Kissan Jam Review – Review

When we were in Bombay we are feeding apple Jam to my son regularly. We like Kissan jam. Has very nice taste. It can eat small kids happily. Give good energy and relief. Nescafe classic coffeeREVIEW I think no any kid maybe refuse to eat apple jam.

We are bringing Kissan Jam in each week. I think at that time there is less price for it. In the morning while he getting up we are feeding him as like medicine. He feels that it is very nice medicine become cool and silent. As he has to take in every month 2000 Rs injection. These injections creates lot of heat in his body /So we were feeding it him regularly. Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea

Let us check here how did Kissan jam is good to us?

KISSAN mixed fruit jam 200 gm 200 g/
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All fruits are mixed in it. Pine apple, strawberry, banana, pear, orange, mango grape and apple . All are blended in one container . To get good color added some flavors. Has very nice delicious and zing taste. So small kids are eating it happily. In the market this jam is the king of all Jams. Everyone like it.

I to also like it. When there is no any chutney or subji in the home then I am making its tole of chapati and eating it happily.

It gives good taste with all types of breakfast and bread.


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Why Did Anxiety- Mental Health


    We Know  that, today everywhere  there is a discussion  of anxiety.  We  think that it is natural. Sometimes I too also feel it is natural. And it is true  that some natural things must have to come out otherwise if we will suppress it. It will take another form means  that person behaves wickedly  or running politics  to  work with colleague  He can adjust with  pressure, or sometimes he will managing his time thinking that  I have to live with him  for  1  or 2 year , then why did we oppose him? We can take benefit from the front person and leave him etc. We feel that this person is working with honestly  or politely. But, when this opinion comes out in front of every person  this takes another form of life or creating  another problems in our life.

Nervous Anxiety GIF by blackbear

Instead   finding temporally solution if we will be clear about it to the front person .There may be struggle or fighting but it can keep a lot of problem away   or making relationship clear. May be  front person feel  worst  about the person who is taking bitter decisions.

Anxiety not comes suddenly in our life. It can comes  from past karma  as like that  , there  are so many infants in the maternity hospital but,  of them some are crying  continuously if they have no any problem. Then in our INDIA old people says keep name of his/her grand mother/ father etc. And really this works.

anxious dana carvey GIF

1] We   know that some kids are unnecessary getting anxious. Reason of that is some parents takes more care or gives what they want easily. If they have the habit to  get everything easily  and sometimes  if not getting it they become more anxious.

nervous crazy ex girlfriend GIF

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2] In the child hood if kids are getting hate from surrounding or from the relatives then they become anxious.        So any kid must have to get appreciation.

3] Rejection  is the main cause of anxiety.

4] When the person facing a lot of time unhappiness and troubles he also become more anxious.

scared oh no GIF by Portlandia

5]  More  important  reason of anxiety is that if we  have not taught  to the children to face any situation happily  and silently  then  before facing any situation  that  children creating a lot of fear and suddenly turns in to anger and become more anxious.

In this way there are a lot of ways to form anxiety  for more reasons and  solutions please  contact me on  dpranita583 .

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5 Ways to increase eye vision with sunlight – Eye Health.

In today’s life eye health become very important question in everyone’s life. As since infant to old persons now everyone is using a lot of times gadgets. Everyone wants to watch some thing on the screen. Today’s 80% life is engaged with screens. Now with this best engagement some serious eye cases also happening. In them eyes problems are most difficult problems. Nowadays in every eye hospital full of crowd and shop of opticles are filled with customers. Since childhood we have to use lenses, if we will check the school students you will see a lot of students are wearing spects in the school life.

So we have created this problem but nature has created a lot of solutions on it . Just learn here some solutions on it .


1] Get up early in the morning before rising the Sun.

2] After taking bath recite these 12 names of Sun GOD by taking his darshan with east direction.












