Benefits Of Asafoetida – Healthy Remedies


Benefits of Asafoetida

Every day we are using a lot of recipe’s ingredient. In that every delicious recipe contains Asafoetida. What is this?  What are the benefits of it.We will see here.

This plant is found in Iran and Afghanistan, it has long sturdy hollow stems and roots giving strong –smelling. It is usually used as an ingredient in medicine and remedies and as a seasoning in the south as Ian cuisine.

Generally, we are using it in all pickles. It gives the nice smell to the food as well as it has a lot of benefits.

1]So many times we are suffering from constipation then mix Asafoetida in a water and take it at night before sleeping.

In the morning you will feel light and your stomach will become clean easily.

3]  It can useful for the  loss of appetite then before eating mix it’s powder with ghee and eat it with butter , ginger.

4] When we are wondering in the garden barefoot  you have bred pin anywhere thorn,  or piece of glass  entered  in your skin.  Keep water of Asafoetida on it. That thing will come out easily.

5]If you have pain in your ears then pour a drop of Asafoetida in an ear slowly. It will remove pain easily.

6] We  have a cavity in our teeth then also it is useful. to remove  denture on the teeth  keep some Asafoetida powder on it. Denture teeth become clean.

7] We say that having  ‘’VASTUDOSHA’’ makes man lazy for that spread this water all over the home.

In a lot of digestive discomfort Mix and roast equal quantities of Asafoetida, carom seeds, black pepper, ginger powder and cumin seeds.

It is found in Dubai souqs –Cinnamon, pepper nutmeg, Asafetida, saffron, pepper, turmeric,

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Asafoetida Hing Plants
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Health Benefits Of Garlic _ Best Home Remides

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If you want to study this garlic then we must have to go to our ancient History. As this product has been stopped since an ancient year. With my information when I was married and came to my husband’s home, my mother in law has given me strict law to add garlic in the food.GARLIC and ONION we are not allowed in our food. Then I asked why? Since I am reading ”Bhagvadgeeta” I didn’t touch to garlic and onion. This problem is not for only my mother in law but a lot of people in India when they have been gone to pilgrims as like ”CHAR DHAM ” they didn’t eat these two things. click here to increase your traffic. 

I am really very curious to study anything.I have a question that ”Ayurveda is related to spirituality” then also how did Ayurveda is telling us that eat garlic for so many benefits?.

Another question is that if it is very good for health then Why did people who are reading Geeta avoiding it? Maybe it is somehow dangerous as a mental disorder or increasing some wishes, desires or violence. As spirituality works on these 3 words. I think that ancient people didn’t have these problems at that time.

How to buy garlic?

If you want to buy organic then see the small size of garlic fruit with a violet color. Violet color indicates it is organic, pure and has more iodine in it.


let us we will see here what are the benefits of garlic one by one.

1] It helps to control blood sugar levels. So it is good for diabetic people.

2] It contains the ”Alicia” enzyme it keeps blood pressure normal. As well as it can work to remove fats in the body.

3] It’s calcium reduces joint pain and stop paining.

4] It contains Elium Sulphide ” and it prevents to develop cancer cells.

5] It contains A JOIN, it can help to stop blood clotting and keeps away heart problems. http://Health Benefits Of Garlic – Best Home Remedies

6] It’s some antioxidants that keep away Alzheimer’s and dementia.

7] Increases sex wish

8] It contains more iodine so it can prevent the thyroid.

9] It contains B 6 Vitamin in more proportion so it can increases immunity easily.


11] It’s Sulfur and Anti clotting properties stops to make clotting in the blood

12] It works as weight loss tablets.

13] It reduces the proportion of cholesterol also cleaning the blood in the vessels. As well as it keeps a flow of blood continuous and normal without making any types of clotting.

   Jaggary, Ginger Paratha …


  14] It prevents a cough and cold with changing in the atmosphere.

15 ] Regular eating of garlic prevents blood pressure, acidity and gaseous problems.

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It works like a good medicine along with keeping stress away.

16] Every pregnant woman must have to eat it during pregnancy. As it works on high B.P.

