Review Of My Nearest Spa Center- Local Review

In the last week suddenly I have been suffered from body pain, swelling on the body and cough with cold. I have taken some tablets as primary aid but couldn’t have any effect. Now I have remembered that, this year I didn’t have visited to the spa center. I have missed to take steam bath.Otherwise I am taking this treatment every year. Then we have called to doctor and went to that center. Shriram Ayurvedic Clinic.

I visited there and getting completely astonished. This much excellent spa and massage center in Latur. Couldn’t believe on it. Otherwise it is a small Ayurvedic clinic. That is ”Shri Ram Ayurvedic Chikistalaya” Really , here get very nice treatment of every problems in the cheapest charge. And Doctor has deep knowledge. So he is our family doctor.

Every year I have been going there for some Ayurvedic treatment along with steam bath. but at that time he had not made modification of his spa center. But, now he has made excellent change in his spa center.

Let us check it in the images. ENTRY OF THE BODY MASSAJ n SPA CENTER.

This spa center is downside the building so we feel complete satisfaction and peace.

entry of spa center/
http://entry of spa center/
Getting facilities here/
getting facilities/chhayaonline.comhttp://Getting facilities/
Entry in the massaj room/
http://Next entry of massaj room/
steambath room/

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Spiritual Importance Of Shankara – Mahashivratri Special

Spiritual Importance of Shankara –  Mahashivratri Special

     We know that ‘SHIVA’’ God is famous in the world. He is the super most power of all God.There is a say that ‘’DEVO KE DEV MAHADEV’’ In India there is a assumption  that husband means the form of Shiva . This can work in the form of some couple. We must have to realize it. As we know that ‘’SHIVA’’ means his half part of the body contains ‘’Shiv’’ and  half contains Parvati . I think meaning of it is that any person has the power to work as a man as well as a women. Its interesting but, in India  why some people have distributed work. As some work must have to do by ladies and some have to do gents. This is the very worst type of  discrimination. Today I have  got complete meaning of it. I think some people have purposely dominated to the ladies.

Mahashivratri importance /
Spiritual importance of mahashivratri/


1] MAHADEV :  When the person want to live a complete meaning full life then he must have to do ‘’seva’’ of Mahadev. He can complete his all wishes . Some people have good experience from it.

2]  KARPURGAUR  :  His  color is as like camphor means complete white but waves of complete white colors couldn’t get tolerate to the front   people so there is the outer cover of ‘’SHIVA ‘’ is of ash color. This is called as ‘’CHITA BHASAM’’ means he want the ash of burned dead body. I think this is also some where misunderstanding. But in so many holy books they have described complete stories  on it. We must have to learn it scientifically.

3]  TRINETRA :  There is an extra eye in between the  eye brows of SHIVA we say it is ‘’Third eye’’ when any natural calamity disturbs all universe  we say that ‘’SHIVA’’  has opened his Third eye.

  This eye means  the  form of brightest high energy. Means he has the knowledge of present, past & future. He can watch all events  of 3 tenses with it..

   There are thousands of  ‘’SHIVAS’’ name but I have given you only important here.

Now let us see  how is the ‘’SHIVA ? ‘’

      He  is the loving student of God Vishnu :   He loves lot of to the Vishnu so he had  bought ‘’GANGA’’ from the feet of Lord Vishnu.  

MAHAYOGI AND MAHATAPASVI :  There is only 1 God who recites every time Mantra. Due to continuous  reciting Mantra heat gets to increase so he had kept cool things with him as like moon, Ganga, snake, etc  also he is living in the Himalaya  as a cool place.

Vairagi : Means  no any wishes. Maybe he is living continuously with Parvati , still  he is away from sex . It is in Marathi we call ‘’Avikari’’ with ‘’Nirvikar mind. Means no any wishes. This is the almost complete powerful, pure soul in the universe. So Mahadev means complete knowledge with pure mind.

