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Understand here how Mathematics matches with our life skills.

Benefits of mathematics.

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1] Our mind becomes ready to concentrate anything anywhere

2]If we will solve any problem or calculation honestly we will get real happiness.

3]Mathematics increases our decision power, a power to adjust, a power of conclusion

4]It increases our confidence and logical thinking power.

5] In daily life mathematics help us to increase our braveness, courage, probability & energy.

6]It makes us prompt in any business, active in any work, reduce laziness, increases persistence power.

7]It gives positive feedback in our life.

8] It reduces our speed of thoughts so that we can easily concentrate on our work.

9] Concentration power divert our negative thoughts and we try to keep our attention on our goal.

10] There is a proverb in math that ”the person whose math is nice there life is also nice”

11] Math gives a lot of carriers as a professor, as a tuition teacher, as an accountant, in statics department, in an astrology department, in an astronaut com, in this way there are so many ways to get the job or to find the business.

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In our India since ancient times our sage loves mathematics.Some sages have invented some numbers as well as squares, cubes, etc.

So this subject has a good history to construct every country.  We know that if we get up early in the morning we need Mathematics. Means if we are making tea then we must have to know its mathematics how much sugar require? or how much tea and milk is required? If we didn’t learn these quantities clearly our tea may be become bitter or too much sweet.

So mathematics is a part of life then why did there is opposition?

CBSE  students if suppose any problem come across with you due to any reason then think that this is the good opportunity to go ahead in life .so that you could learn again Math with full of concentration may have become a good scientist of Maths or philosopher.  


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