17] Eating garlic prevents fungal, viral, yeast and worm infection. Fresh garlic avoids food to make poisonous.

18] It stops the pain in teeth. If you have more pain in the teeth then keep paste of garlic on the teeth where you have more pain.

19] It can works as a good medicine in a brain migraine, headache, ear pain, etc.

20] We can use its oil to make Malish of a body by frying garlic flakes in the oil.

We can eat it in the form of chutney, or in any form

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Baingan Bharata Recipes – Advantages,disadvantages-health

Baingain Bharata – Advantages and Disadvantages 

Baingain Bharata Recipes _ Pranita deshpande

In our area this recipe is famous recipe for farmer . Generally so many farmers are making it by baking Baingan on the fire .It really taste very delicious .So many farmers are eating raw, small tender Baingan  with roti. There are so many species of Baingan in the farm but especially the Baingan tree who has thorns on his plant are natural Baingans and giving more taste for the subji or Bharata.

In our area there is a say that Baingan subji is not good for our health .It increases body pain as well as ”VATT” in the body .If the person may have suffered from ”arthritics cure ” should not have to eat it . As well as the person who is suffered from thyroid also not have to eat it . If he will eat this Subji he will suffer from paralyses .  If the person has any wound and  it filled with puss then also Doctor gives advice do not eat this subji . These are  the disadvantages of this subji

Let us we will see what are the benefits of it

1] It has fibers and antioxidants these can prevents cancer . These fibers clear the toxins present in your digestive system and also prevents colonial cancer. diet changes that can help keep cancer at bay.

2] Most useful for weight loss :  They contains low calorie that 100 g of the vegetable containing just 25 calories. Due to rich in fiber it automatically helps to reduce weight.

Great for weight loss

Brinjals are great for weight loss as they are low in calories with 100 g of the vegetable containing just 25 calories. It is also rich in fiber which helps in promoting the feeling of satiety which means that eating a small serving will make you feel full and prevent you from overeating.

It can work for heart diseases :  . Being rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin B-6 and phytonutrients like flavonoids, this vegetable prevents  the risk of heart disease. The presence of antioxidants keeps your arteries healthy and prevents heart attack. Here are 6 heart-healthy diet tips for people with heart disease.

As well as it controls Blood pressure, good for diabetes, lowers cholesterol in the body, Makes skin glow, stimulates brain activity etc

So let us we shall start to make Baingan Bharata

time for it

prep   cook total

10       15        25 min

author’s name :   Pranita deshpande

food type     : subji[BAINGAIN BHARATA]


cuisine       : India

serve for 3


Baingan    4 to 6 middle size

garlic flakes   4 to 5

coriander   3 tbsp

garam masala 1  tbsp

salt   1 tbsp

Jaggary  1/2 tbsp

oil   1/2   small bowl

cumin power   1 tbsp

chilly powder: 1/2 tbsp

PROCEDURE  FOR IT  :  Take the Baingans  with stem as it is .

:  Cut it into vertical pieces

: Wash it with salted water clean .

:  Pour these pieces in the pot

: Spread oil on it, add garlic flakes, coriander ,jaggary and keep   deep lid   on it . Start gas on middle flame. 

  :Add  1 cup of water in the lid upside so that down side   Brinjals not get burn .

: After heating water add that water in to the pot and again   keep   lid tight .

:    Keep it to steam for 10 minutes . Keep it on the middle flame 

      : . Keep it to get  steam for 10  minutes .

:  Add  garam masala, chilly powder, salt skutt to it . Crush it  with wire gauze

:  Serve it with roti




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Health Benefits Of Ginger- Food Catalyst- COVID -20 Treatment

COVID -20 Treatment .

Ginger is my favorite medicine, without ginger, I never drink tea. I am using it in so many subji’s as well as for some sweet food also. It gives relief to the body and removes pain. Nowadays so many farmers are cultivating this medicine on their farms. 

  It contains phenolic and this phenolic removes acidic burns so we get relief from acidity. Also, it is using pain removing and temperature reducing agent.

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   It is getting in 2 types 1 is Ginger and 2nd one is zingeron. Zinger has less smell and sweet odor 

  It is the digestive and increasing appetite.

