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There were 🦁 family in the forest. They’re living happily and wondering in the forest. There was a small cub with her mother. He was enjoying his life with his mother ❤️.Where his mother was wondering there, he was with her. His mother was giving life lessons to her cubs. How to escape from enemy? How to catch the pray? How to wonder safe in the forest?

She was always keeping alert to her family for any 💓 trouble. Still they have to face some small problems with her cubs.

One of the day she went to the grass lawn . Where sheep’s flock was eating grass. In that sheep small kids also there. They were busy in eating grass. In them 🦁 cub went in their flock and wondering with them .

Now, that cub’s mother ❤️ was searching him every where. And she couldn’t find her cub. Now she roared so loudly that sheep flock heard her voice and ran fast. In that 🦁 cub also mixed with them and run fast.

His mother was wondering every where. But, she couldn’t get him.

After some days 😂 she again went to that place. Again there was same flock. Now she had click on her mind maybe ”my cub here.” So I would have to again roar. And she roared loudly. Now all sheep’s ran fast but 🦁 cub remain behind.

His mother ❤️ recognised him immediately but, the cub who was living with sheep’s flock forgot that he was the 🦁 He frightened to her mother ❤️ ran opposite side of her. In them 🦁 ran fast 😭 and caught him in her mouth 😲. She got an angry and furious. So she took the cub in her mouth and ran near to the big well . Which was filled with full of water. She shown her cub full of water. And in that shown his face. Now the cub understood I am lion. So he 🌟 to roar loudly.

Moral : In this way there were so many people who are by birth lion . But , when they are mixed in the wrong groups they behave as like sheep.

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Quotes On Acceptance- Power To Face In Lockdown – Exit COVID


It can get us with our spiritual belief to soul connection with the karmic account. life’s and knowledge then we would automatically get courage to face any difficulties.

2] When a person feel god’s presence in his thought, words and in , action then he could face everything with his positive influence.  

3]  When we experience God’s helping power, experience of authentic power we get success in any field.  

4]Power to face gives   good  direction for any situation to lead a life with self respectfully  and happily.

  5]  Power to face means be the person believable, to see and understand responsibility of any situation and find positivism in the negative surrounding.  

6]  Due to this power we can make satisfaction of any problem easily .

  7]  We can’t see any problem in the form of hurdle but  we can see it as in the form of  it came in my life to teach anything .

* QUOTES ON  ACCEPTANCE  1] Acceptance is the good art of life. 2] Acceptance means accept his thoughts with positive attitude.

3] Acceptance is an agreement in which we start to accept person or situation as it is and we are cooperating and announcing him for his work. 4]Social acceptance effects on children, Younger-one, and on older person

5] Acceptance means -accept some occasions, your surrounding people, your desires and your ambitions may be complete or not.  

6] When you have been success ed on the victory of your ego at that time you could understand real experience of acceptance.

  7]Main important reason of ego is showing oppose to acceptance, showing mistakes, criticism etc  

  8] Acceptance makes us peaceful  

  8] Acceptance makes us peaceful  

9]Every person is important and special so it is better to accept him as it is 10]It is difficult thing in our life is that to accept as it is our self.

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Quotes On Satisfaction – Self Control -Quotes


1] Satisfaction is a mental attitude.

2]Your own mental attitude is the one thing you possess over which you alone have complete control.

3]Develop inspirational satisfaction.

4] Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.

5]When we think positive we could get automatically satisfaction.

1] Satisfaction is a mental attitude.

2]Your own mental attitude is the one thing you possess over which you alone have complete control.

3]Develop inspirational satisfaction.

4] Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.

5]When we think positive we could get automatically satisfaction.


ABOUT Self-control

1]There are two things we cannot control people and past.

2]Mostly we are trying to control, which is not in control.

3]The minute I have lost control means I lost control

4] When we are using anger and instruction to control the people then I feel better

1] Greatness manifests itself in noble deeds

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Love to making food with full of love, singing, listening spiritual music or melody music, think that every person has the same value in the universe as qualities of souls are same.

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Watch “Use Krishna Come Back instead Corona Virus” on YouTube

Just now I was reading Lokmat news paper and getting hurt by reading all news . If we are spending crore’s of Rs for the #COVID why did we are not trying this small experiment. I am telling it because with my observation worlds lot of people’s mind has been changed with my thoughts. Then why this experiment will not change it? Some times my inner voice is telling me that . Your have given birth God . To release COVID problem. If this experiment will work with authority .I think we will get good solution without making harm to anyone. Let us watch this video. Write your thoughts in the comment.

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Why Am I Always Hungry- Health

Why did we are every time hungry?

