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Our Energy -Search Our Energy – Self Improvement

Let us know here where we are losing and consuming our energy.

Which points reduces and  increases our life energy.

It’s very important thing in everyone’s life that now everyone is aware of their energies. Everyone wants to increase their life energy but no one is trying how to save energy where it is wasting? Let us we will discuss in this chapter how our energy increases & decreases.?Emotional Impressions: happiness, joy, satisfaction increases life energy. Our Energy -Search Our Energy -Self Improvement ,

2] Love , nice belief system, faith & gratitude increases life energy.

3] When we are nodding our head to tell yes or no it increases our life energy

So that when we are singing a song or bhajan or classical music we are nodding our head.  Our Energy -Search energy – Self Improvement .

4] Clapping, dancing smiling, raising upside hands, doing Namaskar, saying ‘’RAM RAM ‘’also increases Life energy.

)5]When we are watching sky by telling ‘’HEY GOD’ then also we are increasing our life energy.

6] When we are keeping hands upside by telling ‘’HEY GOD’’ then we are increasing our internal life energy.Dr. Diamond tells this action as ‘’Thymes Jesture’’When we have a lot of tensions, unhappiness if we will do this types of actions then we are increasing our life energy.

7] Doing meditation, Yoga, Pranayam also increases life energy.

8] Listening classical music, soul music increases life energy.

7]  Some words are giving a lot of energy when we are reading all these words, then we are giving thanks to GOD   then we will get a lot of benefits.

8] Our gratitude increases every power. The person who is always connected with GOD has the energy to increase another person healing power. If we are in contact with them then automatically our life energy is also getting increasing.

Now we will see which points reduce life energy

1] When we are looking depress man’s picture or photo automatically energy gets reducing.

2]When we have the bad smell or we saw bad things like vomiting, stool or by listening abuse words also reduces life energy.

3]      Emotional Impressions: If I will create jealousy, hate, fear & doubts then my energy getting reduces.

4] When we are criticizing & shouting unnecessary then it will decrease our life energy as well as who is looking to us his energy also gets reducing.

5]If we have a lot of bad habits that are eating without bathing, keeping things anywhere, everywhere dirty atmosphere decreases life energy.

6] Making corruption, dishonesty, cheating also decreases life energy.

7] Watching porn, bad films also decreases life energy

8]  Sleeping more time in the afternoon, getting rise too much late in the morning decreases life energy.

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