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Bhojan Recipe Ramnavami Prasad -Stay At Home

Jai Shri Ram .We Indians are always eager to celebrate all God’s birthday. Of them Rama is the best idol for everyone. But , I have already confusing for the time of Rama & Krishna’s birthday. Why did both have taken the time 12 o clock? Both have difference of 12 hours .One is at night 12 o clock and other is at day 12 o clock.

Every year a lot of people are going to temple to celebrate Ramnavami. After marriage at start I had 🐝 been also going to celebrate it in the temple. It causes a lot of difficulty to manage all these. But after building our home I have started to celebrate this festival at my home. Reciting Rama Bhajans.

With this celebration I realised one thing that, why people are going to celebrate Ramnavami in the temple? We must have to celebrate it at our home . As we have to bring Rama at our home first. If Rama is absent in every one’s home then every thing is useless. Because we know that, if there is no value for anything it maybe live or alive we say” Kahi Ram Nahi ” in Marathi.

Means to bring chaitnya and an enthusiasm in everything we need Rama. So to bring these things in every one’s home, we are celebrating Ramnavami today at home. Now people are understanding the value πŸ™ of home.
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We know that if Rama is present in every one’s mind we can create another beautiful world. So I want to tell people don’t be panic πŸ˜‚, worry, accept all situations happily. Keep patience. Every thing is coming with new beauty.

Let us check my Bhojan Recipe. I have made Gavar Pickle, cucumber salad, papad, Gavar Subji, Wheat grain kheer or dessert, Rice Dal simple Khichdi with ghee, butter milk , Chapati .To make it I taken 2 hours time. Check all Recipe πŸ‘Œ separately. How to make vegan mango curry – Kairus [Marathi]

For Wheat grain just now I have published video .How to make Wheat grain Kheer?

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Indian vegetarian food

Watch “How to make curd rice?” on YouTube Check here Recipe of making curd rice along with it check my post ,why should we eat curd? & Not to eat curd? When to eat? What are the damages to eat curd rice?

Indian vegetarian food

Watch “Indian Flute Music for Yoga | Divine Meditation Music | Background Instrumental Flute Music,Relaxing” on YouTube Good morning have a peaceful, pleasant, graceful day.Let us enjoy this music.

Indian vegetarian food

Gavar Pickle Recipe_ Instant Pickle Recipe.

In the morning I started to cut Gavar to make curry . While cutting some thick size can’t cook easily. So I have an idea that we can make pickle of it with green chillies.Then I thought we shall cut green chili pieces in the middle of it of same size Gavar.

So I decided to make it.

Ingredients for it. Green chilly pieces : 1 tbsp,

Gavar pieces: 1 tbsp,

salt : 1/2 tbsp,

πŸ₯œ powder: 1 tbsp,

lemon juice: 1/2 tbsp,

oil for spluttering: 1/2 tbsp. Direction to make it: Pour the oil into the pan. Add mustard seeds to it. Wait to spluttering, now add pieces of Gavar beans and green chili. Add all ingredients one by one. Stir it well. Keep lid on it for a moment. Now take it in the dish. Add lemon juice to it. Serve it in the Bhojan.

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Note: Don’t add more ingredients to it. Keep flame of the gas slow. Finish it in one day.

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Indian vegetarian food

A new type salad of Cucumber- Blogchatter a to z

Hi friends, we are very eager to eat salads. There are plenty of methods to make salad. But we need delicious one. As in this Lock down so many are losing taste due to fear. Didn’t have taste to any food. So I decided to make something new and started to making this salad. Let us check its recipe.

Author’name : Akansha Deshpande ,

food type : salad recipe,

keyword: Cucumber salad,

Cuisine: India .

Time for it :

prep : cook : total.

10 :0 : 1=10 min

Ingredients for it. Fresh green cucumber: 2 of middle size.

Peanut powder: 20 gm,

Thick cream Dahi : 1/2 bowl,

salt: 1/2 teas ,

sugar: 1 tbsp,

red chilly powder:1/2 tbsp. Direction to make it : Take 2 middle size fresh cucumber.

Wash it clean .

Cut it into small pieces.

Now add πŸ₯œ powder, chilly powder, salt, sugar, cumin powder, etc.

Stir it well. Serve it with Chapati, rice, etc.

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Indian vegetarian food

Sweet Potato Khichadi Recipe . Sweet Potato Khichdi Recipe_ Vrut Recipe.

Indian vegetarian food Just know here what is destiny?

Indian vegetarian food

Watch “Use Krishna Come Back instead Corona Virus” on YouTube

Indian vegetarian food

Watch “Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam MS Subbulakshmi” on YouTube Good morning have a pleasant day.S Spread positive thoughts every where.


My Homage To Dadi Janki – Brahmakumari World

Today I opened the facebook and saw the news about ” Janki Didi” I thought she left her body. For a while, I became speechless and complete darkness came in front of me. My eyes are filled with tears and heart is filled with loveful feelings. At a moment, I thought, her soul came near to me and expressed some feelings.

I have known Brahmakumari’s world since 2011 as I am watching sister Shivani’s program. Since that time I attached to this world. I heard a lot of times the speech of Janki Didi. Her confidence without ego, love with full of compassion, Administration with full of courage and happiness with full of joy. I really connected with her every sentence while watching peace of mind channel.

She is not only Dadi of Brahmakumari but, the whole world is in love with her. Her every word has the power of spirituality, purity, honesty, and love.

There are so many people who are making a judgment against this world. But, I want to tell them are you protecting 1 girl daughter child at your home completely without disturbing your mind?

This organization has been accepted parenting of 15 Lakh daughters along with some small age girls, teenage girls. Parenting of these daughters without any disturbance is not a joke. Not only parenting along with value education, teaching and stand them for the service of the world leaving their own world. Only this type of work can be done by super spiritual organizations.

In this period keeping one girl at home is getting hard to manage, how did they are managing all this world ?. To do this type of work need elevated thoughts along with courage. They carry these thoughts with devotion.

Sister Shivani was telling every time her work in her speech. How she was light at any place? How she manages all this organization? How did she keep selfless love in the organization, etc?

As these great achievers work, we can’t count in the small book or the post. It can’t be complete in any century. The whole world’s place is small to put her work.

To learn these people we must have to learn about their original qualities. As she becomes great due to her original qualities.

Can we count her work in any material things?

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