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Let us read here an interesting journey of my books and thoughts.

In The Journey Of My Books

I  am an indiblogger


Pranita Deshpande, Author of Quotations and Stories: Thoughts…author…/pranita-deshpande-author-quotations-…

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In The Journey Of My Books

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I  am an indiblogger


Pranita Deshpande, Author of Quotations and Stories: Thoughts…author…/pranita-deshpande-author-quotations-…

Do you know the universe is made of stories?Behind every situation, everything have a story.Let us today I want to discuss the story behind my books. See the journey of my books here.

First I  published a  small book that is ‘’ FUTURE OF STUDENTS ‘’ by discussing my husband.When he gave permission and some amount then I decided to publish it. This book is small pocket size but has very important information in it. This information can change a life of students. So I decided to publish and making marketing of it. I  can make marketing of it by keeping in the big wholesale shop but my inner voice is telling me that no you distribute it with your hands so that I could get good satisfaction of that, I have distributed good thoughts everywhere.  New Doc_2

Now I turned to distribute these books in some schools, colleges at a proper place, In one big college I have given a small speech on my book and all students get inspired and cheering with me. Then next day I went to the same college as students have invited me but some professors who were the nearest professor of management have refused me due to jealousy. After that I decided to distribute it in the villages so every day in the morning gets up early making food for  4 people, giving tiffin to all and start to distribute it. I was going by walking to a near place, sometimes by any vehicle. When I was reaching that in some schools then so many are appreciating my work giving cooperation to my work.

When I was entering in the class all students were cheering with me. Clapping and waiting for my speech then I am giving them a nice speech on that book, it inspires to that students  and they were happy to purchase my book.

In this way, I distributed 5000 books in 20 villages in  2003  to 2006.Now, these books have been finished  I want to find another book so I turned to write another book which is ‘’ BUDHIMANN  VIDHYARTHI KASE VAHVE? ‘’ I have made an astrological structure of that book, means how we make ‘’Janam Patrica’’ of infants in the same way I have made Kundali of that chapters and written information of all chapters thinking that these are the planets of our study  and went to the famous publisher in LATUR .

The publisher saw this information  and start to laugh at me continuously, I think that some thing I made wrong or I was totally mad so he was laughing at me. Then he told  very nice content and book but tell me ‘’From where you have got a reference for it ?’’ At that time I didn’t know that books are writing by taking help of another books . I  also laughed at him and told no , I didn’t know that books are writing with reference books.These are all my life experiences. He astonished and keep quiet for a while  and told me you can call me or visit me after 8 days.

Then I went after 8 days  and sat in front of him quietly then after some time he gave me a list of chapters by adding in my books and told me we have to publish this book in this week only, so that You must have to write it in 5 days.If you will not write this book in 5 days then, I can’t publish your book.  He gave me 2 small books for help.

Now I get frightened what can I do? How can I write this much chapter in 5 days?I  didn’t have any experience to write this much big book. Anyway, let us read his books I decided and started to read these books in the bus while going to my village.

Now I started to write book sitting continuously and writing from my original knowledge and completed it in real 5 days as I have a lot of fear that if he will not publish my book. Then I went to that publisher to give my matter.He was absent on that day and there was his servant I gave him my matter in his assistant hand and came back.At that time I didn’t know what is the profession of book publishing? How to deal with publisher etc.

After that, I came home and called him, I told, I have submitted my matter to your office in your servant’s hand. When did I told him to ”matter” word? Whats matter? He frightened and told me ‘’sorry I was not here, I  will check it and tell you ‘’ In this way he took my matter and sat as it is and when every time I was calling him, he was giving me a new date, every time I was calling, he was giving me a new date in this way  he took my about one year and when I am calling he was telling book was so sensitive that there was a big risk  to publish it and so on ….keeping quite to me .Now  I was thinking about that maybe he was fearing to invest his money as he thinks that there was no market for this book.So again I called him and given confidence that, sir book was on higher thinking and it will run in the market very nicely so please publish it. Then he decided to publish it, but still not working on it. Then, at last, I have to fight with him,” give my matter return to me I will publish myself” then also he was not giving me matter ‘’Then again I thought if I will take back this book from him who will make marketing of that book? So again I decided to be quite and allow to publish him.

Now the time came of an agreement he told me, this book is not professional so I couldn’t give you more money, if you will agree with this amount then only I will publish it, otherwise take your matter back and publish it. I thought now if I will take the matter back from him I couldn’t publish it and market it.He has copy of my book so he could publish it by changing the name of chapters and some matter and I have a  good chance to publish my book from famous publication then why could I hesitate it?

So  I agree with his agreement.

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After that also he took 2 Months to publish it, Then I got my book in my hand on 5th May. The book is so nice that everyone can change their life by reading it. Then I thought, we would make its publication program with honor’s hand but my husband refused it. At that time I was running small coaching classes in that one lovely and favorite student was coming to my class and coincident was that she was of Congress Leader’s daughter. My family relation was very good with her family.So at first when I got my book I took these books and simply went to her home by walking in Latur. Her mother was very loving to me and we have a very nice relationship. I gave my some books to her and told, ask your husband that can they make publishing program of  my book with our Chief Minister?  Vilasraoji Deshmukh. It was my dream that my book must have to publish with his hand. As I am a fan of that leader, he came to my home when I was in the 7 th class.He was my ideal personality. I  tried to make publication program of my book with his hand but not. This dream was half of my life I never forget him.

Maybe  I am an international author but I want to publish at least one book with his hand. If now, he maybe here, He maybe publishes my book but he is no more now. 

Then again my willing power and inner voice was telling that distribute these books also.Thinking that distributing thoughts. So I have again distributed 2000 books in the schools, colleges etc. In this way, I started to distribute good thoughts since 2003. Blue host link

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