My Homage To Dadi Janki – Brahmakumari World

Today I opened the facebook and saw the news about ” Janki Didi” I thought she left her body. For a while, I became speechless and complete darkness came in front of me. My eyes are filled with tears and heart is filled with loveful feelings. At a moment, I thought, her soul came near to me and expressed some feelings.

I have known Brahmakumari’s world since 2011 as I am watching sister Shivani’s program. Since that time I attached to this world. I heard a lot of times the speech of Janki Didi. Her confidence without ego, love with full of compassion, Administration with full of courage and happiness with full of joy. I really connected with her every sentence while watching peace of mind channel.

She is not only Dadi of Brahmakumari but, the whole world is in love with her. Her every word has the power of spirituality, purity, honesty, and love.

There are so many people who are making a judgment against this world. But, I want to tell them are you protecting 1 girl daughter child at your home completely without disturbing your mind?

This organization has been accepted parenting of 15 Lakh daughters along with some small age girls, teenage girls. Parenting of these daughters without any disturbance is not a joke. Not only parenting along with value education, teaching and stand them for the service of the world leaving their own world. Only this type of work can be done by super spiritual organizations.

In this period keeping one girl at home is getting hard to manage, how did they are managing all this world ?. To do this type of work need elevated thoughts along with courage. They carry these thoughts with devotion.

Sister Shivani was telling every time her work in her speech. How she was light at any place? How she manages all this organization? How did she keep selfless love in the organization, etc?

As these great achievers work, we can’t count in the small book or the post. It can’t be complete in any century. The whole world’s place is small to put her work.

To learn these people we must have to learn about their original qualities. As she becomes great due to her original qualities.

Can we count her work in any material things?

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Collection Of Mental Health Articles – Mental Health

Hi Friends, you may be think that I have food website and how you are writing mental health posts. But , I want to explain here that ,I have overcome some patients with my counseling and it has better health.

Only one unfortunate thing in my life is that in my college day life before knowing anything about psychology to me my elder brother had been addicated to the drinking and at that time I didn’t know anything about it. He lost his life.With this event I am going a lot of time in depression. I thought that if I would be able to handle him he definitely cure with it.

Then after my mother had been left hopes to live her life, she every time thinking that ,I want to die since 25 years. And every time she catches some infection and she has to admit in the hospital.When I have studied psychology , I started to counseling them means she and her sisters. Her all sisters were telling that must have to die early. Why did we have to live? Now everyone’s marriage’s has been finished everyone is happy in their life , etc. Then I have counseling them to live life.

After that my sister has been suffered from Kidney. We have tried a lot of ways to save her but failed. Before suffering from it she was in depression

then I have given her counseling everyday 1 hour. She increased her life span 10 years after suffering from depression.

Already my husband was a patient of schizophrenia. If he would have been started to talk, he continuously talking some time 1/2 an hour and some time 1 hour. Suppose we want to counsel them he became so furious that with his speaking dogs also started to barking. This situation is 24 hours in my life. Still I am happy and have shared this much work with audience. I overcome all this with the help of spiritual knowledge, spiritual practices and psychological knowledge.

Meanwhile my Mama had been suffered from brain hammerer had admitted in the nearest home hospital. I went to meet him. He was in the ICU , he was filled with so much fear that , he left his hopes and thinking that now he will die. Her wife, daughter, son everyone had been left their hopes.Thinking that what will be happen we will accept. Then I have given

counseling to whole family, especially her wife and Mama. Trained them to be positive in this situation.Then they have removed their fear, increased their confidence, hopes , etc Now he is completely Okay. I have too much satisfaction with it.

In this way I have given counseling to so many patient I didn’t remember small events but so many families, couples counseling to remain happy. Now they are happy in any situation.







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10] 5 Points to be positive

http://5 Points to be positive in 2020-Mental Health /

http://mental health/

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Importance Of Camphor -Corona Virus [Benefits]

Friends we know that today we are stacked in the worst trouble which is very dangerous to our life. There are lakhs of people are suffered from it. We know that it is a very dangerous virus, which can get automatically viral. Now we have a huge fear and everyone is under pressure. Govt. also taking a lot of care to keep people alive.

There are plenty of medicines that are telling in social media. Someone is telling use this medicine, someone is telling don’t go outside. We must have to follow all these things to keep our bodies strong.

Let us we will check here what are the health benefits of camphor. 

