The Mystery Of Creativity – Be Creative

Let us know here why did we reduce creativity?

Creativity Makes Man Active-Creative work

Be Creative

Creativity is the natural source of life. Being creative means think in the present tense with different modes of life.
Now everyone wants to be creative.

Watch creative
Read creative

Write creative
See creative and
Make creative attractiveness  as creativity makes man active-  creative work 

When we want to create a new thing we have to do with all above steps. Everything we can buy with money but creative mind we can’t buy with money or in the market. So that everyone is searching now creative mind. Where will we get creative mind? How can we identify creativity is present in anyone’s mind?


What should we do to increase creativity? Is creative mind is important in economic, political, social or any field?
I think that creative mind will get to us near to nature. The person who leads his life closer to nature.He would be the more creative as compared to the comfortable person.
If anyone wants to increase their children’s creativity. He should allow him to play with soil, water, side of the river, in the field, with domestic Animals like cow, ox, buffalo, dog etc, he should go to school or anywhere by walking, as walking also increases creativity. Help him to make a new thing from soil, clay, or things from some plants, to make a home from clay, or wheat sticks etc.

Why did we lose our creativity?

1) A frustrate and depress mind loses creativity.
2) When we have been more worried about any problem. It also loses our creativity.
3) If we are living our life with under more pressure and burden. It also loses our creativity.
4) More technology uses means watching more time T.V. playing every time games on mobile, or using computer more time, watching a movie every time etc. loses our creativity.
5) Addiction also loses our creativity, for example, drinking cigarettes, alcohol gutkha, nicotine etc.
6) Being sad or crying every time, demanding more things, toys etc eating every time also reduces creativity.
7) Making corruption, dishonesty also reduces creativity.
8) Waste thoughts, waste aim, negative thoughts call invitation for quarrel and war and it reduces creativity.

9) To get up late, lie on the bed also reduces creativity.

10) Creating hatreds, Jealousy, fear of others reduces creativity.
To be creative what should we have to do.

1) Get up early in the morning do meditation fill up your mind with good thoughts. Watch sky in the open space.

2) Be spiritual always think positive, keep positive thoughts throughout the day.
3) Pray to GOD if possible do worshipping of God. Go for walking or in the temple,
4) Be sensitive to others, keep kindness, politeness, and compassion for poor and older.
5) Search nice books, self-help books or motivational books to read.
6) Connect with God and take bliss from everyone.

7] If possible recite ”MANTRA’S every time.

8]Solve puzzles, riddles,and mathematics problems to keep the mind active.

9] Always think positive to increase creativity.

10] Writing articles, making a painting, drawing, singing a song, acting, making mimicry increases creativity. Now God has given us more time to increase creativity. Let us cooperate each other to increase our creativity.


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