Can We Control Nature – Humanity

Here are some new way to control nature.

It’s a very nice question. It is very bad for humanity, society, for the people . Have you seen ‘’Sairat’’ film? If you will observe the natural moment from that cinema for a moment we like to live that life and real life is that. But for status, position, and material happiness we vanish real happiness means pressuring our mind and bringing artificial happiness for the other people. This means we are killing our happiness. So that in today’s life people have no more enjoyment in life. if we have a lot of material things.
We know that traveling is very good for us giving happiness to us but, for that traveling, we are cutting forests, reaching like that point where no one is reaching there, when one man reached there. Then there is a queue to reach there as we have tons of money and we have polluted those places. In this way, we have polluted earth and now we are going to pollute other planets as well as the moon.
Now one person went on the mars, 2nd will collect money he will adopt anyway to go there and collect money to reach there as his goal is to reach there. So it will disturb society. And it can disturb humanity. Then that planet can occupies place for full of rich people then these people will think ‘’YAAR MAZA NAHI AA RAHA JINDAGI MAIN’’ As there are no poor people to say them rich. Now tell me can they will be happy there?
Why did people are not believing that there is a supernatural power which can control all nature, planets, etc.? His way of writing the destiny of people is different. If people are thinking that we are greater than nature then why did they have not inventing quickly vaccine of coronavirus?

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