Health Benefits Of Neem Tree – Author

Since childhood we have the habit to collect the seeds of Neem tree in the summer vacation . When rain start, we were throwing these seeds in the empty places of farm so that automatically Neem trees grows around the farm and we get all types of protection . ASAFOETIDA

This tree is the best medicine for the lot of diseases. Means its every part also useful in our life. As like its stem, leaves, fruits, flowers , wood , etc.

When my elder son has been suffered from dangerous disease then , after his treatment I have given him 1 year Neem leaves juice. Everyday 1/4 cup in the morning before eating anything. His all problems has been vanished.

This tree has more importance in Ayurveda, it can protects us from so many diseases. As like skin , liver diseases like jaundice, omitting, teeth problems, stomach infection, skin infection, heat problems, for the beauty of face. etc .

In India after delivery of any lady every mother is giving 7 days juice of its small sticks to the delivery lady. It can prevent a lot of germs to enter in the body.

Where there is a Neem tree there is a pure , clean air for breathing. It keeps atmosphere cool as well as clean. ginger


In the summer we have a lot of heat problems so we must have to drink its juice to reduce heat from the body. It increases immunity of our body.

Let us we will discuss here what are the benefits of it. BENEFITS

1] If you have dark circles, spot on your face then make the paste of Neem leaves with Dahi and apply it on the face , seat in the morning sun . It will make your clean clear and soft.

2] If you have jaundice problem drink its juice for 3 days or 7 days as your capacity. It can remove all jerms of Jaundice easily. Healthy Benefits Of Green Basil Leaves – Health Benefit

3] Drinking 1 glass juice of it reduces weight of it but, first see your capacity and then decide to drink it.

4] Brushing teeth with its stick makes clean and removes a lot of germs from our mouth. It can also help to remove mouth ulcer .

5] If we keep leaves of it in the grain store or sack it prevents to enter germs and insects in the grain.

6] So many beauty cosmetics, dental product manufactures uses Neem trees parts to produce it.

7] If we will use its leaves with coconut oil by heating to it . It can increase length of hair as well as removes hair loss.

8] Some kids suffers from ascaries , then give them one spoon of juice , it can remove easily.

Patanjali Neem Kanti Body Cleanser  (75 g)/
http://Patanjali Neem Kanti Body Cleanser (75 g)/

9] To prevent entry of mosquitoes in our home we can grow this tree in our garden or in the yard.

10] To keep our health better through out the year there is a procedure to make Punchamrut of it , on the GudhiPadhava.

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shikakai Hair Cleanser  (200 ml)/
<a href=”http://<a href=”″&gt;http://<a href=”″><img src=”

IMPORTANT NOTE : Do you know our SAI BABA has been emerged under the tree of Neem .There is a song about him that is ‘’NEEMABAKHALI  PRAGAT  ZALA’’ As it has plenty of benefits. So worship & secure this tree as a SAIBABA.  

Health benefits of Neem tree/
http://Health benefits of Neem tree -Health.
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Weight Loss Diet For Everyone – Jowar Roti

Importance of   Jowar  Roti –Weight loss –Fibrous

Today we   are forgetting to eat Jowar Roti. As we need smooth chapatti. Chapatti can make from wheat flour. It creates sticky bolus in our mouth. And it is very hard to digest it. If you want to be light with body then must have to learn to eat Jowar Roti. I think it is also good for kids after 1 year  as well as  for the old people . In our child hood our parents’ gives us everyday Jowor Roti with milk and only chapatti is getting to us for festivals or in the marriage.

Do you know How Jowar works in our body? My husband has left to eat wheat flour chapatti  and he has following benefits from Jowar Roti.

1] His  weight reduced by 14 kg.

2] His  asthmas become clear so that he has to throw inhalers . Before 20 years he had the problem of migraine and it suddenly stopped in 2 to 3 days.