  HE SCARIFIES FOR THE HAPPINESS OF OTHERS.:   There  is a  story that when poison has been created in the ocean at that time no one is coming to take that poison but ‘’SHANKARA’’ came there and he drank all poison which effects  that his neck and body completely become blue color. And since that time people say him ‘’NILKANTH’’ means whose neck has color blue.

ANGRY :  This is the famous characters of  ‘’SHIVA’’ as  we  know that in India if any person has anger in his nature then we say he is the  form of ‘’SHIVA’’

When he continuously recites his Mantra  and when he stop himself then he couldn’t have any anger but if anyone has disturbed him in this reciting  then he will destroy front person he has  that much power. His power completely gets outside and when front person couldn’t have the power  to face it then definitely he gets destroyed. And we say he had destroyed him.

KEEPS MAHAKALI  COOL IN THE ANGER :  Mahakali  means wife of Shankara ‘’PARVATI’’ She also has a lot of anger. She  can express it  when there was DEMONS in the earth. Who are torturing to the ladies at that time she had taken the form of MAHAKALI to destroy  that Demon. But when she  overcome the limit of anger at that time ‘’SHIVA’’ become completely  as like dead body. And when Mahakali running on dead bodies of Demons at that time she came near to the ‘’SHIVA’S’’ dead body and with his touching she became cool. This is called  as ‘’SHIVTATVA’’ OR ‘’PARAMTATVA’’.

EASILY  COMPLETES  EVERYONE’S WISHES : When he is with you .He can give you everything what you want.

OWNER OF GHOST:  He can easily ran away all types of ghosts. So the person who is making ‘’Upasana ‘’ of ‘’SHIVA , has no any fear in his life.                                              


       Say  OM NAMH SHIVAI .

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Celebration Of 30,000 Views On My Site – Site View

Dear audience ,

Thanks for your nice response. For your good appreciation. We know that without co-operation we never do anything. Maybe we have a lot of talent. If we will take another way to improve ourselves to get maximum results. We will get good result but can’t say about real appreation or motivation. As to stand in the market we need confidence along with perfect marketing knowledge. But, to get confidence and positive energy we need motivation. Without motivation we couldn’t understand that, is am on right track? Any

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Let us check my views here yearly.

check here views in 2018/
http://Views in 2018/
Views of 2019/
http://views of 2019 /
views of 2020/
http://Views of 2020/

Let us check total views since 2017.

2017 + 2018 + 2019 + 2020 = 98 + 9,887 +17,108 + 2,411 = 29,503 .

This is my achievement, I didn’t know Am I on right track or something is missing from me.

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Health Benefits Of Almond – Almond Day

Health  Benefits Of  Almonds –  Almond Day

   Almonds are the king of dry fruits. So that they are usually using in more spiritual activities. 80% Almonds  are found  in the California region. In our country some children are eating raw almonds which are  falling under the tree. These are giving us sour taste/ Getting delicious taste to eat it. Some kids are breaking it with stone to find seed inside it for eating.

Generally fresh almonds are red –yellowish in color .But how much lucky these almonds  are? As we  say for every clothes or so many items that ‘’It is of ‘’BADAMI’’ color. I think color of almond is the real identity and specialization for it.

These  are rich in protein, iron, minerals, fibrous etc. We can eat it as it is or by adding in so many food items.

Let us  we will check here what are the benefits of it?  

1] Almond prevents Heart attacks .

  It contains fatty acids, antioxidants, a plant component contains in the outer part of almond can better works for heart disease. Also it contains potassium, manganese, iron and some minerals which are keeping strong protection  to the heart. Important fact of almond is they can prevent to increase  cholesterol in the body. Keeps our body light. So heart attacks will stop with almond eating.


    It  is one of the most welcome food item for brain as it contains riboflavin and L- carnitine. It is working for Alzheimer and dementia . For old age people it must be compulsory to eat almonds regular if possible must have to eat at least 1 or 2 times in the week. It works for better sleep and so our brain gets complete  rest and so it work for above diseases.