8 Points tells us we are hungry.

   This issue is more important in everyone’s life.  As we know that in 1 home there are 2 brothers but of them 1 has the habit to eat every time and another one is normal. Generally these habits are developing due to insecurity of life.

Or it has so many reasons some are mental and some are physical.

Let us we will check which are the mental.

1] If the person has the fear of death, any disease, or having any pain in the body then he think that if I will eat more, I will become strong and so he continuously started to eat anything.

2] Some people have to do a lot of physical work. They are spending their calories at work but they feel that our work is very difficult so we must have to eat more and due to this thinking they are getting hungrier.

3]   Today some students are suffering from obesity, main reason of it is insecurity towards life, may be quarrels in the parents or May they have suffered from so many difficult situation. Or any diseases in the small age , it can create fear of death in their mind and they are becoming every time hungry.

4] Some people think that building a big and strong body means to impress front person or to create some fearing atmosphere in the surrounding, so they work for it and creates hunger. Or eating junk food every time.

Now we will check physical reason   

1] Diabetes: We know that our country means India is the capital of diabetes. Why did do you know? As Indian people are more worried and are not working on control on their body. So today this disease is getting to increase rapidly. It is also entering in the small age students. In any age it can attack on any person. It has so many reasons as like mental as well as physical.

Mental reason: In student’s life if they are not getting complete marks or they want success in their proper field at that time they are creating pressure, stress, anxiety, worry, etc due to it create unbalance in the hormone and these students are suffering from this disease. When these symptoms are occurring in anyone’s life then automatically he turns to eat more and increases hunger.

2] Bulimia : This is a one kind of eating disorder. In this case patients are eating irregularly . Due to eating more they have the problem of omitting.

3] Worms :  This problem generally, occur in the small age. As small children has the habit to eat a lot of chocolates, biscuits, etc, these types of food produces worms in the stomach. I think nowadays this phenomenon has been lost. But, in our childhood we are suffering from it every time .Maybe we were not eating all above things but I think they may be entered from milk. There length is some time as like 15cm scale. Sometimes it is less. So many toddles were crying loudly while it is coming out side from their body. BENEFITS

  So these ascaris are eating /absorbing your food in your stomach and we need extra food for it. We feel a lot hunger every time.

4] Medicines:  Some medicines increases hunger .These types of problem is called ‘’Hyperfegia’’ http://Blue host link

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Medicines of depressions are creating more hunger.

5] PMS : PMS means prime style syndrome . This type of syndrome creates hunger every time. Along with headache, pain in the stomach, constipation, etc.  ASAFOETIDA

6] Stress. : The person who is in the stress disorder they are also eating every time. They have always desire to eat something. When there is a stress on the brain  it will release corticotrophin hormone. This is the main reason to increase the rate of hunger.

7] More talkative symptoms: Some people has the habit to talk loudly or continuously . Due to talking also create more hunger.

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Valuable Drama Mrutuanjay Ho [ Veer Savarkar ]- Fear Of Death

      Drama On V. D. Savarkar – Mrutuanjay Ho


Today  at the afternoon suddenly I have a call  from my relatives about this drama. She told   Very nice drama you must go with your kids and family. Then I left my so important work and decided to go. Today  we have forgotten about drama and all these valuable things but I realized that drama is how much effective than any cinema. As we  know that actors are working in the cinema behind our eyes and here actors and participants are working in front of us . So the things which are happening in the drama are feeling real. We lost our life for a while . There is no brake and no advertise so totally we involve in it.

     Let us talk about the drama ‘’Mrutanjaya Ho’’ I didn’t know more about Devotee Savarkar. I learnt only their 2 poems by heart in my school life that is one is ‘’Jayostute Shri  Mahanmangale Shivaspade , Shubhde’’ and another song 

Veer Savarkar/
http://Veer Savarkar/

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‘’Ne Majasi Ne Parat Matra Bhumila , Sagara Pran Talmala ‘’ we are singing this song in the school with full of devotion .

 Today  while watching  this drama  I realized that ‘’How much deep spiritual knowledge would have been to the Veer Savarkar? I   astonished with their deep spiritual knowledge and real love towards country. I  think ‘’Geeta’’ would have the importance due to these people. This is really too much heart touching drama. No one will forget this drama in their life. If anyone loves their country. The  sentences of the actor ‘’Savrakar ‘’ has the power  as like internet  waves . I  think  today  also country is running  due  to like these sentences of Veer  Sarvarkar.   Like  these super spiritual persons sentences didn’t need any media . Automatically  they are spreading in the atmosphere and work with the people’s work. We didn’t understand how these are working in the atmosphere but spiritual person can understand it easily.