Then recite this Mantra


Image result for Images of SUN GOD/5 ways to increase eye vision/
http://SUN GOD/5 ways to increase eye vision/

3] Take water in the copper bottle or Lota , add red flower, kumkum 5 to 10 rice granules. Now go to on your terrace or in the garden , look to the SUN complete for 3 seconds. Take rays of SUN in your eyes . Touch few drops of water to your eyes. Now take the 5 rounds with your self body by reciting above names . Now fall this water under the tree by watching to Sun rays .

4] Do this experiment every day definitely it will increase power of your eyes.

जानिए, क्यों चढाया जाता है सूर्य को जल /5 ways to increase eye vision.

INSTRUCTION : Keep attention that even 1 drop of water couldn’t be fall on your any part of body. Otherwise it will effect on your body.

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How To Build Body In Winter Season- Health

Hi friends, my observation with winter season is that , generally so many people who are too much lazy and they are clever to keep fatigue with them has this season very bore. But the people who are active and want to build body then this season is the God created season. Only we have to take slight hard work for it.

Main important link of hard work starting is getting up early.I am always thankful to the companies who had created a lot of jobs , schools early in the morning. Otherwise a lot of people never get up early in the morning. Do you know getting up early is an interesting thing in our life. Some schools who has to get up early in the morning when holiday is there students are telling to their family members ,don’t get up early in the morning.

One important story to get up early in the morning My so many relatives are living in the Poona and when my elder son has been in the 5TH class, he has the information about Poona’s people that ” On every Sunday they are getting at 9 AM in the morning ” he asked me one day , ” Aai is Sunday have any ritual? No, why you are asking? then he told no, Poona’s people are getting up at 9 Am on every Sunday.

Anyway early getting up is the big question in front of every person.

Let us we will see which points builds our body in winter.

1] Getting early is the best option to make body as we can remove our ”VATA, PITTA, COUGH” Dosh easily.

2] Bathing early in the morning filling our mind with freshness , keeping flow of blood regular, creating appetite, losing boreness. Have you observed that after bathing we feel immediate appetite. baked-peanut-recipe

3] Drinking milk, eating breakfast early, encourages us to be healthy. Best Shopping Center –

4] Eating leafy vegetables, Regular food at proper time builds good body. There is not need to eat high nutritional food everyday. We can eat it 2 to 3 times in a week. Best business marketing center

5] In this season air is pure and clean so automatically we can digest what we have eat. We want to eat more times. How much we are eating is getting to easily digest us.

6] We must have to eat more milk products , high nutrient value food.

7] Whatever may be exercise you will do in this season it can create good energy in your body.

8] Must have to learn Yoga, exercise in this season.

9] So GOD has already kept less time day and more time night so that we can build our body with sound sleep by eating what you want.

10] In this season universe also filled with the lot of crops, vegetables, fruits, milk getting more to us.

11] Have you heard any person is getting bore in the day time and he want rest. We never get sleep in the day.

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Five Points To Be Positive In 2020-Mental Health

We  know that everyone is working here to be successful. When did you will become successful let me know ? If you are working on mindfulness. Its very nice to say you that I got an information in the news paper from the new teen age generation .Today youth generation become very strong, mature, careful, working along with nice responsibility. Congratulations my dear for your nice improvement.

Now question comes that if everything is in hand with this generation still this generation is in pain, in depression, in worries why? Do you know? There are plenty of reasons for it but we can’t focus on the reason , let us we will focus on how to be positive in this period .

Image result for Five Points To Be Positive In 2020-Health/
http://5 Points to be positive in 2020-Mental Health /

Everyone is searching for happiness maybe you have money or not ,but we must have to learn how to be happy in any situation. It doesn’t mean that we will be away from our goal. We must have to be focus on our goal but while achieving our goal how is our journey is important? Is we have losing our daily happiness, we are losing our daily life, we must have to learn in every moment of life. Means if you are sleeping, sleep comfortably, if you are eating eat comfortably, means in which moment you are must have to be happy in each moment. Keep attention on your satisfaction, is I am completely satisfy and getting happiness to my soul?