3] His irritations of chest, irritable of bowl syndrome , ulcerative colitis, his room tide orthrotise, his mood, his sleep every thing has been improved.

4] Due to eating chapatti our sugar easily getting increased and we didn’t get understand. But  we think to eat chapatti means we are rich person. Not getting real taste with any Subji and of them today there is a  fashion that don’t bake chapatti more time to make it smooth. It only moves around in the mouth and loses taste.

5] Today some abroad people have left wheat flour and so they are looking thin and healthy.

6] Do you know why did we have to eat  Roti in the Bhojan . :  It contains more carbohydrates so we get more energy easily and it works on appetite. We can fulfill for more time , no need to eat anything after eating 1 Roti .

7] It contains amino acids so that we could get more proteins from it along with it has more fibrous so they are easy to digest.

8]The person who has the problem of constipation must have to eat Jowar roti. So that it can remove pain of piles.

9] So many teen age  boys have the problem of kidney stone they must have to eat          Jowor roti. Its nutritional volume keeps away to the kidney stone.

10 ] It contain Neon sin and it help to reduce the cholesterol along with its photon chemicals it can stop heart diseases.

11] Jowar contains potassium, magnesium, and minerals so it can control blood pressure.

12]  Jowar contains a lot of iron , the person who has the problem of Anemia must have to eat JOWAR ROTI.


1] Its   fibrous keeps stomach clean and helps to make easy digestion.

2] It is light to digest so that every ill person must have to eat JOWOR ROTI with milk.

3] It avoids a lot of stomach, ulcer, and digestion problems.

4] It keeps body cool, light and easily mix in to blood plasma.

5] It can removes cholesterol in the blood vessel so it is very useful in the heart disease problem.

6] It controls insulin to produce, keeping constant proportion so diabetic patient must have to eat Jowor roti.

7] It works on extra cholesterol, weight loss, skin problem, acidity of stomach etc.

8] Females pregnancy problem, reproduction problem, has very useful.

9] Some constituents of Jowar controls cancer like diseases. Green Subji

10] To be clean stomach must have to eat Jowar roti. paneer

11] Jaundice patient must have to eat this roti after suffering 1 year as it increases blood volume,   


http://Jowor floor/
well  prepared roti/
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You Won’t Eat Fast Food After Reading These Facts- Guaranteed- a to z series

You Won’t Eat Fast Food After Reading These Facts. Guaranteed

A guest author : Vikas Kumar

Everyone knows that too much of junk food can be bad for your health but have you ever thought how bad is it. Fast food may have made your life easier as you can quickly grab a bite before or after work and save time, but they come with some negative points.

Thanks to the growing consumerism, you now have fast food restaurants and stalls at every corner of the cities. You can easily find them or even order them online and they will be delivered to your home. Similarly you can easily order fresh food and green vegetables online at your doorstep using Big Basket Offers with discounted prices. But, it has many health risks that people are not aware of. You may have heard them many times, but here are some facts about fast food that will get you thinking real hard.


Fast food is quick to make, have lots of ingredients in huge amount, which is why eating them mindlessly is not healthy for body or mind.
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Here are some of the Worst effects of fast food on health

