Reasons Of Quarrel In Family – Family International Day

Lets us know why did quarrel in the family? Family International day.

Family means father and mother I love you.But still, nowadays a lot of problems are creating to keep love in a family.So we are celebrating Family International day 

Today everyone is becoming practical , professional and everyone wants a lot of money, position, respect etc. In the family, if anyone is not earning money everyone is disrespecting him thinking that he is not a real working man/woman.If he/she may be doing a lot of effort for the family but it is useless. Everyone is disrespecting him than his self-esteem getting reduced and he thinks himself guilty, he became depressed, his interest gets lower, he didn’t want to do any work, his every habit gets changed. He didn’t mix with all groups.why-did-anger-is-your-choice-mental-health/ #Anger #choice#Mentalhealth

International Day of Families

In today’s life comarison making family    disturbed As today’s World engaged with all media. All media indulged in advertisements. This advertisement 

encourages to bring a lot of things at home, so if anyone brought

89,000 Rs. LG T V then front family,

side family, or our relatives gets disturbed with making

a comparison. OOPS, 1 they have this T V .why we can’t. Bringing? T V is not a bad thing but making

comparison with it and disturbing our family is

dangerous to everyone and for this I am trying to do

whatever I want means making corruption, lifting

parent, losing values, losing humanity etc,

  So I think that disturbance in the family creates

disturbance in society, disturbance of society

creates the disturbance of city and this disturbance of city creates disturbance in the whole country.

  1.  In today’s period, my observation is that every family is disturbed due to their old parents. If there are old parents in any family then there is a lot of generation gap. PARENTS THINK THAT, HOW WE LIVED IN SHORT MONEY?THEN WHY NOT YOU?”New generation thinks without money we can’t do anything.

    Old parents demand pure love, care, happiness,

truth, purity and originality new generation has no

time to keep all these things with them so this

thinking increases generation gap and it becomes difficult to handle family.

If there is a problem in parents means husband thinks that

i am right with my perception, wife tthinks that

I am right he is wrong so again there is

the quarrel.  In every family, the quarrel is due to an assumption of wrong and right.

Do you feel peace here? #peace

  Many times parent thinks I am right so i have

scolded on him and children think that they behave

me wrong so I am behaving like this.

   SO To avoid conflict in the family  keeps short distance and more love in a family.  


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