 How much brave, super person was that? How his power has changed the mind of Govt?. These  type of change never bring any Minister who is running in the plane or in the big car. But the person who is working for the soul and country by heart not for the body is  definitely brings the change in the environment.

At start I thought ‘’How foolish this ‘’Veer Savrkar? ’’ But  while he fighting with his death or YAM , I never imagine this type of brave commentary. How he had faced with death? How he faced with the difficulties? But never changed his mind and principals towards  his country  is also amazing thing. Really I liked that scene. How fearless person he is?

This drama means very good revolution for the country. We never forget their work and scarification for our country. Thanks for the team who had prepared this drama . Next generation  will definitely run towards a  lot of change in their life.

Today So many people are adopting  an  abroad high profile  life style . So they are forgetting that someone had scarified their life for our country so that we are living in the comfortable zone . Otherwise we have to face a lot of troubles and difficulties to run our life. It is the best way to make a bright change in the next generation.

Keyword : Mrutuanjay Ho [Veer Savarkar]

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Effects of daily salt on our body – Health

#vegetarianALLUa to z seriesBAKEDBASEN

There is a say that your gratitude is the way to show humanity or love for the person whose salt we have eaten. How To select Vegetables Related To Season – Health

In India, there are so many ways to keep fast. Generally, there are so many rituals which are telling us to not eat salt. The reason behind it is to keep gratitude towards our ancestors as well as we must have to avoid salt in our bodies. In general to eat low salt means we feel very heavy, we didn’t get any taste and so we can’t eat food completely. Instead, if we will keep fast we can automatically control it. This is due to faith in God. We didn’t feel heavy, we can enjoy fasting happily.

We know that the person who keeps gratitude then we say him in Marathi ‘’Khalya Mithala Jaglas’’ means gratitude automatically keeps health better. How To Make Kavat Chutney -Chutney Recipe [Marathi]

So fasting is very good mentally as well physically for health. It can make strong mentally and

Keeps away from so many health problems. 

#vegetarianALLUa to z seriesBAKEDBASEN

Let us discuss here which health problems Occurs Due To Salt.

1] We know that if we will eat more salt we will suffer from high BP. As well as some skin diseases, it can create pressure on the kidneys and the kidney will get damage. BENEFITS 

2] More eating salt invites so many heart diseases, as it increases blood pressure, them if we will not be done any exercise it can reduce the immunity of the body. health 

3] Salt contains sodium and this sodium effects on Kidney. We know that the Kidney is the right filter in our body. But this filter can be damaged due to more eating salt and our filtration process will be disturbed. So that some impurities get easily mixed with blood and we have to face a lot of worst effects on our body. 

Tags: GujiyakaranjiRECIPE.

4] Eating more salt also increases swallowing on the skin means face, hands, legs, etc

5] It can increases acidity in the stomach and due to its scratching, skin infections omitting, like this suffering get started.

6] Now we are listening to the doctor and avoiding eating salt. But eating too much less salt also causes so many problems.

Let us check which problems we have to face with eating less salt.

1] If we are eating too much little salt we are feeling very low. Our BP gets low, we feel a lot of weakness, energy-less, didn’t want to talk, feel sleepy, eyes get scrimped.

2] Sometimes a lot of digestion problems start. We know that if we are suffering from cholera or dysentery or dehydration then Dr. Immediately gives us saline which contains salt. At home also as first aid, we are giving saltwater to the patient.

3] Pain in teeth or bad breath of mouth also starts with low eating salt.

4] Our face shows a pale appearance, we feel like tired patients if we didn’t have any health problems.

5] So to keep body and mind healthy we must have to keep balance in eating salt.

6] Eating too much less salt means increasing negativity in our mind, as we know that hunger, cramps in the legs occur increases negativity. 

7] It can create in balancing in sugar level as well as in the thyroids. of salt on our body-health.

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Let’s Know Meaning Of Hope – Self Improvement

Hope  is the word made from following words

 HOPE = Happiness + OK + Pleasure + Enthusiasm

Everywhere we are listening to this word and leading a life with it.

If this word will absent from our life we will suffer from dangerous diseases like depression, some mental disorder etc.

The best friend of everyone’s life is hope and our destiny also depends on it.

Suppose anyone is suffered from serious disease and if we will talk him about his problem

Negatively and seriously how could he keep hope? If you can’t assist him in any way you could help him by giving hope.

Otherwise, he will leave everything from his life. As ‘’the best gift to give others is hope’’

To give hope to the others we should have to be positive, loveful, having kindness, etc.

Let us we will discuss this word.