  • Fast food is term given to food that can be prepared and served very quickly. Another way to define Fast food is that they are the food that contributes little or no nutrient value to the diet, but instead they provide excess calories, flavors, sugar and fats which have negative impact on your health.
  • Although Fast foods are good way to save time, it is not a proper way to get nutrition.  Some of the fast foods have no nutrition value and often than not they are high in fats, sugar and calories.
  • Common fast foods are like salted snacks foods, gum, candy, sweet desserts, fried foods and carbonated beverages. Other common fast food items are chips, pastries, sandwiches, Burger, kebab, pizza, fried chicken and fancy salads. The list also includes drinks like milkshakes and soft drinks.
  • Fast foods are pocket friendly and tastes good, but it has negative impact on your physical health. Consumption of sugar, artificial color and flavors and fats can give way to problems like attention deficit, anxiety, emotional instability lack of communication and frustration especially in kids.
  • Consumption of fast food is one of the main reasons for pre-mature ageing signs as the dermis is not properly oxygenated by the saturation of fats and artificial flavors. When you eat these foods for long term, you can develop hypertension, and high blood pressure. When you eat theses foods it causes an addictive pattern in your mind but in the end all you end up is being overweight, lethargic and not feeling good about yourself.  
  • The effects of junk food on health are not very good. From the heartburn to kidneys to liver problems, junk food items can cause a lot of problems for the vital organs in the body.
  • Fast foods are loaded with fat and calories and eating too much of them will have negative effects on your weight as you routinely take in more calories than you except.
  • Junk food contains large amount of saturated fat and cholesterol which in excess may put you at risk of heart disease these processed fast foods are often high in salt or sodium.
  • A diet that provides large amount of processed carbohydrate like those in candy in commercially baked goods and potato chips promotes insulin resistance. In insulin resistance some cells no longer responds to insulin which leads to high blood sugar, increasing the risk of diabetes.
  • Junk foods with low dietary fibber and lack of nutrition value is a man contributor towards breast cancer, since the contents of the fast food meal can make your vital organs like liver fatty and may cause inflammation. It can put a lot of pressure on them.  Also you can order food according to calorie chart from your favourite restaurant using Amazon Pay Swiggy Offers with great deals.
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The Bottom-Line            

Consumption of fast food can have much negative effect on your body, mind and your life. It is better to reduce the amount of fast food you eat and prefer homemade food instead, which is rich in nutrients and are prepared carefully. Of course you can have the fast food once in a while, but try to keep the number of times you eat to minimal.

A guest author : Vikas Kumar


Attend These Points Before Doing Yoga-Health – #Yoga day

Keep These Points With You Before Doing Yoga? – Health

Today a lot of people become health conscious so they are learning and doing Yoga, doing exercise, going to walking every day, running for good health , doing some physical work for better health. Every, thing is better for our good health but, of them doing Yoga is very useful but must have the knowledge to make it perfect.  

Image result for images of doing yoga these points before doing yoga

Today so many people watching Yoga on the TV and doing same action in front of T V or PC but, it is very danger. As Yoga is not the easy exercise it has to be keep concentration to our breath along with moving our organs. We must have to be warm up before doing it. As which type of Yoga you are doing for that your body must have to be ready.
health issues

So many people have the habit to do as it is without taking any knowledge. But, if you have done it more without keeping attention to ability of your body it can harm to your body.
body obstacles

yoga these points before doing yoga

While doing Yoga we must have to know that, how much I can stress my body? Is this Yoga is fit for my body? So many have a lot of side effects while doing wrong type of Yoga.

So keep these points before doing Yoga.

1] Give the exercise to your hand and wrist.

2] Make contractions and relaxation of your wrist.

3] Stand up straight and after some time remove your one feet round.

4] Knees, waist, shoulder move in suitable direction and make them free.

 5] Inhale long and slowly leave it out. So that your heart can work freely.

Yoga for Beginners: 10 Basic Poses …

Image result for images of doing yoga these points before doing yoga

 6] Avoid any stress while inhaling or exhaling. Work with calm and stressful mind.   

7] Give the exercise to your stomach. Avoid stretching more time muscles of stomach. It can create any type of harm to your body.  

8] Do  some breathing exercise before starting.

9]  After  doing  all above exercise you will be fit to do Yoga.

10] It can be do how much your body need otherwise if front person or in the TV it is showing doing so many time .So I would have  to do it is not working perfectly for your body. It can create some another problems.

11] Avoid   to eat more before doing it. Or drinking water.

12] If you are more tired and have  some health problems  then avoid it for that period.

14]  Keep fix time  to do it as body organ are automatically gets stretched or  will be response naturally.

15] It must have to do with fresh mind otherwise doing with pressure on mind produce  so many problems.

