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How To Make Harbhara Subji _ Gram Leaves Subji _ Subji Recipe

You never have been getting this type of Subji. It can cultivated from gren gram leaves. It has sour taste. We are keeping it in the hot πŸ”₯ Sun πŸŒ… to dry it. We are adding Coriander leaves and green Fenugreek leves to it. Keeping all these to dry.

After well drying making powder of it by crushing with hand. Then keeping it in the tiffin to use it for 3 Months. Some families are using it for more than 6 Months.

Now let’s us discuss how to make it?

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Time to make it:

prep : cook :total.

5 10 15 minutes.

Ingredients for it:

Green Subji : 100 gm,

Basen flour: 50 gm,

Red chilly powder: 2 tbsp,

πŸ₯œ powder: 20 gm ,

Turmeric powder:1 teas,

paste of garlic: 2 tbsp,

salt, : 1 tbsp,

Oil : 2 tbsp,

mustard seeds: 1 tbsp,

water : 400 ml.

Method To Make It:

Keep pan on the gas.

Pour oil to it. Add mustard seeds 🀣 to it. Wait to splutter it.

Add garlic paste and pour water to it.

Now mix all remaining ingredients in the dish. Mix it properly.

Meanwhile water will get completely boil.

Now add slowly this Subji to it.

Don’t add it once but add slowly with stirring it continues.

Now it will cook immediately within 5 minutes.

Serve it with Roti or Chapati. It can give delicious taste.

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