Since the starting of this Corona news, we are hearing about camphor.

We know that Camphor is the best medicine for multipurpose problems.

1] It can control swine flu.

2] It can stop badbreathing. Also, it works as a good sanitize

3] It is a terpene organic compound, commonly it is used in medicines, creams, lotions, creams, oils. Camphor oil is an oil that is extracted from the Camphor tree.

4] It can be used to remove pain, irritations, itching, chest congestion, and inflammation.

5] Never take Camphor internally or apply it to broken skin. As it creates toxic.

6] It can be used for skin treatment and respiratory function.

7] It can heal a burn, treat arthritis, relieves coughing, anxiety, depression, kills germs of home. Keeps the atmosphere fresh.

8] Since ancient times our Indian sages or Rushi’s or families using this Camphor.

9] Let us watch this video to know the importance of Camphor.

While worshiping the God yesterday I have realized some things as like flash of light.

In my childhood at my mother’s home we had Bhajans . In that Bhajan there is a song /Arti for Camphor. It is in Marathi Language .

In that Arati that poet has explained the importance of Camphor.

Param Painshyanti Madhye Maha Vaikhari, Vaikhari Ne Shrut Kele , Kele Shri hari. Sagun zali Aarti Nirgun Kapra Jyoti.

Agyan Andhakar Samool Janashi Zala . Caprachya Jyoti Madhye Parbramh Pahila. Sagun Zali Aarti Nirgun Kapra Jyoti.

This song is telling that , when there is complete darkness in the atmosphere or have a challenging trouble at that time , some Sage have got God in the Camphor Aarti.

Let us watch this video to understand the real fact of camphor.

http://Importance of Camphor/health benefits/

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How To Control Blood Sugar With Ajowan – Health Benefit

Control Blood Sugar With AJOWAN – Health Benefits

 Do you know this Ajowan word has a long story? It has been created in my Son's treatment at Bombay. It can't express here you have to check it in my ''Masala Rice'' post. 

Any way still I will tell some small events on this AJOWAN.
When I had been in the 9 Th STD my sister had given birth to her elder son. Then in her delivery after her meal and dinner, my mother was giving her 1 tablespoon AJOWAN to bite in the mouth and saying her to bite it in the mouth without swallow it. After that, she has to make a big sound on his baby’s stomach or has to send steam of her mouth in her baby’s mouth. And also has to give steam of every part of the body of her baby. This scene I feel amazing. Then I was asking to my mother. What will happen to it? She was telling me it will give complete relief to the baby and mother like a steam bath. As well as it can keep stomach light, away from gaseous and all problems.
cheap Insurance
The same phenomenon I have done to both babies.
We know that today diabetes and blood pressures are spreading fast. It is very hard to control. We can control it with the help of Ajowan.
1] It is very healthy and useful to increase the immunity power of our body. We are using it in the spice to get the taste of our Subji’s or food. mentalhealth
2] As I have told upside, it can be useful to keep away our mouth bad breathing, after eating we can eat it in the small number of granules. It can remove digestion problems. As like gaseous, pain in the abdomen, etc
3] It has to bake on the TAWA with ghee and eat with warm water.
4] It carries a lot of good properties that can use to reduce the sugar level of blood. It must have to take in the following way.
Take every day 1 tablespoon of neem leaves powder, 1/2 tablespoon cumin seed powder, and seeds of AJOAWAN, add all these ingredients in the hot milk and drink it. It will reduce the level of sugar in the blood.
5] By using everyday Ajowan we can control heart attack or heart problems.
6] Some ladies, girls have a lot of pain in the abdomen in their periods along with pain in the waist, pain in the back, etc. It will remove all these problems easily.
7] Sometimes we have an infection in the mouth our gums have swelling along with pain to remove it if we will make ”KULA ” with warm water and 2 drops of AJOWAN. Then it can stop swelling and pain in the gums.
8] It works for weight loss, as it works as a good catalyst in the digestion process. almondday
9] Apply powder of AJOWAN on the body part where you have scratching or burning in the skin. Keep it for 3 to 4 hours. healthbenefits
10]If you are suffering every time with a cough then drink AJOWAN water with black salt to stop it.
11 ] To remove the fear of any disease add AJOWAN in the spice. Use everyday spice. Drink everyday AJOWAN water and increase your immunity power so that you could away from all infections.

