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Customers / Readers,

Today lot of people ,readers know how to do on line shopping. But they didn’t aware about how to make on line shopping on any specific site? Why did products are kept on site? What is the benefit of them to the customer? How can they buy?

Today reason to write this post is that  so many friends have message me How to buy item ? Is there colors? Is there are lot of varieties? like this lot of question ..

To buy an item on any site is easy but confusing to so many people as lot of guidance is there . In which exactly what we have to pick up we don’t understand, so i will request to amazon & flip kart about it, that to keep guidance clear or in a particular way.As lot of customers are getting confuse to buy an item & they can’t buy it.

Another thing is that so many people have fear to use card ,they didn’t want to share their card information anywhere so they demand items with cash on delivery.and there is lot of misunderstanding to buy online products. To clear this misunderstanding  you should have to dare to buy first small product having less price. If you can buy yourself ,your fear will be vanish easily, & you would get great happiness that you have learnt to buy  any item with internet. It’s great achievement in your life.

Now you would be ready to buy any item with any site.

If you will come on my site you click on amazon banner then you will enter in the big store, then select today’s deal or prime members or select offers zone , in that choose any product with great discount.

Then read about it’s delivery charges, shipping rates, EMI etc. then  search promo code. then see bank offers etc , read some  good reviews then if you have chosen product to buy then you can click on ‘BUY NOW”   [

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