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Mixed Vegetable Rice Pulav – Left Over Recipe

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We have some ritual in last week at home so some Subji’s are left. Some are leafy vegetables, some are masala Subji’s. But it was so tasty that smell of that food was spreading throughout the room. Then I have idea for it .First i have thought that, If I would be made Parathe of it no one is eating in my home , So I thought why not I would try to make mixed vegetable salad from it. May be it have to collect so more ingredients but , it definitely will become more tasty. This is the best option to the so many families that they can also make this experiment to get good taste. Tags:breakfast Crispy Chivada – Breakfast RecipesEditCrispy Chivada – Breakfast Recipes

Generally , sometimes I was making Khichadi from it, but this time I decided to make Pulav from it. In so many families I have seen that after any program, event or festival so many ladies are throwing these Subji’s or eating it to the animals as like dogs, cow’s are pigs , sometimes these animals are also not eating these Subji’s and these Subji’s are getting to waste. In this way in our country lot of food is getting to waste. If we will make Pulav of it , it can ramain good for 2 days and never change its taste .Otherwise it will give delicious taste if we will make it in this way .  Gobi PulavGobiriceweight loss

So check here how did I have made this PULAV delicious .

Time for it

prep cook total

20 25 45 min

Author’s name : Pranita Deshpande

food type : Pulav recipes

cuisine : INDIA

serve for 4


rice: 300 gm

left over subji : as your convience

garam masala :1 tbsp

paste of green chilly, coriander: 2 tbsp

onion : 1 [chopped]

green chilly pieces : 2 tbsp

cumin powder : 1 tbsp

turmeric powder: 1 tbsp

mustard seeds: 1 tbsp

oil : 1/2 tbsp

peanut: 20 gm

gram nut : 20 gm

curry leaves: 6 to 7

pinch of hing

salt : as your convenience

 mixed vegetablepulav rice -left over recipe /
http://mixed vegetable rice pulav- left over recipe /

METHOD TO MAKE IT : Keep the rice before making it for 1/2 an hour.

: Keep all ingredients ready as like chopped onion, paste of garlic, green chilly, coriander etc.

; Keep the tiffin of masala with you .

; On another gas keep the water to boil .

: Now keep that gas flame slow.

: Start another gas burner and keep the small cooker on it.

: Pour the oil to it, wait to heat it , now add mustard seeds and watch its spluttering , now add green chilly, paste of garlic coriander, peanuts, gram nuts , green chilly, pinch of hing and stir fry it .

Now add left over Subji’s to it and again stir fry it.

: Now remove water from the soaked rice.

: Add this rice to the cooker, stir fry it well.

: Now add remaining all ingredients to it and again stir it well .

: Now pour hot water to it , stir it and keep the lid of cooker tight .

: Keep it to get 2 to 3 whistles ,


INSTRUCTIONS FOR IT : Take the quantity of ingredient as your convenience

Keep flame of the gas medium still complete cook .

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