16] I  think  doing small task of homes  with happy mind is also one type of Yoga in comparison to doing Yoga  with full of pressure.

17] Running happily, walking  with rhythm also produces  good hormones in our body.

18]  Singing,  writing with full of concentration, reading, walking, running happily  also a type of good meditation.

19] If  Yoga become your passion  then you can make it any where means while travelling in  the bus, railway, or anywhere.

20 ] Yoga is  the best way of keeping your body safe and secure forever.  


Headache Information, Causes, and Symptoms – Daily Health Issue

Reason behind  headache .

We  know that generally if our any work is not doing properly means it require more time and efforts then we say this work become very bad headache to me. How can I remove it? So this headache gives us a lot of pain for every work . Let us discuss here which type of pain it gives us?

Which  type of problems creates which types of headache

1] Brain :  If you have pain in the brain then you can understand that this is the pain of migraine. This pain creates due to nerves action. If it creates more pain then immediately take the treatment of any doctor.

2] More tension: Headache occur due to our mental condition.. If we have pain in both sides of our forehead then it is due to stress.

why did headche/- health /
http://why did headche- health/

3] Due to more thinking.  : When our brain is working only on so many thoughts , means it is creating a lot of puzzles in the brain at that time also it creates pain the brain.

4]  Sense organs :  Talking on phone for a long time period. Listening a sound of DJ. Sound of students in the class, sometimes due to scents, perfumes, vehicles sound or smoke of vehicles also creates pain in the head. creates anxiety, stress, sleeping problems, etc

why did headche- health- A to Z CHALLENGE /

5] Digestion : Main reason of headache is digestion. If you can’t excrete  all excretory products at one time then also it creates pain in the head.

6]  Some people has the headache problem due to acidity , less sleep, change in diet etc.

7]  If we have eaten a lot of fried food , sour food then it also increases pain in the headache.

8] Watching more TV, playing games on mobile for a long time also creates pain in the brain. 

9] Sometimes continuously talking, sleeping reading , writing also creates pain in the head.

10] Some people have the habit to sleep on one side it can’t flow the blood properly to the brain and it can causes migraine pain .

11] Working on the PC continuously with stress also creates headache.

12] depression, stress, anxiety, anger also creates headache.

13]  The persons who are cooking in the kitchen for more time has to suffer from headache.

14] If we will went in the hot sun without glass or hat can also causes more pain in the head.

15]Sometimes   we have used wet clothes or worked in the bathroom with water it can also creates headache along with cough and cold.

16] If we have bad foul smell of toilet, bathroom , cigarette it also creates more pain in the head. 

17]  Sometimes  waiting in the queue for flight, train, bus, Dr ,in the crowd can also creates more headache along with negative mood.

18]  If we have quarrel with any family member or misunderstanding or someone has hurt to you without any reason then also we suffer from headache.

19] Some people has the habit of making insult of front person without any reason it makes big difference in our life along with great headache.  

20] We have the habit to do a lot of work and that work has been stolen or we have any damage , loss, in the business then also it creates a lot of pain in the headache.  

21]  If we have watching fight on the screen it also creates a big headache in our life.

22]  We  are suffered from any eye disease and increased a lot of suffer for eye sight causes a big headache.

23] Every time drinking a tea or coffee can also increase headache.

24] Bad breath of front person also creates headache.

25] Drainage , any  dead animal spreads foul smell in the atmosphere and causes very tough headache.


g from A to z challenge /
http://whydid headche -health -A to Z CHALLENGE 2019

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The Risk Of Night Work – Health Problems

Are   you working for night?  Be Alert

Top post on indiblogger/
http://top post on indiblogger/

  If you are working late at night then keep attention on following points.

