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Effects Of Terrorism On Our Life – Terrorist Life

Get to know here how did we can suffer from anywhere attack?

How did terrorism effects on our life?

    Just now I had a discussion with my son about terrorism .He told me some news about terrorism and we have a small argument on it. He told what to do with it let it be , Govt. will do what he want ?

Then I explain him what to do and why did we worry?means, No , do you know how this terrorism will effect on our life how I will explain here .

If in  any family one person is in problem then it could be effected to the whole family .Same principle will run to the country if our soldiers have attack then this attack is with us. It can effect to the whole country it may be politically, socially, emotionally, personally, mentally also.

Reasons Of Terrorism

I think that reason of terrorism must be hatred, ego or jealousy along with some revenge. They think this revenge will definitely effects on India . India will become poor country. Means they want to make our country should be weak. Never stand in the international market. They know the all powers of India. It may be spiritual and unity for important issues.

terrorism attack/


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I think this case doesn’t happen suddenly , root of this case must be in our country. May be they are learning here how India is facing problem of all cases ? It may be reservation, may be political, social, educational .Through this problem they may be collecting some important information from our dishonest person. Via that they are deciding to do this attack. Otherwise it is very difficult to make it.

Since 30 years back this problem is running , it is very difficult to handle it. But effecting it in a large part of country.

  We must have to ask terrorist this questions.

What satisfaction is getting from this attack to the terrorist? Are you happy with it for a long life? Can you solve your all problems of life with it? Are you getting blessing from it? May be you think that my intention has been finished but it never. It will increase your problems.

This question is very difficult to handle without unity. Power of unity never give up any question and brings solution for every question.

Let us we will be make unity to bring solution for it .

What are the effects of terrorism on country . ?

1]  It creates tremendous fear in everyone’s mind .

 2]  Brings poverty and unemployment problem

3] Effects on education mentally, physically  etc .

4] Creates a lot of political issues to waste the important time of VIP people.

5] Creates big obstacle in the progress.

6]  Loss of economy .

7]Makes emotionally lose to the soldiers along with their families.

8] Increases problem of security.

9] Spreads a lot of diseases and pollution to the effected area.

10 ] Makes every man nervous in the country. 


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