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Okay, let us turn to the points which can keep you positive in this year.


We know that there are a lot of things happening around us. We can catch some things easily it may be right or wrong but we get disturbed easily with it and mind gets distracted for it. It can disturb our regular work, our carrier work or anything. These things are coming to us from social media or mass media but we must have to know that which I have to catch and which I have to leave it.

You must have to decide to be live in the positive people who can give you good energy, good advice along with motivation.

That types of people who can uplift you , keeping your mind happy ,avoid the person who is always complaining about life, always crying  and keeping you also in danger zone. You must have to search the person who is keeping you happy and giving correct way for your life.

  SIMPLE BHOJAN: We think that the people who are eating everyday fast food , junk food, are eating high level food. But no , we know that our Indian life style gives well prepared bhojan which contains more amount of proteins, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, fibrous , etc which can keep you light in any way , can’t increase your weight, This type of food always keep your mind fresh.

DAILY WORK OUT:  TO be away from negative thinking and stress we must have to work on exercise. In this year 2020 we must have to give 30 minutes everyday for body exercise. This exercise you can do at home .There is no need go in the Jim .Walking and running maintain your all physical and mental problems. You can walk daily 10,000 steps to be healthy.

AWAY FROM BAD NEWS : Learn to catch good things and keep limitations on handling your gadgets. If you will keep away your gadgets for some time you will be automatically away from so many stressful things. As  today everyone is getting disturbed when he is away from his gadgets but this is the time to be light in your life. In this time limit you can talk to the neighbors, your friends, your relatives, your family members , your pets ,etc. Keep some time for prayer ,meditation or worshiping the God.

HELP TO THE OTHERS : Whatever you are earning or whatever you are doing your work you must have to give it to the others. Be graceful for it what I am giving to the others. When we are giving anything to the others we have to be great mind means do not keep expectations from the front person. Give it with full of scarification. As scarification gives a lot of energy. This energy is so powerful that no one can  challenge it. Scarification means not to go on military border for it . You can help for small things in the daily life . You can help to the person who want lift, give the help to the poor students who want study more, give help to the old age person to get them life.


Health Benefits Of Chikoo Fruits- Surprising Benefits

Do you know magic of this fruit ? generally, this fruit is cheating to us. Means suppose we brought thinking that, it is well ripened then while eating we feel it sour or some foul odour giving to us. Sometimes we didn’t understand its real fact we think that hard Chikoo with yellow color is good and we bringing it but it didn’t give any taste. When we feel that no Chikoo is not good then while eating it gives very nice taste. Means this fruit is playing drama with us.

Image result for image of chikoo fruits

Image result for image of chikoo fruits/
http://image of chikoo fruit/
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About Its Appearance

I think so many kids are hating to eat it. As its appearance after opening it is some time chocolate color and some time almond color . It feels as like snail if we will see it in the chocolate color. So many people who known snail they definitely think that this is snail didn’t have to eat it. If we will keep it in our bag it can brake easily and you what result it is giving to us?

Health benefits of Chikoo fruit/
http://Health benefits of Chikoo fruit/

Maybe it shows a lot of drama to us but definitely it has plenty of benefits.

This tree is of middle height as like bush. Tree looks very beautiful, if Chikoos are there then it looks very beautiful.

Image result for image of chikoo tree/
http://Image of chikoo tree/

It can cultivate anywhere we can grow it in our home garden, in the temple garden or in the farm. I think it has no more limitati0ns of soil and wheather to grow it.

Let us we will discuss about its benefits .

1] It contains more amount of calcium and iron so it can keep our bones strong.

2] If you want to increase height of your kid and want to walk your kid fast then give him everyday this fruit , as a fruit or make some food item from it .