If you are having a feeling of vomiting then you can take a juice of ginger with sugar and salt. If you have a cold then you can take it with basil leaves. 

How To make carrot pickle- Winter special

 If you have joint pain then you must have to take the juice of ginger in small quantity. A diabetic patient whose eyes operation has been done then they can also take it.    

 If you want to reduce cholesterol or to reduce blood clotting then you must have to take it. It can control BP, sugar, acidity, etc.

 If you have stones in the gallbladder then you don’t eat ginger. Ginger contains magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc in small quantities.

 It contains vitamin C, Vitamin B 3, vitamin B 6 and in small proportion carbohydrates. It removes gaseous from our stomach. It increases the motion of the intestine and removes the pain of the abdomen. 

 It is famous for a cough and cold as well as if you are suffered from dysentery then you can keep paste of it on our ‘’Navel’’

Make a juice of ginger, lemon, honey and keep in a Container to use regularly. Its regular use removes a cough, cold and so many problems of a throat. 

It activates saliva and producing saliva in the mouth. It reduces stomach pain and blows CHUNKS feelings. 

Juice of ginger and basil leaves is the very best medicine for temperature, cough, headache, etc. 

It can kill the infected germs in the mouth, esophagus and stomach quickly so it is very important medicine for COVID -20 [Treatment]

Make medicine of ginger in this way 

 1] Take black basil leaves, ginger powder, Licorice, tea leaves,. keep water to boil reduce it half add jaggery to it and give this 

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Healthy ,Beauty Benefits Of Eating Fenugreek Seeds

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http://Benefits of Fenugreek seeds:

Do you know the magic of this seeds? We are using these seeds in a pickle it gives a good taste as well as smell .If we will add these granules in Idli batter it easily make fermentation. We can make dal of it, we can also make separate pickle . In so many subji’s also it increases good taste as well as smell.


Fenugreek is a herb we can use it in plenty of way .It’s leaves contains A vitamin along with potassium mineral. Generally this plant grows in winter season. In India a lot of people making it’s Subji or eating it as a raw leaves. Some Caterours keeping dry Fenugreek leaves to make any time Subji. They are calling it Kasoori Methi. Generally we call it Methi in Hindi. But in different states people says in different names. 

Let us we will see what are its benefits in detail.?


Take 1 spoon of Fenugreek seeds with water it can remove the digestion problem and body pain etc.If we will take  1 gm of ginger powder and 1 gm of Fenugreek powder in a day 3 or 4 times.It will give us good benefits to us.


.*We have dandruff in our hair then you can apply a  paste of Fenugreek seeds  and after an hour wash the hair with clean water. Wipe the hair with clean cotton clothes automatically dandruff will remove cleanly.

*At night keep Fenugreek seeds in the hot coconut oil and in the morning apply it on the hair it can stop breaking of hairs.


It can remove cough of the chest as well as gas in the stomach if we will take its powder regularly. In them, if we will eat this powder with jaggery then it can remove arthritis cure.    

Health Benefits

  • Help Control Diabetes
  • Prevent Heart Attacks
  • Help Prevent Cancer
  • Alleviate Menstrual Cramps
  • Improve Breast Milk Production
  • Reduce Cholesterol
  • Help Reduce Pain Due To Arthritis 
  • Aid Digestion
  • Help with Weight Loss
  • Improve Kidney Function
  • Protect The Liver
  • It has lots of fiber and steroid which can work on insulin means they are increasing the sensitivity of insulin hormone as well as it can control cholesterol along with it increases immunity power also.
  • To reduce high blood pressure these are very beneficial. For that, you have to keep 1/2 tabs seeds of it to soak at night and in the morning we have to eat it.
  •  A paste of Fenugreek seeds when applying on the dark circle of burning spot then it can remove spot easily.  
  • If we will take Fenugreek seeds regularly then it can use to reduce weight and keep balance in the hormones. If ladies can use every day it is very beneficial for them.
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Masala Curry Of Capsicum-Curry Recipes

Capsicum Curry Recipe-Vegetarian   

Since childhood, my younger son’s favorite subji is capsicum. When I will Send him to bring another subji he will definitely bring this subji . If he is with me in the market then also I have to buy compulsory this subji . I  think here a lot of people like this subji. But the method of making it is different everywhere. So many are making liquid curry. So many are making full of saran. So many are using it as a salad. But in Maggi, it gives the nice taste. We are using it in the pasta, home noodles etc.