3]  Almond improve the skin health

        Actually  any health problem can solve when we eat good healthy food of them if we will eat dry fruits so many health problems can solve easily. With  the same thinking eating almonds improves skin shining, as well as it brings good glow on the face. Gives natural appearance, removes wrinkles.

So many cosmetic companies are using almonds in the lots of proportion. As like Almond hair oil, beauty creams, shampoos, etc As it can work better for the skin , keeps skin smooth and shiny.

4]  PREVENTS  DIABETES  :   Today  there are plenty of medicines for diabetes. Didn’t know which is working better but why you are not trying Almond ? Because we know since so many days it is definitely good for our health and has no any side effects. As it works better for stress.


Have  you experienced any day if you will eat 2 almonds in the morning you couldn’t  feel hungry and didn’t understand that I have to eat. You feel completely full fill and satisfied. Pain of body also getting to stop . Gets sound sleep if you will decide. Removes fatigue, feels fresh anytime. No any burden on the head. Our head become cool. It contains fibrous part and it works for healthy digestion so automatically reduces weight . If women will eat it regularly their waist pain circumference will get reducing automatically.

6]  PREVENTS INFLAMMATION : Do you know if we  will do a lot of mental work it can inflame our brain cells  we didn’t understand it. But feels confused, getting to irritate. If  we have eat Almonds before to work it can definitely prevent all these. So that, I think that , people always makes research in the market to create products . So  there are so many types of Almond oils which can prevent inflammation of brain by rubbing in the head.

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12 Things To Overcome Insomnia – Health

Today’s life become very competitive, there s a huge fear of competition that if another person is ahead of me ?With this sentence we have losing our so many powers. With this thought we are losing our relationship, peace, satisfaction, etc. So we have a lot of problems in the relationships, worries about future , insecurity about future, etc and we are carrying a lot of fear in the mind , losing our real happiness, real love, real health, real food , etc and losing our sleep .

But,still what to do for this position? We must have to get all these things but without disturbing our all above qualities. somnia/
http://12 things to overcome insomnia/

Let us we will see here what to do for it?

1] Do meditation and recite some mantras in the morning.

2] With good intention we have to realize some things in the meditation.

3] Observe your self is I am on right track? How I am ? Where I am? What I am?

what is Insomnia/
whathttp://what is Insomnia/
Causes of sleep disorder/
http://sleep disorder/

4] I know today we have a lot of work at night but we have to do this work without burden , if we will do it with more burden then definitely we will disturb our life and creating so many other health problems.

5]Most important thing is , keeping faith on our sleep that , I can sleep easily, I didn’t have to do any efforts to sleep everyday. I can sleep very well at any time.

Don’t keep these thoughts while working every time otherwise your sleep will become your lovely sister / friend and any time she will run with you. This is very damage to progress you.

6] Do some physical work, so that you could get easily tired. And tired person can sleep easily.

7] Try to remove your worries, try to give your worries to the God and think that he is doing best for all. Keep complete faith on him.

8] Keep in mind that God never do anything bad for us , he made beautiful world to do good for us.

9] Never concentrate on your negative thoughts, if thoughts are coming turn your mind anywhere

10]Try to take blessing from everywhere. No one will have daring to touch even your smallest hair.

11] Always work for good karma as giving motivation to anyone, help for poor, keeping love in relationship, remove your ego , etc.

12] Say thanks to God while sleeping as he has given you good day .

If you can’t sleep with above things then do following things.

1] Drink buttermilk with salt, sugar, ginger powder, cumin powder, etc.

2] Make paste of ”Jaiphal” and apply it on your forehead.

3]Eat Brinjal with honey, eat cashew nuts, almonds , raisins.

4] Make Masaj on your head , enter cow ghee in the nose.

5] Avoid to drink more times tea, coffee, etc as it can creates lactic acid in cramps at night and we can’t sleep well.

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Health Benefits Of Flax Seed – Beauty, Weight loss.

