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School Band Fees Band Job Band – Unemployment

Let’s know here affect of everything closed

School Band Fees Band.- Twitter trend  

  Just now I came on twitter and saw the trend #School Band Fees Band. It’s good for parents who can’t pay the fees. But, nowadays I think 80% of schools are English schools. Who is taking more than 25,000 fees for the students? But 1 small school is running more than 100 servants. Today we have a big question of how to run these people their life? Only in education, there is plenty of business are running and thousands of workers are working in this private section. How they will serve? The most important thing is they are more educated so they can’t do any small work like in construction, in any factory or in the field. As they didn’t know this work. 

  These types of middle class who are working in the private field have to suffer a lot. No way to earn money. 


Maybe they are educated and turned to online jobs, but, online also there are so many fake jobs to run new jobs or businesses have to give more time along with hard work. Still, everyone would get success or not we can’t tell.

So many teachers, workers, of private industries are just married and have to suffer them more. 

 The new employers who had been working in the big city are living with their parents. Due to fear of COVID. At first, they may be thought that we will stay here for 1 or 2 Months but now 6 Months are completing COVID is as it is in his place. Where maybe live that COVID but what about the private servants whose income has been stopped suddenly? How they will serve? How can they manage their families? All companies, businesses are running on educated students so they are the basic roots of every work.


Teachers, Advocates, some clerks who are working in the private section. Hotel employes, restaurant employes, theater, temple employees, Malls, some small businessmen will have to suffer more. 

The people who have passive income and getting a good salary have to not worry. They are in a relaxed position. No tensions, but, what about the people who didn’t have any source of income? 

These people have the position that ‘’Mother is not giving meal and father is not allowing to beg’’  

    Today everyone has to be alert that this is not the time to play any politics or to work only to get publicity. Everyone must have to work to get food, clothes, and their basic needs along with good health facilities to needy families. 


  Yesterday our honorable chief minister has been announced that we will provide good health to every family. This means they are providing tablets, sanitizers, kits, masks, etc. But, did they know how many people are not getting complete food in the middle-class family? We are making a survey of COVID seriously,, is there any patient is hidden with this disease.? Are we have been made any survey that is any family is there who didn’t get their basic needs complete? Nowadays there are plenty of families who are not getting complete food for their families. Especially it is happening in the middle-class family. Now tell me if they have been not getting complete food to eat can they eat only tablets or can they drink only sanitizers? 

  Today everything has to get more costly. So can common people will pay for it? 

  Since 2 months back there is a discussion on Sushant Singh suicide. Like this how many youths have been doing suicide due to lack of their jobs, their business, can any channel have been attending to them? Is any media is discussing it? Sushant Singh has everything still he had finished his life only with small reason. What about the youth who didn’t have anything?

 So I think that the Govt should have to attend that can every person is getting at least every day’s balanced diet. If he will get a balanced diet there is no need to spend more budget on health. Automatically health of people will cover. It can increase immunity. No need of keeping or providing medicines and tablets to the common people.

   Priority must have to give to get good food, clothes, and shelter.   

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