Happiness:  It is the best key to success, when we are happy, positive energy will transfer automatically everywhere and this energy creates good atmosphere and we know that happiness does not depend on anyone. If we will decide to be happy we would be happy and this happiness brings hope in our life.

  1. Generally, we are using this word in daily routine. If there is everything fine then everything OK.Sometimes it may be not fine then also we say ‘’yes’’ OK.

If we like a lot of things then we say ‘’OK’’. If we don’t like things then also we say ‘’OK.’’Means this ‘’OK’’  word also carrying hope.


Now the third word is a pleasure, this word suggests a lot of positive energy. It always reflects happiness.

& when everything is OK, happiness automatic comes and when we are happy everywhere Pleasure is there.

The last word is ‘enthusiasm’

Today this enthusiasm is reducing in big cities. To bring enthusiasm they have to go to clubs, they have to keep parties, this brings artificial enthusiasm. It is not permanent. It remains only for short time, it cannot bring eagerness.

When we observe this enthusiasm in villages, you will understand what is truly eagerness, to bring natural eagerness there are a lot of festivals in INDIA. We are waiting for it to celebrate, like ‘’GANPATI’’ festival, Diwali, Dassera etc. They come naturally. and it is God’s wish so that they bring eagerness, and enthusiasm to bring hopes.


1] Celebrate festivals, rituals happily.

2] Always look to the good things.

3] As like green garden, green images, God’s images,nature images.

4] Read motivational books

5] Keep in engaging yourself.

6] Avoid to watch, read, listen worst things.

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How To Increase Eye Vision – Without Eye Surgery

How To Increase Eyesight Without glasses – Easy Steps


Increase Eye Sight Without Medicine? 

   Today’s world is filled with all technical appliances so we are using our organs less but technical things more. But to run all technical appliances we need eye sight. if we will be lost eyesight everything will be lost in our life.


 We know that today six-month infants also playing with gadgets, we are giving gadgets in their hands. Today gadgets become the life partner of every age person. Everyone wants gadgets in their hand. They are playing with gadgets, we didn’t know how to handle smartphones but the 2-year kid is handling it better. Of course, the effect of it is on everyone’s sight. Everyone is sitting in front of the TV watching serials, movies etc. That becomes an important part of life. Not a bad thing to use it but since in the childhood rays of that TV or smartphones are very harmful to the kids as well as to us. We are observing that so many kids from the 4th class onward are suffering from eye disease. OR having the problem of eyesight. Buy domain with Bluehost


 We must have to keep attention on it. How much time we have to allow for any gadget or to watch TV for our kids? We must have to know it.

To the small kid. Is it a good habit for them? Can they keep their health better with it? What to do to keep control of their and our habits also. We also can’t control our habits watching TV or reading Whatsapp message etc, everything is effecting our eyesight.

So many are suffering from eyesight, so many have back pain, a lot of students are attached to games, etc but that also harms their eyesight as well as on health problems. Most eyesight problems are due to the digestion problem. In the next ten years, we need a lot of eye specialists. It becomes compulsory to wear glasses since childhood. 

 We need to take good steps for it


Let us learn here How to increase eyesight without lens or Medicine?

1] Keep the good distance between you and the TV screen or PC SCREEN or mobile screen.

Doctor-Approved Advice on How to Improve Your Eyesight – wikiHow

2] Seat comfortably while working on the PC or laptop.

 3] Wash your eyes 3 times a day with cold water.

 4] Drink milk, buttermilk or cane sugar or fruit juice.

  5] Drink every day orange juice to make sight clear.

 6] Keep the proportion of sugar, less in the diet.

7] Eat salad like carrot, cucumber and leafy vegetables which contains more A vitamin.

8] Drink warm water and honey in the morning. 

9] Do the exercise of inhaling and exhale.

10] If possible wash your eyes every day with TRIPHALA CHURNA’S WARM SOLUTION while sleeping.

11] Pour 2 drops of cow ghee in the nose every day while sleeping. This is a very nice medicine for the problem of hair fall as well as eye vision.

12] Take enough sleep to get the rest for the eyes.

13] Avoid reading or write continuously. Take a small break after some time interval.

14] Wash your eyes with cold water at that time so that you could feel cool to your eyes.

15] Avoid walking barefoot in the yard or on the road.

16] Always walk on the lawn in the morning or evening to get the cool feeling to your eyes.

17] Eat more fruits like orange, papaya, grapes, mangoes.

18] Keep cow’s ghee in every day’s diet.

19] Eat rice and ghee the first time while eating. It gives a cold feeling to the eyes.

20 ] Avoid drinking more times tea, coffee, etc.  

21 ] Eat Basil leaves every day it has very nice benefits       

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