Why Did We Can’t Make Money- Earn Money Here

Let’s know here why we can’t make money ?

We all have that one great ambition, To have lots of money. We all want to be rich. Unfortunately, many people have failed to achieve that. But if you asked them why you’ll be hearing their common excuses that I listed below. Let us see why did we can’t make money? Here are the ways to make money 

-Scared to fail

Are you scared to fail? If yes, then you’ll never have the courage to try. Learning from your mistakes will transform you into a better you, so don’t resist it, embrace it.

-Associating with the wrong people

The people around you have a big impact on your way of thinking. They have the strongest chance to influence you. What they say can change you and affect everything in you.

-Thinking that you can’t be successful   

”Negative thinking greatly affects how we decide on things. If you think you can’t be successful, then you can’t be.”

”Negative thinking greatly affects how we decide on things. If you think you can’t be successful, then you can’t be.”

You don’t have a clear goals

This is the most common problem for everyone. People want to be rich, but they aren’t sure about it, they don’t have clear goals in their mind.

Save the Student

   Another reason for it is that……

1] They have no burning desire to make money

2] They are not serious about their work

32 Proven Ways to Make Money Fast 

3] They every time lost persistence & punctuality.

4] They have tremendous fear in their mind what should we do with this money?

5] Is my behaviour will change after getting lots of money?

6] Can i lost my relationships,?

7] They didn’t want to make the change in their mentality.

8] They didn’t want to change their routine life.

9] They are not accepting new challenges.

10] They are worried every time about their life.

  Do you agree with these points? Don’t worry

here i am giving someways to make money


1] Blogging

  2] affiliate marketing 

   3] User testing 


   5] Userzoom 

   6] Instanojo



8] Envato 

9] Creative market 


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