Today every business has been converted into globalization so everyone has to face global competition. For that everyone has to work hard. To work with global market he has to seat late at night. The person who are working on the internet for any business must have to work late at night .But some research has been shown that how much danger to work late at night for the health?

http://Is it unhealthy to work at night-Health /

Night worker has damage to the DNA. Without sleeping forcefully if they are working hard then their DNA   couldn’t be form again or it can be stop to regenerate again. Anesthesia academy gernal report has shown all these facts. There reports shown that the people who are working late at night has reduces to form the genes 30% in comparison to the other people.


There research have shown that they have done this experiment with the people who are of age between 28 to 30 years. They   have given    3 days complete work at night and taken blood samples from them. While checking they have understood that they are creating less DNA in comparison with the other people.  There structure of DNA has been disturbed. And if DNA has been disturbed they have to be suffering the diseases which never are get cured completely.

is it unhealthy to work at night-health/
http://Is it unhealthy to work at night-health/

Some people has the bad habit since child hood  that is to watch the TV, Play rummy, take drinking, sit in the hotel for more time ,etc.


1] It can affect on their eyes. Means start irritation in the eyes are increases their contact lens no.

2] It can start headache or some brain problems, memory distraction, etc

3] Stars diabetes, lower blood pressure, may be start GOTU ARTHRITIES, , ETC .

4] Main important problem can be start that is acidity. Due to acidity all unbalancing of body starts. ›

5]  Acidity loses appetite, starts strokes, sometimes some people have habit to become unconscious , damages liver , it can also  damage gall bladder. Brings invitation to the liver cancer.

6] Acidity creates  skin problems as like irritations, scratches, pimples , patches on the skin , hair fall, etc .

 7] Starts digestion problem , sometimes  dysentery problems. Omitting, pain in abdomen , etc .

8] If working   only one place then it could start pain in back, waist pain, etc 

9] To get up next day it become very hard and disturb all timetable of life.

 Are you working for night? -health/
http://Is unhealthy to work at night-health/

Working night shifts may cause DNA …

10 ]  Some ladies have to be suffered from  waist pain  or white discharge, etc.

11]   White discharge loses protein of our body and feel very weak.

12]  Feeling very tired, losing consciousness  or attention in the work .

13] Skin become pale, loses glow and showing paleness on the face.

14] Creates   unbalance  while working with collogues as like in writing, speaking, teaching, or in so many activities.

15] Creates  a lot of body pain in the body. Increases anxiety, irritations, anger, uncertainty, etc.

16] Sometimes it can loses self confidence and creates mental disorder. 


Which Beliefs Carrying Mental Disorder People-Mental Health –

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http://Top post on indiblogger/

Which   beliefs we   are carrying  with mental disorder people?

How to  cure mental disorder person  at home?

Today we  have  everywhere   discussion about mental illness  or mental disorder. Generally, every person   carries mental disorder. Every person has to carry 20 % mental disorder to run the life. Otherwise,   we never gave any blame to the   great leaders as like Narendra Modi , Rahul Gandhi Indira Gandhi  etc . Some situations come in front of them that to take decision against the common people for the benefits of country. Then we say he is mad. We know that in politics also how every leader is trying to show another leader mad? How much maybe any person  strong or wise  he has to be face this word ‘’MAD’’ for other people.

In our home also   the person who has more responsibilities of family has to come across  with this word. As each and every member of family also showing that how he is mad? If I would be in that place then I will show you how can run the family?. But, when he got this position who is blaming to his father has to face same problem and has to be ready to listen this world ‘’MAD’’
health issues

Generally , in the society we  think that mental disorder never be cure. How much would be we give them medicines?  But, up to his death he has to supply medicines. Without medicines he never cure his mental illness.  And so many people are living away from that person thinking that he is danger for us. So many are taking his misbenefit  means taking  some money from him , giving him blame, cheating with him, torturing with him , Insulting him and run away from him. In this case he  can’t control his mental activity and become carrying  more mental  disorder problem . He loses faith on everyone and himself.
body obstacles

There are 2 types of mental patients.

