My Life Story 2 nd- Motivation

Motivational Story For Students.

Today in the morning my working women came to my home and  I made sprout Moong Usal. She has  4  small kids, . I think is there any defect of their kids having 4 in number but everyone has to suffer for it. Some is getting cloth or not, some is getting food someone not etc. So I have given some Usal to her kids. Everyday whatever I will make that is giving to her kid. I  have given her Usal but suddenly I remember my childhood and my educations day. When I was in 12 th sci to me also not getting good food to eat . I must have to run  5 km daily for tuition and college. Of them, I have to work for household chores.My Life Story 2nd – Motivational

When I was doing 12 Th sci summer vacation class at that time I was living with my married old brother and uncle Aunt. My brother had a new Govt. job in a Tahsil uncle was a teacher in a primary school. He didn’t have any kid so he has done our primary education in another village.  Now they were living with my brother.


My 11 Th sci result came in my hand,I have shown it to my brother and told” see my marks”I have 81 marks in BIO and  81 marks in Maths. Then my brother told me anyway we didn’t have money to spend for your education you have to change your side now you take Arts side instead of sci .But that age is full of ambitions. I decided to become a doctor as I like it. At that time my classmates have the only discussion on to become doctor and engineer. Everyone is discussing their ambitions and studying hard. My all friends are the hard worker as well as great ambitious.

One day I came from tuition and I heard the discussion of my uncle and brother .my brother was telling to an uncle that ”I was got this much marks then what to do with it ? Then my uncle told Oh ! Very nice and I suddenly enter the room. Then they stopped their discussion. Now I was proud of my uncle told me very nice.

Now I took admission to the Math class and sir asked me for fees I told him sir my brother will come to give your fees. In this way, I think one month, sir has not demanded my fees but after one Month he started to demand fees. Everyday I was telling some answer to them. At home I was telling to my brother, he was telling Okay, we will give tomorrow,and so on  Now 2 months has to be completed but still, I have not filled my fees. One day sir call inside their office and insulted me in worst words,  told directly that if you don’t have fees don’t come to tuition otherwise bring fees and come .I  keep quite and came to my home asked to my uncle he told something and keep quite again I asked to my brother  can you give? he also keeps quiet. In this way every day,I was asking to both and  keep quite at home as I was helpless. In this way,I have lost my one week.

I was with full of ambition & I know if today I will not pay fees I can’t come to tuition and  my study will be back so I decided to go my village to my father.

I think May Month was there and  time was 12 o clock. Full of heat and hot Sun was there. My village is 8 Km away from that place. It was a simple route, at that time there was no any vehicle, no bus, no bullock cart and no one was with me but i decided to go for fees. So that I could attend evening batch. As our sir was taking 5 hours tuition to complete syllabus.

Now I started to walk no one was with me in the hot sun.  still, I didn’t have any complaint about anyone but I went in my home my mother saw me and she was shocked for me. ”How you came in the hot sun?” She asked then I stopped for a while and told to my father. This is the reason to come here in the hot sun. Now my father get worried and have a very bad feeling he was a poor farmer and has no knowledge to collect money .or he didn’t give importance to the money in his life. But his identity was a Royal man in the society. At that time every village man was taking advise of my father. Every work or function of village never completes without his presence.A total village was calling him only ”KAKA ”

He was distributing so many medicines to the village people free. Giving good advice to the people for their family problems etc.

He has no money at home and he went to someone and brought fees only in 2 minutes. I astonished now at that time value to the people was more than money.

Now I came back with that money and gave to that sir.I didn’t have any bad feeling that I was walked in the hot sun but from this event, my parents were in too much frustration. I thought they are suffered . Every time my mother was telling this event to all. When my book published she cried a lot of  and told to everyone ”How much she has proud about me ”

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