List Of Emotions -In Humanity Market – Exit Lock Down – COVID -20

Get to know here , how is the humanity market run in the lock down

It’s a  terrific list rather than another list .It is very easy to make a shopping list but very hard to make emotions list .if everyone is understanding the emotions of another person then there is no questions or problems in the world. So it’s very difficult job to write on this topic. Still, we shall try .


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Today we have everything but why did everyone is searching for happiness.Suppose we have traveled a long countries & came back happily .At that particular time we feel happy but after some days we feel something lost not getting what we want ? Feeling greedy , want more , again want more …& this wanting list never stop & we didn’t feel satisfaction. So  to feel fullfill or satisfy where we have lost our emotions list we will see here . 

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It is the term where it presents in everyone’s sensitive mind to implement values & virtues in the daily life is called humanity.
But unfortunately, nowadays it is lost in everyone’s mind then How can it connect or work for others mind?
In today’s situation, everyone is leading their life by making their mind selfish. As money has the greatest value in everyone’s life and so that man’s value became less. So many people are forgetting that to earn money, it requires a man. If the man is lost or mind is lost who will earn the money?
Someone think that money brings closer to people but it is not every time true.

  •  Humanity is the real source of energy in human’s life_ pranitadeshpande 

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Humanity is present only in village peoples mind as they have a clean heart and a clean mind and also they are poor. And so this world is going on only that people which have humanity. Otherwise, the world will sink in a minute.
In this world, if everyone decided to be professional and practical then how could world will work? As a professional and practical man didn’t care about emotions and values. All emotions and love will finish. And if love and emotions will finish. Meaning of life will also finish.
If anyone will die, there is someone to cry. So could, we can understand tragedy. If no one is there to cry how could we understand tragedy?.  that is the real time also to understand the value of happiness.
If we have heard something about greatest sorrow. Then only we could understand the value of our happiness.effects-of-ego-on-our-life-types-of-ego/

To understand humanity, life, emotions, and values of the man we could have to experience a lot of life.
Value of life ask to the patient who is suffering from Cancer or blood cancer? Ask to the patient who is suffering from AIDS or asks to the man who saved his life from a big accident.

Emotion Words List

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To understand Humanity we should have the knowledge to read another person’s mind and who has knowledge he will only give love, real happiness to other person and these people keeps humanity in the social environment. So that  Who already lives with people. He gives only value to people, he keeps humanity. If any person couldn’t understand unhappiness of front person then what is the use of life?/experience-of-feeling-proud-feeling-good/
So, that it’s the humanity, losing from smaller, younger, elders mind with losing love, happiness and purity. It is turning from our prestige full life. And people are turning to see the outside world.
So, we will pray to god that we should keep a close relationship with everyone. Keeping original love, purity, truth, and live the humanity. Eternal in the world.   I

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