Stop To Buy Multivitamins Unnecessary In Lockdown – COVID -20

Check here what effects on our body instead vitamins?


Nowadays, people are in tremendous pressure and fear with COVID virus. There are lots of information aviable on the internet, videos, news, etc . We have a fear that if Virus will attack us. So before treatment we must have to be prevent some things. That is ”prevention is better than cure”. So people are taking so many herbs, medicines, nutrient supplements, Vitamins etc.


There is a full of crowd in medicine shop to bring these tabs.The people who must need and the people who didn’t need are making the crowd in the shop.Only the people who are complete vegetarian need supplement of Vitamin B – 12, Folic acid, etc . Otherwise we will get all Vitamins in everyday fruits, vegetables. If you are already healthy, strong and you are taking good diet then there is no need of taking outside supplements.

Instead we must have to keep attention to your thoughts. As one negative thought can make you energy less within the fraction of second. Whatever you maybe eat.


We can get so many D Vitamin in the form of sunlight. If in the morning we will sit 5 or 10 minutes in the sunlight. We can get so many Vitamins, proteins in our regular diet.


We are watching TV and getting plenty of advertisements for the health supplements by showing reason of COVID . we didn’t think more and easily bringing outside multivitamins, proteins etc if not necessary. So don’t be attract to these advertise.

Instead we are drinking everyday lemon juice , mango juice, orange juice which can provide us C Vitamin in rich. Milk provides us all vitamins and proteins except Vitamin C.

If we donot getting regular these fruits , then don’t worry we are already filled with Vitamin C in our body if any day we will miss it nothing will happen.

We need everyday iron it can get in so many leafy vegetables, tomatoes etc.

Only the persons who need supplements are these

1] Pregnant women : Folic acid, Iron, Calcium

2] Persons who are eating Gutakha , Nicotine , etc need Folic acid

3] Vegetarian people : Need Vitamin B -12

4] Drinkers : Folic acid, Vitamin B – 6A, Thymin

5] Patients who suffered from diabetes, kidney and cancer ; They need supplements with the doctors advise.

Along with these vitamins. We must have to pray everyday that ”I am the fearless soul. No any virus can attack on my body. I am always protected with God’s rays, so no any virus can touch to my body and mind.”

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By dpranita583

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