Obstacles Makes Man Perfect – Self Improvement

Getting obstacles means creating man ready to accept challenges.

How To Overcome Hurdles – Self Improvement

Hurdles Are Power Donner’s    #PhilosophyOfMind    
Every time we are ready to do work with full of enthusiasm, and having the speed of routine to complete in a given time but unfortunately, we have to stop work due to any hurdle, then we are getting bored, irritating, sometimes cheating ourselves, producing negative energy.

Any person who has an idea to cross this junction can overcome easily from it and became topper successful person. But the man who has no idea to overcome it he will indulge in it.and he can’t make his progress he feel himself guilty reducing self-confidence, producing any type of fear he will become rather inactive having anger, the lot of fear, insecurity, sometimes create a lot of quarrels feeling with unhappiness.    BE THE OPTIMIST PERSON – PDKCM     

Nowadays there is a new trend in every family

That we have to live in a square created relationship means “Hum do hamare do “If any third person came into our home It may be your parents, any relative or friend, etc. It seems like a big hurdle in our life.

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Then we think that what should we do for this? How could we leave him anywhere? Why did they come in our life? Why are they not going anywhere? Why did they are not going to another son? or daughter etc.

Every day we are leading our life with this burden. Another example of a burden is when we are in office there is any person who is talent than us, and the boss is giving importance to that person. Then we are thinking that why this person came in my way? He is the hurdle in my life due to him my boss is not giving me importance, some time boss himself become the hurdle in our life. As he is strict in behavior He likes prompt worker in his office. Then he gets angry every time on the worker, so again we feel that this boss is a hurdle in our life.

A hurdle in the school:- 

        A lot of competition and comparison creates a hurdle. These days everyone has to go under pressure of competition and comparison. In the school also in any two friends, one is ahead of another then another student thinks that why he came in my class? Due to him, I am not ahead. So in daily life at every step, we consider any person is a hurdle in our life and instead of accepting him if we are thinking how could we run away from our life then life becomes difficult this habit is very dangerous to overcome all difficulties. <a class=”jp-relatedposts-post-a” title=”Benefits of walking- Benefits

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<a class=”jp-relatedposts-post-a” title=”Benefits of walking- Benefits

Walking is the best medicine for so many health problems .It can useful for multipurpose actions.” href=”; rel=”nofollow”>Generally  talent persons are hurdles in everyone’s life. 

In nature also so many people are thinking that this big mountain is the big hurdle in our path so break it and make the road from that side or if there is a big tree on the road, we think that after cutting that tree the road becomes clear to travel and we cut that tree.

By this thinking where we have kept our nature? and  what is the real condition of nature now?


How could we overcome hurdle?

Let hurdles means a stone in the flowing water. When water flows, it hits the stone and gets away. But due to his hitting, that stone instead of breaking it becomes smooth.

So we have to become like water, water never tries to remove this stone from his path. He works as it has to work continuously.

So hurdles are not the burdens but they are giving us positive energy to work vastly we know that in cricket match also when India – Pakistan match is there means. More challenging, then players playing with full of energy. Like we have the hurdle in our life we can become strong.

In so much competition also if we have challenging competitor then we make preparation better thinking that I have to go ahead of him.

How to Overcome Obstacles: 13 Steps

If a challenging person came in our life, he is strict outside but smooth inside to know his smoothness we have to behave with him lovingly and carefully having faith with him so that our life becomes meaningful with maintaining discipline and keeping protection with values and virtues.

Hurdles to overcome

1]   Hurdles are maintaining our life with love and discipline.

2]   These are giving us positive energy for any work.

3] They can emerge our inner power with the deep understanding of true maturity

4] Hurdles make us strong to overcome any difficult ties

5] They teach us to behave well, as good behavior is good for us not for others.

6] They increase our tolerance power, a power to adjust, magnifying power, a power to do hard work etc.

7] Due to hurdle our life became progressive, energetic with compassion and neatness.

8] They are turning point in our life.

9] Sometimes they overcome our fear of giving protection to us

10] If our perception is nice for them then our life becomes precious

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