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Problems Of Tonsillitis Related To Corona Virus – Health Corona Virus

Problems of Tonsillitis Related To Corona Virus

Dear Friends, today we are in the huge fear of Corona virus. It can start with simple sneezing. Nowadays everyone is under pressure that if we have cough and cold or sneezing we have the chance to enter the virus of Corona in our body.

But, to suffer from cold and cough or sneezing have plenty of reason. We say flu and we take so many antibiotics to remove it.

Let us we will see which organs are affected due to cough and cold.

Have you heard the name Tonsillitis? To suffer from it has many reasons for them if we have less immunity or weak, or eating a lot of hot things, spicy food, more cool food, frozen food and if you are not cleaning your mouth completely. Then it brings Tonsillitis. The main symptom of it is sneezing, cough, cold, pain in the Esophagus, chest.

Photo bhttp://Problems of Tonsilities- Corona Virus/chhayaonline.comy Fernando Dos Santos Campos on

Sometimes if we have any digestion problem, constipation, or allergy of dust, any scent also causes to suffer from Tonsillitis.

Drinking more times tea, coffee, eating more fermenting food as like Shabudana, idli, Dosa, etc.

Sometimes by eating leafy vegetables without doing any action on it as like ”Chamkura” cabbage, Brinjal, Eating more fried food, oily food, etc.


If you want to cure Tonsillitis at home then you must have to make” Kulha” of mouth with warm water by adding salt to it. As our mouth becomes dry after every 2 hours and to keep it wet we must have to make the above experiment. As we have an infection with it if it is in control then no need to take medicine but, if it is more, then we need to take antibiotics. Many times we have to make surgery for chronic tonsils.

What Are The Complications In It?

Get to swallowing, have trouble breathing, Obstructive sleep, etc creates complications in the esophagus.

Sometimes it will spread infection inside the esophagus, it brings poos so that Tonsil er become abases. It creates Rome-tic fever, post-streptococcal, Glomerulonefritis, etc.


By drinking herbal tea it can remove easily. Due to herbal tea so many germs can easily get killed. So that swelling of Esophagus getting reduced. It also removes pain in the esophagus.

To make herbal tea we have to add cloves, Cardamom, Cinnamon in the green tea. Otherwise, we can drink tea of ginger with honey.

Cinnamon has the power to reduce pain and honey is the best anti killer of germ.

How To Make It?

Take 2 pinches of Cinnamon powder with 1 tablespoon honey mix it well.. Take it 3 times a day.

It can easily remove pain along with stopping to spread infection. A lot of times Tonsils reduces iodine from our blood. So we need to take an Iodine supplement.

Shingada contains more iodine so we have to eat Shingada by boiling it.If we will make ”KUALA” from this water with Shingada it will remove infection and pain.

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How To Give Good Feel – Self Improvement

have overcome so many troubles and so many difficult situations of them some are from nearest persons , some from long person but, didn’t know about feeling. Sometimes now, I am realizing that , less knowledge is good to be happy. Otherwise if I would be known about feeling , I would be not able to write good books. As we know that in Marathi we say ”Garaj Hi Shodhachi Janini Ahe”. The devices which we are handling now if any inventor will be indulged in the feelings what will happen?

How to feel here/
http://How to give good feel- self improvement/

In the last decades we may be feel happy, heavy, light, abundance anywhere but we couldn’t understand it. But, we must have to mention thanks to the social media , you have realized us these feelings.

I think that, feeling is not a process that we can develop with ourselves.It must be natural. When there is a sad event happening near to us we must have to feel sorrow. Suppose anyone has the death or anyone’s daughter is going to her husband’s home first time then we must have to feel sad. Or our eyes must have to feel with tears. If not we have to taste us is I am human being? Where I have lost my original qualities? Why?

Some people have the power to make atmosphere light. If there is a lot of heavy feeling anywhere .It maybe in your home, temple , in the meetings, in the school, in any community, in the politics , etc in the audience , etc.

Check your feelings here/
http://check your feelings here/

I think that, these persons are the forms of God. Means for a while suppose any teacher is so much favorite for the students then we know that if that teacher absent for any reason then a lot of students are not coming to school. Some students are distracting with their studies. Sometimes whole school will get impact of it. ImageUpload an image file, pick one from your media library, or add one with a URL.UploadMedia LibraryInsert from URL

We know that in our home also if our mother is not in our home we feel very heavy. We didn’t want to sit at home. Some students are not keeping

attention to their studies or with their work.Due to absence of their moms.

