Indian vegetarian food

Green Subji Of Radish Leaves

via Green Subji Of Radish Leaves

Indian vegetarian food

Makar Sankranti Bhojan Recipes _ Bhojan Recipe

Today’s Bhojan  Bharad Subji , Dal Rice, Pakode and TilGul Poli      

Time for it 2 hours  15 Min

prep cook total

1/2hr   1 h     1+ 1/2hr


Methi :  1 bowl [chopped]

coriander : 2 tbsp

cumin’s 1 tbsp

Mustard seeds  1 tbsp

oil   2 tbsp

hing  1 pinch

basen bharad: 1 small bowl

groundnut skutt : 1  small bowl

chilly powder  1 tbsp

turmeric powder:  1 teas

PROCEDURE FOR IT :   Wash the Methi  and coriander leaves clean and  keep aside

Keep ready another ingredients Basen Bharad, Skutt  , etc 

Ingredients for bharad subji/

Keep the pan on the gas , pour oil in to it

Add cumin seed, mustard seed and wait to splutter 

26238854_1827485400883577_5661565780529305057_n spluttering oil

Add Methi and coriander leaves in it , saute it well 

bharad subji/

Add Bharad of Basen ,Skutt, chilly powder, salt, turmeric

powder  and saute it well. 

making bharad subji/

Now keep lid on it and give 5 min steam to it .

Bharad subji is ready to eat now.

Bharad subji/

Time for Pakode

prep cook total

5       20         25

serve for  3


Spinach leaves : 1 bowl [chopped]

coriander : 2 tbsp  [chopped]

Ajwine  1  tbsp

cumin powder 1 tbsp

Chilly powder  1 tbsp

turmeric powder 1 teas

salt    1 tbsp

Basen flour 1 big bowl

PROCEDURE FOR IT : Take all above ingredients in a pot

Mix it properly with hand

Add sufficient water to make Pakode and keep aside to soak. it                                              Meanwhile prepare another item.

Time For TilGul Poli

Prep cook total

10         20      30 min


Wheat flour  1/2 kg

mixture of Tilgul  1/4 kg

oil  1/2 bowl

PROCEDURE FOR IT   :   Take the wheat flour in a big bowl

: Add pinch of salt in it

: Add enough water to make chapatis

:  Knead it properly to make its dough and keep aside

smooth dough for tilgul poli/

; Now take small dough in one hand  , make its bowl like

structure .

:  Add sufficient amount of Tilgul in it

stuffed Tilgul poli/

: Make its round shape by adding Tilgul in it.

:  Make its chapati .

making tilgul poli/

: Bake the poli on both side

Baking the poli/

: Keep ready to serve it .

well prepared poli/


prep cook total

10        10      20


Dal [Toor]   : 1 bowl

Rice   1+ 1/2 bowl

PROCEDURE  FOR IT : Take Dal , Rice in the cooker tiff in .

:  Wash it with clean water

: Add sufficient water in to the tiff in

:  Keep both tiff ins in the cooker don’t forget to add some

water in the cooker

: Keep the lid of the cooker tight,  wait for 3 whistles

: After  3 whistles wait to cool the cooker

: After cooling remove lid of the cooker

:  Take out both tiffins out side , add salt, turmeric                                                                   powder and water in it to make Dal.

:Serve all food in one Thali , pour ghee on Rice and Poli.


Makarsankranti bhojan /
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Wheat Grain Desserts Recipe -Sweet

Soaked  time  1 night

Time for it  prep   cook total

20        20       40 min

serve for 3

Author: Pranita

Cuisine: Indian

food type: Desserts


Wheat: 1& 1/2 bowl

Jaggary: 1/2 bowl

sugar: 1/2 bowl

coconut: 1/2

raisins: as your convenience

Khuskhus: 1/2 bowl

Cardamom: 5 to 6 flakes

Ghee: 2 tabs

PROCEDURE FOR IT: Take the clean wheat in a pot, see it has impurities

Keep to soak it for a  night or if you want to make it in the

evening keep for a day to soak.

Soaked  Wheat

In the morning remove water from it.