Let us make here

time for it

prep cook total

5 min  10 min   15 min

Ingredients for it

Capsicum : 1/2 kg

oil :  2 tbsp

cumin seeds   1 tbsp

mustard seeds : 1 tbsp

onion   1 big size [chopped ]

coriander  2 tbsp [choped ]

skutt 1/2  small bowl

home made metkut :   2 tbsp

garlic  :  4 to 5 flakes

ginger 1/2 inch

garam masala 1 tbsp

chilly powder: 1 tbsp

salt :  1 tbsp

turmeric powder :  1 teas

Hing  : 1 pinch

author name : chhaya kulkarni

cuisine: Indian

food type : curry

serve  for 3

PROCEDURE  FOR IT :   Wash  the capsicum with clean water and keep aside

: Chop it well to make a good curry.

: Take the big size onion chop it and keep aside

: chop the coriander and  keep aside

: Make the paste of garlic, ginger,  coriander and keep in a                                                            small bowl.

: Keep remaining all ingredients ready

: Keep the an on the gas, pour oil in it.

: Add the paste of ginger, garlic and coriander, fry it well.

: Add cumin, mustard seeds and wait to splutter it.

: Now add chopped onion and saute it well.

: Add pieces of capsicum and fry it well.

: Spread 1 cup of water to cook it well

:  Keep the lid on it to get the steam.

: Now add remaining all ingredients chilly powder, turmeric                                                 powder, salt, Skutt, Metkut,  etc

: stir it well and again keep the lid on it for a while.

:  Put off the gas.

: Serve it with smooth chapatti.

CHOPPED ONION IMG_20180226_072153 (1)





METHOD TO MAKE IT: Cut the onion and capsicum and keep aside

: Keep all the ingredients ready.

: Saute onion up to pink color appears

: Add capsicum subji and saute it well

: Add all ingredients and keep to cook

: Serve it with chapati.

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Benefits of eating raw papya- herbs -Health Benefits

How to use raw papaya as a herb?- Benefits

Health benefits of eating raw papaya -health


No one likes to eat raw papaya, but raw papaya is very good to eat for good health. Especially it is good for the liver . If any person is suffered from jaundice then it effects on our health and at that time it is good to eat raw papaya.

download (3)

It has lots of A and C  Vitamin. These vitamins help to increase immunity power. If anyone has suffered from cold and cough then must have to eat it.

download (4)

In today’s life lots of people are suffered from urine problems then also it is useful to eat.

If you don’t want as it is then spread some chilly powder, salt powder and cumin’s powder on it.It gives good taste and we want to eat easily.

We require A vitamin for eyes and C vitamin for lots of problems, like giving fresheners on the face with beauty look.


  If we will take olive oil in more proportion in our diet it increases memory power and learning power. It can reduce Alzheimer disease some scientists have proved it.

If we have balanced diet, including more proportion of vegetables keeps our health better.It can reduce Alzheimer, it has been proved in American temple University lavish coz school and medical students.

download (5)

If we will keep an excess proportion of olive oil in our diet it can protect from our some special problems of memory.

Annals of clinical neurology magazine have published this invention.

If we will take more olive oil it can produce amyloid Betaplockand  neurofibrillary in less proportion.


So that Alzheimer gets reducing.

Olive oil reduces irritations of brain and it can increase our memory power and learning power.

Do you know some herbs also reduces Alzheimer?

  The Alzheimer plant that is ‘’DRYNARIYS RHIZOM ‘’it has the power to reduce Alzheimer.It is found in Africa, south Asia, Austria .

Some scientists have made experiment on mice .They have injected this as a medicine after some days they found that mice  have increased their memory power.

