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Coconut Cakes (Vadi) Recipe

This is healthy recipe to increase the hemoglobin.

This recipe 👌 is famous in Marathi. We are making it by adding Jaggary along with pure ghee. It has a special method to make it perfect. If we will make it perfect , it can remain as it is atleast 15 days. It can increase haemoglobin along with calcium. It contains coconut oil so it is good for bone health. It keeps bone strong.

Let’s we should check how to make it ?

Time For It

: prep cook total.

30 min 60 min 90 min.

Author’s name: pranitadeshpande

Cuisine: Indian,

Food type: Coconut cake

Keyword: Coconut cake Recipe.

Serve for: many.

Ingredients To Make It :

Whole Coconut : 2 Jaggary:

1/2 kg ,

Ghee: 50 gm ,

Milk cream: 100 gm

Dry fruits : Cashew nut : As your convenience,

Almonds: As your convenience.

Method To Make It.:

Brake the coconut. Remove it’s outer part. Make it’s small pieces. Grind it in mixture jar. Now keep this a side in a container.

Now keep the big pan on the gas. Pour ghee 2 spoon to it.

Pour ground coconut in to the pan. Now stir fry it well still red colour appears to it.

Now add Jaggary, dry fruits pieces to it. Add milk cream and continue to stir.

If is getting to cook with sufficient ingredients then don’t add extra milk. Now allow it to cook till it become condensed.

Now take other thali ,spread some ghee in it. Pour hot well condensed coconut material to it. Immediately spred it with 🍰 paper or by wet hand. Keep it to cool till it become completely dry.

Make its smart biscuit like pieces. Serve it as it is.

You never have been 👌 tested this type of delicious recipe.

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