Just take one round of the mixture to remove its husk

Ground Wheat

Wash it with clean water *& keep aside


Keep 1/2 lit water to boil in the cooker

Add  1 tabs spoon into the cooker

After boiling add wheat in the cooker & keep the lid tight.

Make the flame of the gas low.

Meanwhile keep ready another ingredient



Take pieces of coconut, khuskhus & Cardamom in the mixture pot. Make its powder.


Now listen to cooker’s whistle, put off the gas                                                         Open the lid of cooker adds all ingredients into the                                                                                      cooker.


C                                                                                                                            Stir it well , your great wheat grain dessert is ready to serve.


Ingredient for it : wheat: 1& 1/2 bowl

coconut pieces: 1/2 bowl

Khuskhus: 1/2 bowl

sugar & jaggary: 1/2 bowl both

Cardamom: 4 to 5

Method :

Keep the wheat to cook in the cooker

Make preparation of ingredients

Grind the ingredients in the mixture

Add ingredients in the cooked desserts

Serve it with ghee.

Indian vegetarian food

TilGul Laddu, Chikki Recipe-pdkcm

via Enjoy Makar Sankrant With TilGul Laddu & Chikki

Indian vegetarian food

Enjoy TilGul Laddu Chikki Recipe

Let us make Tilgul Laddu

time for it,

prep make  total

10 min    20 min     30min

Til: 1/2 kg

Jaggary: 1/2 kg

 PROCEDURE FOR IT: Take til in the container  Soop

                                         *   [ an instrument which can remove impurities from the                                               grain by threshing]     

                                        * Clean it carefully. If there are sands stones in it, remove it carefully. 

Threshing & cleaning of Sea same


* Take these grains in the pan for baking & start to baking.

*  It starts to make noise when the noise stopped & colour of the Sesame changes into brown colour then stops baking.

*                     * Take given an amount of jaggery. Grate it with spicer.


*Add baked sea same in the mixture jar & start to grind it

*  Now add grated jaggery in the mixture jar with grinded sea                                              same .  Grind it until both mixtures could mix properly.


See is it grind properly, if not ground properly again start to grind it.


Now take all this mixture in another container to make its laddu.


Make its laddu properly.



Let us make chikki of sea same

Time For It: Its time depends on its syrup. If you can make syrup properly you need less time & if your syrup is not made properly it requires more time.

time    prep cook total

10       20    30

Ingredient for it  : sesame: 1/4 kg

jaggary: 1/4 kg

ghee: 1 tab

water: 1/2 glass

PROCEDURE FOR IT: Making syrup for it is the real skill of this food.

Take the grated jaggery in the pot

Add 1 cup of water into it.



Keep it on the gas

Keep the gas on low flame. It starts to make if it will become sticky add immediately sea same into it.


*Now take another Thali, Spread ghee on it.

* Immediately put the mixture of it in the thali.

spread it with a spoon or with hand. Make lines on it.




Hotel Naivednam Singhgad Road Poona – Review

Hotel Tonight Review 

Phoneno :  +919405994160 ,   02024252571

Cuisines : North Indian, South Indian

  Continental.  Pizza, Street food, Chinese, 

 Opening hours :7;30 AM to 11;30 PM    everyday 

More Info 


Vegetarian Only 

No Alcohol Available

Indoor seating 

   Address: Opposite PL Deshpande Garden, Sinhgad  Road, Pune  

In the last week I went to Poona to meet my sister’s family and enjoying Happy New Year. Really we have a lot of enjoyment there. I have a strong bonding with my sister family. As they are thinking that if you will come to our home we are en-lighting, we get not only positive energy but tremendous knowledge, love happiness, peace etc. They always think I must have to live in their family. Okay, let it be.

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On 4 th Jan we have a birthday of my sisters younger son Prashant. Our whole family is spiritual. They also do what I am doing. Very Royal and nice family.

They decided to go for dinner outside. Then there is a discussion about where to go ?. As everyone is totally vegetarian. We want pure, fresh and clean Bhojan. Then everyone is telling this hotel is nice. Someone told we will go outside.I didn’t know anything about it as I am busy with my work last night.

