Life Skill Challenge – Language

Check here effects of language skills on our life.

What is the effect of language in our life?

Life’s skill challenge -Language 

Language skill is the main intellectual conversion skill of any living being. We understand that today plants, trees, flowers also have some specific language. Wild animals ., pet animals also convey with us via eyes. Or with their body language. We know that when we came back to our home after some time or some days, our pet dog is moving his tail & loving to us.Sometimes we can understand their feelings or messages with their eyes or on their body language. Today body language is the best skill for identifying love or hate of a person, that is how is the front person? Or an animal? But Sometimes it makes difference in our perception also if our perception is the right for the front person then he is right and vice versa.

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Language is the skill of keeping love, understanding, misunderstanding, enjoying, funny or carrying depression also.  It is the main life skill of every living being./what-are-the-effects-of-walking-daily-health/
  •  –Let us we will see what matters language to us? 

When we were in the TATA Hospital I saw In front of me one very worst experience of language. There was one 12 years daughter with his father. She was suffered from one type of cancer. Her mother was not with her because of a language problem. He came suddenly in front of me with his daughter & asking me who is there taking care of my daughter? then I could understand slightly means his pronunciation, toning of talking is somehow different but I try to understand him. After some time I have called to doctor. Then a doctor asking him some questions in English, he couldn’t understand, then he tries to talk to his daughter she couldn’t talk in Hindi as well as English also. So again the doctor asked his father can you speak in Hindi but he couldn’t, means that the father couldn’t understand Hindi clearly and English also not clear.A doctor was saying one thing to the patient they are saying another thing. Now Doctor has been in trouble & somehow they have given 1 injection to the patient  & went on. After some time she had a lot of blooding from her vagina, now no one was there when I told her father you call the doctor I will stay with her. list-of-emotions-in-humanity-market-exit-lock-do

He went to the doctor and that girl was frightened and creating dangerous action, I was talking to her what happens to you? Do you want water? Do you want to eat something? Do you have pain anywhere? She couldn’t understand my language then I tried to speak her in Hindi but that also she couldn’t understand. I went outside and called to sister. Now, what will do sister also? she saw her case paper and asked her in Hindi.  I think the paper which they have made also not clear as the problem of language and sister also couldn’t be done anything.


We were everyone in the ICU  But that patient left her body.

See what’s the dangerous effects of language? So everyone must have to know at least Hindi could understand clearly.

We know that the English LANGUAGE become the queen of the world so everyone must have to know English. Any language is the best way of conversation but what we are talking must have to understand to the front person. As a lot of quarrels, confusion is created due to language. Sometimes a lot of people are taking benefits of ignorance people due to language. One example here.

  • We were going to the GOA for college trip and we were 10  students climbed into one bogie of a train there had been some village ladies were sitting on the bench, now what my classmate has done? ‘’They had shown concession paper of college to that ladies and told them this bogie is reserved for college students so you go to another bogie and that ladies thought ‘’it was real ‘’and get down immediately.  This type of cheating also so many people have to face due to language problems. 
  • Now we will see  What are the benefits to learn so many languages?

1] The person could become talent as he can accumulate a lot of knowledge from any field.

2]  He could make his conversation clearly and confidently.

He can easily face any problem without taking anyone’s help. 

5] He would run his business successfully.

6]  He can increase his friend circle as well as followers.

7]  He can marry with  an international level partner

8]   He can keep his relationship stronger to anyone.

9] He has more ability to express any difficulty in an easy way.

10]He can travel all over the world easily without any problem

11]  Suppose he is the director of any film or newspaper, the magazine he can make films or write articles on his own knowledge.


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