There are so many people whose presence feel good everywhere. These people we can say ”Want again” We have to say for these persons ”Once more” As there era is so powerful that suddenly everything gets changed.

These people never shows any type of negative fear in the atmosphere but automatically front person feel a lot of respect about them.

I think that feeling is not completely depend on all outer things instead if we will carry good thoughts, love , care for others, respect, and care for the event, care for the situation , etc then every situation giving you happiness.


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http://check your feelings here/
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http://write here how did you feel?


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My Patience My Life – Mental Health [Strong ens]

) The Importance of patience in every area of life – Cheap Insurance

At first when my elder son has been admitted to the Hospital for his temperature. Dr has given me signal that he was suffered from blood cancer. Till report has been to come. In my total family only I have known about it but how can I tell to everyone?. After three days report had been came and everyone has known about his report.about-me-short-story/

In my home, everyone started to cry but, when I understood about his treatment suddenly I became strong controlled myself in that situation even one drop of tear also not fallen from my eyes, instead of crying I started to giving counseling to everyone.

Dear God, Now when I am studying about tolerance power I realize that how tolerance power is precious in our life? My devotional Guru’s Sai Baba is always with me to teach and guide me in any situation.

My guru Sai Baba/
http://My spiritual gurusaibaba/

First I thought, when I born God have given me only one gift that is a tolerance power and in addition to that , spirituality and some spiritual persons like B. K.Shivani and their study has given me plenty of knowledge.
Let us we shall start How to keep patients in our life?

To keep patience is not an easy work. Patience is a virtue for nourishing and protection of our life.
If you are having tolerance power means you are fit to do this work it may be require a long time or it may be very hard to handle it.
Any work which you have given it has to do with a lot of efforts in comparison to our expectations. It may be to keep our relationship strong means to accept anything in our relationship or in your work you need a lot of skills .    Click here to buy my book ”QUOTATIONS& STORIES”

prayer for patience
Any misunderstanding about your glamorous can avoid your tolerance power.
When you are using tolerance power in your life you can not give any response spontaneously or rudely but you can give the answer to any question with your tole

My patience my life/
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.comhttp://My patience mylife-cheap insurance/

This power avoids your life’s hurdles lovingly, keeping good willing power and good emotions with you and this power brings you ahead of everyone. This power removes your ego automatically.

This power avoids your life’s hurdles lovingly, keeping good willing power and good emotions with you and this power brings you ahead of everyone. This power removes your ego automatically.

test of patience
Definition of tolerance power means having the authentic power or ability to face any difficulty in a peaceful way with good willing power.
It means tolerate any type of unhappiness inconvenience to became light and be ahead. So tolerable person means the person who has a lot of wisdom with a lot of peace.
Tolerance power is having a sour or bitter taste but its fruits are always sweet.
When there has been happening a lot of hard situations or hard occasions we feel that we can finish here but now is the time to start.
Importance Of Tolerance Power In Daily Life.
*. When we keep ‘’peace’’ aim in our life then we have to adopt tolerance power.
*. Patience is bitter in taste but its fruits are always sweet.
*. Where there is the loss of love there is less tolerance for power.
*. When there is a more worried moment you can turn it into silence.
*. It increases our hopes, expectations and Faith It makes happen it.
*. It is more convenient than to keep control on you instead of control to anyone.

Make your Goals or aims and try to attach to it.
*. Do it now so that our future can start to develop now.
*. Any puzzle or inconvenience makes you strong with tolerance power.
*. When other persons make mistake then behave with them politely.
*. When the stories are starting to happen then keep quite up to complete it
*. Accept other one’s mistakes.
*. Patience is the friend of wisdom. When there are difficult situations then for patiences we have to tolerate everything.
*. If you are having patience then you can give all good things to everyone. Power To Face
*. Where there is less love there is less tolerance for power.
*. This is the situation that without any complains we can adjust everything.
*. To make this sculpture we require thousands of blessings.
*. What I want so I have to wait for it. My hopes and faith are telling me that ‘keep