Do you know the word ‘’Alsi’’ in Hndi                                                                                                         

 ‘’Javas’’ in Marathi and Flax in English?

This is the one type oil seed which we  are using to make  chutney. In spirituality mostly it is used in the  ‘’Shravan Month to donate to the ‘’Shiva’’ God . It has so many benefits so that ‘’Shiva also like it .

Let us  we will see what are its benefits?

 This seed has  flat shape so I think its name is Flax seed  maybe they have replaced its name by 1 letter ‘t’. Anyway we  are making oil from it.

Now  we will see its detail  benefits.

1] weightloss. Skin, hair fall and to control diabetis it is very useful.

2] It can increases immmunity power.

3] Asthama, Artritis, cancer like these disease it can fight perfectly.

4] Increasing energy and reproductive power in the body.

5] Keeping  Cholostrol in control.

6] Bringing shinging on the skin.

7] Removes wrinkles on the skin.

8] Removes  extra cholestrol of body.

9]  Good for heart diseases.

10] Keeps digestion maintance.

Now let us check how did useful for different purposees?

This seed is very useful for hair. It can increases length of hair . As it contains Vitamin E in more proportion. It has antioxide property so it can work for the root of hair. It also contains Omega -3 Fatty acid  so it  can work for the roots of hair and increases the length of hair.

Ir is very beneficial for herat disease, these seeds fiberous are controlling naturally to increase  cholesterol.

Due to  controling cholestrol , it can keep  blood flow continuously.

How  did it can useful for the skin? It contains  antioxidant and phytochemicals  which can removes wrinkles of the skin.

It  can control diabetics  as  it  didn’t contain carbon. So that it can control sugar of the blood automatically. Which automatically control on the diabetes.

It reduces  weight . If we will use the Flax seed in the daily life it definitely controls weight. As it has fiberous, Omega3 fatty acid and antioxides  which can controls weight automatically.

How to use flax seed?

Image result for images of flax seeds
http://Flax seeds Naman agro/
http://Flax seed from my home /

We can eat  it raw as it is but, if we will make chutney of it with garlic, salt , chilly powder it gives very delicious taste with Roti.

Another way to make its chutney is by baking it, adding Sea same, Badishape, dry coconut, black salt,  etc    We  can control gaseous, indigestion, acidity  etc.

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Curd Rice Recipe – Weight Loss

Making curd rice is everyone’s skill. It is different at different places and home with everyone’s choice. Anyway everyone’s purpose of making any item is, it must have to become tasty or delicious.

There are so many ways to make it. But I have made in the following way.

In India there is a say that, if we will eat curd in the evening or at night it causes so many problems in our body. It may be cough, cold, body pain, acidity, any digestive problems. Ayurveda says if we will eat curd in the evening it can bring poverty in the home. So avoid to eat it in the evening.

This curd rice we can make in the summer season , as it gives us complete cool feeling along with fulfill satisfaction. It can work for weight loss, healthy for diabetic patient. Good medicine for piles.

Let us check how did I have made it?

Time for it

prep cook total

10 10 20 min.

Author’s name: Asha Digge

cuisine: India

food type : Curd rice

keyword: Curd Rice recipe – weight loss

serve for 2


Cooked rice : 1 dish

sugar powder : 2 tbsp

Curd : 50 ml

green chilly pieces : 2 tbsp

baked peanut powder : 20 gm

cumin seeds: 1 tbsp

mustard seeds: 1 tbsp

oil : 1 tbsp

hing :pinch

Method To Make It : Take 1 dish cool rice.

Add peanut powder, salt, sugar powder, curd and mix it well.

Add curd and sugar as your convenience. Mix it properly.

Now keep pan on the gas , pour oil to it, add cumin seeds,mustard seeds and wait to splutter it. Then add green chilly pieces , stir fry it.

: Pour it slowly in the curd rice.

INSTRUCTION TO MAKE IT: Take cool rice to make it, as if you will add curd in the hot rice, it create poison. Take care that not a single drop of water will carry along with any appliances while spluttering, as it can create explosion.

