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Nagpanchami Navyadyam – Bhojan Recipe

Know here recipe for Navyadyam

We are celebrating Nagpanchami as a rainy festival. It is the festival where people are worshiping a snake. If a snake is not available they are creating a snake of mud and worshiping in the temple. At home, ancient ladies are drawing images of snakes on the wall. In my childhood, my mother was drawing /1/2 wall snake along with snakes family. Means female snake, their kids, with turmeric and drawing small dots of white lime water around it. Making eyes of coal or black oil.
She keeps that snake 1 year and we were watching it carefully.
At that time there was a rule that on this day we didn’t have to cut anything, don’t keep hair free as hair will go in the mouth of the snake. Do not make Puran Poli on TAWA. Never fry anything etc.
So my mother was making Puran Gujiya by steaming. It has to eat with pure ghee, gives good taste.
I too also today made the same Gujiya along with Puran Poli, Dal Rice, Chitrann, Mirchamrut, potato sabzi, etc.
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