Heart Touching Quotes On Sanskar

Get to know here from where we get sansakara?

Sanskara From Parents

Sanskara From Parents

Do you know? Today all parents are attending to the ”Sansakars” of their child. Some parents are thinking that Sansakar are getting from books, stories, Watching TV , from surrounding etc. Its very true these are the real centers of getting sanskar but real sansakar are getting to them from our original behavior.

If we will only telling them orally that, don’t do this means don’t behave rudely to the elders and we are behaving with them rudely then definitely these are creating some types of rejection for the parents in their mind.If you want to behave your child politely , you must have to be polite first.


This is not the case for the parents but it is in the relationship of teacher and students. Students also getting some types of impressions from the teacher and these impressions remains forever in the life . So teacher also must have to be careful for the sansakars.


2]Every soul carry 5 types of sansakar , these are

1] From the Environment:

2] from schools, friends, relations etc

3]Due to my willpower means I have sansakar  to talk lie due to my friends but my willpower creates sansakar to talk true.

http://Blue host link /heart touching quotes on sansakara/chhayaonline.compower creates sansakar to talk true.

4] Previous birth

5] My original sansakar [seven] these are

peace, happiness, purity, truth, love, bliss, knowledge.

1]If i will not attend to my original sansakar of  a  soul then I will not getting success in any action

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