By mistake my pan carry a single drop, and it had created explosion but I have handled it wisely creating without any fear.

Curd Rice Recipe : weightloss-chhayaonline.comhttp://curd rice recipe -weight loss/

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Indian vegetarian food

Damage Due TO Corona Virus – Health Click here to buy your home needs.

Corona Virus problem -HEALTH
Today everywhere there is this discussion. We are living in a fearful atmosphere. As we are also suffering from the bad weather situation. There is a lot of people who are suffering from common viral infection but due to tremendous fear some doctors are admitting to the patient. Checking their bloods. Have a lot of pressure to every family now.
We must have to release from it . We have to find a good solution for it.


symptoms of corona virus/
http://symptoms of corona virus/
spreading of corona virus/
http://spreading of corona virus/
symptoms of 2019 corona virus/
http://symptoms of 2019 corona virus/

There is news in our ‘LOKMAT” paper that , China had been hide the news ” This Virus has been spread from Behan Sea food market” which has been opened by American senator TOM COTTON. It has been started from Bhuan’s Institute Of Virology. But he didn’t give any type of evidence for it. But any way Dr Venilyang has to suffer from death with it. This news is spreading some dangerous doubt in the world.
Dr Venilyang had been explained in the December Month that , Corona Virus will spread everywhere and we didn’t have any medicine for it.He has also given information about it in the social media. China Police has been arrested him for it on 1st Jan 2020. After that he had been told to the police that , what we have published in the social media is wrong . Then he has joined on 3 Jan again but he caught ”CORONA VIRAL INFECTION” and he left his body.
But, now there is a discussion that China has been developed this type of Virus. Some countries are participating in the biological discussion for it. America, China,France, Briton ,etc.
Anyway there is more worry about this Virus .Means if this Virus will be entered in the terrorist life then it is very dangerous to the living beings. As today some newspapers are giving us information about it that ” It can infect to the 40 Crore people in the future.” As this is the easy way to kill the people for terrorists.
Any way if any dangerous situation comes in the universe by nature there is only way to pray to the Universe for good thoughts. As every creation has the seed thought. So if we will away from these thoughts and keeps these thoughts with us ”means no any Virus will entered in our country or in the body in any case ” It will definitely work better. As thoughts vibrations are very powerful than any virus.

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How To Make Coconut Cake At Home – Birthday Cake

we are very familier in making cake recipes. Everyone is trying to make best cake but we can’t prepare same taste .This is the mysterious thing of making food in life and so there is the joy in life.Otherwise may be we will watch same recipe of cake but creating different taste. This is the magic of our life and due to this magic we are creating happiness in the life.

Taste Of Home Made Cake: We never brings cake from the market since my elder son’s first birthday. As since first birthday he had started temperature.

Yesterday I have decided to make coconut cake and what interesting things I have added in the cake to make it delicious check here.

APPLE JAM IS THE SPECIAL GUEST ITEM IN THIS CAKE. Let us check here how I have used it in the cake?

Time for it

prep cook total

30 30 60 min

Author’s name: Pranita deshpande

cuisine : Indian

food type: Birthday cake

keyword : How to make coconut cake-Birthday cake

serve for 6


Apple Jam : 1 bowl

all purpose flour : 1 bowl

sugar: 50 gm

grated fresh coconut: 1 bowl

baking powder: 1 and 1/2 tbsp

baking soda : 1tbsp

ghee or oil : 2 tbsp

butter: 1 tbsp

milk: 2 cup

TIP : I have some apple Jam left in the fridge. I have added more cardamom powder to it to get good taste. After 8 days its flavor is spreading in the fridge and getting good taste. Then I thought if we will make cake from it? And really cake become very very tasty.

Method to make it: Keep the cooker for preheating by adding sufficient salt to it.

2] Take all purpose flour, add baking powder, baking soda, sugar, and mix it well.

3] Add ghee, butter, coconut and stir it well. Pour milk and mix it well.

