Days – Wednesday Wisdom

DO you know why did we have chosen Wisdom word for Wednesday. Of course this day is coming in the middle of the week . Means we are in a standing position . We can’t move any where.

Let us we will discuss here in India how every day has its more importance?

Monday : Monday is the day of starting week .It consists of 2 words which are MON + DAY . This day is devoted to the lord Shiva. Generally , we are reciting ”OM NAMAH SHIVAI” I think that we are also the part of this SHIVA. as when I am bathing in the bathroom on the head , I realize that our head is black and same it looks like ”SHIVALING” When someone is swimming in the river , if we will see only his head we definitely feel that this is the ”SHIVA LINGA. AtoZCHHALENGE2019

Another form of this Mantra is we recite ”OM NAMAH SHIVAI ” if we will recite it continuously NAMAH SHIVA we feel it is Man Shiva .That is my mind is Man . ”Shiva is inside my body . I must have to emerge it. If I will follow his virtues automatically it can emerge from our body. But, we must have to understand it.

2nd day is Tuesday ; In Marathi we call it Mangalwar again there is the word Man. On this day a lot of ladies keeping fast thinking that this is the day of JAGADAMBA. So many are not eating salt . As salt have the all controls of body .We know that if we will eat more salt we suffer from high BP . If we have low salt we suffer from low BP . Means salt can control on our mind . This Tuesday is related with mind [Mann]

3 ] WEDNESDAY This day is related with wisdom . It is the day of Ganesha . GANESHA is working as a wisdom and talented person. No one can challenge his talent and wisdom . So this is the #Wisdom Wednesday. Some name of days are due to on our planets name .As we know that planets effects on our life, everything of our life is related with the planets .

4] THURSDAY : This is the perfect day of ”GURU’ GURU planet is the biggest planet in the universe. If everyone’s GURU is right.His life is right . So we must have to keep one such GURU who can make our life safe and secure.

5] FRIDAY : Let us come to the next day Friday . This is the day of Venus. But generally, we say it ”SHUKRA” This is the brightest star in the world. If anyone has more ”Shukrabal” he is the most successful person in the world. This ”SHUKRA Bal” comes from past karma and present karma. In the today’s period we think that the person who has good body, if he/she has wearing good clothes, has more ornaments on his body, has plenty of money is the most wisdom person in the universe. Otherwise we didn’t check his inner journey and his devotion towards universe.

6] SATURDAY : Do you know, this is the dangerous planet and day in the people’s life. So many people are in trouble with this planet . Worshiping ”SHANI DEVATA” Breaking coconuts in front of him . To break coconut in front of coconut means breaking our ego. Any way I know perfectly that this ”SHANI ”comes in our life to teach some thing and bringing a lot of negative energy with us. If anyone has ”SHANI ROUND ”Means definitely he is indulged in the negative energy. This energy never goes easily . It must have some knowledge of meditation, reciting mantra, or must have full devotion towards God along with the knowledge. Sometime this energy remains purposely in anyone’s life to show the good path to the other people. This person has to face lots of troubles and difficulties in his life. Some Rushi’s, God’s , Godess are the example of it . As like some saints, Rama , KRISHANA . Carries a lot of negative energy in their life to show the world their ideal way of life.

7] SUNDAY ; Let us turn to the last day Sunday . We know that this day is the day of enjoyment. But in our India this day is devoted to the God SUN . Sun is the well known brightest star in the universe. It gives sunlight and so we are getting knowledge from him .

Widget apcmwh

Amazon Today’s deal – Best shopping center

Best way of shopping – Amazon today’s deal – Home appliances

Today there are a lot of shops online , every customer has a lot of confusion and he searches so many shops for shopping .But I want to tell to the customers that keep faith on any one shop so that you could get good benefit and can ask to the shopper your all difficulties.

Today here i am keeping some important home appliances which is using for our daily needs. /prestige induction cooktop.

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Vijay Kumar Sharmaif available for 1000 rupees11 August 2017Verified PurchaseIt is just a normal toaster the only thing is the the lock mechanism is very flimsy otherwise it works perfectly fine it is better than sandwich makers as it does not cut the bread in half and you can bake 1 bread also as it does not cut the bread in half and you can bake 1 bread also

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