Which   beliefs we   are carrying  with mental disorder people? -#A to Z challenge [2019] /
http://Which beliefs we are carrying with mental disorder people? -#A to Z challenge [2019]/

 1]  One is due to mental  disorder  or thinking

2]   Due to chemical unbalancing in their brain .

1]  WE   WILL SEE   FIRST TYPE . With my observation mental disorder case happens with the more sensitive people. Or due to any emotional  harassment. Means  since child hood  if that person has not  received  any security from family. Or didn’t have completed his mental or physical needs then also he become more mental.  This is one case and another thing is, if we have providing more care for any children or kid ,protecting him  more  security also creates mental disorder. If  we will providing   everything what he want immediately then he  become as like terrorist and he thinks that the things which are in the world should get to me first. He didn’t tolerate any less in his life and he thinks that I am the king of this family. Should have to be listening my order everyone. If not happened as  he like then he become mental .And tried to complete his needs with this situation.
howtomental illness

Which   beliefs we   are carrying  with mental disorder people? -#A to Z challenge [2019]/
http://Which beliefs we are carrying with mental disorder people? -#A to Z challenge [2019]/

 Sometimes   to keep his  impression in the family also he behaves  different. Sometimes  everyone must have to attend me or give preference to me also finds any way to become mental . Some families  accept it as it is as to run family happy and silently but if it happens in more proportion it can  create  more problems with the family .

DUE TO CHEMICAL UNBALANCING IN THEIR  BRAIN  :  This is the serious  case in mental disorder people. This can transform as like heredity or due to some past wrong beliefs. Some doubts also create more chemical unbalance. If we have suffered from any physical problem   and have taken some wrong medicines for it can create chemical unbalance in the brain.

Due to some wrong method of taking diet also creates chemical unbalance.

In this case my most serious observation is that due to internal fear also this case happens often.

When I was  in 1 St STD my mother has been suffered from it . Means  she suddenly screaming  at night in the dark sleep and started  to talk herself  totally assuming that she  was ‘’JAGADAMBA’’ She talks to everyone as like JAGADAMBA. When we are putting her KUMKUM TILAK and  filing her ‘’OOTI ‘’with rice and taking her everyone blessing then she automatically keeps quite. But while meeting her  I feel that she was JAGADAMBA. As her love had so power that without any material things she was attracting a lot of people. But  all other relatives tells that it was mental case. She has this problem at least 25 years.

But, now I am getting some points to realize from her life that her ‘’KUNDALINI ‘’was awaken  as   she never getting worries for money , what will she wishes get automatically complete.

But by doing seva of  ‘’DATTA GURU’’of our Pachlegoankar Maharaj ”SIDH PURUSH” her that problem was cured automatically.

I   think  all scientists, patriots, also comes in this case. Because they have to think different in comparison to common people.

Some mental problems occur  due to vibrations of our ancient dead relatives  or family members . I observed this case so many times and I would get understand that if there is no any reason then also there  is quarreling or fight in the family. Sometimes  some kids also behaving as like totally mad  for a while. Really some family members are affected due to it and behave  as like mad  and we give them name this is mental disorder. When  we  will do spiritual healing on them then automatically  they can make transform in there life.


1] Give him feeling that he is belonging in our family.

2] May be we know he is mental but without showing him that he is mental treat him as a common man.
Mayo Clinic Health Letter

3] Give him faith, respect, love .

4] Engage him every time in any activity. Never cross him . Never dominate him for any activity.
Angermeyer MC1

5] As  if we will dominate him, he will do same case more time and showing more mental.

6]  May be some mental people  do actions purposely  to keep family under their control show them that we are in his control but do not live every time in his control. MedGen News

7]  Give him counseling  everyday. If case is not in control with the counseling then take treatment of good psychiatrist.    

8]   Teach him some spiritual activity, any mantra, prayer, bhajan, songs etc, and give faith that it is useful for his life . It can transform his life.