4] Take wire gauze whisk it continuously, now add apple jam to it and again whisk it continuously.

5] Check that, is batter made perfect? And keep to set it for 10 minutes.

6] Keep tight lid on it to set it perfect.

7] Now, after 10 minutes pour that batter into the cooker tiffin which has applied some oil or ghee inside it.

8] Now keep the stand on the salt in the cooker before putting batter tiffin in the cooker.

9] Now slowly keep the cooker tiffin in the cooker .

http://about my site

10] Keep lid of the cooker by removing its whistle.

11] Give 30 minutes heat with medium gas.

12] After 1/2 an hour your well prepared cake is ready to celebrate birthday.

Images for it

preparing coconut cake/
http://coconut cake for birthday/

well prepared coconut cake/
http://well prepared coconut cake/

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Vitamin B Importance and Deficiencies

Do you know when did we are losing our happiness? Or becoming more anxious? What is the criteria to be happy in health? Why did we become pale or sometimes more disappoint. Answer of these questions simply goes to Vitamin B.

In everyday life we didn’t keep attention to these things instead we like to eat more tasty, delicious food. But if B Vitamin will get reduced in our body we have to face so many challenges. As Vitamin B is the king of our life source how it is we will see here.

First we will see from where we get Vitamin B/


1] Generally, it is found in leafy vegetables, milk, sprouts, rice, the old rice which is of pink color. Giving rich smell while eating. Or spreading scent everywhere while cooking. This type of rice we are getting easily in our childhood. This rice contains a large amount of Vitamin B . wheat, Jowar, Bajara, etc

2] Cane sugar juice, some types of fruit juice, our dates are filled with Vitamin B. some dry fruits as like Orchid, pasta, cashew nuts, almonds etc also contains more Vitamin. Today we are getting Vitamin B in the more proportion in the chocolate, Biscuits, some ice creams, some sprout food, all fermented food also contains large type of Vitamin B. It is good for our health.

3] We found it in the milk, cheese, milk products, eggs, liver,kidney, all types of meat, fishes.

4] All types of beans, red beans, pulses, Jowar Roti, some dark vegetables as like Spinach, Methi leaves or so many leafy vegetables. Especially our ghee is completely filled with Vitamin B.

Soya products such as Soya milk,


1] Mostly small kids have this problem .As they are not eating leafy vegetables, drinking milk, not eating nuts, etc so they become more anxious, angry or creates irritations, some times crying loudly without any reason.

2] Creates patches on the tongue, rashes on the skin, loss of appetite, irritations, guts problems, swallowing in the esophagus,skin shows pale appearance, feeling weakness, creates fatigue, losing wishes,desire, creates

disappoint thoughts.

3] Gastrointestinal disorder results due to loss of Vitamin B , anemia, Vitamin B-12 deficiency ,premature grey hair .

4] Leads to create depression, loss of appetite, extreme exhaustion,drowsiness,muscle pain, grayish skin color.

5] We know there are so many types of Vitamin B. To avoid confusion I didn’t have given their names to you. Only you have to keep in mind that where we get Vitamin B, and what are its deficiencies?

6] Some deficiency creates depression,nervousness,extreme fatigue,irritability,eczema, constipation,headache, digestive disorders, premature hair color turns in to gray.

7] Creating confusion, losing memory, changes brain functions, some times creates swelling in the head. hair fall, rashness of hair, hair becomes dry, skin changes appearance.

8] Swelling in the mouth, eyes vision getting to reduce. pain in the legs or body.

9] Insomnia, creating mental disorder, fatigue, no interest in life ,etc.

10] Creating stress, worries, pressure, anger , anxiety etc. Vice versa these things reduces Vitamin B from our body.

source f Vitamin B/
http://sourcs of vitamin B /
food contains Vitamin B/
http://food contains Vitamin B/
stores of Vitamin B /
stores of Vitamin B/
samsung TV /
http://Samsung 80cm (32 inch) Full HD LED Smart TV (32K5570), 40,999/


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