Chankya Niti – Quotes

Learn here Chankya Niti QUOTES which I have prepared from his book.

Chankya Niti- Quotes

Have you heard the name ” Kautilya”? A  talent king, whose philosophy is famous in politics. His literature is famous in Sanskrit He has written 1000  Subhasit” in Sanskrit. We will name it ”Subhasit ”it has only 2 or  4 words but giving us plenty of information from it . We can write a book on 1 Subhasit , or  we can write so many essays on each Subhasit . Every Subhasit has great meaning. If we want to explain any story in a better way then he uses ”SUBHASIT’or  we  call it CHANKYA NITI-QUOTES 

These Subhasit  are expressing the meaning of an essay in 2 words .There  is no need of explanation one page or paragraph. Sometimes These 2 words can explain all life skills in a better way.

Let us we will see here which are his famous Subhasit .

1]  Happiness always getting in religion

2] Religion’s  real meaning is a wealth

3]  Kingdom’s real way is to collect  wealth

4]  To become king means to  achieve


5] Self-control comes through spiritual education

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Root of education is Seva of old people.

7]  To get the good and experienced knowledge we must have to keep care of grandparents or any old person.

8]   Seva of grandparents gives authentic knowledge.

9] Experienced knowledge gives ”Atamgyan ”

10 ] Atamgyan  increase internal power.

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Authentic knowledge makes man internally strong as well as fearless and confirm ./the-miracle-of-peace-health-mental-health/

12]  Spiritual person gets everything.

13]  The person who is giving help to the friend in happiness and unhappiness then he is the real friend like KRISHANA .

14 ] If 3 person voted for any sentence or any story then accept that sentence as a true value.

15]  Collection of friends increases the power of life.


17]  Lazy person didn’t get anything in his life

Lazy person didn’t protect wealth properly.

19 ]  Lazy person didn’t increase his wealth.

20 ]  Every time lazy person is depending on servant.

Nitiayog must be run with political science.

Protection of our kingdom is depending on the internal administration of a state or people.

25]  The king who is running along with the  NITIAYOG is the real king.

26 ] The neighboring king is always our enemy.

27] Enemy   and  friendship is always deciding upon some beliefs.

28]   When we are becoming weak for any reason then  adjust with everyone.

29]  Without heating iron completely it can’t connect with another iron.

30]    Strong king can  do war with the weak king

31]   If you will stroke raw earthen pot on raw earthen pot                then both will vanish easily.

32]  Keep attention on the enemy’s  motion

32]  If enemy proposes to you as a oppose then be ready to

struggle with him.

Weak king must have to keep friendship with a strong                   king .

34]   If you want to be  live in contact with a king then you must have to think as we are living with fire.

35]   Don’t behave rudely or opposing the king.

36] Don’t wear costly clothes in front of the king.

37]  Don’t behave like a king in contact with the king.

38] If there is a fight between two states or kingdom then increase fighting for them.

39] The person who is addicted to anything then he never does any good karma.

40]   The king who is the servant of his sense organ then if he has a square army then also

Keeping wish to collect wealth is not an addiction.

42] The person who is addicted to the anger he never does any good karma.

43] Hard sentence is more powerful than fire.

44]  Hard punishment makes king hate from all common people.

45]  The person who is fulfill with only wealth his wife [LAXMI]  left him anytime.

46]  Enemy can control with ”DANDNITI”

47]  By using ”DANDNITI” king can protect his kingdom.

48]  ”DANDNITI  ” brings wealth.

49 ] Without ”Dandniti ” we didn’t get a collection of all ministers.

50]  There is a control of ”DAND’ so people can’t do any bad karma


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