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I am an author of the book ”QUOTATIONS & STORIES” published by Partridge publishing company via Penguin Random House. Before that I have published 3 books in Maharashtra. I am passionate to collect all types of knowledge. Reading, writing, worshiping God, are my hobbies. 

Spiritual healing is the backbone of my life. I have overcome 75% of my life problems with spiritual healing. 

Now I have perfect confidence that with touching and Mantra healing I can overcome everyone’s problem. 

It’s my deep life story , you can read it in my so many posts. 

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About me

Interesting Story – Hava Kahe Suraj Kare-Self Improvement

Hi Friends good morning 😊🌻 ☀️ have a pleasant day. Let’s enjoy this story today.

Once upon a time there was a village name Kamkheda. It was the place where only lazy people were living. They want everything ready made don’t want to do hardwork for it. So they have decided to clean 💪 their village .Now they have arranged a meeting of management. In that , they have decided to call air to clean the village. They have sent invitation to the air. Air has been accepted their request.

Next day they have arranged a big stage. Made decoration ,along with Mike. Every thing made clear and clean. Called to the air.

Now air came in the position of boss . As like king well dressed, along with perfumes. She came on the stage 🌟 to giving speech about how to clean the village. Some people were listening it silent. Some were sleeping 💤. Some went back to home. Thinking that it was very hard. As before some days also so many people have given speech for cleaning the village.But no one had made it clean.http://Blue host link /Instering stories/ Hava Kahe Suraj Kare/

Now air went on still that village was not cleaned properly. No one had 🌟 to work. This news heard by the ⛅ and he decided to clean 💪 the village. So he dressed himself as a labour. He took the spade and basket in his hand and came in the village.

He 🌟 to dig the road in the morning. Now some people have seen that and joined with him .Now this news spread out in the village and all people of village came to help him . So many ladies left 😹 their work at home and 🌟 to make cleaning of the road. Some children, youths everyone has been 🌟 to work with Sun .Now the road prepared and all village became clean in one day. effects-of-ego-on-our-life-types-of-ego

But, no-one known that he was the Sun 🌅 God and came here to give lessons to the people practically. Blue host link

Moral: So moral is Hava Kahe Suraj Kare. Action speaks louder than words.

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