3] it is very good fruit for the old age person as it can easily digested, no need to bite, if old people or kids also have no teeth then also they can eat it easily. Also it is good to keep appetite as well as to increase blood volume.

4] It is very good fruit to increase eye vision as well as its nutritional part keeps away from so many infections.

5] If you have the problem of indigestion as well as gaseous then you must have to eat everyday Chinooks.

6] It can works on acidity as well as on some heart diseases.

7] If any person has suffered from flu or temperature then he must have to give this fruit to get the taste to his mouth.

9] To remove the problems of cough and breathing problems , flu, cold this fruit is working perfectly/ It can keep glow of skin too.

10] Instead of drinking milk shake of Chikoo we must have to eat Chikoos as it is. As it gives more vitamins and benefits to us.

11] Some times we feel irritations in the chest and in the stomach so to remove this problem this CHIKOO is very beneficial to us.

12] If we will eat it in the winter season then definitely it can remove all problems of abdomen pain along with increasing immunity.

13] This fruit gives good energy to everyone especially for the small kids and they can sleep peacefully. Weak persons must have to eat Chinooks daily.

14] We can make cookies, cakes, muffins from it to eat the kids as well as everyone who are hating to eat these fruits.

15] It can get easily in the market and it is cheap so that everyone can buy it easily.

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Effects of salt on our body – Health

Effects of salt on our body – Health

  There is a say that your gratitude is the way to show humanity or love for the person whose salt we have eaten. How To select Vegetables Related To Season – Health

In India there are so many ways to keep fast. Generally, there are so many rituals which are telling us to not eat salt. Reason behind it is to keep gratitude towards our ancestators as well as we must have to avoid salt in our body. In general to eat low salt means we feel very heavy, we didn’t get any taste and so we can’t eat food complete. Instead if we will keep fast we can automatically control it. This is due to faith on God. We didn’t feel heavy, we can enjoy fasting happily.

We know that the person who keeps gratitude then we  say him in Marathi ‘’Khalya Mithala Jaglas’’ means  gratitude automatically keeps health better. How To Make Kavat Chutney -Chutney Recipe [Marathi]

So fasting is very good mentally as well physically for the health. It can make strong mentally and

Keeps away from so many health problems.  

#vegetarianALLUa to z seriesBAKEDBASEN

Let us discuss here which health problems Occurs Due To Salt.

1] We know that if we will eat more salt we will suffer from high BP. As well as some skin diseases, it can create pressure on the kidneys and kidney will get damage. BENEFITS 

2] More eating salt invites so many heart diseases, as it increases blood pressure, of them if we will not done any exercise it can reduce immunity of the body. health 

3] Salt contains sodium and this sodium effects on Kidney. We know that Kidney’s are right filters in our body. But this filter can be damage due to more eating salt and our filtration process will be disturbed. So that some impurities get easily mixed with blood and we have to face a lot of worst effects on our body.

4] Eating more salt also increases swallowing on the skin means face, hands, legs, etc

5] It can increases acidity in the stomach and due to it scratching, skin infections omitting, like this suffering get started.

6] Now we are listening to the doctor and avoiding eating salt. But eating too much less salt also causes so many problems.

Let us check which problems we have to face with eating less salt.

1] If we are eating too much little salt we are feeling very low. Our BP gets low, we feel a lot of weakness, energy less, didn’t want to talk, feel sleepy, eyes get scrimped.

2] Sometimes a lot of digestion problems start. We know that if we are suffering from cholera or dysentery or dehydration then Dr. Immediately gives us saline which contains salt. At home also as a first aid we are giving salt water to the patient.

3] Pain in teeth or bad breath of mouth also starts with low eating salt.

4] Our face totally shows pale appreance, we feel as like tired patient if we didn’t have any health problem.

5]  So to keep body and mind healthy  we must have to keep balance in the eating salt.

6]  Eating  too much less salt means increasing negativity in our mind , as  we know that hunger, cramps in the legs occurs increases negativity.  

