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1] From the time we wake up until we go to bed, we are only using the left brain – calculating, talking, logical reasoning, taking decisions. So our development is one-sided. So, for some time, we have to give rest to the left brain and swing to the right side, to be balanced! So, to be balanced, sometimes sit and listen to music and sing. – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

2]Every human being, essential .every bird and most of the animals sing because singing is part of the expression of life.Spending a few minutes with music essential.That will stimulate the right brain activity [Sri,Sri Ravishankarji]

always be playing catch up and pay a hefty price in the end.

2]The aim of an argument or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress.[Joseph Robert]

3] A man may die, Nations may rise& fall, but an idea lives on, Ideas have endurance without death.[John F.Kenndy]


2]Every soul carry 5 types of sansakar , these are

1] From the Environment:

2] from schools, friends, relations etc

3]Due to our wrong power we have sansakar  to talk lie means due to our friends or environment but my willpower creates sansakar to talk true.

4] Previous birth

5] My original sansakar [seven] these are

peace, happiness, purity, truth, love, bliss, knowledge.

6]Focus on the answer and not on the question. Winners see answers in question. and losers see the questions in every answer. Be a winner and

focus on the answers.

2] Positivism has the power to overcome negativity. A single candle can light many others and conquer darkness.

3] Positivism is contagious.Always stay positive and associate with positive people. people have negative traits but look out for goodness in people.

4]Nobody is perfect. Perfection is my theme, making mistakes is a part of life: it can be excused. But making the same mistake again and again cannot be excused. You have to learn from your mistakes and make sure you do not repeat them.

5]If you waste your time watching television, you cannot come on television. Manage your time well and keep on working towards your goal.

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