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Hotel Naivednam Singhgad Road Poona – Review

Hotel Tonight Review 

Phoneno :  +919405994160 ,   02024252571

Cuisines : North Indian, South Indian

  Continental.  Pizza, Street food, Chinese, 

 Opening hours :7;30 AM to 11;30 PM    everyday 

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Vegetarian Only 

No Alcohol Available

Indoor seating 

   Address: Opposite PL Deshpande Garden, Sinhgad  Road, Pune  

In the last week I went to Poona to meet my sister’s family and enjoying Happy New Year. Really we have a lot of enjoyment there. I have a strong bonding with my sister family. As they are thinking that if you will come to our home we are en-lighting, we get not only positive energy but tremendous knowledge, love happiness, peace etc. They always think I must have to live in their family. Okay, let it be.

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On 4 th Jan we have a birthday of my sisters younger son Prashant. Our whole family is spiritual. They also do what I am doing. Very Royal and nice family.

They decided to go for dinner outside. Then there is a discussion about where to go ?. As everyone is totally vegetarian. We want pure, fresh and clean Bhojan. Then everyone is telling this hotel is nice. Someone told we will go outside.I didn’t know anything about it as I am busy with my work last night.

Finally, they have decided to go to ”HOTEL NAIVEDYAM SINGHGAD ROAD  POONA ” at Poona.   hqdefault

When we reached outside I saw a small gate and thought, How this much small Hotel?.

Then we enter in the Hotel there is a big old ancient door hanging on the wall as a show .Then we went inside. Sat on the table and start to demand all (5)

  COINCIDENT OF MUSHROOM SOUP: On that day there was violence in Poona so everything is off. In that internet connection also off. Then I decided to enjoy day gossiping with my sister, her daughter and her daughter in law. So didn’t open laptop or mobile for a net. Best Mango Chutney

Now in the Hotel, everyone is started to demanding their favorite soup. Two couples compromising it for another soup. I alone only started to demanding Mushroom soup. Everyone is asking you want Mushroom soup, you can’t finish it just demand another soup. My sister is telling why did you want that soup? I told just as my wish.I was confirmed about Mushroom soup. Then we demanded all soups which everyone wants.

I want to tell this story purposely that when we came back I thought, must be a net connection on, now I have to open laptop so I running to my google + account and I saw on a first-page first post was Mushroom Soup. Before this incidence, I never come across this soup.I have shown this to my sister’s husband as well as whole family. How my vibration reached to ?.As that post was ‘ 

Omkar Desai
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Hotel Naivaidyam poona

After that, we ate nicely. The food at the Hotel was very good. Means every item is well prepared to have less oil and chilly. We have Cabbage Manchurian, Kaju curry, Dal fry, Toondri Roti, Thecha. Thecha was looking same like my Thecha but when I ate it. Taste is (3)

I liked  Manchurian and soup, Kaju curry also well prepared. But my stomach is so small that I can’t eat more at a time. Only I ate 1 tandoori, some rice, Kaju curry and Manchurian etc Finish.


This is also  I know that, the person who didn’t go to the hotel he will also go to the Hotel. This change occurs in the world as I know so many people are following my behavior. click here to buy any item with deals & offers.

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How To  Convert  Negative  Energy Into Positive? – Transformation Of Energy

Transformation of energy – Negative into positive .

Hello, readers wish you a very happy, joyful and pleasant new year.

Do you know why did I have chosen this topic?

Today everyone is alert to keep positive thoughts with them as no one wants unhappiness  and  sadness in their life.  Everyone is trying best to be happy in their life. So many have the tough situation to handle. These situations create tremendous fear in our mind and we are indulged there. So many times we have lots of fear in our mind that the things which I have achieved can I lose it? As we carry lots of doubts, negative thoughts etc.

So everyone is trying best to avoid negativity. Now the question comes is there life without negativity? Is there life without problems? If you want to avoid these 2 words in your life can you make progress in your life? Maybe you are making progress in your life  

But are you sure that you never come across to the negative energy and problems in your life?

Every situation is coming into our life only we have to learn how to face or react to this situation? Let us we will discuss here.