Finally, they have decided to go to ”HOTEL NAIVEDYAM SINGHGAD ROAD  POONA ” at Poona.   hqdefault

When we reached outside I saw a small gate and thought, How this much small Hotel?.

Then we enter in the Hotel there is a big old ancient door hanging on the wall as a show .Then we went inside. Sat on the table and start to demand all (5)

  COINCIDENT OF MUSHROOM SOUP: On that day there was violence in Poona so everything is off. In that internet connection also off. Then I decided to enjoy day gossiping with my sister, her daughter and her daughter in law. So didn’t open laptop or mobile for a net. Best Mango Chutney

Now in the Hotel, everyone is started to demanding their favorite soup. Two couples compromising it for another soup. I alone only started to demanding Mushroom soup. Everyone is asking you want Mushroom soup, you can’t finish it just demand another soup. My sister is telling why did you want that soup? I told just as my wish.I was confirmed about Mushroom soup. Then we demanded all soups which everyone wants.

I want to tell this story purposely that when we came back I thought, must be a net connection on, now I have to open laptop so I running to my google + account and I saw on a first-page first post was Mushroom Soup. Before this incidence, I never come across this soup.I have shown this to my sister’s husband as well as whole family. How my vibration reached to ?.As that post was ‘ 

Omkar Desai
Omkar Desai and 135 others have  rated this place
Hotel Naivaidyam poona

After that, we ate nicely. The food at the Hotel was very good. Means every item is well prepared to have less oil and chilly. We have Cabbage Manchurian, Kaju curry, Dal fry, Toondri Roti, Thecha. Thecha was looking same like my Thecha but when I ate it. Taste is (3)

I liked  Manchurian and soup, Kaju curry also well prepared. But my stomach is so small that I can’t eat more at a time. Only I ate 1 tandoori, some rice, Kaju curry and Manchurian etc Finish.


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Indian vegetarian food

Mixed Vegetable Soup-Soup Recips

Mixed vegetable soup 

http://Home made mixed vegetable soup – Kids Recipe

Today’s generation has lots of things to eat so they want every day some new things.Generally, so many kids avoid eating vegetables or regular soups like tomato soup or another any types of soup. We must have to feed them good nutrient value food having all vitamins, minerals, salts and rich in iron so I decided to make this mixed vegetable soup.


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5. Strawberry

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

time for it

prep cook total

10        20       30 min

Author’s name : Asha Digge 

  Cuisine   Indian 

 food type   : DRINK RECIPES [SOUP] 



pumpkin   20 gm

mutter   10 gm

tomato  1 [chopped]

coriander  2 tbsp

carrot    2 to 3 middle size

garlic flakes  2 to 3

oil   2 tbsp

cumin seeds  1 tbsp

cumin powder  1 tbsp

Hing   1 pinch

ginger  1 teas [grated ]

jaggary  1 tbsp

ajawine 1 tbsp

salt   as your convenience


*Take ready given vegetables. Remove the peel of some vegetables.

* Make pieces of pumpkin, carrot, etc-healthy/

* Keep it in the cooker tiffin to cook or keep it in another pot to cook

* Wait to cool it. Remove its water in another container.


cooked vegetables


Removing water from cooked vegetables

Add ginger, coriander, hing, salt jaggary, cumin powder, ajawain etc .

* Mix it well  and grind it in the mixture

* Now keep the pan on the gas, pour ghee into it, add cumin’s wait to splutter.

*  Add water to the pan slowly wait to boil it .

* Now pour all ground mixture into the pan slowly.

IMG_20180103_163353 (1)
Added ingredients

*  Boil it for a while and serve it in the dishes.

prepared  soup/

This soup is making for small kids as well as old people who are getting bored to eat vegetables every day and they should have a different taste also. It can increase the taste of our mouth as well as feel calm after drinking it.

Very Very nice just try to make it now.