9] Join Indian culture to overcome all life’s problem easily with the help of spirituality. It can overcome 80% of life problems .

10] Have a lot of ways to remove your depression, mental health, physical disorder, with the help of spirituality but must have to understand that how to use spirituality in regular life? How to make balance between spirituality life problems?


What Causes Waist Back Pain -Treatment For It #WorldHealthMonth #Evion – Daily Health Issues

       How to remove waist pain at home -Health

  Today’s life becomes very tough and struggling due to competition. Everyone is running towards their dreams. Dreams leaving behind love. When we away from love we caught so many mental and physical problems. Emotional need of that person also has to be leave for their dreams. In them we have to run on PC, continuously. Of them if we are not working properly on it, it creates pain in waist. Main reason of waist pain is diet.

Ready food for daily recipes

  If we will not keeping attention to our diet and time to take food it causes a lot of pain in the waist.  This case is not happening only in the old age people but it is also affected on young generation. Generally, the person who is working on PC has to face more for it. As they didn’t have time to do exercise or physical work so they have face this problem. If they are eating high protein food or high nutrient value food, it produces cholesterol and it is stored in that part of the body. And causes the pain in the back and waist./ moong/page/3/

  Let us we will discuss here what are main reasons of pain in waist and back , how to be away from it?

 Do you know we have a spine of 32 bones .Of them 22 bones are working actively but , when there is any obstacle while moving these bones then this problem is getting to start.

Our waist contains Cartilage, disc, muscle and ligament of them if we have any heart for any part, it creates pain in the abdomen. Due to pain in waist we have a lot of problems as like to stand, to run, to work, to sit, etc. If we will not attend to this question in a time it can create serious problem.

 Reason behind Pain in Waist – small events

1] If we didn’t have the knowledge of sitting, standing, bending, turning, running, etc, then it can create gap between the spines and it creates pain in the waist, and neck.

2] A lot of times in a hurry we purposely didn’t take balance diet and creates pain in the waist and back.

3] If we will keep continue fast without eating anything can also create normal pain and if we will work in that position then it creates more problems of waist pain.


4] Some people have the habit to avoid breakfast and drink only black tea, but, this tea reduces your appetite, removes vitamins in the body and creates so many problems of waist and back pain. /fasting-food/

5]  If we have so many worries, tensions it may be exam tension, job tension, tensions of family, tensions of business and we have the habit only thinking on it , it can create a lot of pain problems in the body . Not only waist and back pain but, blood pressure, sugar, etc. -sankashti-chaturthi

6] Sometimes we didn’t have  success in our field then we become nervous and creates pain problem.

7] We know that or we have heard or seen in the film or in actual life. That if any serious news heard   by any old age person or the person who has less tolerance power has been affect immediately for the pain of waist. So many times we heard that ‘’MY KAMBAR KHASALI’’ means no energy in the waist.

8] Do you know we have the supply of blood through this waist as our bone marrow is situated in this region? So we get full energy to our body from this part. If this part of body is energy less. We totally become energy less.

9] So in our Marathi there is a proverb that if any work has to be started with full of energy then we say ‘’To Kambar Kasun Kamala Lagala’’ means person has started his work with full of energy in his waist region.

10]  If  any person has been heard any serious news suddenly we say ‘’tyachi kambar basun geli’’ causes waist back pain

         Means his waist become energy less by hearing horrible news. These are the situations created due to hearing positive and negative news. But it has tremendous affect on our body and so that we have to avoid negative news which are running on the channel.

11] In the matured girls when Menstruation period is running , due to blood flow it create pain in the waist.

12]   After delivery, after doing more sex also creates pain in waist. body/

13] Due to depression, crying, remaining sad every time creates pain.

14] So if we have the knowledge how to overcome above situations and how to be sit comfortably, run properly bent properly then we didn’t have to face this situation.

what causes waist back pain/

15] Due to lifting high weight, sometimes by jumping at high level , running without habit also creates pain in the waist.