http://My patience my

Do now what you want to do in future.
*. If you are having patience then you can give all good things to everyone.
Accept one thing that God made some situations for your good future no one can change it, no one can heal it or no one can take it. For that.
*. Take rest in the difficult situation.
*. Be impressing with good things from outside people.
*. Accept the entire things which are hard to handle.
*. Hopes and faith shows only one direction in your life.
*. To tolerance, means try to keep control on your mind when you are in a stress.
. Tolerance power means the power which can show before any negative response.
Any patients should have this chapter who must have to tolerate insult, jealousy, ego, any trouble or any pain without any complain or without anger, without irritations..
*. It is the power or ability to suppress any kind of desire for a situation.
• About Me
*. Tolerate any type of insult, trouble without anger or without any irritations.
*. When there is a hard situation at that time also anyone not lifting their aim is known as the real tolerable person. He has more concentration power, a power to adjust, the power to join, the power to take decision etc.
*. Without anger or without depression to keep on wait means tolerance power.

Tolerate any type of insult, trouble without anger or without any irritations.
*. When there is a hard situation at that time also anyone not lifting their aim is known as the real tolerable person. He has more concentration power, a power to adjust, the power to join, the power to take decision etc.
*. Without anger or without depression to keep on wait means tolerance power.
*. Guidelines for tolerance people
I am a tolerable person. I am always polite to another person and with me also when anyone makes mistakes then I behave politely. When some things are in a complete way means these are taking shapes now then I am waiting for them. I accept all changes and I saw goodness in everything.
waiting for patience
To keep patience is not an easy work. Patience is a virtue for nourishing and protection of our life.
If you are having tolerance power means you are fit to do this work it may be it requires a long time or it may be very hard to handle it.
Any work which you have given it has to do with a lot of efforts in comparison to our expectations. It may be to keep our relationship strong means to accept anything in our relationship.

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Navnag Stotra For Kalsarpyoga – Treatment For Corona Virus.

Dear friends, today we have a lot of fear about Corona Virus. Total atmosphere is filled with fear. Everywhere people are worrying about their future and life. Now we have everything still life become very difficult. A lot of scientists, Doctors, are working and making research to overcome it. Finding and making new experiments to get the solutions. Still we know that it is experiment.

Corona Virus treatment/
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.comhttp://Navnag Stotra for Kalsarpayoga – Corona Virus Treatment

I have given upside ”Stotra” as a medicine for it. As we know that ”Corona Virus ”is formed due to poison of the snake.And this ”Stotra” is related to the poison of snake. I have read about it. So I thought that it may be one type of solution for it. We perfectly know that when this type of natural calamity comes we have to keep faith on God.

While reciting in the morning , I have realized that ”Corona Virus” is also one type of ”SNAKE POISON YOGA” and here we say ”KALSARPA YOGA” Which can be useful to remove unnecessary toxic thoughts from our life. It works better. I have made experience on it. It can remove lots of toxins from the atmosphere.

Aitani Nav Namani Nagananch Mahatmnam,

Here is that Stotra .Read carefully.

”Anantam Vasuki Shesham Padmanabhmch Kambalam

Shankhpalm Dhrutrashtram Takashkam Kaliyam Tatha

Aitani Navnamani Naganach Mahatamnam

Tasya Vishyabhay Nasti Sarvatra Vijayi Bahvet

Read carefully you will definitely get complete meaning of it.

We know that Doctor also making experiment then why should we not

make experiment.

But , here we must have to surrender in front of God. Recite it with full of devotion and love by keeping complete faith on God. If it will work good

it is better for the universe. If not working nothing will damage you. No any side effects. Then why shall not we could try it ?

Let us check video on it. It must have to recite everyday in the morning and evening.

http://Navnag Stotra For Kalsarpa Yoga-

Let us keep these things with you . Campoor, 2Cloves, Caradamom in the pockt.

Thanks for the reading and watching my video. Let us enjoy my post by giving your comment or sharing it.

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How To Deal With Depression – Mental Health

how to deal with depression/

Let us discuss here how to overcome this?

ow the Summer season has been started and we have a big day. Of them, the hot sun means a lot of troubles. We feel low. In our childhood, if the summer season is coming then we are filling full of happiness. As we have full of guests at home, One big room has been also filled with Mangoes. When we entered the home spread of Mangoes filling us with full of happiness. We were going to the river to swim, sometimes going to the farm to bring raw Mangoes or anything from the farm. But never feel any type of depression.