Green Palak Soup With Coriander and Ajawain

  •     Green palak  1 bowl chopped
  •     coriander  1/2 bowl chopped
  •        ginger  1 small piece
  •        salt     as your convenience
  •      Jaggary   10 gm
  •    lemon juice   1 big lemon
  •      green chilly    1
  •    ajawine  1 tbsp
  •    cumin powder    1 tbsp


PROCEDURE   * Take all material in a  small pot. Add 1 bowl water in it. Boil it for a while.

Crush it with the small crusher.Add lemon juice to it.  Filter it with the clean sieve. Serve it before dinner or lunch.

Mixed vegetable soup 

Healthy soup 

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Vada Recipes _ Breakfast Recipes.

Breakfast recipes- Vada recipes.

Medu Vada Recipes

How to make vada recipes?- Medu vada recipes.

Soaking time for it: I have kept Urad dal, Moong dal and Rice to soak for a night

Time: prep  cook total

hour     1/2     1/2      1

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine     :     Indian

food type  :  Vada recipe

KEYWORD :  Medu vada recipe ,


Urad dal: 1/4 kg

Moong dal: 1/4kg

Rice:           1/4 kg

sodium bicarbonate: 1 teas

fenugreek seeds: 1 tabs

salt: as your convenience

sugar granules: 1pinch

cumin powder: 2 tabs

chilly powder: 1 tab

Hing: 1 pinch

coriander powder: 1 tab

Oil to fry: 350 gm

  •   PROCEDURE FOR IT :    Wash Urad dal, Moong dal & Rice with water & keep it to  soak for 1 night.
  •   In the morning grind it into the mixture.
  •    Add  sodium bicarbonate, salt pinch of sugar and powder of Fenugreek seeds and keep it aside

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  •    Prep    cook  total
  • 20 min     20       40
  •    Toor: 250 gm
  •  tomato   :    1 big size [chopped]
  • garlic: 7 to 8 flakes
  • onion    :     1 big size [chopped ]
  • salt: 1 big tabs
  • coriander: 2 tabs
  •  Hing: 1 pinch
  • oil: 1/2 bowl
  • mustard seeds: 2 tabs
  • cumin seeds; 1 tabs
  • turmeric powder :   1 teaspoon

PROCEDURE FOR SAMBHAR: Keep the Toor dal to cook in a  sufficient water.

: Add turmeric powder and 1 teas oil into it.So that it can cook easily and early.

: Take 2 to 3 whistles of cooker and keep cooker aside

:  keep 1 lit water to boil, after boiling water adds cooked dal and mix it well to make liquid dal.

: Now keep the pan on the gas, pour oil into it, add cumin’s, mustard seeds into it wait to splutter it, add curry leaves and fry it well.

:  Now add onion and saute it well, add chopped tomatoes and saute it.

: Add chilly powder, cumin powder, the pinch of                                                                                    Hing and pour slowly liquid dal into it.

: Your tasty sambhar is ready to serve.

IMG_20171210_105639 (1)

PROCEDURE TO MAKE VADA: our  Knead the mixture of vada carefully. Keep some oil on your hand.

:  Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil into it.  Make vada’s on your hand & fry it well in the pan. Fry it till red colour appears & serve it with SAMBHAR.






How To  Convert  Negative  Energy Into Positive? – Transformation Of Energy

Transformation of energy – Negative into positive .

Hello, readers wish you a very happy, joyful and pleasant new year.

Do you know why did I have chosen this topic?

Today everyone is alert to keep positive thoughts with them as no one wants unhappiness  and  sadness in their life.  Everyone is trying best to be happy in their life. So many have the tough situation to handle. These situations create tremendous fear in our mind and we are indulged there. So many times we have lots of fear in our mind that the things which I have achieved can I lose it? As we carry lots of doubts, negative thoughts etc.

So everyone is trying best to avoid negativity. Now the question comes is there life without negativity? Is there life without problems? If you want to avoid these 2 words in your life can you make progress in your life? Maybe you are making progress in your life  

But are you sure that you never come across to the negative energy and problems in your life?

Every situation is coming into our life only we have to learn how to face or react to this situation? Let us we will discuss here.

1]  We are coming in contact with idiot people or donkey like people.then we can’t avoid them forever. Then we must have to think of them as a   superman or  Gopal rao.