1]  We are coming in contact with idiot people or donkey like people.then we can’t avoid them forever. Then we must have to think of them as a   superman or  Gopal rao.

2] We have to come across with negative thoughts of fear, jealousy, hatreds etc. Then we can’t remove it from our lives. As it depends on front person behavior and  we can’t avoid it .If we will carry with it we are going into the depression. So how can we overcome it? then we must have to increase our inner power to overcome it without giving him any reaction and must have to accept this situation.

As a part of my life but didn’t avoid these people we should learn how to convert negative energy in to positive?

Suppose we decided to avoid any hatred, jealous or negative people which is near to us. Then God creates another negative people surrounding us. So we must have to accept these situations as part of my life. If I we will not accept all these situations there will automatically create pressure, stress, anger, anxiety and  increase problems.

Suppose in our home or office anyone is jealous of us. Can we keep him away instantly? Or can we start to hate him? If we will start to hate him what will happen we know and if we are behaving him as ‘’Tit for Tat’’ again what situation we have to face we know well. It increases negative energy.So we must have to learn, how to convert negative energy in to positive.

current feeling
Difference between past,present, future

There are 3 ways to change negative energy

1]  Absorb   2]  Reflect  3] transform

When any person has no power to change it or accept it as it is, then it can create a lot of problems that is pressure, force, etc so many times love changes it but if the situation is out of control then love also can not do anything. When we understand their negative energy it creates pain internally with people close to us. Then we need to understand.

  • Reflect: We know that what we have sent outside that is coming to my side. That is as the plant as the seed. But here we have to understand that I must have to accept the sanskaras and creates sanskaras. This is going to daily. If I  am a powerful soul then I can not disturb with it.
  • If any bad energy or bad sanskaras are coming towards us at that time we have to keep quiet and after some time we can change it by means of good thoughts.It requires lots of energy. This energy we can create by doing meditation or by chanting Mantra. Doing bhajans kirtans etc.
  • TRANSFORM: We know that in our Indian culture every ladies have to transform her sanskaras.  to keep a family in one place.If she would not tolerate any bad situation then she has to face a lot of problems. The whole family will get disturbed.
  • So to transform means a change in your life, your lifestyle, your responsibilities, your thinking pattern.
  • If you are not changing this routine you become the responsible factor of distraction in your family life. Or anywhere.
  • So decide what to do with sanskaras? Do you want to absorb? Reflect   or transform.
  • If we are not learning how to transform then we will learn how to avoid revenge on him?
  • The person who has these skills is the best winner in the world.

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Benefits Of Caradamom Water- Health

How to make a liquid of Cardamom?


How  To  Make   Liquid of  Cardamom

Author :Pranita deshpande

Keyword : Benefits of cardamom water

Make powder of cardamom mixture in the water. Add it some cloves in it. Boil it for a while. Don’t boil it for a more time. As if you will boil it for more time it will lose its original flavor. That water becomes bitter in taste. Keep this water to cool, add 3 tablespoons of it in a simple water.

Now we will see what are the benefits of it?

Image result for Images of cardamom large

FOR  DIGESTION  *  To make digestion easy it is good. If you have stomach pain problem then it is very good for it. Constipation, gaseous and acidity problems cure easily with it.Juice Recipes

FOR EXCRETION: It can remove waste product easily. So that it can help to the kidney to perform the function well.

IT KEEPS HEALTH OF  THE TEETH: It is the good medicine for mouth fresheners.It is used in toothpaste also. Tomato cumin powder shorba- Patient Recipe [Glute

When we have the fungal infection like Ulcer of mouth or infection in esophagus then its water is good for us.

THIS WATER INCREASES IMMUNITY.:  If we will drink this water for a certain time of period then it will increase immunity power. BENEFITS

In   Indian culture in so many foods, it is used as a catalyst. When we have to make any special food item for celebration at that time we are making it with cardamon. Lots of people are eating this item after meal or dinner as it is. Sometimes we are adding it in the tea as well as in the milk also as it is giving the good flavour to the tea & milk.

It reduces cough level in our body and makes our voice clear.

Tree of this plant looks like this


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