  What treatment we have to give to remove it ?

1] Eat on time. Keep balanced diet in your Bhojan .nutrient/page/3/

2] Avoid drinking tea, keeping fasting.

3] Avoid fighting, quarrel, etc it can also creatpushpendra dwivedi


 Pain in the body part.    

4] If you know the exercise then gets up early in the morning.

Do the following exercise

Stand up keeping distance of 1 meter in between 2 legs in a straight position.

 Keep your both hands to the back side on the waist. Now give hammering with hands on the waist simultaneously.   

Run it how much time you want to be comfortable.

5] Stand up and bent your hands backside.   

6] Do some YOGA which is showing on the TV ,  by learning properly.

7]  Eat leafy vegetables, fruits, Aliv Ladoo, Gum Ladoo, Seasame Ladoo .

 8] Drink milk, buttermilk etc.

9] Eat everyday cow ghee in your Bhojan .

10] Be strong  to face any situation.

11] Take rest at proper time

12] Heat treatment or using heat belt also removes back pain.

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10 Benefits Of Hibiscus Flower- Hair Remedies

Benefits of Hibiscus flower – Hair health

    We know our head is the storage of wisdom. This storage must be  cool and safe  for every time. Otherwise we have to face a lot of problems. Generally, today everyone is in trouble with the hair problems. To disturb our hair quality today’s atmosphere is responsible. As ultraviolet rays and air pollution create hair fall problems. Then we didn’t know perfect medicine for any problem and we are watching ads on the TV and started to use some oils from the market. May be they are perfect but, we didn’t know that, can they will be perfect for my hair problems?  So we think to make remedies at home. In the same way here are so many remedies of Hibiscus flower .I think this is useful for hair falls means our head problems as like wisdom, talent, etc  so that Lord Gajanana and Laxmi like it. We know both Lords like this flower. Both use wisdom and talent for so many work and they are doing at one time so many types of work so they must have to kept their head cool . To keep head cool internally there may be no any option. So they have chosen this flower. We see in every Pooja of Gajanana  and   Laxmi they have used these  flowers. This flower can grow anywhere easily, it can grow fast and   give flowers fast.

 Let us see how to make use of it?

1] The oil which you are using for your hair it maybe coconut oil or sea same oil, add 5 to 6 flowers of Hibiscus to it. Warm it and apply it in the root of hair. It can keep roots of hair strong.

Image result for images of Hibiscus flower remedies MEDICINAL PROPERTIES OF HIBISCUS-CHHAYAONLINE.COM

Hibiscus hair oil/
http://hibiscus hair oil/

2] So many Hibiscus flower, Amala, Shikakai  and 2 Rithe , add in the water. Boil this material and use it as like hair wash. It can also use every day.

3]  Sprouted Methi, aloe Vera, hibiscus flower grind in the mixture  and keep this as a medicine pack to use it any time. It will bring shine on your hair.

4] Flowers of Hibiscus, leaves of aloe Vera, 50 ml sea same oil, warm it and keep it in the bottle .Must use it 1 time in a week.

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5] The oil which is getting in the market ‘’Hibiscus oil’’ is also very perfect only add some water to it while using it everyday. Buy traffic to your blog with this link.

6] Brahmi, Maka, Nagarmotha, Hibiscus flower boil in the water and keep it in the bottle to use it anytime.

7] While applying Mehandi add butter milk, Hibiscus flower, make a paste of it to apply on the hair . It can bring natural color to the hair.

8] In the solution of Hibiscus add Shikakai, Ritha, peel of orange and white soil adds it uniformly and apply it on the hair.


9] If you can’t be make above remedies due to your regular work, and then easy way for it is, while watching TV. Take Hibiscus flower and rub in the root of hair regularly. It will cure all problems easily.
Hair Growth Vitamins

10] Punctuality and persistence is the best solution for every problem.

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