2] We have to come across with negative thoughts of fear, jealousy, hatreds etc. Then we can’t remove it from our lives. As it depends on front person behavior and  we can’t avoid it .If we will carry with it we are going into the depression. So how can we overcome it? then we must have to increase our inner power to overcome it without giving him any reaction and must have to accept this situation.

As a part of my life but didn’t avoid these people we should learn how to convert negative energy in to positive?

Suppose we decided to avoid any hatred, jealous or negative people which is near to us. Then God creates another negative people surrounding us. So we must have to accept these situations as part of my life. If I we will not accept all these situations there will automatically create pressure, stress, anger, anxiety and  increase problems.

Suppose in our home or office anyone is jealous of us. Can we keep him away instantly? Or can we start to hate him? If we will start to hate him what will happen we know and if we are behaving him as ‘’Tit for Tat’’ again what situation we have to face we know well. It increases negative energy.So we must have to learn, how to convert negative energy in to positive.

current feeling
Difference between past,present, future

There are 3 ways to change negative energy

1]  Absorb   2]  Reflect  3] transform

When any person has no power to change it or accept it as it is, then it can create a lot of problems that is pressure, force, etc so many times love changes it but if the situation is out of control then love also can not do anything. When we understand their negative energy it creates pain internally with people close to us. Then we need to understand.

  • Reflect: We know that what we have sent outside that is coming to my side. That is as the plant as the seed. But here we have to understand that I must have to accept the sanskaras and creates sanskaras. This is going to daily. If I  am a powerful soul then I can not disturb with it.
  • If any bad energy or bad sanskaras are coming towards us at that time we have to keep quiet and after some time we can change it by means of good thoughts.It requires lots of energy. This energy we can create by doing meditation or by chanting Mantra. Doing bhajans kirtans etc.
  • TRANSFORM: We know that in our Indian culture every ladies have to transform her sanskaras.  to keep a family in one place.If she would not tolerate any bad situation then she has to face a lot of problems. The whole family will get disturbed.
  • So to transform means a change in your life, your lifestyle, your responsibilities, your thinking pattern.
  • If you are not changing this routine you become the responsible factor of distraction in your family life. Or anywhere.
  • So decide what to do with sanskaras? Do you want to absorb? Reflect   or transform.
  • If we are not learning how to transform then we will learn how to avoid revenge on him?
  • The person who has these skills is the best winner in the world.

How to Win Friends and Influence People Kindle Edition 

How to Win Friends and Influence People by [Carnegie, Dale]
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Benefits Of Caradamom Water- Health

How to make a liquid of Cardamom?


How  To  Make   Liquid of  Cardamom

Author :Pranita deshpande

Keyword : Benefits of cardamom water

Make powder of cardamom mixture in the water. Add it some cloves in it. Boil it for a while. Don’t boil it for a more time. As if you will boil it for more time it will lose its original flavor. That water becomes bitter in taste. Keep this water to cool, add 3 tablespoons of it in a simple water.

Now we will see what are the benefits of it?

Image result for Images of cardamom large

FOR  DIGESTION  *  To make digestion easy it is good. If you have stomach pain problem then it is very good for it. Constipation, gaseous and acidity problems cure easily with it.Juice Recipes

FOR EXCRETION: It can remove waste product easily. So that it can help to the kidney to perform the function well.

IT KEEPS HEALTH OF  THE TEETH: It is the good medicine for mouth fresheners.It is used in toothpaste also. Tomato cumin powder shorba- Patient Recipe [Glute

When we have the fungal infection like Ulcer of mouth or infection in esophagus then its water is good for us.

THIS WATER INCREASES IMMUNITY.:  If we will drink this water for a certain time of period then it will increase immunity power. BENEFITS

In   Indian culture in so many foods, it is used as a catalyst. When we have to make any special food item for celebration at that time we are making it with cardamon. Lots of people are eating this item after meal or dinner as it is. Sometimes we are adding it in the tea as well as in the milk also as it is giving the good flavour to the tea & milk.

It reduces cough level in our body and makes our voice clear.

Tree of this plant looks like this


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