At that time there was no discussion about carrier and any classes, future. We enjoying life without any fear thinking that we have a lot of guests

or everyone is with us then why there is fear? If any fear was there or any problem in anyone’s life so many village people or guests are running to solve everyone’s problem. Nowadays we have lost everything and indulged in the material things. So we feel very heavy at home or so many depression cases are happening now.


We think that depression is coming due to poverty or due to a lack of carrier. Maybe this answer. But, I think depression is coming from inside not from outside. Because outside we can find an easy solution and we get immediate relief. But, to work inside we have to go deep to overcome the problem.

Let us discuss here how to overcome this? 

1] Keeping faith and contacts with our close relatives or friends.

2] Working hard, happily and regularly with our daily work.

3] Mixing with community, in groups, creating new food types.

4] Calling to our dear friends, sisters, brothers, any relatives, etc.

5] Engaging in any art like painting, drawing, reading, writing, singing a song, listening to a song.

6] Keeping attention to your thoughts. Learn to live light in any situation.

7] I have realized one thing in this life, if you want to be happy and live a long life we must have to leave our ego. As ego creates a lot of problems in our life.

8] Every day must have to keep 1 hour for God to shake.

9] Do some good things for others, give help or interact with anyone’s problem, if possible try to solve their problem.

10] Think that his problem is my problem this thinking automatically increases your vision of becoming a great man. And if you will work for them without keeping any expectation then automatically you will receive a lot of satisfaction and long life blessing. Maybe these people never ask you.


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http://How to deal with depression/


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how to deal with depression/
http://How to deal with depression/

How To Avoid Food Poisoning At Home – Food Poisoning

Nowadays 80% people are aware about food poisoning. We are taking strictly care to avoid food poisoning. Still some events happens and so many people have to lose their life due to food poisoning.

In India it happens in more proportion, generally it can happen when we are making the food for so many people. That is Prasad for God, school food distribution program, or in the marriage, in any short program, etc.

Main reason of food poisoning is eating stale food. And small insects as like ants, cockroach, some germs from the basin.

food poisoning at home /
http://foodpoisoning at home/

Sometimes if we didn’t know how to eat food in the right way to keep our body healthy? Then also we create ourselves poison in our food thinking that we are eating right.

food poisoining at home/
http://food poisoning at home/

Let us we will discuss here What are the basic ways to get food poisoning?

1] If we will make food in the Aluminium vessels it can produce poison in the food.

2] We have the habit to eat same food after some time but, eating food after 48 minutes , after cooking reduces nutritional value from the food and it can create small amount of poison in the food. If we will eat daily in this way food , how much poison we are taking in our body?

3] After 15 days of use any flour it maybe wheat flour, Jowar flour, Basen flour . It completely reduces nutritional value and creates some Germs in the flour .These Germs produces poison in our flour.

4] Eating curd with hot rice or with any hot food create dangerous poison.

5] Avoid to drink more times tea, coffee, wines, eating tobacco, drinking cigarettes , etc creates poison in our body. These items already contains harmful products which can create poison in our food.

6] Keeping food open , making food without cleaning grains, without washing vegetables, eating fruits without washing, drinking water with dirty hand, touching the food with dirty hand. Keeping the food in the fridge for more time. Definitely create poison in the food.

7] Never use fridge to keep the food for more than 3 hours.

8] Throw the stale vegetables which are kept in the fridge since so many days. These vegetables or fruits reduces the nutrient value of it and it can create germs in it and it turns it into poison.

9] 90% diseases produces due to stomach infection and we know perfectly that what is the reason of stomach infection.

10] 160 % of diseases produces due to eating nonvege as like meat, fish, beef, etc, so be aware while eating it.

11] Creating hatred thoughts , anger, jealousy , stress while making food also creates poison in the food.


1] Always eat fresh food, avoid to eat stale food.

2] Every time bring fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid to keep these things more days in the fridge.

3] Avoid to eat stored food as like milk, curd of more days, buttermilk, cheese, cream ,juice, butter . Maybe we think that it is good, as it is in the fridge but it reduces its nutrient value and produces germs easily in the body. It can create a lot of body pain.

4] Never eat opposite diet as like oil and ghee at the same time,hot rice and curd , banana and curd, some fruits and curd, so many oily food with buttermilk ,cold and hot, etc.

5] Avoid to eat sour things at night. Eat before 8 o clock at night .As there is a say in India eating late at night means creating poison in the body.

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