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About Me 2 – Pranita Deshpande

Action speaks louder than words , how ? Check here.

I am an author of the book ”QUOTATIONS & STORIES” published by Partridge publishing company via Penguin Random House. Before that I have published 3 books in Maharashtra. I am passionate to collect all types of knowledge. Reading, writing, worshiping God, are my hobbies.  Spiritual healing is the backbone of my life. I have overcome 75% of my life problems with spiritual healing.  Now I have perfect confidence that with touching and Mantra healing I can overcome everyone’s problem. It’s my deep life story , you can read it in my so many posts.  Follow me here ,

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By dpranita583

I am the author in Maharashtra. Want to write and research on life skills, mental health, relationship and some life's issues. I am always passionate to collect spiritual knowledge, some mythological stories, food, recipes, like to write on general topics, some regular health problems etc.