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Symptoms Of Jaundice _ Treatment For It._ Health.

May be your are taking any Doctors treatment for it still you must have to work on all these points.

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We know now rainy season is running. This season is giving us a lot of happiness along with some health problems. discentry, Jaundice, Influenza, Flue, Cold are the real brothers of this season. Of them Jaundice is the elder brother of all disease. As it can’t diagnosis easily. In so many patients it has been spread overall the body still we can’t understand it. Effects of daily salt on our body – Health

History Of Jaundice In My Life : Before marriage I was teacher in the village. It is away from  4 km from my native place. I was living there with my parents and doing up /down for my job by walking.

Office of the school was in dirty place. I have to seat there for 1 hour every day. Suddenly I caught an infection of Jaundice. But, couldn’t understand  that it was Jaundice. I came to Doctor. He had seen me I have too much  swelling on my body. Also my body becomes yellow in color. Now I came to my home black. Took medicine s still no any changes.

How My Younger Sister Had Made Diagnosis:  I told my medicine history to her. She asked me following questions.

1]Do you want to eat sour things?

2]Do you feel every time sleepy. ?

3]Do you have urine with particles?

 4]Do you have swelling on thigh and feet ?

  5] Do you feel tired and have more cramps in the legs?

In this way she asked me so many questions. For every question there is answer yes. Now she confirmed you are suffered from white Jaundice. And she told me go to the “Gavali” of Latur and take medicine.

I Went To Take Remidie : The person who was giving medicine can identify Jaundice by watching face and body. He saw my body and face and told me you are suffered from white Jaundice. He gave me medicine for 15 days. I became cure with it.

Types Of Jaundice. :This disease is a very horrible disease. If it will enter in the stomach it can damage liver easily. Liver function are getting disturbing. Blood Cancer which we are telling ,”Actue Lymphoblastic Luckemia” that is we say ALL is nothing but white Jaundice. So there are 2 types of Jaundice.

1) White Jaundice 2)  Yellow Jaundice.

Yellow Jaundice can come in the urine . It can easily get diagnosis. But, white Jaundice couldn’t identify with any taste. So it is very horrible. If it will not diagnosis easily patients blood automatically converts into water. It can stops all activities. In the last decade patients were have easily death with it . What happened  didn’t know to the Doctor and also not understand to the patient.

What To Not Eat In Jaundice: Never touch to the eggs , fishes. It can increase swelling. Avoid to eat fried , sour things. Never eat milk, cream, Curd, etc. Avoid to go in the dirty places. Avoid to eat coriander, Dhaniya, Jaggary, milk, Onion with milk. Avoid non veg, outside food.

Treatment For It : Eat cane sugar every day if possible. Take green wheat plant juice daily for some days. Drink Neem leaves juice for 1 more months. Drink juice of bitter guard leaves in proportion.collection-of-health-benefits-life-style/

Diet For Jaundice. : Jowar Roti with Solid Cooked Dal along with garlic chutney. Cooked green Moong dal. Leafy vegetables as like Spinach, Methi , etc .Rice with dal or ghee (pure cow ghee) . Take every time fresh food. Never eat stale food. health-benefits-of-jowar-roti-weight-loss/

Disclaimer: These are my life experiences. If you have complete faith on it, you can use it. In case you can consult your doctor. May be you are taking treatment of Doctor still you must have to avoid above food to get good response for your treatment. 

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