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Hi, friends, do you know the school of   Advertising art? When every man watching a T.V. or on a computer or in a cinema talkies. In the newspaper etc he did not care about all advertisement but I am opposite of it. I am always taking interest to watch an advertisement as it gives a lot of information to increase talent. Intelligence, observation power etc. So I like to watch an advertisement for the study of psychology, sociology etc & every ad gives some message to us.     

Yesterday I was watching one advertisement of birthday celebration in that they have shown a big kit of chocolate is giving to her sister as a gift. Its a simple gift but they have made this advertisement so emotional that , if there is any brother in front of TV may be mature or not but definitely he will think to give something gift for his sister it may be chocolate kit or anything . But, so many emotions are indulged in the advertise. These types of ads makes perfect impressions in the customers mind and definitely customer will get ready to buy  gift for his sisters, brothers, teachers, mothers , etc .

So many people are busy in their own work so there is no time to look anywhere and now the population is more and there are Lakh of products in the market. How could customer remember these products? And every time in the market launching of so many new products occur then how could know the new product to the customer? / What are the prices of the product? Where are these available? What is the quality of a product? All these information never understand to the customer without advertisement and in daily life, he always forgetting so many things so to keep impression on his mind and he should not forget the product which is launch in the market then there is no any way except advertisement.     

It’s a fact that advertisement is one type of nice business. As advertisement gives a lot of benefits to Railway requirement, Bus stand, Autos so many vehicles newspapers, T.V. Radio, Computer, all channels, everywhere means from underground water to space, there is a benefit of advertisement. And  advertisement gives a lot of fame and money. Sometimes one type of product sponsors another type of product’s advertisement and in that automatically some special program’s advertisement gives a lot of benefit to the sponsors. For ex-Indian Idol [sponsored by horlicks].Nowadays if you want to sell your product in a  lot of proportion

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HORLICKS/chttp://Horlics /

 The College Board

Then we should know the art of an advertisement. So many

advertisements, has decided who is the superstar in this world?
Forex Lux soap, we know that for this soap.  Every time they are      
choosing, the hero or heroine, who is in running competition.
So they are deciding the superstar of the world.

 If your advertisement is nice then some customers not thinking about the quality of the product. If quality may be or may not be nice he could buy easily that product.  Sometimes they have cheated from so many products also. Some medicines used for fatness or some lie astrologist giving charming advertisement to deceive the customer. But a customer should take care of like this advertisement as we will suffer from loss and mental abusiveness   It’s a fact we know that, every business is running on talent or intelligent but so many times in front of mind-intelligence also not working properly and to give inspiration for intelligent is the working of mind and so nowadays so many an advertisement is made for effect on our mind. For example, we know there is a product Dabber Chavanprash It is so nice product but to sell it there is MADHURI DIXIT. Why did MADHURI DIXIT? As she is the superstar in the film industries and that lady is known to everyone, so every person could easily buy this product By keeping faith on him.    



Creativity is the gift of a human beings mind.Imagination power and creativity creates advertisement.The person who has the skill to make advertisement is the winner of today’s market. Maybe his product is good or not. Sometimes advertise creates good emotions and sensitivity but sometimes via advertising, it has been losing these above 2 points also and it makes damage to the innocent people. So I think advertise must be real, clear, it can create a positive impact on the customers. Customers did not satisfied with the advertisement but he must be satisfied with that product when he has purchased a product.


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