Experience Of Feeling Proud – Feeling Good

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Experience for feeling

  1. How Am  I? : To feel proud our selves we have to realize our quality and virtue of life. If we can understand our virtues and wrong image than we will be happy every where and we feel proud of it. Let us we will see EXPERIENCE FOR FEELING 

  2. 2]– Effects of prayer on my life: If we are doing an everyday prayer to the God .Our internal energy gets flooded and it makes a change in our life.As prayer keeps our mind silence giving peace, making positive attitude to our life and when these things filled in our mind in the morning then we become fresh and work with full of confidence having tremendous energy and there is no any place to keep negativity in our mind. We fill with love having blessing of god and keeping attention on our work and so we feel proud for our life.. 
  4. How to Be Proud of Yourself |
  5. Our Family : Family means father and mother  I love you. If I will keep attention to my conversation and starting to keep my responsibility at a proper time with love and taking care of every family members then there is no question of a quarrel in the family with this I have to keep attention on my anger, jealousy. hatreds thoughts, ego etc. If I will keep attention on these things I feel proud of my life and especially I have to keep attention on my economical condition. If I know this is my economic condition. So to make progress in my life. I have to accept this situation and try to make progress in my life. So that there is no question of feeling low at any cost.
  6. To make progress I have to work hard with a lot of efforts using intelligence keeping attention with evil then I feel proud anywhere, at any cost.
  7. My office      In my office If I think my boss is very strict or hurdle, in my life I cannot do nice work with him then I feel very agitated or feeling inferior to me I couldn’t do any work happily I never work properly in my office Inverse of it….
  8. if I think positive with this office boss and I work promptly with my boss avoiding laziness, idleness or with boring mind then i can enjoy my work with full of energy& I feel proud on my life.

My relationship :– Nowadays there is a big question every where that how could I handle my relationship with this situation? To handle relationship first I have to become little selfless, and I have to avoid overthinking and I have to ignore small events keeping care with selfless love, with avoiding ego.  Relationships become strong and I have to keep a positive flow of energy in this relationship so that I feel proud of my life.  EXPERIENCE FOR FEELING

My emotional Investment:– If I know where is my life Investment  necessary then I could invest my life to make another one life beautiful and in this situation if my presence also makes anyone’s life beautiful then i could invest my time for them & that is my best investment for that person & I get tremendous satisfaction from it and I feel proud on it.

 My Responsibilities:- To my self, my family, my society, my office, my country, with my world I keep my responsibilities clear and clean and I work on it properly so that I never feel guilty anywhere and I always proud to be an Indian. and I never create any negative energy towards all I always pray to God ”Everyone should get clothes, food, shelter and nice family to lead their life successfully and happily and everyone’s life should be filled with lots of blessing”.


My feeling about My Country& Universe:– I never think to behave with country filling with dishonesty, corruption, making any type of fraud

cheating with any one to make money, any discomforts to the life keeping wrong prestige like cheating in giving a vote, cheating in education, cheating in spirituality etc. bima karo na

My feeling towards nature:

I never think to make damage to the nature I always planting trees I always go by walking to the nearest place I never waste water, electricity or any natural source, I give good treatment to all domestic & as well as all good animals I always keep care to celebrate festivals & rituals about nature I never try to make money by damaging nature I always love nature   unconditionally so that fore ever I feel to be proud on my life.

   I   Always Giving Thanks To Following Everyday    Thanks to God for giving me the birth of human being in INDIA

Thanks of nature who is giving me energy in the form of Sun, water, good soil, good trees, good flowers, fruits, good food, high mountains, seas, oceans, rivers, good crop etc.huge sky to make our minds feeling abundance.  Thanks to Govt. who is providing us light, water, good roads, good  transport, hospitals, good education, etc      

  My highest attitude is with my husband who has given me energy in the form of opposition.                       

My great gratitude to my parents is,”They have taught me to be positive in the life for the small, small things also.”        WITH THESE THOUGHTS MY LIFE IS FULL OF ENERGY HAVING TREMENDOUS SATISFACTION. SO I FEEL PROUD OF MY LIFE EVERY TIME. How do you feel? Please give me ans. in my comments section

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