7] It can creates in balancing in sugar level as well as in the thyroids.

Image result for Images on effects of salt on our of salt on our body-health.


effects on kidney due to salt/

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Salads Why Not To Eat More?- Salad Recipes

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Today we are very conscious regarding health. Now we have the full of information to eat fruits, dry fruits etc. We take this information without thinking and acting on it . But be aware while eating it, how to eat it? When to eat it? Which fruit we have to eat it in which season. 

 Generally speaking avoid eating fruits in the morning before eating anything. Eat fruits or salad after breakfast or lunch  

  We know that today we are getting fruits with chemical applied. We feel very good while looking to them but they are covered with full of dusts, germs and insects. If we will wash the fruits under the tap only with water the germs are remaining as it is on it. So we must have to wash fruits with Potassium Permanganate. Means we have to keep fruits as like apples, Banana’s grapes, Guavas in the potassium permanganate solution for 10 minutes and then you can wash it.  

  Avoid to drink water after eating salad.

collection of salads/
http://collection of salads/

Fruit contains large amount of sucrose, fructose, yeast, etc . If we will drink water after eating salads, it produces gaseous in the stomach.  It can bring full of swelling in the stomach.

Avoid to eat it more: If we think that fruits are very good for the health so we are continuously eating fruits then it can create pain in the stomach.

collections of
http://collection of salads /

If we will drink water after eating fruits then definitely it will bring invitation to the dysentery. Sometimes makes us unconscious.

We have full of carbon dioxide in our stomach, if we will eat fruits without biting well, bacteria of stomach act on it and creates gaseous , Dhekar , etc .

Some people can’t digest raw fruits or pieces of it. For example small kids or old  people , for these people make juice or cook it in the cooker make its dessert and give to them it will give good effects on them.

Avoid eating cucumber in the morning without eating anything. It can create sneezing; we can suffer from flu or cough and cold. The person who is suffered from sinus never has to be eating cucumber.

Delivery  lady must have to avoid to eat raw  fruits as it creates lot of gaseous in her stomach. Her milk become cold and it can affect to the infant. They will suffer from gaseous, stomach pain or any liver problems. 


Tylers Coffee – A healthy brand

       Tylers Coffee – #Requestedcf8 by Tylers Coffee –Nichevendor .com     

Tyler’s Coffee. :  Do you know today the world is changing fast. If you will observe In the market you will get  coffee shops for each 500 m distance. Now people have changed their total life style.

Today No one is bringing any food or drink item directly watching advertises but, they are checking every products benefits , Is that product is good for health? Is it will show after some days any harmful impact etc.Generally people are buying products via blogging. As they have the perfect and faithful market from blogger.

We have plenty of advertising on coffee. Some people attracts easily to the advertise and simply bringing that products. They didn’t think about their benefits and harmful effects. Whatever may be behavior of some people but, we will try to change their behavior and habits with our new products . That is name of it is Taylers coffee  

   Let us we will check how to get this important product ?

    HOW TO BUY IT ? What are its benefits?

   How did it is working for good health? What are its price? quality, quantity etc.

  Get more information here,

   Tylers coffee is the healthiest coffee for us due to their trade secret roasting process. Which doesn’t bloom the tannic and lipid acids in the coffee bean. These acids causes lower PH, Damage to the GI track ,Damage to the Tooth enamel ,Upset stomach, Acid re-flux, symptoms, heartburn, indigestion, bloating and a bitter after bite.  

  We are drinking so many types of coffees but we have lots of side effects as like nostalgic feeling, acidity, feel to vomit , etc brings a lot of side effects. If we will drink more times unhealthy coffee some times we couldn’t understand that we become unconscious. This phenomenon couldn’t understand easily in daily life.But I observed it in so many times seriously in so many times . If they will drinking any types of coffee in more proportion. check here different products of this brand .

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